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All hospitals and health centers in Esenyurt 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 1463 All hospitals and health centers in Esenyurt 2022

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Esenyurt hospitals are known for their excellent health care, as they give the best quality of care to Turkish citizens and legal residents. Furthermore, every neighborhood in Esenyurt has a dispensary, which is generally referred to as a family health center, and these centers may only be utilized by those who are registered in that neighborhood.

Esenyurt additionally has 13 hospitals, 11 private hospitals dispersed around the region, and 13 health clinics, making it the wealthiest location in Istanbul in terms of health facilities, owing to its high population density. Arab medical facilities and clinics are also available in the region, with all medical specialties.

The following are the most important hospitals in Esenyurt district:

Esenyurt State Hospital (Necmi Kadıoğlu):

Esenyurt State Hospita | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

The hospital's development was completed in three years and opened to the public in 2008. The Esenyurt State Hospital was constructed in three blocks. The hospital's services have been continually expanded to include the second largest palliative care unit on Istanbul's European side, which was inaugurated within the Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu State Hospital building. Three physicians, including one responsible specialist, eleven nurses, a nutritionist, social workers, psychologists, and other allied health professionals are in charge of the center, which has a capacity of 40 beds.

Doga Hospital in Esenyurt:

Doga Hospital | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

Doga Hospital's initial branch, located in Esenyurt, one of Istanbul's most densely inhabited districts, provides high-quality health services at a reasonable price. Doga Hospital has an 81-bed capacity and a contemporary and energetic team that delivers dependable health services.

Reyap Hospital in Esenyurt:

In October 2016, Reyap Istanbul Hospital opened its doors in Esenyurt with the goal of delivering better health services to the people while taking into account the convenience of transportation of patients from Turkey and abroad.

Reyap Istanbul Hospital was conceived and developed as a university hospital with excellent health care standards, physical characteristics, and a garden of medical gadgets and technical equipment in collaboration with Istanbul Rumeli University.

The hospital's horizontal building structure, which is based on a 12-story building with a capacity of 250 vehicles on a 35,000-square-meter closed space, allows for simple access to all services, particularly for outpatient diagnosis and treatment.

The hospital boasts a total of 275 beds, including 4 CIP suites, 21 VIP suites, 148 private patient rooms, and 77 intensive care beds, as well as 11 surgical rooms with cutting-edge technology. No furniture is attached to the floor in patient rooms with anti-bacterial flooring and wall coverings to reduce the danger of infection. The patient rooms, like the rest of the hospital, are completely air-conditioned and run on a system that draws in fresh air.

As a general hospital, Reyap Hospital in Istanbul offers services in all branches, including oncology, radiation oncology, in vitro fertilization (IVF), central venous catheter (CVC), plastic surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery, along with internal medicine, general surgery, intensive care unit (ICU), coronary intensive care unit, newborn care unit, and so on.

Esencan Private Hospital in Esenyurt:

Esencan Hospital | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

It was founded in 2011 on a 14,759-square-meter plot of land and began admitting patients in November 2013. It has 52 doctors that specialize in various medical disciplines, as well as 27 medical units for various health issues. The hospital's medical team of 410 people provides high-quality health care services. The hospital also includes 108 beds, as well as intensive care units and 4 operating theatres, a contemporary delivery room, biochemistry and microbiology labs, medical aesthetic units, radiography, emergency, and ambulance services that are available around the clock.


Medical Turk Private Hospital:

Medical Park Hospitals Group, one of the most significant private hospitals in the Esenyurt area, began highlighting its operations in the hospital industry in Turkey in 1995. It operates 15 hospitals, two medical complexes, and two medical centers in different regions of Turkey, for a total of 19 centers. Plastic surgery, pediatrics, dermatology, urology, internal diseases, ENT, cardiology, general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, digestive diseases, neurological diseases, endocrinology, radiology department, thoracic surgery, anesthesia department, ambulance department, and neurosurgery are among the hospital's most important medical specialties.


The most important real estate projects in Esenyurt:


Sources: trhastane + evernesttr

Editing: damasturk



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