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Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Apartments for sale in Türkiye

29/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 81 Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Apartments for sale in Türkiye

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  • Everyone is talking about the advantages and incentives related to investing in apartments for sale in Türkiye! But some did not address the negatives or disadvantages related to this either. Of course there are disadvantages, but they are not compared to the magnitude of the terrible advantages that Turkey, apartments, and investment in, certainly enjoy. 
  • Investing in apartments for sale in Turkey has had a large share over the past 12 years and continues to do so. During these years, many investors made double what they had invested in any previously purchased property, and this in itself is a certificate and an advantage to be taken for investing in apartments for sale in Turkey. Let us Now we learn about the most important ideas of the article with the Damas Turk Real Estate team, which are: 
  • Advantages of investing in apartments for sale in Türkiye 
  • Disadvantages of investing in apartments for sale in Türkiye 

Advantages of investing in apartments for sale in Türkiye

Apartment prices are reasonable compared to international markets  

  • Real estate in Turkey is characterized by its competitive and low prices compared to European markets, as it is cheaper by no less than 25%! This difference in prices makes Turkey an attractive destination for investors looking for real estate at reasonable prices while maintaining high quality and excellent specifications. In addition, Turkey excels with unique elements such as strategic locations and stunning views that may be impossible to find in some European countries or, if they exist, at high prices. very. 
  • Buying real estate in Turkey is not only limited to taking advantage of low prices compared to Europe, but also includes obtaining additional advantages such as sea views, high-end services within residential complexes, and proximity to vital city centers. These advantages make investing in Turkey achieve high and continuous returns, which confirms the... The success of these investments comes through real practical experiences with dear clients of Damas Turk Real Estate.  

The Turkish real estate market is profitable and has high returns 

  • The real estate sector in Turkey, especially in the city of Istanbul, is considered one of the most profitable sectors for investors. This fact is supported by international and local reports indicating that real estate prices in Turkey have witnessed the highest rate of increase in recent years, which indicates the great and distinctive investment opportunities that the country offers. 
  • The rise in real estate prices is an indicator of the economic growth and urban development that Turkey is witnessing, which makes investing in real estate in the country a very profitable investment. You and investors who choose Turkey for real estate investment achieve your goals by achieving certainly rewarding investment returns with Damas Turk Real Estate.  

Strong infrastructure and modern urban design

  • There is no doubt that you have seen the elegance of modern urban design in real estate projects in Turkey, and this represents a major attraction for you and investors alike. These projects, especially those located in the city of Istanbul, combine modernity and tradition, offering historical touches that reflect the beauty of the city and add exceptional value to the properties located there.  
  • Real estate projects come designed with advanced and renewed architectural styles, whether in terms of external or internal designs, and include the internal services of the projects provided. They are designed to suit the modern style of life, which makes them add an important additional value that is included in the sale price, and enhances the attractiveness of these apartments for those wishing to live in an environment Modern and luxurious, or invest and achieve profitable investment returns.  


Personal facilities and benefits for real estate investment in Türkiye  

  • The Turkish government offers a group of wonderful incentives to investors, especially in the real estate sector, to attract foreign capital and encourage them to invest in Turkey. One of the most prominent of these incentives is the program for obtaining Turkish citizenship, which foreign investors can benefit from when purchasing real estate worth up to 400 thousand US dollars. . 
  • In addition, the incentives include obtaining real estate residency in exchange for purchasing a property worth 200 thousand US dollars, and also include tax exemptions, and facilitations in the procedures for registering real estate and obtaining the necessary licenses. In general, the Turkish government seeks, through these policies, to create an attractive investment environment that contributes to the development of The real estate sector and attracting more foreign investments.  

High and sustainable investment value for apartments for sale in Türkiye  

  • Buying real estate in Turkey, especially apartments, is considered a high-value investment option. The reason for this is due to several important factors, the first of which is the strategic location that Turkey enjoys, the second of which is the strong Turkish economy, which is considered one of the strong and growing economies, and the third of which is political stability, which enhances investor confidence in the long term. the long.


Disadvantages of investing in apartments for sale in Türkiye 


Poor choice of real estate advisor  

  • Choosing a real estate consultant with limited experience is considered one of the main challenges that investors may face in the Turkish real estate market, because relying on inexperienced real estate consultants may result in making unsuccessful investment decisions! Which may lead to financial losses or failure to achieve the desired return on investment. Choose Damas Turk Real Estate Company, which offers you more than 11 years of experience in the Turkish real estate market.  

Some exploitative and misleading entities and people in the Turkish real estate market 

  • In the Turkish real estate market, the presence of exploiters and deceivers represents a great challenge for investors, especially for you and for foreigners who may not be sufficiently familiar with the details of the local market. These deceivers present themselves as real estate consultants, they can provide false information or offer properties at exaggerated prices, so it is very important to deal with them. With well-reputed and experienced real estate consultants in the Turkish market.  

Important and new challenges in the Turkish real estate market  

  • The most prominent of these challenges we have mentioned in previous articles, and we will mention them quickly in our current paragraph, so that they are clear to you when deciding to invest in apartments for sale in Turkey, and here are the most prominent of them: 
  • The current large disparity between supply and demand in the Turkish real estate market
  • An increase in the exchange rate of hard currencies against the Turkish lira
  • Inflation in Türkiye, which has begun to recover slightly
  • High interest rate at the central bank  
  • At the end of the article, we always remind you that our professional team provides you with a summary of its experience in the Turkish real estate market for more than ten years. We have successful plans for investing in Turkey, and we also offer you the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate, through knowledgeable Turkish consultants and lawyers. Legal affairs in Turkey broadly. 


  • Is it safe to invest in apartments for sale in Türkiye?
  • Yes...investing in apartments for sale in Turkey is considered quite safe, especially when dealing with real estate consultants with a good reputation and experience in the Turkish market. Turkey has an active, growing real estate market that offers attractive investment opportunities. However, as is the case in any investment, it is important Conduct careful research and analysis before making a purchasing decision. 
  • What are the basic steps to buy an apartment in Türkiye as a foreigner?
  • The basic steps include researching and learning about the Turkish real estate market, identifying the appropriate property, verifying the property and legal documents, signing the sales contract and paying the first payment, then completing the legal procedures and registering in the Land Registry Department “Title Deed”. It is very useful to cooperate with a reliable real estate consultant and lawyer to ensure Smooth operation.

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