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Universities and schools in Avcilar 2021

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 2450 Universities and schools in Avcilar 2021

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1 Which universities and international schools are the most significant in Avcilar?

Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University, one of Turkey's and the world's greatest and most powerful universities, Istanbul Gelişim University, Al-Nahda International Schools, and Al-Manar International Schools are among the most significant universities in Istanbul.

2 What is the importance of Avcilar area in real estate investment in Istanbul?

The municipality's provision of services at all levels has aided urban growth in the Avcilar district, in addition to supporting the Istanbul Water Canal project, which is one of the region's greatest and most important developments, having contributed to the region's contemporary urban revolution and attracting investors from all over the globe to Istanbul.

Avcilar is one of Istanbul's most attractive districts because of its urban charm and residential growth, its view of the Marmara Sea's coastlines, and its lovely temperate coastal climate, in addition to the extensive range of services offered by the government to its residents at the highest levels, including universities, schools, hospitals, gardens, parks, shopping malls, and tourist attractions. The services managed to provide a high level of life equivalent to that of European nations, which in turn contributed to make Avcilar the focus of attention for Arabs and foreigners, resulting in increased demand for real estate in Istanbul.


The most prominent universities in Avcilar:

In Avcilar, there are several universities and schools, both public and private, where you may study conveniently and without hassles, as well as many international schools that cater to foreign citizens and offer them high-quality educational possibilities.

The following are the most important of these universities:

1- Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University in Avcilar:

İstanbul Üniversitesi – Cerrahpaşa | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

This public university is regarded as one of Turkey's and the world's best and most powerful universities, and is also one of the oldest medical universities in the country, delivering high-quality education for bachelor's, master's, scientific research, and doctorate students, putting it in a position of prominence on a local and worldwide scale to become a destination for Arab and foreign international students. It was detached from Istanbul University in 2018, and its origins trace back to 1453 AD. This university has nine faculties, including the faculties of medicine, dentistry, engineering, forestry, veterinary medicine, education, health sciences, nursing, and sports sciences, as well as various institutes and higher schools. It also has 11 scientific research institutes and a student enrollment of 39,337 pupils. For all specialties, the university's major teaching languages are Turkish and English.

The main site of Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University is in Avcilar, on the European side of the city. The university has 12 campuses distributed around Istanbul, but the main campus is in Avcilar. Every year, this university welcomes a large number of Arab and international students, which has aided in the growth of real estate investment in Istanbul.


İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa Avcılar Yerleşkesi 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul

Tel: +90 (212) 404 03 00 Fax: +90 (212) 404 07 01


2- Istanbul Gelişim University in Avcilar:

Istanbul Gelişim University | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

This university began as a high school in 2008 when the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Ministers jointly launched it. And, pursuant to Law No. 6114 of February 17, 2011 AD, its name changed from the University of the World (Dünya Üniversitesi) to become "Istanbul Gelişim University," which increases year after year in bold leaps with the goal of becoming a university with a global voice. Around 31,000 local and foreign students attend Istanbul Gelişim University, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university has 57 undergraduate programs offered via four colleges, three postgraduate institutes, four two-year schools with various specialties, two vocational schools, 27 master's degree programs, and six doctorate programs. Every year, the university accepts a large number of Arab and international students at all levels.

In Istanbul's campus area, there is a massive research complex with more than 100 labs, 22 research institutes, and 63 student clubs where students may participate in social, cultural, scientific, and athletic activities.


Cihangir, Şehit Jandarma Komando, J. Kom. Er Hakan Öner Sk. No:1, 34310 Avcılar/İstanbul

Tel: (0212) 422 70 00


Turkish schools in Avcilar:

Avcilar has a large number of public schools, including six kindergartens, twenty primary schools, seventeen middle schools, and ten secondary schools, each with its own vocational and industrial specialties, in addition to the various Imam Hatip schools, and the schools for the deaf and dumb, the blind, and the mentally impaired. For international students, there is also an Imam Khatib school. What distinguishes these public schools is the high quality of education they deliver.


Private Turkish schools in Avcilar:

These schools are recognized by a high level of educational quality equivalent to that of developed nations, as evidenced by their use of current educational methods, techniques, and advanced technology, as well as the presence of a notable teaching staff, in addition to their low pricing. The most important of these schools are:


1- Avcılar Final Schools (Avcılar Final Okulları):

Address: Cihangir, Şehiter Barbaros Yalçın Sokağı No:3, 34315 Avcılar/İstanbul

Telephone: (0212) 882 45 45


2- Avcılar Okyanus College (Avcılar Okyanus Koleji):

Address: Ambarlı, No, Meşrutiyet Cd. No:70, 34310 Avcılar/İstanbul

Telephone: (0212) 422 80 83


Arab International Schools in Avcilar:

There are also a number of international Arab schools that give international educational options for visitors to Istanbul. We will highlight the following of them:


1- Al-Nahda International Schools in Avcilar:

It is an international school and one of the top schools in Istanbul, having departments for Arabic (Yemeni), English (American), and Turkish, and a license granted by the Turkish Ministry of National Education, the Yemeni Ministry of Education, and the American Accreditation Authority Cognia (Advanced). It teaches students at all levels, from nursery school to high school, and is distinguished by high-quality education and cutting-edge approaches, as it integrates education and technology to stay up with growth while providing a stimulating atmosphere for students.

The school features several clubs, including a robot club, a reading club, a club of arts, a science club, a handicrafts club, and other educational and entertaining clubs. There are also many halls, including a martial arts hall, a cinema hall designed to provide students with entertainment while learning, an indoor swimming pool, a special dining hall for students to ensure healthy meals under the supervision of their nannies, and an internal clinic equipped with all necessary supplies and supervised by a specialist doctor.

Address: Firuzköy nacip, fazıl Cd no 5, 34325 Avcılar/İstanbul

Telephone: 0552 471 47 47


2- Al-Manar International Schools in Avcilar:

Located in Avcilar, this school is a branch of the Al-Manar school network, which is based in Esenyurt, with the tagline "A new vision to build the future." The AIAA-accredited Al-Manar Avcilar International School was founded as a private academic institution that teaches the American curriculum. It also includes an integrated system overseen by professionals with worldwide competence to guarantee that kids receive an intellectual, cultural, and ethical education that corresponds to American educational standards while still preserving our Arab identity.

Address: Üniversite, Erguvan Sk. No:13, 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul


Telephone: +90 542 150 35 22 / +90 541 189 21 62\


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Editor: damasturk


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