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Terms of use

Terms of use | DAMAS TURK Real Estate

We welcome all our valued visitors to the official website of DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate Company.

Intellectual Property Rights (Fikri Mülkiyet Hakları):

DAMAS TÜRK is officially registered at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and our trade name that is announced on our website, or our social media platforms of all kinds, is a Turkish brand officially registered at the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. DAMAS TÜRK is also officially registered and subject to the American Digital Millennium copyright law (DMCA Protection), to which famous American search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are subject. This includes our registration, our trade name ‘DAMAS TÜRK,’ logo, written, graphic and visual content on our websites and platforms in addition to their designs.

The legal team of DAMAS TÜRK will not hesitate at all, to file a lawsuit in the competent Turkish courts, to demand financial compensation from any party or individual who exploits or uses our trade name (DAMAS TÜRK), our logo, our designs, or any part of the written, graphic or visual content of our websites and online platforms, without the prior written permission of DAMAS TÜRK legal team.

Hereunder, we explain to our valued visitors the terms of use of our website and the electronic platforms linked with it:

  1. We are precise, and we always strive to provide the most accurate and correct real estate information in the Turkish real estate market, but laws and regulations can always be subject to change and update, so we withdraw our legal and legitimate responsibilities in the event that you depend or rely on any information contained on our electronic platforms before referring to us, which may have been subject to change, or have been incorrectly understood by you.

  2. Our website may contain external links of international or Turkish government websites, and that is in order to enrich our content and provide greater benefit to our valued clients. In this regard, we do not assume any responsibility about the content, terms of use and privacy policy of those external websites, as they are not under our sponsorship, nor their content is subject to our supervision or control.

  3. You can use and share our website links in cyberspace, with the aim of transferring interest and spreading real estate information among the public, without our prior permission, but if our website links are used in spam campaigns, with the aim of harming our website, or harming the public, we will never hesitate to communicate with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Office where we are registered, with the aim of penalizing accounts with IPs that do so.

  4. We use our own cookies to improve the experience of accessing the information you are looking for. By continuing to use our website, we assume that you are satisfied with them.

  5. Dear client, when you browse our website or any of our accounts on the various social media platforms, you implicitly agree to the current terms of use and privacy policy. Please be aware that we always have the right to make any modification to them at any time we need to. We will try as much as we can to inform you about that, and we also urge our valued clients to review our terms of use periodically.

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