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1 What are the most important weekly popular bazaars in Kağıthane?

Monday bazaar in the Çeliktepe neighborhood - Saturday bazaar in the Hurriyat neighborhood - Friday bazaar in the Gültepe neighborhood - Sunday bazaar in the Yahya Kamal neighborhood - Friday bazaar in the Gültepe neighborhood.

2 What is the most distinctive feature of Axis AVM Mall in Kağıthane?

The free transportation service for customers is one of the most important facets of this mall, which is available every day from 10:00 to 17:00. There are 110 stores and cinemas in the mall. On each floor, there are also prayer rooms for women and men, as well as indoor and outdoor parking, stroller service, child care space, and facilities for disabled guests.

3 What are the main features of Sapphire Mall and where is it located?

Sapphire Mall is the first 261-meter-long skyscraper in Turkey, and it is located in Kağıthane, Istanbul. It can be seen from almost anywhere in Istanbul, as it is a massive building containing residential complex as well as a shopping and entertainment hub located between the Maslak and Levent areas, which is one of Istanbul's most significant financial areas. It has 66 floors, with 10 of them underground. It takes use of natural light while adhering to the companies' high-quality specialized shopping standards.

4 What impact did Kağıthane's location have on the transportation status?

Because of its proximity to Istanbul's center, only around 3 kilometers separates it from the city's core, it has traffic issues virtually every hour. Thus, when you consider traveling there, you should be aware of the finest and most convenient modes of transportation.

5 Where is Kağıthane located in Istanbul?

Kağıthane is located on the European side of Istanbul, barely 3 kilometers from the city center, and is regarded as one of the core districts. It is around 31 kilometers from the new Istanbul Airport.

6 What are the most important modes of transportation to Kağıthane in Istanbul?

The metro, which operates three lines that link Kağıthane to other parts of Istanbul, is the most prominent mode of transportation in Kağıthane. The buses, which connect the metro, metrobus, and ferries, come next.

7 What health services are available in Kağıthane, and which private medical centers are the most important?

Many public and private hospitals as well as medical centers provide high-quality specialized medical care in Kağıthane such as Esha Surgical Medical Center, Hilal Medical Center, and Yeni Huzur Private Medical Center.

8 What are the distinctive features of Okmeydanı Istanbul Oral and Dental Health Hospital in Kağıthane?

Okmeydanı Private Hospital is Turkey's largest dental and oral health facility. It serves the city of Istanbul and the neighboring areas with oral and dental health services. There are additional services for patients who are intellectually impaired.

9 Which hospitals are the most significant in Kağıthane area?

The Private Derindere Hospital, one of Kağıthane's major hospitals, the Private Levent Hospital, the Private Ibn Sina Gültepe Hospital, and the Kağıthane Governmental Hospital are the most significant.

10 What role does the existence of universities in Kağıthane have in making it a promising area for investment in Istanbul?

The establishment of universities in Kağıthane is keeping with the area's current urban growth state, which has attracted many investors, and it will play a significant role in reviving the area and bringing more attention to it.

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