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Gölet Park...The Jewel of the Amazing Bahçeşehir area

01/12/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 332 Gölet Park...The Jewel of the Amazing Bahçeşehir area

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Bahçeşehir Gölet Parkı   is one of the most beautiful, wonderful and famous parks in Istanbul and is distinguished by its combination of aspects of nature and luxury. It is the appropriate place to spend enjoyable times with family and friends. It is also economical and suitable for large groups as well.

Golet Park is located in the European part of Istanbul in the Bahçeşehir area, nicknamed the “Garden City,” northwest of Istanbul, and occupies a huge area of ​​300,000 square meters.

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Activities in Juliet Park

Juliet Garden was designed in a wonderful way that gives visitors positive energy and spreads an atmosphere of joy and happiness. The arrangement of plants, flowers, trees, green spaces and waterways is very amazing, and gives an ideal atmosphere for sitting in peace and enjoying the breeze and the trickling of the water away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The park brings together many activities and you can relax, take a walk, entertain, and practice sports. Its wide areas are also used to hold interactive programs, and it has many facilities that serve these activities, which are:

Green spaces in Gault Park:

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The green spaces in Juliet Park give visitors unparalleled psychological comfort when they breathe in its pure air and enjoy the picturesque color of nature. Families and families sit in these spaces, entertain themselves, eat food, and share laughter. As is known, the benefits of green spaces are not limited to entertainment and recreation only, but extend beyond it to... Improving mental health, reducing depression and many other health benefits.

Artificial lakes and waterways in Gault Park:

The bodies of water gave Joliet Park a wonderful view and attracted tourists and photography enthusiasts. Once you go there, you will find many people sitting on the benches near the lake and enjoying the murmur of the water and its wonderful view.

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Places designated for sports in Gault Park:

Juliet Park provides sports enthusiasts with an ideal environment to help them achieve their goals, as it has paths designated for walking, running, cycling, fitness equipment, and outdoor games.

Places designated for children in Gault Park:

Children in Joliet Park really have the most wonderful times, as there are many safe and designated games for them, and they can enjoy slides, swings, climbing games, inflatables, water games, or running in the open air.

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Restaurants and cafes in Gault Park:

Juliet Park restaurants and cafes welcome visitors and offer them the best experiences in eating delicious local and seafood cuisine and enjoying delicious dishes.

Theater and community events at Gault Park:

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Juliet Park has designated places for performances, public concerts, and parties for children, and it is also used to hold events such as iftars during the holy month of Ramadan.

Visiting hours in Gault Park:

You can visit the garden at any time you wish, as the garden operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and entry to this amazing garden is free.

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