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Properties for Sale in Umraniye Istanbul

02/02/2024 Turkish Districts & Areas 155 Properties for Sale in Umraniye Istanbul

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The Umraniye district is one of the districts of the city of Istanbul in the Asian section. It is the fourth largest district in Istanbul in terms of population and the first in the Asian section, as its population according to the 2021 census reached 713,803 people and its area is 58 km2. It is bordered to the north by Beykoz, to the east by Cekmeceköy and Sancaktepe, to the south by Ataşehir, and to the west by Uskudar, which separates it from the Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Buying a property in Omraniya:

Omraniye real estate is considered one of the most diverse and best-selling properties in Istanbul. The rapid development witnessed by the real estate sector in Omraniye as a result of the increasing population growth there, as it is considered the fourth largest region in Istanbul in terms of population and the first in the Asian section, this is what prompted real estate developers to carry out huge projects that meet... Market needs and increasing demand for buying apartments for sale in Istanbul. Urbanism is one of the fastest urbanizing and transforming areas of Istanbul. This has been reflected positively on the multiplicity and diversity of apartment prices in Istanbul and making them accessible to all those wishing to own real estate in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship.

The importance of the urban area:

The Umraniye district occupies a prominent position among the most important areas of Istanbul. There are several factors that contributed to the Umraniyah area gaining special importance, making it a fertile environment and a focus of attention for foreigners looking to invest in Turkey. The importance of the urban area lies in several points, the most important of which are:

  1. Strategic location : Umraniye’s average location in the Asian regions of Istanbul and its proximity to the areas overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara gave it a central character to the rest of the surrounding areas.
  2. A rich and diversified economy : Umraniye is considered one of the strongest and most diversified economies in Istanbul, as its industrial city, which was established in 1977, is considered one of the largest and oldest industrial areas in the region.
  3. Diversity of sources of income in Omraniya : Industry, handicrafts, and trade are among the most important elements of the Omraniya economy and provide many diverse job opportunities for the residents of the region.
  4. A distinguished transportation sector : The Umraniye district has a wide and modern road network, in addition to metro lines, which facilitated transportation between the Umraniye neighborhoods and the rest of Istanbul.

Living in the urban area:

Umraniye is considered one of the most densely populated areas of Istanbul, so there is a clear and rapid urban transformation that the Umraniye area is experiencing. The rapid urban transformation that the Umraniye area is witnessing has had a positive and direct impact on the rest of the other sectors, especially the service ones. Among the most important positive points in living in Umraniye we find the abundance of public parks and green spaces in it, the ease of movement between its neighborhoods and other areas of Istanbul, as Umraniye is considered a crossing point for many of its neighboring areas. There are many shopping centers, malls and popular markets in Umraniye, and finally the most important thing that distinguishes Living in the urban area is due to its diversity and multiple job opportunities.

Advantages of buying a property in Al-Omraniyah:

There are many positive features that may attract you to invest in urban real estate, which is considered an attraction for those looking to buy an apartment in Istanbul complexes. Among its features:

  • Diversity and multiplicity of job opportunities.
  • Abundance and diversity of residential projects.
  • The presence of a distinguished industrial infrastructure provides many job opportunities for the population.
  • Rich infrastructure and service sector, including hospitals, schools, and other service institutions.
  • An abundance of gardens, parks and entertainment places.
  • The development of its transportation sector.

Real estate prices in Omraniya:

Apartment prices in Turkey in this region vary  according to several factors, the most important of which is the location close to the most important basic service centers, the view, the area of ​​the property, the décor and the interior cost of the property. All of these factors interfere in determining real estate prices. In general, we find that real estate prices in Omraniya start from 200 thousand dollars

Average prices in Omraniya:

The average price of apartments in Omraniya, depending on the apartment’s specifications and location, is approximately $250,000

Properties for sale in Omraniya in installments:

Most modern real estate projects offer customers the service of selling in installments, and installment offers vary from a down payment and the amount and number of monthly payments according to the total price of the property and according to construction companies and real estate companies.

Cheap properties for sale in Omraniya:

Umraniye is considered one of the areas rich in residential projects, as it is considered the fourth largest area in Istanbul in terms of population. Therefore, we find many low price offers suitable for the varying financial capabilities of those wishing to own an apartment in Omraniya.

Real estate offers for sale in Omraniya:

There are many offers offered by construction companies and real estate companies. Including offers to reduce prices, including offers to sell in installments with reduced interest, which can be obtained by requesting a consultation from Damas Turk Real Estate Company, which offers discounts on real estate prices of up to 15% .

Tips when buying a property in Omraniya:

When purchasing a property in Turkey, we must focus on several factors that have an essential role in completing the proper purchase of the property. The most important of these factors are:

  • Good knowledge of the property area and knowledge of its neighborhoods.
  • Choose the appropriate location for the property in terms of its proximity to the most important service centers, such as schools, groceries, markets, transportation...etc.
  • Choose a beautiful, open view of the outdoors and ample space between it and the property opposite it.
  • The age of the building has an important role in the price of the property and the possibility of selling it later, as it is preferable that it does not exceed 15 years.
  • The property's internal services include heating, internet, decoration, and high-quality building materials.
  • External services, including a car garage, a warehouse, security, surveillance cameras, children’s play areas, places to exercise, gardens, and other recreational services.
  • Knowing the value of the property is done through consulting services provided by Damas Turk for free.

Summary of the article

Umraniye is one of the largest Asian regions of Istanbul in terms of population, and in the recent period this region has witnessed remarkable urban development and rapid urban transformation in order to meet the increasing demand in its real estate market and meet the different desires of those seeking ownership and buying an apartment in Turkey. Omraniye, with its distinguished location in Asian Istanbul, is considered a crossing point for many of the vital areas surrounding it. It is one of the most earthquake-resistant regions of Turkey, and its urban transformation rate has reached 75%. 

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