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Real estate legal affairs in Turkey (Taxes, inheritance, title deed, residence permits in Turkey)

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First: Short-term residence permit in Turkey:

1- Tourism residence permit: It is an official residence permit granted by the Directorate General of Migration in the Turkish cities, for one or two years at the applicant’s request with the purpose of tourism in Turkey. The holder of this residence permit is not legally allowed to work.

2- Student residence permit: It is an official residence permit for one year or more, depending on the duration of the study, granted to students who have obtained university admission. The student shall submit all his identification documents to the Student Affairs Department at his university, which in turn submits the file to the Migration Directorate.

3- Work residence permit: It is an official residence permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, for one to five years. It can be obtained on the condition of owning any of the rest five types of residence permits. And as the business owner, the applicant should hire 5 Turkish employees for each foreign employee, if existed.

4- Residence permit by real estate ownership: It is a residence permit issued by the Migration Directorate, and granted to foreigners who own real estate properties in Turkey. In order to obtain this type of residence permit, the applicant should submit the title deed in the application file.

5- Humanitarian residence permit: This residence permit is granted by the Migration Directorate to people with special circumstances, after considering their files, such as people who cannot obtain a passport, people fleeing wars, or violators residing on the Turkish territory after the expiry of their visas. This type of residence is granted to a few and specific nationalities.

6- Family residence permit (accompaniment residence permit): It is a residence permit granted by the Migration Directorate to family members (spouse and children), of those who own any of the previous five types of residence permits. The duration of this type of residence permit is linked to the duration of the residence of the person concerned.

Second: Long-term residence permit in Turkey:

This type of residence permit is granted to foreigners residing on the Turkish territory for a continuous eight years without interruption. The applicant should have obtained any type of short-term residence permit, provided that he does not pose any threat to public security.


Our residential projects in Turkey

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  • Our projects offer sea views, green views, smart apartments, near the metro.

  • The title deed is ready for delivery, luxurious finishes, large areas suitable for families.

  • Our residential projects are situated in Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, and Ankara.

  • Our projects in Istanbul are located in the center, Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü.


Documents required to obtain a residence permit in Turkey

General documents required for all types of residence permits with no exception:
1. An electronic appointment from the Migration Directorate website or the Ministry of Labor website.
2. A passport valid for at least 6 months, and a copy of the visa, or entry stamp.
3. Address document issued by any Turkish Directorate-General of Census or rental contract certified by a notary.
4. A valid health insurance, in addition to 4 biometric photos of the applicant.

Documents required for each type of the previous residence permits:
1. Student residence permit: A “student proof” document, obtained from the university, is a must.
2. Residence permit by real estate ownership: A title deed to be submitted, in lieu of the annual lease contract or address document.
3. Family residence permit: A family register translated and certified by the notary, in addition to a criminal clear document.

Residency documents that can be obtained directly from the e-Devlet
1. Student proof document: Which means “Öğrenci Belgesi” in the Turkish language.
2. Address document: Which means “Adres Belgesi” in the Turkish language.
3. Document of validity of comprehensive health insurance: Which means “SGK: Sağlık Provizyon” in the Turkish language.
4. Criminal clear document: Which means “Adli Sicil Kaydı” in the Turkish language.


The application for a residence permit in Turkey

1. First, you have to visit the website of the Turkish Migration Directorate:, choose the language that suits you, and follow the steps to apply for a residence permit for the first time. If the steps seemed a little difficult or unclear, please contact a legal office or get help from a friend. After filling in all the fields and the application form, you will get an 'appointment file' in a PDF format (about 6 pages,) print it, and sign on the last page of it.

2. You must extract and print all the required documents related to your type of residence permit. Please prepare a special file for each family member, separately and independently.

3. If the interview date at the Migration Directorate was not listed on the first page of the 'appointment file' that you received as a PDF format, you will receive the appointment as soon as possible at the e-mail that you have included in the appointment file.

4. On the day of the interview, you must go early to the address of the Migration Directorate center mentioned in the appointment file. There you will get all the papers in the file examined, and you will be asked to pay the residence permit fees at the nearest bank. These fees vary from one type of residence permits to another, but in total it will not exceed $100 USD.

5. After paying the application fees, the employee will give you a receipt of your application for the residence permit, which is considered an official document, until you receive the residence card at your home address mentioned in the appointment file.

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Real estate fees for purchasing a property in Turkey

    1. Fees of title deed conveyance (Tapu Harcı) (for constructed properties and cash payment): Title deed fees are an obligatory fee in Turkey for the transfer of ownership from one owner to another. The value of this fee is 4% of the declared and specified value of the property in the title deed (Tabu), and it is usually paid equally between the seller and the buyer, or according to the agreement between them. For example, if the price of the property is 100 thousand dollars, the buyer has to pay $2000 as title deed conveyance fees.

    2. Fees for registering the initial purchase contract at the notary (for properties under construction and payment in installments): It is an optional fee in the event that the property is under construction and purchased in installments, as it is possible to convey the ownership and directly obtain the title deed later. Yet now as the property is not ready, a preliminary sale contract can be written between the seller and the buyer, and then this sale contract can be registered at the notary, to guarantee the buyer's right. The value of these fees is 1% of the value of the property registered in the initial sale contract.

    3. Annual Property Tax (Emlak Vergisi): It is 0.002 of the value of the property registered in the title deed, to be paid in two installments: the first installment is paid between March 1 - 31, while the second installment is paid between 1 - 31 November/October, and it is paid either by going to the municipality building in the area, or the amount can be transferred to the municipal bank account to which the property belongs. For example, if the property price is 100 thousand USD, the value of this tax is 200 $ USD annually.

    4. Residential complex service fees (Aidat): Each residential complex in Turkey has service fees that include cleaning fees, security fees, complex electricity fees for the elevators and lightning, maintenance of complex facilities fees, etc.…. These fees are estimated according to the area of the apartment, the complex, the region, the quality of service, etc.…. These fees are paid monthly and start in value from 0 - 1 dollars per square meter of the apartment. For example, if the area of the apartment is 100 square meters, it may cost an average of 50 dollars per month as service fees.

The title deed in Turkey that is known as Tapu

It is an official document sealed with the state seal issued directly by the Title Deed Department in Turkey (Tapu Department) showing the ownership right of the person listed in the document of the building built on the land or part of it. There is a title deed for each property. All information about the property is included in this title deed document. There are different types of real estate title deeds, depending on the color of the bond and its contents.

Let's get acquainted with the types of title deeds in Turkey by color:

Blue title deed: which symbolizes that the property is a land, or that there is no building on it yet, or that the construction of the building has just begun. Below is the picture of the blue title deed in the new version.

Red title deed: It indicates that after the completion of the construction of the property, there are independent departments approved in the project. Title deeds in red are awarded to properties whose condominiums have been seized

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Acquisition of
turkish citizenship
by investment

    The amendments of the Turkish citizenship law generally include special facilities for foreigners to obtain the Turkish citizenship. And according to the recent law, Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners in the following cases:

  • Purchase a property in Turkey with a value exceeding 400 thousand US dollars, instead of the previous value of 1 million US dollars, with a title deed restriction on its resale for at least 3 years.

  • Deposit of 500 thousand US dollars in the bank, instead of the previous value of 1 million US dollars stated in the previous law.

  • Invest in Turkey 500 thousand US dollars instead of the previous value of 2 million US dollars.

  • Offer job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens instead of 100 citizens.

  • Special offices, which are subject to the oversight of the committee made up of the concerned ministries, will process and follow up applications for citizenship.

Learn more about Turkish citizenship

FAQ About Legal Affairs

  • What is real estate residence permit in Turkey?

    It is a short-term residence permit in Turkey, with a period of two years, automatically renewed, granted to persons who own one or more properties in Turkey along with their families (children under 18). This residence is granted by the Immigration Department of the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

  • What are the advantages of real estate residence permits in Turkey?

    - This permit grants its owner most of the rights of the Turkish citizen in terms of (ownership, official department transactions, registering children in schools or universities, obtaining a driver's license, opening bank accounts, etc.).
    - The owner of this permit and his accompanying family members (children under 18) can enter the territory of the Turkish Republic without a visa.
    - Real estate residence permit can be considered as a semi-permanent residence in Turkey, it is only renewed every two years.

  • What is the current importance of real estate investment in Turkey?

    • With the resurgence of tourism activities in Turkey and the rise in rents to a record high in recent months, there is a strong emphasis on purchasing properties.
    • The pace of real estate sales will remain high for some time. Last year, transactions in the real estate registration totaled 18 billion, 150 million, and 286,000 TL, according to statistics released by the General Directorate of Land Registry.
    • In comparison to 2019, the sum given for properties sold in the property department grew by 29% last year.



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