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Luxury Villas for Sale in Turkey | Modern Villas by DAMAS TURK Realty


Luxury Villas for Sale in Turkey | Modern Villas by DAMAS TURK Realty


Turkey is an amazing, sun-drenched vacation destination, and our great collection of villas in Turkey provides the ideal setting for you to experience Turkey’s rich culture, intriguing history, lovely landscape, and, of course, breathtaking beaches. Due to the colors of its vistas and seas, Turkey's south-western coast has long been known as "the Turquoise Coast," due to its magnificent beaches and magnificent mountainous landscapes. We have rounded up the finest luxury villas for sale inTurkey with pools, in appealing areas ranging from the Aegean to the Mediterranean areas of south-west Turkey. 

Our collection offers some of Turkey's greatest beaches as well as bustling resorts awash in the sights and scents of exotic bazaars, tantalizing food, and old artifacts. If you go interior, you will be rewarded: hidden mountain communities preserve a traditional way of life that is wonderful to see during your Turkey villa vacation. 

Our crew will truthfully and freely answer any queries you may have regarding our villas in Turkey. Each villa on our list is familiar to us because we have visited and even slept in them. In addition, we have specialized professionals on the ground in Turkey who will be available to assist you during your stay. We are committed to providing you with the greatest variety of villas in Turkey, and we work hard to guarantee that your vacation in one of our villas is one to remember.

It should be noted that the majority of foreign nationals require a visa to enter Turkey. Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey's website to learn more about your visa needs and passport validity. 

Find your dream villa in Turkey with DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

If you want to buy a villa in Turkey, you've come to the right spot. On our constantly updated website, you can find the best Turkish villas with private pools in Turkey , whether they are part of a small villa complex or constructed on private property. This page contains the most recent listings of villas for sale in Turkey , including semi-detached villas, detached villas, townhouses, country houses, and so on.

We specialize in representing foreign citizens in the purchase and sale of properties in Turkey . As one of the market's pioneers, we are certain that our diverse portfolio will continue to provide unique possibilities. All you need to do if you want to purchase a villa in Turkey is look at our listings.

How much do villas in Turkey cost?

Villas of Turkey in the low-price grade, which ranges from 60,000 to 110,000 euros, are in complexes with shared designed gardens and joint swimming pools. Saunas, gyms, and children's playgrounds are frequently available as common amenities. The villas themselves have a substantial living space of 100 square meters or more, with two to three bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. However, for over 150,000 euros, private Turkish villas with pools and beautiful gardens are available as part of a small complex or on independent plots. Villas in this price category include three to four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms, making them perfect for big families or pals’ gatherings.

Architectural styles of villas for sale in Turkey

Turkey's cheerful, bright with light, and modish villas are European industry leaders, owing to the high quality of their buildings and Mediterranean elements. Most residences offer verandas, swimming pools, terraces, and sometimes even roof terraces as architects have realized the importance of maximizing natural light. But it does not stop there. Turkish architects have climbed through the ranks in the last decade to become some of the best in the world. Their aesthetics can be observed in areas like Kalkan, where most luxury residences face the Mediterranean Sea and have floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the spectacular view.

In Bodrum, you can find some properties are built in the traditional stone cottage style that is Bodrum known for evoking feelings of nostalgia while still providing owners with all of the contemporary conveniences. Meanwhile, in Üzümlü, where housing costs are modest and, in keeping with the mountain concept, residences offer large gardens that are perfect for resting or putting your green thumb to work. You'll find the home you desire whether you design it yourself or purchase it off the plan, new or secondhand.

Why should I choose Turkey to buy a villa?

Turkey has one of the most opulent housing markets in the world. Turkish cities, towns, and villages provide a wide range of traditional and modern architectural styles. The natural beauty of the area attracts foreign buyers. Real estate purchasers are particularly drawn to scenic areas and historic attractions. 

Moreover, the potential buyer wants to be able to acquire the house quickly and easily. Turkey is ideal at this time since it provides a good administrative structure for legal documents associated with real estate acquisitions.

Not to mention the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investing . Buying a villa or other property with a sale price of $250.00 USD or more can also help you gain Turkish citizenship

Keep in mind that Damasturk Real Estate will gladly assist you in your search for the best villas in Turkey , as well as handle the legal process and create the documentation for you at no cost.

Are Turkish villas a good investment?

Over the last decade, Turkey has become one of the world's most appealing marketplaces. Therefore, an increasing number of foreigners have come to buy a villa in Turkey . One of the most crucial factors attracting international buyers is the reasonable pricing per square meter, particularly for first-time foreign purchasers who have been unable to get their foot on the ladder in other countries due to high prices per square meter. If you want to maintain the property for a long time, this represents excellent capital appreciation. However, when you decide to sell, purchasers in Turkey include Turks as well as many other nationalities from across the world, giving you a worldwide market to advertise to.

Furthermore, another aspect that has influenced sales in the last two years is Turkey's enhanced citizenship by investment system, which has a much lower entry-level investment than other nations and a much faster and easier process, making it simple to get full rights to live and work in the country.

Finally, Turkey villas have a high rental demand. The villas at Kalkan, Fethiye, and Bodrum are among the most popular and profitable along the Turkish coast. Turkish villas can generate up to ten percent of the owner's annual rental revenue. Another advantage of having a Turkish villa is that property values are rising by around 10% each year.

Is it profitable to invest in villas for sale in Turkey?

During the last decade, many foreigners have bought villas in Turkey, since it is one of the most appealing markets in the world. Turkey's low pricing drew many first-time overseas buyers who could not afford to buy in other countries due to their exorbitant prices. Because cheap prices provide a significant and optimum benefit when considering long-term investment, and investing in villas in Turkey is one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is granted in exchange for ownership in Turkey, after which full rights of residency and employment in Turkey are conferred. Furthermore, villas for sale in Turkey offer tremendous rental potential. Whereas villas in Istanbul's Kalkan area are among the most famous and opulent on the Turkish shore, followed by villas in Fethiye and Bodrum. Turkey villas may also provide a net rental income of more than 10%, and their values can increase by up to 10% each year.

Advantages of investing in villas for sale in Turkey

Because villas are often luxury self-contained residences, they are often high-quality investments. Despite the fact that it is an expensive investment, investing in villas has the following advantages:

  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship , which involves the acquisition of a property in Turkey worth more than $250,000, is higher when buying a villa than buying other properties.
  • The advantages of pleasant living are generally provided by the villas in Turkey , which are most often constructed from ecologically friendly materials.

Advantages of buying a villa in Turkey

As Turkey's population grows, so does the demand for villas for sale. In comparison to those who want to live in apartments for sale in Turkey in the city center, the number of people who want to live in a villa in the countryside or a separate villa by the sea is extremely high. The demand for Turkish villas with private pools has risen considerably as the concept of independent living has been more widely accepted. People nowadays choose to live in villas with private pools rather than apartments.

However, some purchasers find it difficult to pick between villas and flats when purchasing real estate in Turkey . While apartments are quite common in cities, the majority of villas are found in the suburbs. Before selecting a choice, it is necessary to understand the main distinctions between the two. 

The following are some of these distinctions:

  • Peaceful private lifestyle

There are some drawbacks to urbanization and city life, such as psychological issues, air pollution, high traffic, crowds, and noise. As a result, individuals began to seek autonomous constructions to alleviate these negative impacts, which were developed outside of the city over time, and began looking for villas for sale in Turkey . These villas, which are a few hours away from the city core, have gradually become a necessity for some.

Today, many individuals desire this separate living away from nosy neighbors and the pressure and congestion of the city, and they strive to achieve the private, peaceful, detached villa life. If you want a calm and tranquil life, buy standalone villas in Turkey for sale or homes in Turkey for sale to realize your ambitions. Moreover, you may take advantage of the benefits and conveniences of the residential complex while retaining a unique lifestyle.

  • Customizable areas

A villa in Turkey provides significantly more room and comfort than an apartment. Villas provide you with a great deal of personalization. If you wish to make any adjustments to the original plan, you may do so in the villas. Both indoor and outdoor areas may be customized to meet your needs and preferences. This kind of independence is not achievable in an apartment. Apartments in Turkey feature pre-planned living rooms with restricted privatization options. Interiors can be customized to your liking, but enlargement is typically not an option.

  • Conveniences

The majority of villa complexes provide a wide range of high-quality amenities and services. Everyone is given the option to profit from the benefits of a secured community by having 24-hour security, a gardener, a caretaker, and so on.

  • Location and accessibility

Villas are often located outside of the city, in a natural setting. Meanwhile, transportation options have improved throughout Turkey, and getting in and out of town is now simple and accessible.

  • Pet friendly

Because of their distinctive open areas, villas are ideal for pets. You do not have to worry about complaints from your neighbors, housing society rules, or space constraints when you live in a villa. Because having your own patio in your villa means you do not have any limits on owning pets.

  • Valuable investment

Villas are an excellent investment with a vast return since you are not only purchasing the villa but also the land on which it is built. Because land costs are continually rising, a villa's return on investment is indeed enormous.

Where are the best places in Turkey to buy a villa ?

Are you looking for a property to buy in Turkey? A secluded cottage surrounded by nature? A seaside villa away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or perhaps in the center of the city or at a tourist destination?

There are hundreds of villas for sale in Turkey , so choosing the right one for you is a matter of matching your perfect property to your lifestyle. Each region has something special to offer, whether it has a low cost of living, a diverse choice of activities, a feeling of history, or, for most purchasers, a beachfront position.

It will never cease to astonish you, no matter where you choose to buy a villa in Turkey. There are various lovely areas to pick from. All you have to do is decide where to buy the villa that best matches you, your budget, your family, and your way of life.

The following is a list of the most popular places to buy a villa in Turkey :

This city is at the top of the list as it is by far the greatest region in Turkey for real estate investment. Istanbul, in fact, is one of a kind on the globe, captivating visitors with its historical and cultural diversity. Luxury properties in Istanbul have always piqued the interest of foreign purchasers. Villas are commonly found in the more affluent districts of the Bosphorus, as well as in beautiful rural settings away from the noise and bustle. On the European and Anatolian shores of Istanbul, we have Turkish villas for sale , some of which have a spectacular view of the Bosphorus. Furthermore, the majority of the villas are within walking distance of the majority of the everyday amenities.

With its excellent temperature and perfect mix of historical and natural attractions, Antalya and its surroundings are an important and outstanding tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast all year round. It, as the entryway to the Turkish shore, is breathtakingly lovely. The coast features 400 kilometers of beautiful sand beaches, lonely coves, and renowned blue waters surrounded by rocky hillsides blanketed with pine trees and olive gardens. Antalya International Airport is well-served by international flights from major cities. The city has a pleasant environment all year and is a good place to find holiday houses for sale in Turkey . In addition, most villas in Antalya are near to local and social facilities. You may also purchase land in Antalya's most calm districts, like Kundu, Kepez, or Döşemealtı and build whatever style of home you like.

It is a lovely seaside city in Antalya, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and one of the most popular areas for foreigners looking to purchase a property in Turkey. Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport (GZP), located approximately 30 minutes by vehicle from the city center, offers year-round direct flights to most European, Scandinavian, and CIS destinations. Alanya villas provide magnificent rooms with private pools and gardens, as well as breathtaking views of the sea. There are also excellent holiday homes outside of the city center that are available at low costs.

  • Villas For sale in Belek

Known as the "Golf Capital of the World," Belek is only 30 kilometers east of Antalya Airport. The Turkish Riviera is famous for its world-class golf courses, luxury hotels, and mansions. Belek is one of Turkey's most visited tourist sites. DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate in Belek, Turkey, has a nice selection of golf villas for sale. Near the golf courses, there are a lot of excellent Turkish mansions with private pools. So, if you want to buy a villa in Turkey, Belek is a fantastic option.

  • Villas For sale in Kemer

This city is one of the most popular tourist resorts in the Mediterranean, located on Antalya's west coast and about 55 kilometers from the Antalya International Airport. Kiriş, Tekirova, Çamyuva, Arslanbucak, Beycik, Göynük, and Beldibi are among the picturesque seaside towns that surround it. The stunning blue water and warm weather are what lure visitors to Kemer, but the town has much more to offer, such as excellent harbor-side restaurants and traditional markets.

  • Villas For sale in Side

It is a lovely beach town located between Alanya (55 kilometers to the east) and Antalya (55 kilometers to the west) (70 kilometers to the west). It is a popular location for foreign residents looking to buy a home in Turkey. Side has an appealing collection of luxury Turkish villas in calm settings. Side villas are often placed in family-friendly developments. These complexes have amenities such as common pools, playgrounds, and 24-hour security. There are villas and detached houses for sale not only in Side town center but also in Evrenseki, Kumköy, and Ilıca.

  • Villas For sale in Gazipaşa

Gazipaşa, which is a district of Antalya, is located on the coast between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. Gazipaşa, located 40 kilometers east of Alanya and 180 kilometers north of Antalya, has lately emerged as a great area for purchasing affordable holiday homes in Turkey. More buyers are likely to visit Gazipaşa in the near future as a result of the new Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport (GZP). Villas in Gazipaşa are located in tranquil locations near the city center and offer reasonable pricing. The area is well-known for its luxurious and modern Turkish homes for sale. Villas for sale in Bodrum are often designed in Aegean style architecture and feature spectacular sea views. Because it is a well-known vacation destination, the rental revenue potential is also quite high. Moreover, among the various offerings, Bodrum boasts several beachfront homes in Turkey.

  • Villas For sale in Fethiye

Fethiye, which is part of the Mula province, is 50 kilometers away from Dalaman airport and is situated at the confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans. Because of its position, the area boasts the largest market for private villas for sale in Turkey. Fethiye's beaches, blue waters, and gorgeous landscape make it an ideal location for a villa; the bustling markets, rustic cafés, boat tours, and old ruins make for an ideal vacation. Moreover, large families will appreciate the spaciousness of houses and villas. Modern architecture meets traditional Turkish elements at Fethiye's newly built homes. Open floor designs, big living areas, marble flooring, and private pools are included in the majority of the homes.

  • Villas For sale in Dalyan

It is a charming town on Turkey's southwest coast, located in the Dalyan Delta. For an enlightening and peaceful villa vacation, you can visit beautiful Turtle Beach, the spectacular Tombs of the Kings, and steamy Sulphur Springs.

  • Villas For sale in Kalkan

A villa vacation in Kalkan means staying in a classy and romantic villa on Turkey's beautiful Lycian shore. Imagine the whitewashed buildings, a historic fishing port, excellent restaurants, flowing Bougainvillea, and Ottoman Greek architecture.

Marmaris, which is part of Mula, is located at the confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans. It offers a thriving nightlife with a plethora of restaurants, pubs, and stores. The long, pebbly beach is bordered on one side by a large seaside promenade that leads to a charming port packed with luxury ships and a breathtaking view of the bay. Possessing a villa there would be a delightful experience of life.

  • Villas For sale in Hisarönü

Because of its unique nature and location between the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, Hisarönü is a reasonably priced resort. A home or villa here would give you easy access to nearby beaches and landmarks, as well as a vibrant nightlife in a gorgeous hilltop position with a refreshing mountain wind.

  • Villas For sale in Dalaman

Dalaman is a beautiful and unspoiled area on Turkey's turquoise coast, which is famous for its pure blue sea, white sands, hidden coves, romantic bays, and dolphins. Dalaman's interior is green, hilly, and dotted with ancient ruins.

  • Villas For sale in Olüdeniz

A secluded lagoon with a mile-long crescent of white shingle beach, clear water, and a lush green national park. When one thinks of Olüdeniz, paragliding, sunbathing, and snorkeling come to mind. Olüdeniz is a picture of an ideal environment for a villa holiday in Turkey.

  • Villas For sale in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a popular vacation destination for a reason since it combines authentic Turkish elegance and friendliness with eight sun-drenched beaches, water sports, and a plethora of local activities such as aqua parks and Roman ruins.

Get a villa in Turkey!

Turkey is known as one of the world's most exotic destinations, with a rich history and some of the most gorgeous landscapes. Turkey's unique blend of East and West cultures makes it a destination that every visitor wants to visit. Religious pilgrims, historical civilizations, plentiful beaches, and waterfront hotels all contribute to the country's appeal for a villa vacation. This area has been molded in a variety of ways as a result of historically severe weather conditions, and it is certainly a marvel for the outdoorsman. You will find incredible animals and forests throughout its hilly areas and along its crystal-clear Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

As is known, Turkey has been inhabited by various empires over the millennia, including the Assyrians, Greeks, and Thracians. Each culture has left artifacts across its notable region, and two of the seven wonders of the ancient world may still be seen today in Halicarnassus and Ephesus.

It is worth mentioning that the Turks have a long tradition of producing some of the world's most opulent fabrics and foods. This is something the country is quite proud of now, so keep this in mind while planning your vacation.

Prices of villas in Turkey

The following factors influence villa prices in Turkey :

  • Location: Villas with views of the sea, picturesque landscapes, or in big cities are more costly.
  • The area of the land and the proximity of services and social amenities to the villa area.
  • The presence of a solid security system for the villa.

Villas in complexes with communal gardens and pools cost between 60,000 and 110,000 euros. Saunas and children's playgrounds are also available and usually built on an area of ​​more than 100 square meters with each villa having at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Private villas, however, cost above 150,000 euros feature swimming pools and private or limited grounds inside small complexes, as well as three or four bedrooms and two or more baths.

The most remarkable designs of villas for sale in Turkey 2022

Villas in Turkey are often well-ventilated and illuminated, with large balconies and terraces facing swimming pools or rooftops. Turkish architects have created some of the most iconic villa designs in the world, with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Some of the villas in Bodrum are made of the renowned stone there, which provides the impression of simplicity while still giving all of the contemporary conveniences. And then there's Üzümlü in Antalya, where the villas are reasonably priced, in keeping with the area's mountainous character, and have extensive grounds in which to relax and live in a natural setting.

 Among the most remarkable villa designs for sale in Turkey are:

  • Classic and contemporary design at the same time

This kind of villa is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world, and it is a construction that incorporates both traditional and modern elements. These villas have a distinctive look owing to the use of stones of various hues in their design, which harmonizes the charm of traditional stone buildings in Bodrum with modern architecture.

  • The peculiar eclectic structural design

This sort of villa can be found in Ankara, and it is made of stone, wood, and concrete, with a swimming pool and a green landscape that produces a relaxing and calm ambiance. The interiors of this type of villas have an eclectic aesthetic as well, with the comfy design being matched by the flowing decor.

  • Elegant and eye-catching architectural design

This style of villas is unique in Turkey and is located on Dragos Hill in Istanbul, overlooking the Princes Islands.

  • In-harmony-with-nature design

This sort of villas is also seen in Bodrum, and it has an eye-catching architecture with a simple yet luxurious look and design.

  • Classic design in Konya villas

With its spacious garden and traditional architecture, this style of villas in Konya combines comfort, elegance, and nature. A pleasant and happy environment is created by the identical design of twenty villas with a joint garden.

  • Luxury-meets-beauty design

This style may be seen in Antakya and is an illustration of renovation initiatives in villa designs.

Reasons to buy detached villas for sale in Turkey with DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

Many individuals wish to live in separate villas, and Turkey sounds just right for that. People are mainly busy and leave city life behind in search of a more peaceful existence. People are affected by ever-expanding cities and the rapid rate of urbanization. As a result, the demand for villas for sale in Turkey grows in tandem with the population. People who want to live in a detached villa in the countryside or a detached villa by the sea outnumber those who want to live in apartments for sale in Turkey in the city center. When we think of detached living, everyone thinks of purchasing detached villas in Turkey to be by the sea.

As the concept of independent living becomes more widely accepted, the demand for Turkey villas with private pools has skyrocketed. People nowadays choose to live in independent villas with private pools and spend their vacations there rather than living in apartments. Foreigners are drawn to villas with private gardens and pools. This increased demand among construction businesses has had a direct impact on commercial property investment in Turkey throughout time.

These enterprises are increasing the number of detached and low-cost villas in Turkey. DAMAS TÜRK can assist you in obtaining your ideal home in Turkey as well as handle the legal requirements. Every step of the way, we provide you with thorough information. You may go through our projects, where each detached villa has been hand-picked for its uniqueness. We do not do the ordinary; we specialize in the extraordinary. Our objective is to assist you in planning the type of family gathering that will be remembered for years to come, and that begins with finding you the ideal detached villa.


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