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1 Is it possible for foreigners to obtain a mortgage in Turkey?

Under the correct circumstances, it is possible to get a Turkish mortgage as a foreigner.

2 Is real estate in Istanbul expensive?

Buying a property in Istanbul is a great investment because the city's rates are quite affordable, especially for international purchasers. The majority of homes in Istanbul have a one-year rental potential, resulting in a significant return on investment in the form of rental revenue.

3 Is it possible to buy Turkish citizenship?

Since January 2017, you can buy your ticket for Turkish citizenship.

4 Is this the right time to buy real estate in Turkey?

Purchasing real estate in Turkey is a wise long-term investment. Regardless of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the sector presents exceptional potential, especially for international companies.

5 Is it a smart idea to invest in Turkish real estate?

Because of its great liquidity, investing in Turkish real estate is favorable. Apartments in residential complexes that offer a variety of amenities and are located in locations with excellent infrastructure are in high demand throughout the year. They're also good for resale.

6 Is buying a property in Turkey safe ?

If you do things right and deal with a competent real estate business that understands what they're doing, buying property in Turkey is quite safe and uncomplicated.

7 Why is Turkey regarded as one of the most essential countries attracting large multinational corporations to set up business there?

This is due to the fact that Turkey is one of the world's developed countries, with its economy ranking twenty-first in terms of gross domestic product. Since 2016, Turkey has also been the Islamic world's second-largest economy, behind Indonesia. Not to mention the advantages of its managerial placement as a connection between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, in addition to the beauty of Anatolia's attractive nature, as well as the charm of living in Turkey, which many people throughout the world prefer. All of these factors combine to make Turkey a desirable location for investors and company owners from across the world looking to start their operations and invest in Turkey.

8 What are the advantages of investing in commercial offices in Turkey?

1- It is less risky than residential real estate. This sort of property offers a high monthly investment return and long-term, guaranteed rent.
2- The contract duration in such real estate is frequently long, ranging from 5 to 10 years, but in residential real estate, the contract term is usually only one year.
3- Another benefit of commercial real estate, such as commercial offices, is that the owner is not responsible for all expenditures, including taxes, renovations, painting, and maintenance.

9 What are the most significant Turkish cities, as well as the country's most vital districts for office areas?

Istanbul, which has over a hundred areas with offices for sale and rent, Ankara, which has 12 office zones, Izmir, which has 3 office areas, and Gaziantep, which has 3 office areas, in addition to Adana, Mersin, Denizli, Konya, Bursa, Kocaeli, and Kayseri, which each have 1 office area, are some of the most prominent Turkish cities, with some of the most well-known and vital business areas in Turkey.

10 What are the most significant advantages of Antalya apartments?

• Modern designs, such as the provision of toilets and showers in the parents' room, as well as panoramic views, in addition to the use of heat and cold insulated windows that are also ray-reflective, as well as the use of high-quality building materials, such as parquet floors in the bedrooms and ceramics and alabaster in the common spaces.
• Heating: natural gas is used to heat the ground and the water in many apartments in Antalya, which is regarded as one of the safest, most cost-effective, and best heating methods available.
• Electrical appliances: most apartments come equipped with kitchen appliances.
• Smart home system: to conserve energy by allowing remote administration of the apartment and control of the equipment such as electrical appliances, curtains, taps, heating and cooling, and others using phone applications

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