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7 Important Reasons That Push Foreigners to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

06/12/2023 Turkish Citizenship 240 7 Important Reasons That Push Foreigners to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

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Questions about Turkish citizenship and the ways to obtain it, its terms and conditions, have become among the most searched words on Google engines in the recent period when it comes to Turkey, and in light of this great demand, it is self-evident to understand that this movement is not in a vacuum, but rather there are strong reasons and advantages that Turkish citizenship provides to foreign researchers . About it at the present time and in the future, and since you are reading this article now, you must be one of the people who are thinking about the matter. Fortunately, you are in the right place and we will take note of 7 important reasons that push foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship, along with other detailed and important information .

7 important reasons that push foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship

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Citizenship rights

Turkish citizenship guarantees you full benefit from the civil and political citizenship rights it provides to its citizens, including equal social opportunities, equality, justice, and the right to vote, run for office, and practice religious rituals.

It also guarantees you the economic and social citizenship rights of obtaining a decent life, enjoying health care, social security, education services, job opportunities in government sectors, investment facilities, and owning real estate in Turkey .

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In return, you are not asked to do the simple duties of citizenship, such as paying taxes, respecting the rights of others, abiding by the laws, and not taking any action that threatens national security.

Dual citizenship

It is intended to allow one person to hold the citizenship of at least two countries, and among the 195 countries in the world there are 51 countries that prohibit multiple citizenship, and fortunately Turkey is not among them and does not require that you give up your original nationality in order to become a Turkish citizen, and this is an important positive point for people. Who do not want to lose their original nationality and at the same time enjoy the benefits of multinationality such as owning real estate and opening financial accounts. You must know whether your country of origin allows multinationality or not before taking any step.

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The strength of the Turkish passport

Obtaining a passport that allows you to enter 111 countries without a visa, with the possibility of obtaining a prior visa to enter 103 countries... is an extremely important matter for investors, businessmen, travel lovers, and all people with different motivations, especially in light of the political turmoil that many countries in the Arab region are suffering from. Which hinders the desire of its citizens to move and move between countries of the world.

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In this context, the Turkish passport is ranked 54th in the world according to the Guide Index for ranking passports based on the level of global freedom of movement that the Turkish passport provides to its holders.

Inviting relatives to Türkiye

Turkish law allows a holder of Turkish citizenship to invite his relatives to Turkey and facilitate the process of obtaining a visa to enter Turkish territory. The law does not require that they be first-degree relatives of the invitee, which gives them a good opportunity to visit the country, tourism, and enjoy Turkey and its wonderful atmosphere.

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Military service

As is known, most countries in the world impose a system of compulsory military service, or what is known as conscription, on their citizens as a mandatory duty, and since you have become a Turkish citizen, it is natural that you have a duty towards the country whose nationality you hold, but you will be surprised when you know that the Turkish government, after granting you citizenship, will not It requires you to perform the military service obligatory for every citizen as long as you are over the age of 22 years.

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If you are not yet over the age of 22, Turkish law gives you the right to postpone performing national military service for a period of two years from the date of obtaining Turkish citizenship , which allows the naturalized person to settle and integrate into society until he is ready and then he is summoned.

Granting citizenship to the wife and children

Obtaining Turkish citizenship gives your family the automatic right to take citizenship for the wife and children under 18 years of age and enjoy all the rights of citizenship in Turkey, as we mentioned. We must remind you that possession of citizenship is for life, and even with the succession of governments, the Turkish Constitution guarantees you the right to maintain citizenship.

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Investing in Türkiye

This reason is considered among the strongest reasons that push foreigners to settle in Turkey and obtain its citizenship, as the Turkish economy, its stability and growth, the availability of manpower, infrastructure, and the strategic location have encouraged capital and investors.

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Also, the worst inflation crises that the world is going through now did not derail the Turkish economy, and the efforts of the Turkish government to raise the proportion of its exports and the increasing demand for tourism made the Turkish economy the fastest growing in the G20.

As is known, the Turkish government offers many incentives and facilities to carry out the procedures and obtain investment permits for investors in general, but at the same time it sets a specific amount that allows foreigners to invest in its lands, and nothing less than that is acceptable. However, in the event that you become a Turkish citizen, this condition is not required of you and you can fulfill it. Invest in any amount you want and in any field.  

Real estate investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship

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The Turkish market has become one of the largest real estate markets in the world. This is due to the fact that Turkish law gives the foreigner the right to obtain Turkish citizenship , as stipulated in Article 12 of Nationality Law No. 5901, through real estate investment if the value of the real estate exceeds 400 thousand dollars, with a pledge not to sell the property and reserve it for a period. Three years, and the investor can sell the property after three years with a profitable profit, and he can rent the property and benefit from a monthly and continuous amount of money, and his property remains as it is, and this is the best way to profit and collect money.  

Reasons for the great demand for buying real estate in Istanbul

Best real estate destinations

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The city of Istanbul is ranked among the best real estate destinations around the world, and occupies first place for purchasing real estate in Turkey. It is also considered the most important economic center in Turkey, as it provides 20% of job opportunities among all cities in Turkey, and contributes 22% to the national product, and is taken into account Of which 40% of the country's total taxes, it produces 55% of total Turkish exports.

The indicators of the investment environment in this city are considered ideal, according to experts’ opinion, and the number of foreigners searching for Istanbul real estate and houses for sale in Istanbul is constantly increasing, and if you are one of them, we advise you to review the detailed information that we provided to you in our article Apartments in Istanbul and Villas for Sale in Istanbul, Which is Which? Best for investment.

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It must be noted that real estate prices in Turkey are cheaper than European and Gulf countries, and there are properties in Istanbul suitable for all budgets, allowing you the ability to own a property within your capabilities.

Location of Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is located in a strategic location that distinguishes it from all the cities of the world and makes it one of the best defensive sites around the world as well. It is bordered to the north by the Black Sea and to the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara. The Bosphorus Canal divides it into two parts, with part of it located on the continent of Europe and the other part on the continent of Asia. Thus, it took a rank that made it The most important and famous transcontinental cities in the world. The French leader Napoleon Bonaparte said about it, “If the world were one country, its capital would be this city without dispute.”

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Living in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most preferred city for living in Turkey, with more than 15 million people, and the number of foreigners residing there legally, according to the Turkish Immigration Service, is about 1,294,124 residents, and the number of tourists coming to it since the beginning of this year until July reached 23 million. 30 thousand 209 visitors, and the number of tourists coming to it is increasing monthly.

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Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is distinguished by its high level of security, health care, ease of transportation, and availability of educational and entertainment services and investment opportunities, in addition to its cultural and historical status, its picturesque nature, its charming weather, and the low cost of living and real estate prices compared to many other developed cities.

The great demand by foreigners and Turks for buying and renting apartments in this city is considered the most important reason for the success of real estate investments in it, in addition to the fact that it has residential complexes, villas and apartments that are extremely luxurious and luxurious, with charming views, prices within reasonable budgets, and flexibility in payment.

Dear reader, you must have known in detail here the 7 most important reasons that push foreigners to seek to obtain Turkish citizenship, in addition to that you have become aware of the reasons for the great demand for buying real estate in Istanbul in particular...and you can now take a look at the projects and apartments provided by Damas Turk Real Estate Company. In Istanbul, you will also enjoy the advantages of this charming city

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