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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Citizenship

01/12/2023 Turkish Citizenship 206 The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Citizenship

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There are many question marks surrounding how to obtain Turkish citizenship and its methods. Therefore, we devoted today’s article to answering the common questions that are on the mind of all those who are thinking about living in Turkey and obtaining its citizenship. Before we begin to answer, it is necessary to quickly understand some terms that are related to real estate investment. So that the picture is clear to you, dear reader.

Real Estate Investment :

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It is a type of money investment method that is done by buying or owning a number of properties with the aim of reselling or renting them and benefiting from them to achieve a financial gain. It is considered one of the most successful ways of investment.

Real estate consultant:

He is a specialized person who is fully familiar with the real estate market. Anyone who wants to buy a property turns to him to provide the advice and experience he possesses to help complete the investment process successfully.

Real estate appraisal?

Real estate evaluation or real estate valuation means the market value of real estate in its various forms, whether it is (land, residential real estate, industrial real estate, or commercial real estate), and it is a document or document that is extracted at the request of everyone who wants to buy a property and wants to know the details of the property and its price in the market.

Real estate residence?

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It is a residence permit obtained by a foreign investor from immigration departments after purchasing a property in Turkey. It lasts one year and is renewed annually. It gives the foreigner the right to enjoy education, health and living services in Turkey legally.

What is the taboo?

It is an official document extracted from the Land Registry Directorate in Turkey to prove ownership of the property and includes information about the owner’s name, the detailed address of the property, its area and type, and whether it is residential or commercial.

Frequently asked questions about Turkish citizenship:

What are the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship?

- Deposit a sum of money of no less than 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank.

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- Marriage to a citizen who holds Turkish citizenship for a period of no less than three years.

- Work for a period of not less than 5 years in Turkey through an official employment contract.

- Investment worth 500 thousand dollars.

- Proof of assets.

- Employing 50 Turkish employees.

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- Buying a property in Turkey worth $400,000. For details on ways to obtain Turkish citizenship in detail, read the following article.

Does the Turkish government allow dual citizenship? That is, after obtaining Turkish citizenship, can I retain my original citizenship?

Yes, the Turkish government allows dual citizenship, and it is not required to give up your citizenship to obtain a new Turkish citizenship... but it is up to your country of origin whether it allows dual citizenship or not.

Is knowledge of the Turkish language necessary to obtain Turkish citizenship?

no . Knowledge of the Turkish language is not considered necessary to obtain citizenship.

How many countries does a Turkish passport holder enter and is it possible to travel to Europe with a Turkish passport?

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A Turkish passport holder can enter 111 countries around the world. He can also travel to Europe, but he needs a prior visa to enter European Union countries.

Is citizenship given immediately after purchase?

After purchasing, the property owner applies for Turkish citizenship after completing all purchase and ownership transfer procedures. The naturalization application takes from three to six months.

How do I avoid fraud such as buying a property at an unreal value?

You can avoid all the deceptive methods that fraudsters exploit in the field of real estate investment by seeking the help of a well-known and reliable real estate company, and we at “Damas Turk” help you complete all procedures smoothly and transparently with our advisory and legal team.

Are any taxes calculated on the amount deposited to obtain Turkish citizenship?

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If you have deposited the amount in an interest-free account, no taxes will be deducted from the account. However, if the amount is interest-bearing, taxes on the interest will be calculated from the annual interest.

Can I buy a property in installments to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Yes, you can, provided that the value of the installments paid exceeds $400,000 so that you can apply for citizenship.

Does the person have to pay the full amount, i.e. $400,000? How long does it take to pay the full amount?

Yes, the full amount must be paid to apply for Turkish citizenship, and in the case of paying in installments, the application can be submitted after completing the payment of the scheduled installments. The time period is not specified, only a paper is required during the application proving payment of the full amount.

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How is the dollar exchange rate calculated when purchasing a property?

The price of the US dollar is calculated according to the exchange rate of the Turkish Central Bank at the time of purchasing the property.

Can I pay for the property in cash?

No, all financial payments from the buyer to the seller must be made via verified bank transfers.

Can a person own more than one property totaling $400,000, or is it only one property with this amount?

Yes, a foreign investor can buy one or several properties, provided that the total value of the properties is 400 thousand US dollars in order to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

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Is nationality given to the father, mother, or parents when the children obtain it?

The right to obtain Turkish citizenship is not transferred from children to parents in Turkey. Only the wife and children under the age of eighteen have the right to apply for citizenship.

Can I buy a property from a non-Turkish person and apply for citizenship in Türkiye?

You cannot buy a property from a foreigner to apply for citizenship. You must buy the property from a Turkish person or from a Turkish company, and real estate purchased from foreigners will not qualify you for citizenship.

Is permanent residency inside the country required in order to obtain Turkish citizenship?

It is not required for a person to be residing in Turkey when applying for citizenship through investment conditions (such as purchasing a property worth $400,000, for example), as it is possible to appoint a competent authority to carry out the procedures for purchasing the property and applying for citizenship.

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Can more than one person participate in purchasing a property for a total of only $400,000? In order to apply for Turkish citizenship?

A group of people cannot share to benefit from an investment or real estate condition with one financial restriction. Unless the contribution of each one of them individually is equal to the required amount, such as each person paying only $400,000, after which there is no objection to participating in one project.

However, this does not apply to the family of the person himself, as family members (wife and children under 18 years old) will be automatically granted Turkish citizenship.

Can a single property be used again to obtain Turkish citizenship? 

This is not possible. If Turkish citizenship is obtained through purchasing a property/properties; There are some things that become prohibited, including:

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It is prohibited to sell the property to another person for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, even after 3 years.

It is prohibited to sell the property to a second person, who in turn will sell it to a third person of the same nationality as the first person.

It is prohibited to use the same property more than once for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

It is prohibited to resell the property to its original owner again.

In the event of committing one of these violations; The person will be subjected to legal prosecution and may even be stripped of his citizenship.

Can I rent or resell the property after obtaining citizenship?

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Yes, you can rent the property, but you cannot sell it until 3 years have passed since ownership.

Does the amount deposited in a Turkish bank have to be in dollars in order for me to obtain citizenship?

No, this is not a requirement. Rather, what is more important is that it be equivalent to the amount that must be deposited in dollars, which is $500,000, and this amount is required to remain in the bank for a full three years.

It does not incur any taxes if you open an account without interest, but if your account is with interest, you will incur taxes on this annual interest.

Will the ownership of the property be free?

Yes, all real estate and investment projects sold in Turkey are “freehold”.

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What happens to the property in the event of death?

Since real estate in Türkiye is freehold, the family has the right to inherit the property.

When can I sell the property after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

You can sell the property after the end of three years from the date of your pledge not to sell. Please note that you can sell the property to a Turkish person or a foreign person after three years, there is no problem with that.

Does a person who has Turkish citizenship or one of his children have to perform military service in the Turkish army?

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If the person's age when obtaining Turkish citizenship is less than 21 years, he can be called up for military service (if there is no exception from the state for health or other reasons), but if he is over 22 years old, he will be exempt from service.

Should people with Turkish citizenship change their names or surnames? Does the wife have to change her surname to become the same as the husband’s surname after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

There is nothing that forces people to change their personal or family names, just as there is nothing that forces a wife to change her family name. Rather, all people have the freedom to keep their names and surnames or choose the appropriate name for them, provided that it is written in letters found in the Turkish alphabet.

Are there certain nationalities or countries that are not allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship, and what are they, if any?

Yes, there are nationalities that are not allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship. These nationalities are: Syria - Armenia - Nigeria - North Korea - Cuba.

How do I get help to buy a property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

You can contact our real estate consultants to help you start the purchasing process and prepare the necessary papers.


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