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Transportation in Kağıthane 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 484 Transportation in Kağıthane 2022

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1 What are the most important modes of transportation to Kağıthane in Istanbul?

The metro, which operates three lines that link Kağıthane to other parts of Istanbul, is the most prominent mode of transportation in Kağıthane. The buses, which connect the metro, metrobus, and ferries, come next.

2 Where is Kağıthane located in Istanbul?

Kağıthane is located on the European side of Istanbul, barely 3 kilometers from the city center, and is regarded as one of the core districts. It is around 31 kilometers from the new Istanbul Airport.

3 What impact did Kağıthane's location have on the transportation status?

Because of its proximity to Istanbul's center, only around 3 kilometers separates it from the city's core, it has traffic issues virtually every hour. Thus, when you consider traveling there, you should be aware of the finest and most convenient modes of transportation.

The Kağıthane district lies on Istanbul's European side, and it is one of the city's core districts, adjacent to Eyup Sultan, Şişli, Beşiktaş, and Beyoğlu. With the expansion of infrastructure and the rise in its population over the years, Kağıthane has become one of the major locations in terms of transportation, despite its modest size of 23 km2. The qualitative advance it has made in the field of urban urbanization, as well as the availability of transit that connects it to all regions of Istanbul, has contributed to Kağıthane's status as one of the prime locations of real estate investment in Istanbul.


The most important modes of transportation in Kağıthane district of Istanbul:

Kağıthane consists of 19 neighborhoods and is located 3 kilometers from Istanbul's city center. There are several ways to get to and from Kağıthane, which has a population of 442,415 people, according to the latest statistics. Because of its proximity to Istanbul's center, Kağıthane experienced traffic issues practically every hour. As a result, you must be aware of the simplest and shortest routes to and from it. The most essential of these transportation options to and from the Kağıthane region are:

1- Transportation via sea:

Since Kağıthane is a landlocked district, there is no direct sea transportation, but it may be accessed indirectly by taking ferries to Beşiktaş in the southeast and then taking a bus to Kağıthane.

If you have an Istanbul transit card, the average cost of ferry transportation in Istanbul is 2.5 Turkish liras. One-time pass cards can be purchased from Akbil machines stationed at the ferry terminal if the Istanbul Card is not available. One-time pass card tickets cost around 6 TL on average.

2- Transportation via land:

There are a variety of available ground transportation alternatives to Kağıthane. City buses, minibuses, taxis, and dolmuş are all available. Among the most prominent city bus lines connecting Kağıthane, we mention the following lines: 62, A65, 48, H 48, N 48, S 48, 49, B 49, A 65, G 65, ST 41, 63, SE 27, E 27, T 2.

Among the most prominent minibus lines are: Şişli-Gültepe, Gültepe-Beşiktaş, Topkapı-Seyrantepe, Şişli-Gürsel Mahallesi, and Başak Konutları-Beşiktaş.

When using an Istanbul transit pass, the average cost of bus transportation is 2.60 TL. If you don't have it, you can buy a 6 TL one-pass transit card. While the average cost of minibus transportation to Kağıthane is 2.5 TL, cash payments are acceptable.

3- Metro:

To get to Kağıthane, you can use one of three metro lines. The M İstinye-İTÜ-Kağıthane metro line connects Kağıthane to Maslak, Ayazağa, TT Arena, and Şirintepe. The metro cost is 2.5 Turkish lira if you have an Istanbul transportation card.

The M11 Gayrettepe-Yeni Havalimanı metro line connects Gayrettepe to Kağıthane in 2 minutes.

The M7 Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey, the third metro line, also provides access to Kağıthane through Çağlayan.

4- Marmaray:

One of the ways to travel to Kağıthane is through Marmaray. If you're going from the Anatolian side and taking the Marmaray, you may get to Kağıthane indirectly by stopping at the Yenikapı station.

If you have an Istanbul card, the average cost of traveling by Marmaray is 2.5 TL. If you do not have an Istanbul Card, pass cards can be purchased from Akbil machines for 6 TL each.

5- Metrobus:

There is no direct metrobus service to Kağıthane. The metrobus, on the other hand, may be utilized to reach the M7 Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line and subsequently to Kağıthane via Çağlayan, as previously indicated.

If you have an Istanbul card, the average transit charge for the metrobus is 3.80 TL. If you don't have an Istanbul Card, you may purchase pass cards for 6 TL each at Akbil machines at Metrobus stops.

Nearest airport to Kağıthane:

Istanbul New Airport, located in Yeşilköy, is the closest airport to Kağıthane. The average distance between Kağıthane's Center and Ataturk Airport is 31 kilometers, with a travel time of 30 minutes.

To travel from the airport to Kağıthane, take the M1 Atatürk Airport-Yenikapı metro line. Buses may be utilized to go to Kağıthane after arriving at Yenikapı or Aksaray station. At the airport, there are also corporate transport services where buses, private VIP vehicles, and private minibuses are available.


Transportation between Kağıthane and the Asian side of Istanbul:

Travel from the Anatolian side to Kağıthane is feasible through Metrobus, Marmaray, and ferry lines.

To travel to Kağıthane straight from the Anatolian side, use the metrobus line to Çağlayan Metrobus Station and then to Kağıthane.

When using the Marmaray line, you can get off at Yenikapı Marmaray Station and then transfer to the metro line to reach the Kağıthane areas.

As for the ferries, they may be used to get to Beşiktaş, from whence buses and minibuses can take you to Kağıthane.



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