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The Experience of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship “Success stories and Challenges”

15/04/2024 Investment in Turkey 63 The Experience of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship “Success stories and Challenges”

Article content

  • With many people seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are stories, anecdotes, and challenges on this path, and everyone talks about their experience in this regard, and we also, in light of our customer base extending to 4 cities in Turkey “Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, and Antalya,” there are many who have obtained citizenship. Turkish. 
  • Our article today is dedicated to the experience of a dear client whom we were able to be a means of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Client “M, A” tells us in his own style about how to obtain Turkish citizenship from the moment of thinking about it until the moment he receives the Turkish passport. Let us learn about it in our article today under the supervision of Damas Turk Real Estate Team, here are the main ideas below: 
  • The moment the idea of ​​obtaining Turkish citizenship appeared
  • Search for real estate companies and choose Damas Turk
  • The solemn reception at the airport and daily transfer service
  • Professional real estate tours and introduction to Istanbul areas
  • Choosing the best real estate in a distinctive project in the Bahcesehir area 
  • Get the best price and hire a lawyer when transferring ownership 
  • Assistance in obtaining Turkish citizenship papers 
  • Wait for 3 months and receive the Turkish ID and passport

The moment the idea of ​​obtaining Turkish citizenship appeared

  • It all started with simple curiosity during my first visit to Turkey, where my attention was drawn to the cultural diversity, the thriving economy, and the political stability that the country enjoys. That visit was enough to plant in my heart the seed of the desire to become part of this great country. 
  • Days passed...and then I heard from one of my acquaintances that he had bought an apartment for himself in the city of Istanbul, Bahcesehir, and was determined that through this he could obtain Turkish citizenship! This prompted me to think about myself and my family, since my country’s passport suffers from the difficulty of moving freely between countries of the world. I researched carefully the Internet platforms, asked some friends, and confirmed the existence of this law. 

Search for real estate companies and choose Damas Turk 

  • When I began the journey of searching for real estate companies in Turkey, I was fully aware that the first step towards achieving the dream of obtaining Turkish citizenship lay in finding a reliable real estate partner. The market was full of offers and opportunities, but I was looking for a company characterized by credibility, experience, and the ability to provide honest advice. And useful.  
  • After extensive research and reading many ratings and reviews, I settled on Damas Turk Real Estate Company, a real estate company with a good reputation and a proven track record of helping clients obtain citizenship through safe and secure investments. “The decision was not easy, but what really attracted me to Damas Turk is the professional work team.” And transparent in dealings from the first moment I communicated with them. 

The solemn reception at the airport and daily transfer service 

  • Upon my arrival in Turkey, I was received by a team from Damas Turk at Istanbul Airport, a reception worthy of the status of guests. In fact, I did not expect such a solemn reception, which made me feel very welcome as if I had arrived in my second homeland. From the first moment I realized that I was not just a client for them. Rather, he is part of the large Damas Turk family. 
  • From the first day, Damas Turk provided me with a daily transportation service and a hotel reservation for a temporary period until I purchased the property. This made my journey in exploring real estate opportunities in Turkey smoother and more comfortable, and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the city and its distinctive culture.  

Professional real estate tours and introduction to Istanbul areas 

  • From the beginning, the real estate tours organized by Damas Turk were an exceptional experience in every sense of the word. They were not just tours to showcase real estate, but rather were an opportunity to discover the essence of Istanbul and delve deeper into its ancient culture and history. Through these tours, I realized why Istanbul is considered one of the most charming and diverse cities. In the world, the Damas Turk team also gave me a comprehensive overview of the different regions, explaining the unique characteristics of each region and how it suited my personal needs and preferences. 
  • Each real estate tour had a specific goal, and was customized to meet the selection criteria that I had previously specified. On every visit to a new property, I was accompanied by a real estate consultant from Damas Turk, who explained to me in detail everything related to the property, from its advantages and potential disadvantages to the investment opportunities it could offer. the long term.

Choosing the best real estate in a distinctive project in the Bahcesehir area  

  • After many in-depth tours around the charming Istanbul, I found myself captivated by the beauty and tranquility of the Bahcesehir area, that hidden gem that enjoys a perfect balance between modern life and picturesque nature. Bahcesehir in particular was a promising area for real estate investment thanks to its distinctive and future projects. 
  • My choice of the property in Bahçeşehir was based on several basic criteria, and Damas Turk was by my side step by step, providing support and advice. The project I chose was distinguished by its modern designs and luxurious facilities that include large green spaces, children’s play areas, places for picnicking and relaxation, in addition to security and guarding. all the time. 

Get the best price and hire a lawyer when transferring ownership  

  • When I approached the actual purchase stage, I realized the importance of negotiating to get the best possible price, and here Damas Turk had a decisive role. Thanks to their extensive experience and deep understanding of the Turkish real estate market, and their long relationships with the largest Turkish construction companies, they were able to secure my real estate at an unbeatable price.  
  • The company's lawyer was also appointed to complete the ownership transfer process. This was the next step, which required a lot of precision and care, to ensure that the transfer process was completed in accordance with Turkish law without any obstacles. The lawyer's role was decisive in checking all documents and ensuring that the property was safe from any legal complications that might arise. Obstructs the purchasing process 

Assistance in obtaining Turkish citizenship papers 

  • After completing the purchase process and receiving the title deed, I directed my focus towards the ultimate goal of “obtaining Turkish citizenship.” Here, Damas Turk showed once again why it was the perfect choice for me, as their services were not limited to the real estate aspect only; Rather, it extended to include full support in the process of applying for Turkish citizenship and providing me with a comprehensive list of all required documents and papers. 
  • The process seemed complicated at first, but thanks to the guidance and continuous follow-up by the Damas Turk team, I was able to collect all the necessary papers and submit my application with confidence. Damas Turk stressed the importance of accurate information and proper documentation of all papers to ensure that there is no delay or rejection of the application. 

Wait for 3 months and receive the Turkish ID and passport 

  • After submitting all the necessary papers and documents for Turkish citizenship by the lawyer, the waiting phase came, which lasted for approximately three months. The waiting period was quick thanks to the quick response and knowing at what stage my file was progressing at the beginning of each week. During this period, Damas Turk was keen to keep me informed of... Developments in the evaluation process and any developments that may arise. 
  • Finally, the long-awaited day came when I received the good news that my application for Turkish citizenship had been accepted and the naturalization decision had been issued. It was an indescribable moment. I felt great joy with my family because we had become Turkish citizens, and then we went to the Turkish consulate in our country and received the identity and passport. Turkish.  
  • “I would like to express my deep gratitude to Damas Turk for accompanying me in every step of the journey of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Without their support and experience, this journey would not have been so easy.” With this, our agent “M.A.” concludes his speech, looking forward to a bright future in Turkey with his family. . 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate was and still is a pioneer in providing services for obtaining Turkish citizenship, from the moment the idea appears until you receive the Turkish passport. A journey that will be as enjoyable as it was with our dear client. We hope that this experience will be useful in clarifying the extent of the services we provide and the extent of gratitude. Our customers, let us contact you immediately for free assistance and consultation. 


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