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Shopping centers and malls in the Kağıthane district 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 645 Shopping centers and malls in the Kağıthane district 2022

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1 What are the main features of Sapphire Mall and where is it located?

Sapphire Mall is the first 261-meter-long skyscraper in Turkey, and it is located in Kağıthane, Istanbul. It can be seen from almost anywhere in Istanbul, as it is a massive building containing residential complex as well as a shopping and entertainment hub located between the Maslak and Levent areas, which is one of Istanbul's most significant financial areas. It has 66 floors, with 10 of them underground. It takes use of natural light while adhering to the companies' high-quality specialized shopping standards.

2 What is the most distinctive feature of Axis AVM Mall in Kağıthane?

The free transportation service for customers is one of the most important facets of this mall, which is available every day from 10:00 to 17:00. There are 110 stores and cinemas in the mall. On each floor, there are also prayer rooms for women and men, as well as indoor and outdoor parking, stroller service, child care space, and facilities for disabled guests.

3 What are the most important weekly popular bazaars in Kağıthane?

Monday bazaar in the Çeliktepe neighborhood - Saturday bazaar in the Hurriyat neighborhood - Friday bazaar in the Gültepe neighborhood - Sunday bazaar in the Yahya Kamal neighborhood - Friday bazaar in the Gültepe neighborhood.

Kağıthane, one of Istanbul's European-side regions, is steadily rising in the market of real estate investment in Istanbul, owing to the well-planned and impressive urban development that has taken place there since 2007. Kağıthane also benefits from a central position that provides quick access to Istanbul's different areas as well as the distinctive services it provides on all levels, including big shopping malls with a high degree of size and variety. All of this grabbed the attention of investors, who considered Kağıthane as one of the most attractive possibilities of investment in Istanbul.

The most prominent malls and shopping centers in Kağıthane

The Kağıthane district, which is just 3 kilometers from Istanbul's center, is highlighted by the existence of retail complexes that cater to all of the requirements of its residents, who number up to 442 thousand and 415 persons, according to the most recent data. Its proximity to Şişli, Beyoğlu, and Besiktas places Kağıthane close to these areas' popular shopping malls. The following are some of Kağıthane's most well-known malls and shopping centers:

1- Axis AVM in Kağıthane (Axis Alışveriş Merkezi)

axis-istanbul-avm | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

On Cendere Street, Hayat Holding and Sur Yap collaborated to build this mall. There are 110 stores and cinemas in the mall. There is also indoor and outdoor parking, a stroller service, a childcare area, disabled guest services on each floor, and women's and men's prayer rooms. Its free transportation service for clients is one of its most essential characteristics, which is available every day from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. The free customer service hours brochure is available in the information section. On the 570 square meter patio area in the fast-food sector of the shopping center's third level, smoking is permitted. The mall is open from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m. every day.

2- Istanbul Sapphire Mall in Kağıthane (Sapphire Çarşı Alışveriş Merkezi)

sapphire avm | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

After London's Shard Bridge, Istanbul Sapphire Mall is Europe's second highest skyscraper. It is located in Istanbul's Çeliktepe neighborhood in the Kağıthane district. With a height of 261 meters and a 30-meter antenna, it is the highest structure in Turkey that can be seen from almost anywhere in Istanbul. It is a large residential complex with a shopping and entertainment center positioned between the axis of Maslak and Levent, one of Istanbul's most significant financial hubs. Furthermore, the Measuring, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) is nearby.

The building has a total size of 165,169 square meters and 66 floors, 10 of which are subterranean. A public commercial mall, a residential tower, and a parking garage are all housed in this massive multipurpose structure. The vehicle park is on six subterranean floors, while the shopping mall is on four underground floors and the main floor. There are 14 elevators, 13 escalators, 8 high-speed escalators, and 8 horizontal walkways.

When viewed from the outside, the building narrows gradually towards the top. The building's roof is covered with glass that reaches down from the fourth floor.   The mall envisions the structure as one huge, multi-layered, movable environment, designed to the companies' specifications and high-quality shopping standards, that makes the most of natural light.

In the residential half of the building, there are 177 dwelling units with varied sizes ranging from 120 square meters to 1100 square meters. In the housing part, there are four residential sections and for every 3 floors there is a garden called Sky Garden. On the top level of the building, there is a 970 square meter co-recreation space with a 1,100 square meter golf course and a restaurant. There is also a public balcony at a height of 225 meters that is available to the public.

Small retail centers that specialize in certain items for sale

1- Arena Shopping Center (Arena Alişveriş Merkezi): It is a specialist glassware center located in the Seyrantepe neighborhood of Kağıthane.

2- Hotiç Store in Kağıthane (Hotiç Mağazası): Since 1938, it has sold high-quality shoes and leather bags and is well-known in the area. It can be found in Kağıthane's Merkez neighborhood.

Bazaars in Kağıthane

  • Monday Bazaar in the Çeliktepe neighborhood.
  • Saturday Bazaar in Hurriyat neighborhood.
  • Tuesday Bazaar in Şirintepe neighborhood.
  • Thursday Bazaar in Markaz neighborhood.
  • Friday Bazaar in Havuzla neighborhood.
  • Friday Bazaar in Gültepe neighborhood.
  • Saturday Bazaar in Çağlayan Dere neighborhood.
  • Sunday Bazaar in Yahya Kamal neighborhood.
  • Sunday Bazaar in Markaz neighborhood.
  • Sunday Bazaar in Aslan Ghazi neighborhood.


Sources: avmgezgini + alisverisrehberi
Editing: damasturk


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