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The latest home decors for 2022

05/09/2023 Home Design & Decoration 1099 The latest home decors for 2022

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Who does not want his home to be in the best style? Who does not want an elegant and comfortable interior home design? Of course, choosing the right decor for each house depends on the taste and budget of the owner, as it is a personality reflection of who lives in the house. In general, everyone is interested in choosing the latest and most comfortable and elegant decor designs. In fact, this tendency increased during the year 2021 due to the Coronavirus epidemic, which forced everyone to spend most of their time at home, the thing that increased the desire of most people to renew the decor of their homes and choose what increases their comfort when spending their time at home, as the home has become a place for work, education, and entertainment together. It is known that the world of home decor is very similar to the world of fashion; Every year there is something new or renewed to suit people's different tastes and tendencies.

Choosing the decor of apartments in Turkey and home furniture is one of the important points for the owners of real estates in Turkey, as home decor is an important aspect of the beauty of the real estate itself.

How to choose the right home decor?

When choosing the home decor, there must be a matchmaking between the wall color, furniture designs, carpets, curtains, and their colors. All of this is reflected in the lighting and radiance of the house. We also have to choose one style of decoration, if the furniture is modern, the curtains, the lighting, and the decoration should be modern as well. Of course, the size of the furniture should match the size of the apartment. To get the best decors, it is not important to have expensive furniture; simple and elegant designs can be implemented to reflect beauty and relaxation.

Home decor trends for 2022:

Trends of 2022 reflect human longing and craving to return to nature and simplicity, and that comes as a result of the influence of work pressure and the inescapable daily routine of life. Homes will turn into spaces where nature is present in all the details of the decor reflecting every sense of the words of comfort, peace, and relaxation. The tendency of people to return to the essence and calmness of the soul, in the light of the global epidemic crisis that appeared in the year 2020, determined the decoration trends in the year 2022. In short, home decorations for 2022 will bring nature into our homes, fulfilling our inclinations of the peace and simplicity of the place we live in.

Here in this essay, we will review the most important trends in home decors for the year 2022, which keep pace with the latest international fashion trends:

  • Lovers of simplicity and return to nature "Cottagecore": This means the art of creating spaces that combine natural and simple beauty with the luxury of traditional style. For example, you can achieve the Cottagecore with a balanced combination of elegant antique and sparkling gold accessories. Florals and oil colors are also characteristic of this trend. Natural linen, dentelle fabric, and hand-knitted covers heighten Cottagecore's aesthetic and create a homey picnic feel.
  • Tendency to rural life: This trend will be among the most popular home decor trends for 2022. Exposed crossbars, antique wood floors, and wall panels are among the defining details of the rustic decor. Here, wood is the basic material for a simple country-style decoration to give a natural look with no
  • Bringing nature home: Staying at home for so long during the COVID-19 crisis has made us understand better the value and the need of nature. The effect of the color green on our mental and physical health is well known. For this reason, we had to bring nature into our homes. Houseplants are more popular than ever.
  • Feng Shui Art: The art of feng shui is about harmony, balance, and energy. The house can be filled with vitality by utilizing the principles of feng shui when decorating, and that will create a bright and healthy environment in the house.
  • Light Wood Color: Scandinavian-inspired light-colored wood designs are among the home decor trends for 2022. With its raw color and simple beauty, light woods evoke 'nature.' Wood here is not only used as flooring, but also in walls, furniture and accessories.
  • Dark Green Walls: Nostalgia for green doesn't end this year! The plants scattered throughout the house are not enough, and the green color dominates the walls. These green walls do not only remind us of nature, but also add a strong and breathtaking atmosphere to our houses.
  • Colors of the ocean: Of course, nature is not only associated with green! Blue, the color of calm and comfort, is among the home decor trends for 2022. Ocean hues ranging from deep water to shallow water are the perfect trend to create homes filled with serenity.
  • Arts and crafts: This trend take the lead with the Cottagecore trend; It aims to reverse the harmful effects of machine-based production and increase the value and popularity of handmade decorative pieces and accessories.
  • The favorite color of 2022 is gray: Gray, chosen by the Pantone Color Institute, will dominate home decor this year. This color will give a wonderful harmony between technology, modern designs, and classic elegance.
  • Multifunctional spaces: This trend emerged from the Coronavirus crisis and its effects that imposed new methods in home design and decoration. Our homes have been transformed into workplaces, schools, recreational areas, and many other things. Therefore, it has become necessary for many people to create spaces that fulfill all these functions. Although this is easy for those with a spacious home, it requires creative solutions for small space. For example, you can divide your existing rooms with a wall or curtains. You also can turn your covered balcony into an office or a private entertainment room.
  • Modern sustainable designs: 2022 will mark the beginning of a new era in sustainable product development in design. Such as using eco-friendly bioplastics and furniture made from recyclable materials.

Types of decors of apartments in Turkey:

Home decors in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, are characterized by beauty, diversity, and keeping pace with the latest international decorating styles. This increases the desire of foreigners to invest in Turkey. You can see the classic, rustic, and modern style mixed with the charm of the handmade pieces of art that fill the old markets in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

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