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Properties for sale in Sultan Ghazi

02/02/2024 Turkish Districts & Areas 122 Properties for sale in Sultan Ghazi

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Sultangazi is one of the modern areas of Istanbul. It is located in the European section of the city of Istanbul, adjacent to both Eyüp Sultan and the Basaksehir area . The Sultangazi area is characterized by the abundance of water springs and green spaces in it, and there is the famous Ali Bey water dam, which was constructed during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

Today, Sultanghazi is considered one of the strong options for buying a property in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular for many reasons and advantages that we will mention in this article.

Buying a property in Sultan Ghazi:

In 2008 AD, Sultan Ghazi was approved as an independent area, so it is considered an area in the process of development and modernization, and purchasing a property there is considered one of the best options compared to other areas. Residential apartments in Sultan Ghazi are among the most real estate projects that come with various sizes and specifications that meet all the desires of different customers who wish I own an apartment in Istanbul.

Features of Sultan Ghazi area:

The most important feature of the Sultan Ghazi region is the abundance of green spaces in it. Sultan Ghazi has many parks, recreational places, gardens, and serviced natural forests. The historic water dam, Mimar Sinan Forest, Sultan Gazi Forest, and the Garden of Cartoon Heroes are some of the most visited places in Istanbul.

Living in Sultanghazi:

Sultan Ghazi consists of 16 neighborhoods, most of which are modern neighborhoods. The area of ​​Sultan Ghazi is 36 km2, and according to statistics in 2020 AD, its population was more than 500 thousand people . The richness of the Sultan Gazi region with service and entertainment facilities has made it an ideal place for families to live in. There are 17 hospitals in all medical departments and specialties, 17 shopping centers and 96 public, private and international schools in addition to Sultan Gazi University , which includes many colleges and institutes and is held annually. Accepting hundreds of Arab and foreign students to study there.

Real estate prices in Sultanghazi:

The average price per square meter of residential space in Sultangazi district is 4,509 TL. Accordingly, the average price of an apartment with an area of ​​100 square meters purchased in Sultangazi district was between 338,150 TL and 563,600 TL according to the real estate index for the year 2021 and the regional report on the Ghazi Sultan region.

Sultanghazi property prices for sale increased by 3.45%. While the capital recovery period was about 20 years, according to the 2022 real estate index and the regional report.

Article summary:

Sultanghazi is considered a crossing point for many European areas of Istanbul, and it is one of the  richest areas of Istanbul  with green spaces and recreational facilities. In addition, it has a developed and comprehensive health sector with various medical departments and specialties.

Sultan Gazi is one of the areas that many families prefer to live in. It is a suitable area for people with middle and limited incomes, as it is characterized by low real estate prices in comparison to the rest of  Istanbul real estate prices  and includes many real estate offers and apartments for sale. 

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