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Ownership and living in Turkey Everything you want to know about living and settling down in Turkey

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Ethnicities and official language


Our residential projects in Turkey

  • The portfolio of real estate projects in damasturk is valued for unique characteristics, luxurious finishes, easy installment plans, and high discounts. Our residential projects are also distinguished with:

  • The guarantee of the Turkish government, suitable for Turkish citizenship, in vibrant and upscale areas.

  • Easy payment plans 12 - 120 months, discount on cash payments from 5 - 30%.

  • Our projects offer sea views, green views, smart apartments, near the metro.

  • The title deed is ready for delivery, luxurious finishes, large areas suitable for families.

  • Our residential projects are situated in Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, and Ankara.

  • Our projects in Istanbul are located in the center, Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü.


Prices of basic commodities in Turkey for the year 2021

Tomatoes 5 0
Banana 15 1
Cucumber 5 0
Potato 3 0
Onions 2.5 0
Eggplant 6 0
Cauliflower 5 0

Minimum salary for basic professions in Turkey - Istanbul - 2021

Job title TL
Doctor 7000 428
Pharmacist 5000 306
IT Engineer 6500 397
Architect 7000 428
Designer 3500 214
Programmer 5000 306
Photographer 4000 245
Carpenter 3500 214
Iron factor 3500 214
Sewing clothes 3500 214

Stages of purchasing a property in Turkey for foreigners

Turkey grants the holders of most nationalities the right to own real estate on its lands without preconditions or restrictions. Nationalities excluded from this right are the Syrian, Cuban, Cypriot, Armenian, and North Korean, and this comes for reasons return to old treaties or decisions.

However, citizens of these excluded countries can own properties if they obtain Turkish citizenship, or establish a Turkish company under their names, and own under the name of this company.

First: The stage of consulting and reviewing available real estate options before coming to Turkey

There are thousands of real estate complexes in Turkey with varying stages, advantages and finishes.  So, you should start by choosing a professional real estate company in Turkey and communicate with them over the phone to get real estate consultancy.

You have to answer your real estate consultant in Turkey the following questions, so that he can identify and seize the real estate options that meet your request. You will receive the suitable offers on WhatsApp, and that will save you effort and time. These questions are:

  1. What is the purpose of the purchase? Is the property for housing, investment, or for spending holidays? Or do you want to own property to obtain Turkish citizenship?
  2. The type of the property (apartment, villa, or commercial store.) How many bedrooms are required?
  3. Are there certain limits to the budget allocated to the property? Do you want to pay in installments or in cash? Are you interested in a specific city in Turkey? Or you have no problem with owning in any Turkish city?
  4. Are there special features that you aspire to have in the property? Like the sea view, proximity to transportation, or public service institutions?

In the title deed department

After preparing the required documents, an appointment should be taken from the website ​​which belongs to the Land Registry Department (real estate registry). The appointment is set according to precedence, by receiving a text message on the mobile phone including the date of the transaction.

The seller and the buyer, or their representatives by a legal power of attorney, should go to the title deed department at the appointed time, and the documents must be handed over to the responsible employee there. This employee will calculate the property transfer tax, which is estimated at about 4% of the property value agreed upon in the initial sale contract, and it should be paid in the title deed department, or in a governmental bank. The value of this tax is usually equally divided and paid by the seller and the buyer, sometimes, one of them pays it all according to the agreement in the purchase negotiations.

The four prohibitions when purchasing a property in Turkey

damasturk legal team ensures the safety of the property legally to guarantee the absence of any future problems. However, the most important points to beware of when purchasing a property are:

  1. Before purchasing, you must make sure that there are no reservation, mortgage, housing or construction violations on the property.
  2. Do not make any financial transfers related to the price of the property except for the account of the construction company mentioned in the contract.
  3. In the event of purchasing the property in installments, the initial sale contract must be documented with the notary, until the transfer of ownership and receipt of the title deed at the end of the installments.
  4. In the case of purchasing a property under construction, the construction company must be well-known and have untainted name in the Turkish real estate market, in addition to clear history in terms of delivery dates of its previous projects.

Second: The stage of field real estate tours in Turkey, to see the offers on the ground

After you arrive in Turkey, you will contact the real estate company consultant in order to arrange a field real estate tour for you so that you visit the projects that you have seen and picked previously. At this stage, the role of the professional real estate company should include and cover the following:

  1. Disclosure of the legal situation of the property in the title deed and Municipal Departments and making sure that the property is ready legally to be purchased.
  2. Inform you about the area surrounding the project with a detailed field tour.
  3. Present the real estate projects that are completely suitable for your request in that region.
  4. Negotiate the construction company (the seller), to get you the best price discount.

Thirdly: the stage of purchasing and formalizing contracts in Turkish relevant institutions

In the case of purchasing the property in one payment (cash)

After transferring the entire value of the property from your bank account inside or outside Turkey to the bank account of the seller, you can proceed with the transfer of ownership from the seller to you. This also can happen through a legal power of attorney to any person or entity you trust in the event that you are not in Turkey. The required documents for properties ownership in Turkey are:

  1. A valid passport, translated and notarized by the Turkish Notary.
  2. An official power of attorney for the person who will act on behalf of the buyer, in case he is not present.
  3. A tax number from any tax department in Turkey.
  4. An insurance against earthquakes and disasters.
  5. /3/ personal photos.

In the case of purchasing the property in installments (initial payment, and the rest in installments over several years)

This is often the case when purchasing in projects under construction, which are not yet completed. Here, the process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer is postponed until the full value of the property is paid. In such case, you can guarantee your right by concluding an initial sale contract with the construction company (the seller), and then registering and documenting this initial sale contract at the notary. By this, you can avoid any future problems, at a cost of 1% of the property value. Of course, you must commit to paying the monthly installments according to the agreement concluded with the seller, otherwise you will be subject to financial fines.

damasturk damasturk damasturk

Acquisition of
turkish citizenship
by investment

    The amendments of the Turkish citizenship law generally include special facilities for foreigners to obtain the Turkish citizenship. And according to the recent law, Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners in the following cases:

  • Purchase a property in Turkey with a value exceeding 250 thousand US dollars, instead of the previous value of 1 million US dollars, with a title deed restriction on its resale for at least 3 years.

  • Deposit of 500 thousand US dollars in the bank, instead of the previous value of 1 million US dollars stated in the previous law.

  • Invest in Turkey 500 thousand US dollars instead of the previous value of 2 million US dollars.

  • Offer job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens instead of 100 citizens.

  • Special offices, which are subject to the oversight of the committee made up of the concerned ministries, will process and follow up applications for citizenship.

Learn more about Turkish citizenship

FAQ About Ownership and living in Turkey

  • What is the average per capita income in Turkey?

    The Ministry of Labor of the Turkish government imposes a minimum wage for workers in Turkey, which increases annually according to the inflation rate in the country. This wage is 2825 Turkish liras for the year of 2021, equivalent to 330 US dollars. However, the average per capita income in Turkey varies a lot between one city and another, yet, it can be at any point between 500-600 US dollars.

  • What is the average expenditure for a family in Turkey consisting of 5 members?

    The typical family expenditure in Turkey varies according to the cities, as the cities of the Turkish East are characterized by very low prices due to the lack of job opportunities there, unlike the Turkish West cities which are high and rich in both prices and job opportunities.



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