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The detailed guide to the Bahcesehir area in Istanbul

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Bahçeşehir Map

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul


Bahçeşehir district, which means in English "the city of gardens," was named after the vast green areas that cover it, and this is visible every year from early spring to mid-autumn, when the region is decorated with fresh green meadows, in addition to the presence of the distinctive valley in this area that will be part of the Istanbul Water Canal.

In today’s article, we will start with a short, straightforward introduction to the Bahçeşehir area before taking you on a thorough tour of the area to get to know its communities, historical sites, and tourist attractions. We will discuss many aspects of the area, including its location, geology, climate, and surroundings, as well as its infrastructure and real estate.

Damasturk Real Estate is constantly proactive in providing information about Istanbul and its regions, and Bahçeşehir is one of the top residential locations where foreigners come to live, settle down, and acquire real estate. Everything you need to know about the Bahçeşehir district is covered in detail in this article.

Information about the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

The Bahçeşehir district is a non-independent municipality, which means that it is divided among three municipalities: a part belongs to Avcilar, a second to Esenyurt, and a third to the Başakşehir region. However, reports coming out of the Istanbul municipality claim that the region will soon become an independent municipality. The cause for this is owing to its huge area and rapid population growth.

Where is Bahçeşehir located?

Bahçeşehir is situated on Istanbul's European side, particularly on the TEM highway line. It is close to Avcilar, Esenyurt, and Başakşehir. Furthermore, it boasts a spectacular view of Küçükçekmece Lake, commonly known as "the end of the Marmara Sea." As previously said, it is separated into three sections by the regions mentioned above; however, there are neighborhoods named after Bahçeşehir that belong to it.

We have created a simple table with the distances between Bahçeşehir and other central districts so that you can estimate how long it will take you to get to specific areas in Istanbul. The locations we will mention are the most significant centers that everyone is familiar with even before visiting this lovely city. Let us get started.

Bahçeşehir is far from each of the following areas by car, as follows:


Distance in km

The average time required to reach by car

 Bahçeşehir to Taksim

32 km

35 – 50 minutes

 Bahçeşehir to Fatih

26 km

25 – 30 minutes

 Bahçeşehir to the new airport of Istanbul

37 km

40 – 45 minutes

Bahçeşehir to Ataturk Airport

20 km

15 – 20 minutes

 Bahçeşehir to Asian side

41 km

45 – 50 minutes

Source: Google maps

The location of Bahçeşehir district

Bahçeşehir now has a prominent place among Istanbul's districts and is competing with other important districts like Başakşehir in terms of location. The infrastructure in this region is quite contemporary as a result of urban development and expansion through new projects such as those in the Ispartakule region, and this comes as a result of the gradual start of preparing Bahçeşehir to be an entirely independent municipality.

Today, this region has a high value because of the upcoming Istanbul Canal project that is planned to be established in the midst of it, which is regarded as the project of the century that everyone is talking about since it is a truly creative idea, which we will go over in depth in our article today.

Neighborhoods in Bahçeşehir

The Bahçeşehir district is made up of three major neighborhoods that are scattered around the area, and we have created a table for you that emphasizes crucial facts for each of them, such as the neighborhood name and population:

Bahçeşehir’s Neighborhoods



 Bahçeşehir neighborhood - 1st section


35.379 people

Bahçeşehir neighborhood - 2nd section


57.585 people

Tahtakale neighborhood


65.282 people

Source: nufusune

The most well-known areas in Bahçeşehir

Ispartakule: It is a residential area that has seen the completion of a number of major real estate projects, over the last few years, the most notable of which is the well-known Ispartakule Emlak Konut project, which contains over 1,400 housing units. This area is rich in green spaces and vital facilities such as schools, cafes, and others.

This residential area is expected to be of great importance in the near future due to the passage of the planned Istanbul Canal and the projects that are going to be centered there. It is fair to say that among the areas of Istanbul on that side, this one is the most desirable at the moment; thus, purchasing real estate there is a great way to increase your investment's value and yield lucrative profits.

Bahçeşehir's most well-known landmarks

Bahçeşehir is a one-of-a-kind location that has many distinguished and gorgeous landmarks, making it a place for the neighbors of this region to relax. Bahçeşehir is often regarded as one of the greatest locations to stay up late and spend the summer and weekly holidays since there are magnificent cafés with extremely distinctive views.

  • Gölet Lake, the largest artificial lake in Turkey

Gölet Park Lake is Turkey's first and largest artificial lake, occupying an area of 26 thousand square meters and located within the Bahçeşehir amusement park, which covers an area of 300 thousand square meters. There are several restaurants and private clubs, as well as a permanent system at the lake's bottom where water lighting shows are played.

The activities may generally be found scattered across the park by strolling along the edges of this enormous lake, one of Turkey's largest manmade lakes. Additionally, using the athletic equipment strewn around the park and taking short strolls along the trails set aside for that purpose are both enjoyable.

  • Akbati Mall

This huge mall has around 200 different stores, nine cinemas, restaurants that offer world cuisine, children's playgrounds, and training fields, as well as an indoor car park that can house nearly 3000 automobiles, so one does not have to worry about finding a space before entering the mall.

Bahçeşehir is known for this huge facility, Akbati Mall, which is also home to a number of well-known Turkish and international brands whose names are known across the world. Major residential developments have gathered around this center, including the renowned Akusa Park. During the long summer nights, visitors to this mall take advantage of the open-air cinema to watch movies while lounging on couches and cushions on the lawns. 

  • Water City "Aqua Dolphin"

This water city is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Istanbul and features large swimming pools. It also has a number of different shaped water slides. Along with a water park and a magnificent auditorium for dolphin performances, it also has restaurants and cafés that look out over the swimming pools.

Technically, this city is officially part of the well-known Esenyurt district, but its position is closer to Bahçeşehir. Beautiful houses can be found all across the city, and there are lots of open green spaces for swimmers to enjoy as they play water sports.

Demographics in Bahçeşehir

There is no doubt that the people of this region are of the highest caliber, especially given the abundance of villas and luxury projects in this region, which is considered to be one of the most upscale places in the world. Unfortunately, because this region does not have its own municipality, it is challenging to get information about the population's educational background and other topics in this area.

The history of the Bahçeşehir region: its name and inhabitants

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that the name Bahçeşehir, which translates to "the city of gardens" in English, was given to the area in reference to the vast green spaces that surround it. This is evident from the start of spring until the middle of autumn, as the area is adorned with green meadows and home to a valley that will be a part of the Istanbul Water Canal.

Bahçeşehir was formerly reserved for luxury villas and summer houses, and the locals used to go there to get away, however temporarily, from the city center. As a result of the population growth, Bahçeşehir is currently home to a number of opulent buildings and residential complexes that make use of all the amenities and recreation activities.

Detailed information about the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

In order to comprehend the nature of this region's people and their conditions, as well as to use this article as a guide or compass in understanding these people's mentalities and the best way to deal with them, it is necessary to delve into the environment and demography of this region. The following numbers, information, and statistics are based on official Turkish sources that we have included for you with each specific statistic. Let us find out how many people have lived in Bahçeşehir during the last five years.

The population of Bahçeşehir over the past five years

The following table shows the population of Bahçeşehir over the past five years:











Source: nufusu

Infrastructure in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir has been constructed and designed over an area of 4,700,000 square meters to facilitate the building of about 16,000 dwelling units. The neighborhood also features a diverse and beautiful tree cover, as well as a highly sophisticated water purification facility for irrigation of green spaces.

Bahçeşehir has the largest artificial lake in Turkey, Bahçeşehir Lake, which covers an area of 300,000 square meters. On the banks of this lake, there are many public facilities such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, and other services, as well as the beautiful nature that we talked about earlier.

Nature in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir's name alone—the Garden City—certainly tells us what kind of places it is. It undoubtedly features gorgeous green areas, including grass, green lawns, and open spaces, in addition to the presence of the famous valley, on which the majority of the region's projects rely, with special views of its charm from their apartment balconies. There will also be a canal that will serve as Istanbul's new Bosphorus.

In addition to Gölet Park, which is one of Istanbul's biggest parks and is frequented by Istanbul inhabitants in general and not only those from Bahçeşehir. This park also has other recreational areas and enjoys the magnificence of the environment as it stretches to extensive green spaces with lakes. These features give the park a magnificent panoramic perspective.

The most important features of Bahçeşehir

  • The location of the neighborhood

One of the most important things for many people looking for housing is the future investment potential of the area, its strategic and distinctive location, and the tranquility of the area in general. The areas in Bahçeşehir district suit them perfectly, in addition to other features that we will mention next, including the average population density and the factors of calmness, which are really an urgent need today.

  • The new and developed infrastructure of Bahçeşehir

The Luxury construction firms were looking to buy land in Bahçeşehir and build projects on it on a regular basis because the modern and new infrastructure is always appealing to them from an investment standpoint. These projects are not just basic housing projects but luxury projects that have their significance in the real estate market and compete with many other projects with their pricing and services, especially in being located within Bahçeşehir.

  • Istanbul Water Canal

The plan is to build a channel from the line that separates Lake Küçükçekmece from the Sea of Marmara to the Sazlıdere Dam, passing through Altınşehir and Şahintepe before reaching the Black Sea from Lake Terkos's east. The project area will include Arnavutköy, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, and eventually Bahçeşehir and Avcilar, which we will discuss later.

The attraction factors in Bahçeşehir

The Bahçeşehir region's attractions are clearly defined and have great value in the Turkish market. The first element is the Istanbul Water Canal, Turkey's Century Project; the second is the robust and sturdy infrastructure since it is positioned distant from the earthquake lines that impact Istanbul; and the third is the wide areas full of green lawns, among many others, like the features we mentioned above.

Investing in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul

Investing in Istanbul, in Bahçeşehir particularly, has a special merit with the emergence of the new Bosphorus in Turkey in front of this beautiful area, in addition to the following investment advantages:

  • Bahçeşehir's location on the TEM highway, which runs through the area from beginning to end
  • Bahçeşehir's location on the edges of Küçükçekmece Lake
  • The strength of the developed infrastructure in Bahçeşehir
  • Easy access to Bahçeşehir via the highway

The real estate importance of Bahçeşehir

The real estate importance of Bahçeşehir is something different, and this is what we felt when we picked this location as a particular spot for the settlement and habitation of many of our clients. This is, of course, due to the in-depth research and analysis done by the field team at DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate on the Istanbul real estate market, which, in even the smallest investment circumstances, increased the value of the owners' assets by double.

Bahçeşehir: An investment destination with a promising future

There is no denying that the area has a bright future and great value in the near future, which was planned four years ago and continues to the current date, whether in terms of infrastructure, interest in transportation and secondary roads, attracting construction projects, and finally through the project of the century, the Istanbul Canal.

Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul: The first investment destination among its neighboring districts

As you can sense from this article, Bahçeşehir stands out among its adjacent districts as a desirable place to invest since its surroundings were unable to compete with the significant investment in it and the attractions it possessed. There are various characteristics that make Bahçeşehir a big frontrunner before the others, and this is something that no real estate advisor in that section of Istanbul can deny.

When it comes to the views of the Bahçeşehir region and its lovely green landscapes, Esenyurt, which was nearby, was a little second-rate. Furthermore, projects in Büyükçekmece are thought to be far removed from the level of projects in Bahçeşehir. On the other hand, Küçükçekmece and Avcilar lacked Bahçeşehir's strong infrastructure and advantageous location on the main highway.

Investment returns on Bahçeşehir real estate

Real estate investment in Bahçeşehir is a sure bet, as we mentioned earlier in this article when selecting Bahçeşehir as the best investment area that Istanbul has seen in recent years. Aside from the monthly rent, the investment returns from resale are attractive, with gains reaching up to 100% with distinction, and we have successful investment stories in this area to tell when you contact us.

Investing in under-construction real estate in Bahçeşehir has a significant influence in this region as well. The characteristics and features that contribute to profitable investments are distinct and noticeable, and they remain quite appealing as a result of the extraordinary success that this region has had in recent years. Contact us right away to receive the greatest real estate deals in Bahçeşehir.

Real estate projects in Bahçeşehir

After the launch of the Istanbul Water Canal project, Bahçeşehir has become a prime location for both investment and housing. Some want to see the new Bosphorus, while others want to make a long-term investment, so this project has tempted many individuals to invest in real estate in this area.

Even now, the region lacks new real estate projects due to the high demand for real estate acquisitions; hence, the only options available now are resale units. Turkish construction businesses, on the other hand, have begun to concentrate their efforts on acquiring land on both banks of the second canal in order to build megaprojects.

Residential and commercial projects in Bahçeşehir

Investors are interested in residential and commercial projects in Bahçeşehir because of the many enticing traits and multiple benefits that this beautiful area offers through its projects, which include:

  • Stunning views over Küçükçekmece Lake

This lake is commonly referenced in Bahçeşehir since people who want to live in this area prefer the real estate projects that focus on having views of this beautiful lake. If you want to obtain an apartment with a view of Küçükçekmece Lake, all you have to do is contact us.

  • Magnificent views of Gölet Lake and its beautiful garden

Gölet Park Lake, as previously said, is Turkey's first and largest artificial lake, covering an area of 26 thousand square meters, where water lighting displays are performed. This lake is a popular tourist destination in this area, and most of the real estate projects in the area feature breathtaking views of it.

  • Views of the valley and the future Istanbul Canal

Bahçeşehir has become a popular area for both investment and housing since the start of the Istanbul Water Canal project. Some people want to see the new Bosphorus, while others want to make a long-term investment; therefore, this project has enticed many people to invest in real estate in this region.

The most important projects and residential complexes in Bahçeşehir

Damasturk Real Estate has a real estate portfolio full of distinguished projects in the Bahçeşehir region; we will list the most prominent of them for you so you can view them and know the pattern and arrangement of these projects with their average prices, and we will add a link for you to dive deeper into their details and information. Here are a few of the real estate projects that we have in Bahçeşehir:

A large and well-known construction company in this area is working on the project. The project is located on a hill and offers a spectacular view of Gölet Park and Küçükçekmece Lake. The new Istanbul Canal will also be visible from the project when it is constructed.

This proposal is designed to be a residence with full hotel content and high-end finishing. The project's distinctive feature is its all-white appearance, which gives it a sparkling aesthetic allure. It also has an outdoor swimming pool on the roof of the service building, where you may swim while enjoying the magnificent view of Istanbul. More information and specifics about this project are available at the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS119

This project was constructed in two phases over an area of 105,000 square meters, divided by a highway that would be finished after the first phase, and the majority of the apartments were sold in record time. The second phase of the project, which consists of 2347 apartments and 112 commercial spaces, is now being constructed and prepared.

This project was founded by a Saudi company, and it is one of the most prominent and huge projects in the Bahçeşehir region, distinguished by its extraordinary and distinctive designs that set it apart from the rest of the projects in the region as well as the highest level of interior finishes in the apartments. More information about this project may be found at the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS239

  • Apartments for sale in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul with government guarantee—Project DS223

This project is located in a calm neighborhood near restaurants and large stores such as Carrefour and Migros. It is also close to commercial hubs with several restaurants and cafés, as well as a popular market with a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and fresh meat.

Gölet Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Bahçeşehir, is extremely close to the project. This park features a charming lake in the middle, and people may barbeque around it and enjoy the serenity and comfort, as well as the presence of high-end restaurants around the park. More details about the project may be accessed by clicking on the following link: Apartments for sale in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul with government guarantee—Project DS223

This project consists of residential villas with exquisite views of nature and distinctive green areas. The project covers an area of 9,400 square meters and a building area of 25,000 square meters. It is made up of eight blocks separated into two phases, each with 32 luxury villas ranging in area from 235 to 327 square meters.

The villas in this project are designed in the type of 5 + 1 duplexes, and each villa has a private terrace and a garden space reserved for it, as well as a private car park. All services are shared in this project to give it a family atmosphere, which Istanbul city so desperately needs today to improve communication, particularly between children. More information about the project is available at the following link: Villas for sale in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS661

This new project is located in the center of Bahçeşehir on Istanbul's European side, and it has a vast and distinct family concept, which is reflected in the services it provides as well as the spacious spaces inside it. The project is made up of separate duplex villas with their own gardens and it is situated on up to 56,500 square meters of land.

The project consists of 177 villas with styles and options rich in modern designs that Istanbul needs today to be comparable with what is available in Europe and abroad. The designs range from 3 + 1 to 6 + 1, with integrated social services to suit all families' preferences. Let us provide you with additional information about the project through the following link: Villas for sale in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS711

Real estate prices in Bahçeşehir

Real estate prices in Bahçeşehir are not inexpensive, but they are also not exorbitant; they range between the middle of average and logical prices, especially in light of the recent increase in Turkish real estate costs, which was primarily caused by global inflation and the high exchange rate against the Turkish lira. Let us now find out the average real estate prices in the area.

The average real estate price in Bahçeşehir

In Bahçeşehir, the average real estate prices are updated through official Turkish sources and based on the readings and analyses of the DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate field team, and what we will discuss today in terms of figures is only relevant for three months at most because prices are continually rising. We separated the analysis into three categories of real estate that are generally available in Bahçeşehir.


Average price per square meter

100-square-meter apartments average price

Rural areas

25,586 Turkish liras

3,518,088 Turkish liras

Central areas

32,697 Turkish liras

5,035,368 Turkish liras

Residential complexes

33,131 Turkish liras

6,725,755 Turkish liras

Average rental prices for real estate and apartments in Bahçeşehir

The average square meter rent in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul, is as follows:


Average rental price per square meter

100-square-meter apartment average rental price

Rural areas

75 Turkish Liras

8000 - 9.000 Turkish liras

Central areas

120 Turkish Liras

12000- 14000 Turkish liras

Residential complexes

180 Turkish Liras

18000 - 22000 Turkish Liras

The importance of buying real estate in Bahçeşehir

To this day, real estate purchases in Bahçeşehir continue to hold the top rank among Istanbul city purchases, and the reasons for this may have been discussed in our article today. Therefore, whether you want to live or invest in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir is your best choice.

Any investment in this district will undoubtedly pay off, but watch out! You must select a qualified real estate consultant who will guide you toward your objective through legal and secure ways. Your consultant is the one who gives you that assurance, since anything wrong would result in a loss and a weakness in the return and may even result in a total loss of the value of the real estate. A knowledgeable real estate consultant is the one who can assure you that all requirements are fully satisfied. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance selecting Turkish real estate.

Living in Istanbul's Bahçeşehir district

The population structure, the area's moderate temperature, and the beauty of its natural surroundings all contribute to Bahçeşehir's reputation as a place inhabited by a rich socio-economic elite. Thus, in addition to becoming a commercial business center with plenty of capital owners, real estate investment in Istanbul, particularly in the Bahçeşehir district, has risen.

The social environment in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir is a calm and elegant residential area that is a refuge for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, especially with the existence of Gölet Lake, Turkey's largest artificial pond. And the residents of this region are of the upper and prestigious classes. 

The educational services and hospitals in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

Bahçeşehir has a modern architectural style, and for that, it has previously earned the United Nations Urban Projects Award, which is given out every 20 years. Several services and facilities are accessible in the Bahçeşehir area, including many schools for various educational levels as well as many health centers dispersed around the region. There are also several theaters, cultural centers, and large retail malls.

The main roads and transportation in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

Bahçeşehir is easily accessible by major roads, one of which we will discuss later. Since Bahçeşehir is brand new, it will undoubtedly have everything new, and the main highways and transportation are undoubtedly a big consideration when choosing housing or relocating to an area over other areas.

The most important main highways in Bahçeşehir

The TEM highway is well-known and widely regarded as the most vital route in this region. This is the route that connects Istanbul to other cities, not just its outskirts. The proximity of Bahçeşehir to The TEM highway, which, as previously said in the article, is the most prominent of the key highways in the area, distinguishes Bahçeşehir.

Transportation in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

The Bahçeşehir region will soon be served by a metro line that will connect it to Başakşehir and Mahmoud Bey and from there to Istanbul's commercial core, the Şişli area, and the metro will go from there to the nearby Esenyurt area. This metro station is about to open.

Public transportation in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

Public transportation adds value to speedy transportation. From the first neighborhood to the last, Bahçeşehir is served by a vast network of public buses and minibuses that provide access to all sections of the area as well as to some other significant locations in Istanbul. As a result, getting into and out of this area is simple and straightforward, especially for centers like Fatih and Taksim. 

Recreational facilities in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul

There are numerous restaurants and cafes in the Bahçeşehir district, in addition to the various services and amenities that are available, as we have already covered. However, what truly differentiates Bahçeşehir district is its inclusion of Istanbul's most beautiful mall, Akbati Mall, which is an architectural marvel that provides many good services in addition to its famous garden.

Parks and forests in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir means "the city of gardens," so of course it has so many gardens and forests. You will find a lot of natural and artificial green spaces and lawns wherever you go in this beautiful district, except for what you will find in real estate complexes and projects that we can together visit on free professional real estate tours, with a comprehensive definition of the area.

Major shopping centers in Bahçeşehir: Akbati Mall

This huge mall features over 3000 parking spaces for its visitors, so finding a parking spot is not a concern before shopping there. It also features 200 different stores, nine theaters, restaurants providing cuisine from all over the world, children's playgrounds, and training fields.

This enormous building, Akbati Mall, is a landmark of Bahçeşehir and is also home to several well-known Turkish and international firms whose names are well-known across the globe. Major residential projects, including the famed Akusa Park, were erected beside this shopping mall. Visitors to this mall take advantage of the open-air theater during the long summer nights, watching movies while sitting on sofas and cushions on the grounds.

Istanbul Water Canal

Before we wrap up this article, we must become familiar with the Istanbul water canal, which has captured the attention of the entire globe. Furthermore, the following information should be kept in mind while acquiring real estate or deciding to live in Bahçeşehir.

The Istanbul Water Canal is of great importance; the idea for this route came about as a result of the extreme strain on the Bosphorus Strait, which would face serious problems in the future, the most notable of which is the vast number of ships sailing through it, with some ships presently waiting one to three days for their turn to pass through it.

The intention is to construct a waterway connecting the Sea of Marmara and Küçükçekmece Lake to the Sazlidere Dam, passing through Altınşehir and Şahintepe before reaching the Black Sea from the east of Lake Terkos. The project will pass through Arnavutköy, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, and finally Avcilar.

The consequences on the real estate market

Before the release of the Istanbul Canal plan, the prices of real estate and properties in the areas through which the new canal would flow increased noticeably as many investors raced to buy and invest there, implying that the future investment is now on the banks of this channel.

Furthermore, the existence of apartment complexes on the channel's margins indicates and assures that we are in the presence of a strait equivalent to the Bosphorus Strait, and it would be incredible to have spectacular views of the megaproject that will be recognized by the world for its significance and worth.

For that, several Turkish construction firms have purchased a large amount of land along the canal in order to construct skyscrapers and residential structures, and they have already begun selling apartments while their projects are still under construction or visible on the map, like the Total Comfort project in Bahçeşehir.

It is also worth noting that the new Istanbul Airport was planned and constructed near the New Istanbul Canal, implying that the future Istanbul Canal project was planned concurrently with the airport's construction.

The Turkish government has also declared that it will build a whole region at one end of the Istanbul Water Canal to house more than 600,000 people in order to ease strain on the city's core.

Features of the Istanbul Water Canal

  • First, improving Turkey's situation with regard to water crossings:

The Istanbul Water Canal will improve Turkey's position in the sector of water crossings, and Turkey will be able to repay the billions of euros that it has been deprived of annually owing to the decreased price of passage for ships that cross the Bosphorus Strait until today.

  • Second, reducing the significant strain on the Bosphorus Strait:

The Istanbul Water Canal will preserve the Bosphorus Strait from existing congestion, pollution, and noise. This will be compensated for by organizing athletic events and activities or by increasing tourism and enjoying the beauty and prestige of the Bosphorus Strait.

  • Third, conserving the historical Bosphorus Strait's status and legacy:

Protecting the historical and cultural texture of the Bosphorus Strait is a tough challenge given the continuous passage of large ships and tankers. After the Istanbul Canal is completed, the Bosphorus Strait will be free of all of that and will maintain its identity.

To wrap up this article, it is fair to say that DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate offers a portfolio full of unique projects, as well as extensive knowledge and indispensable consultations on housing and stability in Turkey's cities and regions in general. This is provided as a guide to assist our clients in reaching the end goal of obtaining all of this information, which is to buy the property. For any support or inquiries, get in touch with us right away through the available ways of contact on our website. 

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