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Property for Sale in Turkey Real Estate


Property for Sale in Turkey Real Estate


Visit Turkey today with its amazing overseas property and areas. With its dazzling nature, excellent temperature, stunning areas, unique location, and rich history, Turkey’s areas have long charmed the globe and its home sales and property sales are higher than ever. Turkey has always been and continues to be a popular property investment opportunity tourist destination with several touristy areas such as Marmaris for people from all over the world, especially if they have a family and you need a second home in a beautiful area like beautiful overseas property or waterfront homes. Turkey has been referred to as a "second homeland." Nowadays, a plethora of area advantages are provided by Turkey for businessmen, students, families, workers, and retirees to come and invest in real estate homes and for buying a home property located there such as a nice villa or waterfront homes with a sea view and natural area, which has become one of the easiest ways for foreign real estate property buyers, appraisers, and expatriates looking for property investment opportunities in real estate listings for sale, to live in Turkey, to apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain it within two months or less by investing in Turkey , buying a house or villa and taking full advantage of many of its benefits in all countries and areas around the world.

The National Association of Realtors agrees that buying and selling the best real estate and personal property in different areas has become one of the quickest get-rich-quick property investments to go forward with all over the world. Many people now choose to buy a house for sale in a Turkey area or a villa by the sea just to sell it later, or to buy to let it be rented by someone else for monthly income. In general, if you’re interested in buying and selling, you need to find an area or country like Turkey where buying a home is so hassle-free.

Buying a house for sale or personal property, like a villa overlooking the sea area, in a Turkish city or a second home located in Turkey areas is the key goal for many investors, brokers, and appraisers looking for good home sales, real estate sales, or property sales like a good villa or waterfront homes in real estate listings for sale. Buying and selling in Turkey areas have become a hot trend in real estate for brokerages, with the areas’ beautiful investment properties real estate and distinct features for sale. Residential areas for sale are plenty, and the best real estate homes themselves are diverse in rooms, spaces, and surrounding services provided. The country’s areas enjoy magnificent scenery and sites for tourism year-round you can’t miss. You will definitely find a villa for sale or several houses that meet your or your family’s buying and selling likings and demands for the area. No matter the luxury property type, size of the houses, or the number of rooms, buying a home or villa will definitely improve.

Why You Should Invest in Turkey Real Estate Homes?

Turkey is not only one of the most appealing countries and areas with property investment opportunities for acquiring second citizenship or and buying a home or villa located in an area there like a ‘second home’ holiday home with luxurious features, for example, but it is also a prominent participant in the global arena, with significant importance among the nations and surrounding areas, and it is one of the countries experiencing fast infrastructural development at all levels across different areas, which facilitates buying a house for sale in the country or buying and selling it later.

Turkey’s strategic location between the East and West has made it a popular tourist destination for vacationers looking for home sales and personal property sales in a real estate listing for sale, especially ones with a family from all over the world to buy real estate property from new listings in the area, stay in a holiday home or villa overlooking the sea, buy to let the for sale property be rented, or just visit a sauna to spend the day. Vacationers especially love the Turkish bath and medicinal areas. Turkey also boasts a highly appealing real estate market with plenty of details and features, particularly in the central Istanbul area, which is brimming with new real estate developments that fulfill all the needs.

When buying a home, villa, or house for sale in the cities, areas, or outskirts, Turkey’s property investment opportunities allow you to find your dream home or villa, holiday home, for sale property or family estate, even, which makes your residential homes search or for sale property search much easier. As an individual or brokerage in the area, you will find all investment properties for sale in different regions and areas and find your ideal luxury property with the features you’re looking for, such as a view of the sea in a real estate listing for sale. As a home buyer or villa owner, details matter and you can’t just buy any home for sale in any area.

As a property owner, you’ll be checking the property listings for sale or new listings to make the best property investment in the best area. The property market is ever-growing, and property owners are doubling and tripling in size.

Furthermore, Turkey’s lifestyle attracts expats to be home buyers and villa owners as it combines the capacity of operation in the economic area with living in a Western lifestyle in a modern house for sale in a contemporary area, making it an excellent property investment option to build up for buying a house for sale in Turkey with different features. Additionally, there have been several modifications to Turkey's legal systems as well as housing and architectural trends for new constructions in the areas.

As a home buyer or potential property owner on your real estate property search for homes, you will apply and find any Turkey property type with all the options you could need like private pools, air conditioning, sauna, breathtaking seafront or beachfront views of the Turkish riviera, natural areas, and seas, pets allowed, and a luxurious lifestyle that will keep you and your family coming back to the area. Turkey also has a multifamily residence and home sales and property sales options for buying a home or villa, with enough new homes and new property to house a large number of residents in different areas

Want to spend the day in a Turkish bath and have the best luxury property services? A traveler searches for comfort, and the overseas property is the most popular and in-demand one, as these are the perfect home or villa for some travelers year-round. Most importantly, the property prices in the area will rarely be a problem, as real estate property investment in Turkey comes quite cheap for individuals and brokerages. The for-sale property market is competitive all over the world in all areas, but Turkey has its own distinct real estate property management.

Of course, as a home buyer or property owner, buying a home, villa, or any luxury property type with something extra like a beachfront view must meet your own terms, and Turkish properties real estate definitely comes with competent property management and property prices that can be negotiated. Recent years have shown that appraisers in the area and for-sale property investments are rising, and they will continue to rise without finish in the coming years.

Turkey has plenty of realty and residential homes for sale by famous areas and natural sights like the sea at an affordable price. You can find homes for sale by beaches, rivers, monuments, the Black Sea, and more areas.

Homes For Sale Real Estate In Turkey

Find Luxury Property In Turkish Real Estate Today

Advantages Of Purchasing Real Estate İn Turkey

·        Turkey Has Low Real Estate Property Prices İn Comparison To Other Countries And Areas

With excellent realty areas and property management, the villa or home search for Turkish properties and investment opportunities by home buyers and property owners has never had a better price tag for the area. Due to Turkey's investment opportunities’ slow entry into the international real estate market, the property prices of buying real estate in Turkey keep drawing expats and foreign property buyers to the area to buy or sell or buy to let rent from all over the world. For example, you may get the finest deals on the most luxury furnished flats of the year and luxury property in Turkey located on the coastal line or deep inside the city areas. Buying has never been easier.

·        Turkey's Real Estate İs İdeal For Long-Term İnvestment Build Up

Find your perfect investment opportunities in the area in real estate sales as a home buyer, property owner, or investor in homes for sale by good locations. Clients seeking long-term investments types or to simply buy or sell in the area may rely on the Turkish real estate market or property market, which has the capacity to give a high return on investment in short years due to rising real estate values in the area. A well-maintained mixed use apartment complex or luxury property in Turkey areas can provide a large return on long-term investment opportunities with minimum annual upkeep.

·        Various Housing Options And Luxury Property Types

One of the reasons why foreign families, home buyers, and property owners are interested in investment opportunities and purchasing real estate in Turkey areas is the vast range of luxury buildings, new construction, real estate homes for sale in popular areas, on-site amenities, and a real estate market and property market that accept different amounts of funds to offer plenty of investment properties types situated there in the area, ranging from luxury apartments in complexes for mixed use situated with breathtaking views over the beach on the Mediterranean sea and Aegean sea coast to ordinary flats in normal areas that are quite affordable among Turkish real estate and property listings.

As a home buyer or property owner who values his privacy, If you’re looking for homes for sale in a safe area with better privacy, several smart home systems for a mixed use house or villa are available at impeccable property management in the property listings. The contemporary smart home system will help you sleep easier. You can find them in real estate listings for sale.

·        The Low Cost Of Living İn Turkey And Homes For Sale Real Estate

In comparison with any European or North American area, Turkey is a very inexpensive area to buy a home, live, enjoy privacy, and invest in new property in Turkey whether it’s types of residential apartments complexes with mixed use, houses on the Turkish riviera area, homes for sale by beachfront, or luxury villas, even ones for a single-family, and it readily meets all of your needs at a good price, while looking for luxury property in a real estate listing for sale. New home-buying is generally quite expensive, and for sale real estate usually comes with a hefty price tag for the building and area. However, you can find properties for sale in all property prices ranges. If you’re looking to buy a home or villa that’s more luxurious or on the cheaper side, you’ll find a number of home-buying options, areas, and types in real estate listings for sale.

Investment properties for realty and new homes in a real estate listing for sale differ from one area or city to another. Compared to a city like London, a large number of luxury property, property services, property management, luxury villas with good privacy, and residential homes for sale in the areas and cities of Turkey will be much cheaper and a walking distance of services and even the Turkish baths. In London, if you want to find properties and residential homes for sale in different areas like fancy luxury villas with luxury property services or buying a house for sale in an English city comes at bigger property prices tags, but Turkey and London are far different areas in that regard for home buyers and property owners.

·        The Ease Of Buying A House For Sale And Purchasing Real Estate İn Turkey

The Turkish government has made enormous efforts to make it easy for foreigners and home buyers and property owners from outside to find properties in the area in general and investment properties in Turkish real estate, cheap residential homes for sale, or buy or sell real estate and new homes in Turkey just after their luxury property search. It’s as easy as buying cookies after checking a property listing.

Even a relatively difficult personal luxury property or realty to find like a personalized penthouse for sale in Turkey or one on the Turkish riviera area or overlooking the sea in Turkey is easy enough for the buyer or property owner to identify these options as they are available in multiple popular locations in property listings, which makes the property search for homes, specially new homes, a far less intensive and tiresome experience.

When buying a house for sale in Turkey’s areas, perhaps one for mixed use, or trying to purchase realty or find property for sale, Turkey’s property services are unmatched, as you can find customizable luxury property services that range from a simple home or villa gym to all sorts of rooms with proper property management. These property services come at an extra price in a property listing.

·        Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Looking for Turkish citizenship through buying realty in the Turkish areas? Real estate professionals and property sales can help you. Obtaining a Turkish passport is one of the most essential benefits as a home buyer or property owner of purchasing an apartment in Turkey’s areas. As a result, a number of foreign property buyers seeking their dream home find Turkey an excellent option to meet their minimum and maximum requirements. The Turkish citizenship will be essential for living there long-term. You may obtain Turkish citizenship in 60 days if you invest a minimum of $4000,000 in real estate or a new home in Turkey’s areas. For more details on how to obtain Turkish citizenship through buying new homes or Turkish citizenship in general, please call us to speak with one of our expert staff.

Turkey's Finest Real Estate For Sale İnvestment Cities For New Homes

·        Turkey Real Estate For Sale In Istanbul

New property sales in Istanbul’s areas and new listings are plentiful. Foreigners and outside home buyers or property owners on a property search looking to find properties in real estate listings for sale and invest and reside in Turkey or Istanbul have a variety of options and features. Istanbul city, as a matter of fact, stands out with its areas and lifestyle as the most popular and desired real estate for sale in Turkey investment location as it is the country's cultural, economic, and historical core and lifestyle hub. It is Turkey's biggest and most populated city full of investment properties, with 39 districts and areas that serve as a hub for education, tourism, and commercial industries full. As a result, real estate for sale in Turkey property listings are thriving and promising in the property market. Over 40,000 investment properties and new homes have been acquired by foreigners in the city of Istanbul since 2013, making it a popular property market for international investors looking for that Turkish lifestyle in a property listing. On the outskirts of the city, affordable housing is available. Central Istanbul concentrates on contemporary life, with the most recent trends in infrastructure, architecture, amenities, and on-site facilities such as cafes, restaurants, gardens, private pools, sauna schools, shops, hotels, and gyms.

Furthermore, Istanbul city has a wide range of neighborhoods for home buyers or property owners looking for property sales or real estate sales in real estate listings for sale. Some of the recently developed neighborhoods are well-built, while others, such as Nişantaşı, Taksim, Karakoy, and Cihangir, are popular. 

In general, a number of alternatives for home buyers and property owners are provided in Istanbul city for foreign nationals who desire to reside in the city for the rest of their lives, ranging from employment possibilities to education and health care. This can be found in a proper property listing.

·        Turkey Real Estate Homes For Sale in Antalya

With multiple property sales and real estate sales opportunities and new homes, Antalya city is located in southern Turkey and is a popular summer resort for both locals and expatriates with their entire family. Also, Alanya, the capital of leisure tourism in Antalya province, is one of the most remarkable areas to start investing in Antalya. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), Antalya now has over 100,000 international residents.

This emphasizes that Antalya offers one of the finest areas and a great opportunity for home buyers to buy property for sale in Turkey, where you can enjoy the open blue-flag beaches, a nice climate, and a significant expat community. In Turkey, this seaside city is the third most popular location for foreigners. Besides, Antalya is the largest open golf destination in Turkey, with over 100 golf courses to choose from. It contains one of the well-known mountains, Yanartaş. Furthermore, Fethiye, Marmaris, Izmir, and Isparta are all close by.

Commercial Properties and Commercial Real Estate For Sale In Turkey

After checking a property listing, buying commercial property in Turkey to invest and make money is also quite simple, as there are a number of commercial properties options you can go for like stores, restaurants, and more. Commercial properties make up a large chunk of income for many residents.

·        Turkey Real Estate Home For Sale In Bodrum

Do you like the sea? In Bodrum, there are breathtaking personalized sea view villas and multi-family homes for sale by natural sites in Turkey situated on the beaches, stone cottages, and detached Bodrum personalized luxury villas with huge gardens that you don’t want to miss are available in this coastal town at a walking distance in Bodrum from the shores. As a home buyer, it’s an ideal area. Because of its pleasant temperature, Bodrum is a fantastic spot to spend the winter. It actually has a huge compound for British retirees who have chosen to live there. Bodrum is also close to some of the best tourist destinations in the world with the most diverse lifestyles: Fethiye, Marmaris, and Izmir. It’s your type of place.

·        Turkey Real Estate Home For Sale In Ankara

Ankara is the capital preference for an expatriate who searches for a mixed-use house to start their journey in new homes where estate costs are lower than in central Istanbul, so if you prefer to live in a big city within a walking distance from any type of service without investing a lot of money, Ankara city is a good option. It has a convenient location since it offers numerous shopping alternatives, is close to major attractions, and has many business possibilities to sort through, so it's a great area to visit and invest in.

Things To Consider İf You Are A Foreigner Looking To Buy Property For Sale İn Turkey

As a potential home buyer or property owner, if you are considering purchasing real estate for sale in Turkey, you will not require a large sum of money to enjoy the benefits of living close to the Mediterranean or finding luxury villas for sale there. Turkey has a wide range of cheap housing options for foreign property buyers. If you’re looking for multi-family homes in real estate listings for sale, the sizes will go up as well as the property prices. As far as a multi-family home in Turkey goes, you’ll have mixed use apartment complexes and luxury villas for sale with multiple rooms.

However, when purchasing real estate, luxury villas, or a multi-family home in Turkey to move forward with, the following are some of the most significant factors to pay close attention:

·        Visa and Residence

When considering purchasing real estate for sale in Turkey such as luxury villas or residential villas with private pools, you, as a potential home buyer conducting your searches, must first get a residency permit as well as a foreigner's ID number from the Department of Foreigners' Affairs.

·        Routine Paperwork

According to Turkish legislation, the transfer of ownership takes place in the directorates of the Land Registry, and you may be required to sign two mail forms of title deeds with some words (title deed and land deed).  Furthermore, obtaining a residency certificate is very complicated and time-consuming. As a result, it is preferable to seek the advice of real estate agents who specialize in arranging residential apartments complexes with mixed use and investment properties for sale in Turkey for international residents to help you with the forms and procedures.

For more details on how to find property for sale as a home buyer with the necessary paperwork or to find a new build in Turkey, please call us to speak with one of our expert staff.

·        Real Estate Agents And Commission Fees İn Turkey

The real estate agency or agent searches for benefit, too. A real estate agent's commission fees are generally 4% of the property's value, which is a good sign for investment forward and eases things for the home buyer without a lot of words. Although it is a reasonable price, you can always haggle, if you have the time.

·        Title Deed İn Turkey

The real estate law governing real estate for sale in Turkey is simple. The cost of acquiring a title deed, known in the Turkish language as ‘Tapu,’ is 4% of the apartment's or property's value. The Tapu is a legal document that transfers property in Turkey ownership from one person after they finish to the next.

·        Mortgage Loan İn Turkey

Don’t miss your chance. Your perfect home is affordable. In Turkey, the Land Registry Directorates handle home registration procedures and requirements, including real estate for sale in Turkey loans. This means that you have a couple of choices for funding your Turkish real estate for sale investment going forward through real estate law. Here are some:

  • Your real estate developer or real estate agency may be able to assist you with financing alternatives, such as mortgage loans you can finish later for your Turkey houses. A deposit of 30 to 35 percent of the property's value is required over a five-year period.
  • Apply for a loan protected by real estate law from the investor's country if the interest rates are low .
  • A Turkish bank can provide you with a mortgage for houses like ones for mixed use, where most Turkish banks do lend foreigners up to 70% of the apartment's or property's value for up to 15 years with a simple bank account.

The Purchase Of Real Estate For Sale In Turkey By Foreigners Is Subject To The Following Restrictions

Although it is simple to buy property for sale in Turkey, there are certain limitations for foreigners in their property sales and real estate sales mission:

  • Foreign nationals must be citizens of one of the countries listed in Article 35 to be eligible for owning for sale real estate in Turkey.
  • Security zones and viewing restricted military zones are off-limits to home acquisition for foreigners.
  • According to real estate law, a foreigner is only permitted to acquire a maximum of 30 hectares, which is not the best sign, but still plenty.

Want to property search real estate for sale in Turkey or houses for sale in Turkey? Not sure about the real estate law? Do not miss out on the opportunity to invest in for sale real estate in Turkey and take advantage of the diverse and unique options for sale in Turkey available in the Turkish real estate market or property market, including the charming nature for viewing, the modern designing system, the best property prices, and excellent legal multi listing service for foreign property buyers, including Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

Damasturk® Can Be Of Great Assistance İf You Are İnterested İn Purchasing A Property İn Turkey

As a leading real estate company in Turkey with plenty of property real estate experience and understanding of real estate law, DAMAS TÜRK Realty makes use of its expertise, multi listing service, rights, financial resources, and human resources with just a phone call or message away to assist those wishing to buy property or own for sale real estate by identifying the best and most appropriate viewing options, multi listing service, and helping them seize the opportunity. Let us be your no. 1 property finder. Our real estate company is different from other real estate agencies. The following options are the most important:

  • Understanding a property owner or buyer's aims, rights, and searches expectations for the houses for sale in Turkey from the start is like a type of cornerstone when it comes to finding the perfect property in Turkey to service them.
  • Our real estate professionals agree with the words of The National Association of Realtors that what buyers want most from their agents is to held find the right home to purchase.
  • Finding the perfect house for sale that meets the client’s demands and searches and delivering the appropriate property information.
  • Our team handles everything from hotel reservations, messages, and phone calls to airport pick-ups and transportation service to and from the airport and all the way to the house for sale. The client searches for nothing.
  • Clients are taken on team tours for property information of the most important for sale real estate projects with detailed property information so they can learn more about them and determine which house for sale or multi listing service best fits their needs and desires in person or on the web.
  • With our team’s connections with several construction companies, we can get the best bids and property information for a house for sale at the best property prices even over the phone or through messages.
  • Clients do not pay commissions for the house for sale to us; instead, our multi listing service includes negotiating with them like they are allies who connect together to get the best type of deal. We are one team.
  • Your real estate contract for the house for sale will be fool-proof and protected by real estate law, as our team will facilitate the contract phase of purchase.
  • Our processes are open and transparent, revealing the property information, names, and locations of the projects or the house for sale our team works on in our home listings for sale.
  • With new listings, we will give you accurate appraisal and property information for your international property in Turkey or house for sale to buy or sell. Our appraisal is done by real estate professionals.
  • Our team of property finders and real estate professionals is able to handle all financial and managerial aspects of the company on the web and submit reports.
  • Our real estate company can show you any international property type, house for sale, luxury villas and residential villas for sale, and amenities provided.
  • Our property finder will connect you directly with the seller of the house for sale.
  • We have a team of real estate consultants and real estate professionals. Our consultants are ready to answer any enquiry regarding the house for sale.
  • Our registered property website is simple with details about all investment opportunities done by real estate professionals.
  • Search real estate, and commercial properties for sale and purchase smoothly with us with just a click in our home listings and our new listings.
  • Our property agent can provide any type of regulatory assistance, such as registering with the land registry office and obtaining utilities such as electricity and water.
  • Explanatory videos, lists, and tutorials for investment properties real estate to help you understand if you have any enquiry.
  • We advertise the residential and commercial property in Turkey on our property website with property information. Our ads to find your dream home property in Turkey and best option you can choose with a click.
  • Our property agent can handle all the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship as a home buyer.
  • Unlike some real estate companies, almost all of our projects are guaranteed by the Turkish government and real estate law.
  • We will help you finish and mail all legal proceedings.
  • A consumer can request after-sales property services from our property agent that include reselling the international property over our property website or through the mail.
  • We consider our clients to be the most crucial part of our company because we understand that they represent the most valuable asset to all real estate companies and the driving force behind our success.
  • Whether you decide to property search or agree to buy a property or not, our team will be there every step of the way through our property website, mail, messages, or phone, providing you with lists, looking out for your best interests, and working for you.
  • An agent will respond to any recent enquiry you submit regarding any property type and contact you immediately.
  • With our complete property services and property management on the web, we strive to consistently exceed expectations and outperform competitors regardless of the property type you want.
  • We will help you visit Turkey easily and assist you step-by-step for your purchase of any property type.
  • Year-Round property management to help you invest in Turkey real estate.

Check our residential homes for sale listings for the best offers on your homes search. Our residential homes for sale listings and new listings are available on our property website. You can contact us at any time throughout the day through our email, phone, or messages. We are the best real estate company to get you the best house for sale. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, as well.


·        What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Turkish Real Estate and Houses For Sale In Turkey?

Turkey is not just one of the most desirable countries for obtaining a second citizenship or to buy a house or luxury villas for sale, but it is also a major actor in the recent globalized property market with tons of different investment properties real estate and substantial importance you need to understand among nations and one of the countries experiencing rapid infrastructure development at all levels. Because of its strategic location between East and West, it has become a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the globe looking for the country’s lifestyle, a sauna, a good view of the sea, or investors and brokers aiming to facilitate their property search for homes, and it also offers a highly appealing real estate market or property market with the best property prices for purchase, property type and a high rate of return on property investment upon your property search. Furthermore, Turkey offers a wide range of legal property services provided with fully permitted rights, recent housing options, and architectural styles for new projects.

·        What Are The Most Popular Locations For Real Rstate Investment In Turkey Houses?

Investing in a house for sale is guaranteed profit, especially a new build. Build your property investment in Turkey going forward. Investors, real estate professionals, and brokers agree that Istanbul is quickly becoming the most popular and desired location for any type of real estate investment, purchase, or list of multi listing services. To better understand, Istanbul city is the country's cultural, economic, and historical powerhouse, with the biggest airport in Turkey. Then come the coastal cities of Antalya, Bodrum, and Ankara.

·        What Are The Restrictions Imposed On The Purchase Of Real Estate In Turkey By Foreigners?

Although purchasing real estate in Turkey or any house for sale is uncomplicated for the potential home buyer or villa owner, there are certain restrictions and terms for foreigners without a Turkish bank account:

  • To start to purchase or own real estate to stay in Turkey, foreign nationals must be citizens of one of the nations specified in the terms of Article 35.
  • Mixed use apartment complexes or property purchase is prohibited in security zones and restricted military regions that don’t service individuals.
  • While purchasing a house for sale like a villa, a foreigner or home buyer from a different country is allowed to purchase and possess no more than 30 hectares.
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