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Turkish Citizenship

The Experience of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship “Success stories and Challenges”

With many people seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are stories, anecdotes, and challenges on this path, and everyone talks about their experience in this regard, and we also, in light of our customer base extending to 4 cities in Turkey “Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, and Antalya,”..

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Apartments for sale in Türkiye

Everyone is talking about the advantages and incentives related to investing in apartments for sale in Türkiye! But some did not address the negatives or disadvantages related to this either. Of course there are disadvantages, but they are not compared to the magnitude of the terrible advantages..

Why is Investing in Turkish Real Estate a Great Idea?

According to the International Monetary Fund, Turkey's economy will be the 13th largest in the world within a decade. These expectations come in the wake of a rapid recovery of the Turkish lira from about 7 to the dollar at the end of last year to about 5 to the dollar currently. With the rapid..

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investing in Turkish Real Estate

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkish real estate Recent amendments to Turkish citizenship laws have reduced the minimum investment requirements. According to the Citizenship Law published by the Turkish government, the minimum requirements for obtaining citizenship through investment..

Latest Updates on Turkish Citizenship

With the beginning of 2024, Turkey continues to prove its position as an attractive destination for investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, which reflects the Turkish state’s commitment to improving and facilitating naturalization procedures for foreigners. In this context, Damas Turk..

Updates Related to Buying a Property in Türkiye and Turkish Residency 2023

2023 is a year in which we entered with several radical changes regarding purchasing a property in Turkey and Turkish residency. These changes began in the middle of last year 2022 and gradually until the decisions were stabilized at the beginning of this year, and price stability is an..

Latest Updates on Turkish Citizenship

With the beginning of 2024, Turkey continues to prove its position as an attractive destination for investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, which reflects the Turkish state’s commitment to improving and facilitating naturalization procedures for foreigners. In this context, Damas Turk..

Resolutions to grant Turkish citizenship and related amendments since 2018

The amendments of the Turkish citizenship law generally include special facilities for foreigners to obtain the Turkish citizenship. And according to the recent law, Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners in the following cases: Purchase a property in Turkey with a value exceeding 400 thousand..

Gaining Turkish Citizenship By Buying Property

Various techniques have been used by numerous governments in recent years to motivate capital resources and maintain economic development. One of the most prominent techniques is "economic citizenship," as it is frequently termed. This sort of citizenship, which is available in a variety of states, has..

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investing In Turkish Real Estate

The latest amendments to the Turkish citizenship laws have reduced the requirement for minimum investment requires. According to the Nationality law published by the Turkish government, the minimum requirement for obtaining citizenship through investment in real estate includes the following: Turkey..

Turkish citizenship for real estate owners under construction

On Friday, 08/12/2018 the Turkish Official Gazette published the provision of law in reference to amending the conditions of obtaining the Turkish nationality in exchange for buying a property that is under construction in Turkey. Owners under construction Real restate in Turkey The previous provision..

Making a Real Estate Investment in Istanbul, Turkey - Observations and overview

In order to promote Turkey and its investment ambitions, Turkish media and economic organizations have, in recent decades, begun to support the growth of the private sector in general and real estate agents in particular. So, it has become incredibly easy to invest in Turkey , thanks to all of these..

The New Gold Rush: Why Investing In Turkish Real Estate Is A Great Idea

According to the IMF, the Turkish economy will be the 13th largest in the world within a decade. These projections come on the heels of the speedy recovery of the Turkish Lira from almost 7 to the dollar at the end of last year to around 5 per dollar at present. With the rapid rise of the value of their..

Investing in Türkiye, the most important areas and benefits (comprehensive guide)

Difficult circumstances and economic fluctuations caused by political events in different countries of the world. These circumstances prompted investors to think more before making any decision related to investing their money in any field, fearing the rapid changes and surprises to which the market..

Properties for sale in Eyup Sultan 2024

The Eyüp Sultan region is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is overlooked by most of the European regions of Ishım due to its large area and its location in the middle of the European side of Istanbul. The regions of Sisli and Sariyer are to the east, the regions of Kaytehane and Beyoglu..

Turkish passport advantages and ranking for 2023

Many observers were startled by the ranking of the Turkish passport for 2023, as most predicted a reduction in its strength as a result of the impact of the Corona epidemic. However, the Turkish passport had demonstrated its strength over the previous several years and had only fallen a few rankings..

Villas for Sale in Türkiye: Your Ideal Real Estate Investment in an Oasis of Beauty and History

Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where stunning natural beauty and ancient historical heritage combine. If you are looking for a unique real estate investment, villas for sale in Türkiye are the perfect choice. In this article, we will review the..

Real Estate for Sale in Ispartakule

Ispartakule is a residential neighborhood between the Başakşehir and Avcılar districts in the European section of Istanbul. Part of it is in the Bahçeşehir neighborhood of the Başakşehir district , and the other part is in the Tahta Kule neighborhood of the Avcılar..

Real estate for sale in Bakirkoy Istanbul

Bakirkoy is one of the cities where tradition and modernity meet at the same time. It is very rich in its historical monuments dating back to the era of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Bakirkoy has recently witnessed many development and service projects, which has had a positive impact on the real..

Difference Between Asian and European Istanbul, Which is Better for Housing or Investment

The City of Two Continents, as it is called, Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world, with its Asian and European parts separated from each other by the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul constitutes the link between the East and the West, occupying a prominent position that has qualified..

Properties for Sale in Beyoğlu Istanbul

The Beyoğlu district is located in the European side of Istanbul on the shore of the Bosphorus Strait, one of the greatest waterways in the world. It is overlooked from the north by the Sisli and Kaytehane districts, from the east, south and west by the Bosphorus Strait, and from the north-east by the..

Properties for Sale in Umraniye Istanbul

The Umraniye district is one of the districts of the city of Istanbul in the Asian section. It is the fourth largest district in Istanbul in terms of population and the first in the Asian section, as its population according to the 2021 census reached 713,803 people and its area is 58 km2. It..

Properties for Sale in Kadikoy

Kadikoy is one of the regions located on the Asian side of Istanbul at the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara in the west and south, the Uskudar region in the northwest, Ataşehir in the northeast, and Maltepe in the east. The Kadikoy area is considered one of the..

Properties for sale in Sultan Ghazi

Sultangazi is one of the modern areas of Istanbul. It is located in the European section of the city of Istanbul, adjacent to both Eyüp Sultan and the Basaksehir area . The Sultangazi area is characterized by the abundance of water springs and green spaces in it, and there is the famous..

Factors Determining Real Estate Prices in Türkiye

The dream of all of us today is to own our own apartment free of defects, and for it to be in a special location that does not lose its value and generates profits if sold. Have you, dear reader, ever thought about the factors that affect real estate prices in Turkey? So you are not alone, it is..

The Most Important Conditions for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Turkey is witnessing a steady increase and rapid growth, according to experts interested in the field, citing the stability that the country is experiencing compared to countries in the region and the economy with rapid recovery and rising growth. As is known, real estate is..

7 Important Reasons That Push Foreigners to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Questions about Turkish citizenship and the ways to obtain it, its terms and conditions, have become among the most searched words on Google engines in the recent period when it comes to Turkey, and in light of this great demand, it is self-evident to understand that this movement is not in..

Conditions for Obtaining Permanent Residency in Türkiye “lifelong residency”

 Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey requires an expert and consultant who will guide you to the conditions that must be followed to obtain it. Permanent residency in Turkey  is completely independent of all other residencies in Turkey. Why, I wonder? Because permanent residency..

The 10 Turkish Cities Preferred by Arabs in terms of housing and stability

Everyone who visited Turkey or one of its cities became attached to it and its beauty. Why? Certainly because Turkey has many elements that attract it and make it independent from the rest of the countries of the world. What are the most prominent of them? The strategic geographical location..

Gölet Park...The Jewel of the Amazing Bahçeşehir area

Bahçeşehir Gölet Parkı   is one of the most beautiful, wonderful and famous parks in Istanbul and is distinguished by its combination of aspects of nature and luxury. It is the appropriate place to spend enjoyable times with family and friends. It is also economical and..

The Most Important Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is considered one of the best ways to obtain Turkish citizenship , and according to data issued by the Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey in Turkey, the number of foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship exclusively through real estate investment..

The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Citizenship

There are many question marks surrounding how to obtain Turkish citizenship and its methods. Therefore, we devoted today’s article to answering the common questions that are on the mind of all those who are thinking about living in Turkey and obtaining its citizenship. Before we begin..

Kadikoy Area

Location and investment importance in the Kadikoy area The pearl of Istanbul on the Asian side and its beating heart, as you know, Kadikoy is one of the regions of Istanbul distinguished by its strategic location, which gives it great importance, whether in the field of tourism or in the field of..

Europeans Own Real Estate in Türkiye

European ownership of real estate in Turkey has become clear in recent times as foreigners raced to buy real estate in Turkey , and there were nationalities that dominated their counterparts from other European countries, the most prominent of which were the countries of Germany, Britain,..

Types of Exceptional Turkish Citizenship 2023

What are the types of exceptional Turkish citizenship? One of the most frequently asked questions by our consulting team at Damas Turk Real Estate is: Why? Because Turkish citizenship has become a requirement for many citizens of neighboring nationalities of this great country that..

Turkish Citizenship Interview

Obtaining Turkish citizenship or running for it is done through various methods, including what is done through a specialized lawyer on your behalf, and other methods where the candidate must be present in order to obtain Turkish citizenship exclusively , and in both cases there are..

Management of residential complexes in Turkey: what does it mean?

According to data and numbers from previous years, apartments in residential complexes in Turkey have been the most in demand by Turkish and international investors. The majority of Turks and residents were able to obtain apartments in residential complexes; however, why are residential complexes in..

The latest home decors for 2022

Who does not want his home to be in the best style? Who does not want an elegant and comfortable interior home design? Of course, choosing the right decor for each house depends on the taste and budget of the owner, as it is a personality reflection of who lives in the house. In general, everyone is..

Tourism in Turkey after the Coronavirus Pandemic

The sector of tourism in Turkey and the world suffered serious setbacks due to the Covid-19 epidemic in the summer of 2020. Now the signs of hope have returned on the faces of the owners of companies and hotels in Turkey wishing to be able to compensate for those losses during the summer of 2021,..

Transportation in Esenyurt district 2022

The abundance of public transportation terminals in Esenyurt, such as the bus, airport, sea bus, Metrobus, and train, allows passengers to swiftly access many regions of Istanbul, which is a benefit. Esenyurt is also marked by the presence of the E-5 and TEM highways, which are the primary arteries..

All hospitals and health centers in Esenyurt 2022

Esenyurt hospitals are known for their excellent health care, as they give the best quality of care to Turkish citizens and legal residents. Furthermore, every neighborhood in Esenyurt has a dispensary, which is generally referred to as a family health center, and these centers may only be utilized by..

Tourist and leisure destinations in Esenyurt district 2022

With hundreds of attractive locations to explore, Esenyurt is recognized for its expansive green space and a range of activities and leisure options. Although Esenyurt lacks a lake or a sea, it is near Büyükçekmece's 26-kilometer-long shoreline, which makes up 3.5 percent of Istanbul's..

Hospitals and health centers in Büyükçekmece 2022

Büyükçekmece has recently gained a lot of attention, and that is for good reasons: it offers a lot of desired features, such as a lovely and tranquil position away from the noise and bustle of the city center. It also overlooks the Marmara Sea on one of Istanbul's most picturesque coastlines,..

Public transportation in Büyükçekmece 2022

Büyükçekmece is one of Istanbul's major coastal regions that can dazzle you with its gorgeous view of the Marmara Sea, its charming 25-kilometer shoreline, which is regarded as one of the cleanest shorelines in Istanbul, and its attractive environment. Büyükçekmece lies..

Büyükçekmece apartments for sale and places to visit in 2022

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul With views of the Marmara Sea that are compliant with the requirements of Turkish citizenship by investment, Büyükçekmece is one of Istanbul's most attractive shoreline districts. It is located near Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt,..

Universities and Schools in Büyükçekmece 2022

Investors' interest in real estate in the Büyükçekmece area has risen, owing to the area's rapid expansion in all directions. This coastal district, which faces the Sea of Marmara and is experiencing rapid development while maintaining a high level of elegance and modernism, provides..

Hospitals and health centers in Kağıthane 2022

Kağıthane, which is adjacent to Şişli, Beşiktaş, Eyup Sultan, Sarıyer, and Beyoğlu on Istanbul's European side, is becoming more and more popular among investors seeking to invest in Istanbul, as it is regarded as one of the major districts near Istanbul's core, the thing that adds..

Shopping centers and malls in the Kağıthane district 2022

Kağıthane, one of Istanbul's European-side regions, is steadily rising in the market of real estate investment in Istanbul, owing to the well-planned and impressive urban development that has taken place there since 2007. Kağıthane also benefits from a central position that provides quick access..

Tourist and recreational destinations in Kağithane diatrict 2022

Kağıthane is a district of Istanbul located on the European side, close to the city center. Surrounded by Beşiktaş, Şişli, Eyup Sultan, Sarıyer and Beyoğlu, Kağıthane has a short beach that stretches out into the Golden Horn, often known as "the bay." Kağıthane is regarded as one of..

Discover Kağıthane's most significant universities and schools 2022

The Kağıthane district, on Istanbul's European side and near to the city's heart, stands out as one of the most attractive locations for investment in Istanbul. The city of Tulips, as it was known during the Ottoman era, has evolved into one of Istanbul's most significant districts, undergoing a massive..

Transportation in Kağıthane 2022

The Kağıthane district lies on Istanbul's European side, and it is one of the city's core districts, adjacent to Eyup Sultan, Şişli, Beşiktaş, and Beyoğlu. With the expansion of infrastructure and the rise in its population over the years, Kağıthane has become one of the major locations..

Universities and schools in Avcilar 2021

Avcilar is one of Istanbul's most attractive districts because of its urban charm and residential growth, its view of the Marmara Sea's coastlines, and its lovely temperate coastal climate, in addition to the extensive range of services offered by the government to its residents at the highest levels,..

Hospitals and health centers in Küçükçekmece 2022

For many, Küçükçekmece is one of Istanbul's most essential, vital, and desired regions, and it ranks top on the list of everyone considering investing in Istanbul because of its numerous advantages. Furthermore, Küçükçekmece became a popular tourist destination..

Küçükçekmece district's location and strategic importance 2022

Küçükçekmece district lies on the European coast of the Sea of Marmara, on a lake known as Küçükçekmece Lake, which translates to "little staircase" since it is made up of several tiny lakes that are joined to the Sea of Marmara by a narrow entryway. The..

Discover Küçükçekmece's most significant tourist and recreational destinations 2022

With its beautiful nature and historical landmarks, Küçükçekmece is one of Istanbul's most attractive seaside regions. It is situated on Istanbul's European side, with direct views of both the Marmara Sea and Küçükçekmece Lake. Due to its fast growth and..

Is it possible to lose Turkish citizenship after obtaining it? A concern that many people have

Certainly, after gaining turkish citizenship , people may considerably enjoy its benefits and advantages, especially investors, and this is what our real estate advisors often emphasize. With everyone rushing to invest in real estate in Turkey today, this makes perfect sense. In this article, we shall..

The Turkish citizenship and passport: How to obtain them, passports types, and benefits

Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport is an aim for many communities, the most significant of which are Arab communities, particularly inhabitants of internally conflicted countries. The reason of this is Turkey's security and political stability as well as the various benefits the Turkish..

Turkish citizenship: The best approaches to obtain it

Tens of millions of tourists visit Turkey and its tourist and business hub, Istanbul, located on the Bosphorus Strait, each year to enjoy its attractive nature, historical landmarks, and the finest investment prospects that cannot be found elsewhere on the globe. It could cross the thoughts of Istanbul..

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence permit in Turkey-lifetime residency

Regardless of its type, obtaining a residence permit in Turkey necessitates the assistance of an expert or a consultant to guide you through the procedures and conditions that must be met in order to obtain the permit. However, a permanent residence permit is distinct from all other residence permits..

Important amendments to the Turkish citizenship legislation

Turkey citizenship amounts for investment and property acquiring have been changed for 2019–2022 The following are the modifications to the revised version of the second paragraph of Article 20 of the associated rules, according to the regulation published in the Turkish Official Gazette: Turkish..