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Latest Updates on Turkish Citizenship

15/03/2024 Turkish Citizenship 234 Latest Updates on Turkish Citizenship

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  • With the beginning of 2024, Turkey continues to prove its position as an attractive destination for investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, which reflects the Turkish state’s commitment to improving and facilitating naturalization procedures for foreigners. In this context, Damas Turk Real Estate is preparing to provide the latest information and updates regarding the Turkish Citizenship Law for the year 2024, which includes amendments. Important information that you must know before making a decision.
  • The Damas Turk Real Estate team, with its extensive experience and deep understanding of the new laws and updates, stands by clients, guiding them through the entire investment process to ensure the best results are achieved. The main updates to Turkish citizenship in 2024 include several important conditions, most notably the requirement to come to Turkey when submitting a naturalization application.  
  • Through its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and providing specialized professional advice, Damas Turk Real Estate emphasizes its role as a trustworthy guide for those wishing to explore real estate investment opportunities in Turkey and benefit from the Turkish citizenship updates for the year 2024. Here are now the main ideas of our article today: 
  • The value of real estate in exchange for Turkish citizenship is still $  400,000
  • A basic condition is applying for investment residency before Turkish citizenship 
  • The condition for coming to Türkiye when applying for Turkish citizenship
  • Obtain a “no judgment” document from your country to apply for Turkish citizenship 
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship with Damas Turk Real Estate

Latest updates on Turkish citizenship 2024 

The value of real estate in exchange for Turkish citizenship is still $400,000  

  • In light of the demand for real estate investment in Turkey, the value of real estate in exchange for Turkish citizenship remained constant at 400 thousand dollars, after many rumors appeared regarding this value rising to 500 or 600 thousand dollars, as some stated, but all of this was not true and nothing was issued. A statement on this matter, and the value is still fixed. Things are going.  
  • This value specified by the Turkish government is considered a basic threshold for those wishing to achieve the dream of citizenship through real estate investment, and therefore Damas Turk Real Estate strives to provide a wide range of properties that are not limited to meeting this standard only; Rather, it goes beyond providing added value in terms of location, design, and profitable investment returns, which guarantees you and investors the maximum benefit from real estate investment. 

A basic condition is applying for investment residency before Turkish citizenship 

  • Among the latest updates regarding the Turkish citizenship program through real estate investment in Turkey, there is a new basic condition that requires investors to apply for investment residency before commencing the naturalization process. This change was present last year, and comes to emphasize the importance of having a legal basis that allows the investor to remain... Turkish lands legally during the period of evaluating the Turkish citizenship application, and this makes it easier for them to conduct their business and official transactions with ease and ease.
  • This step represents an important addition to the process through which Damas Turk Real Estate seeks to provide full support to its clients, and by providing the necessary advice and assistance in preparing and submitting the documents required for investment residency. Damas Turk’s commitment to providing these services reflects its keenness to ensure a reliable and successful investment experience for investors wishing to Obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The condition for coming to Türkiye when applying for Turkish citizenship 

  • One of the important conditions that have been recently updated regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship is the necessity of the investor’s presence in Turkey when applying for citizenship, and also when applying for investment residency (which we talked about previously). This condition may surprise some people, but the Turkish government sees it as a major requirement when naturalizing. Although it was previously available at the Turkish embassy. 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate, with its extensive experience in the field of real estate and Turkish citizenship, provides full support to clients wishing to fulfill this condition, starting from providing legal advice to helping them arrange their visit to Turkey to apply for citizenship, while preparing all necessary papers quickly so that the trip is quick, short, and uninterrupted. It includes any business or occupations for you and for investors who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship.  

Obtain a “no judgment” document from your country to apply for Turkish citizenship  

  • For some reason, in the opinion of the Turkish government, and to ensure transparency and integrity in the process of applying for Turkish citizenship, it has become necessary for applicants to obtain a “no judgment” document from their country of origin! Yes...this document is a certificate that the applicant does not have any criminal record that could negatively affect his application for Turkish citizenship, and it is an important step towards facilitating legal procedures and ensuring faster acquisition of Turkish citizenship. 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate, thanks to its extensive experience and dedication to serving its clients, provides assistance and support to investors in preparing and submitting this document in their files, and even how to obtain it, translate it, authenticate it and other matters. The company stresses the importance of this document as an essential step in successfully completing the application file and enhancing opportunities. Admission to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship with Damas Turk Real Estate

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship with Damas Turk Real Estate is a special advantage for those looking for an opportunity to invest and live in a country that combines historical beauty and promising investment opportunities! With us, you and investors can achieve the dream of obtaining Turkish citizenship through smart and thoughtful real estate investments. To achieve this goal, you must pay attention to a set of basic conditions that ensure that the process runs smoothly and effectively, which are the following:
  • First, the value of the property or properties must be no less than 400,000 US dollars.
  • Secondly , the properties must be seized for a period of three years and a pledge must be made not to sell under any circumstances.
  • Thirdly, you must purchase exclusively from a Turkish entity, whether a person or a company, and any property owned by a foreign national is not accepted.
  • Fourth, the value of real estate purchases must be transferred from foreign currency to Turkish exclusively through the Central Bank of Turkey.
  • Fifthly, only husband and wife with children under 18 years old obtain Turkish citizenship as well.
  • Together in this article, we were able to learn about the most important updates for obtaining Turkish citizenship 2024. Of course, there are multiple changes in some of the sub-conditions, but the basic conditions, as we mentioned above, are still present and fixed, which is considered the most important. With Damas Turk Real Estate, the difficult becomes easy, and there is no Any obstacles that can never be overcome, contact us for a free professional consultation. 
  • Our experienced team offers you a summary of its experience in the Turkish real estate market for more than ten years. We have successful plans for investment in Turkey, and we also provide you with the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate, through Turkish consultants and lawyers who are well-versed and knowledgeable about the legal affairs in Turkey extensively. 

FAQs About Turkish Citizenship

  • What are the most prominent updates to the Turkish citizenship program for the year 2024?
  • The most prominent updates to the Turkish citizenship program for the year 2024 include maintaining the value of real estate investment at $400,000, in addition to the necessity of applying for investment residency before naturalization, and emphasizing the requirement to come to Turkey to submit the application. 
  • Has the value of real estate investment required for Turkish citizenship increased?
  • No.. The value of the real estate investment required to obtain Turkish citizenship remains constant at 400 thousand US dollars. 
  • Do I have to come personally to Türkiye to apply for citizenship? 
  • is necessary to come to Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship, in order to ensure effective communication and facilitate application procedures

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