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A Guide to the Regions of Istanbul

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Istanbul Neighborhoods guide - Find out more about Istanbul districts

The city of Istanbul in Turkey is one of the world's most popular tourist attractions. The contrast between the old Istanbul neighborhoods and their historical heritage and the contemporary, thriving economic areas of Istanbul districts is remarkable. Tourists can enjoy ancient sights as well as Turkey's largest city's busy nightlife and fashionable shopping. 

Moreover, Istanbul's excellent climate has made it a year-round attraction since the city is situated in western Turkey on the Bosphorus strait, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, as well as Europe and Asia. As a result, the climate of Istanbul may be classified as transitional Mediterranean; it has very chilly winters but generally possesses Mediterranean characteristics: autumn and winter are the rainiest seasons, while summer is bright and sunny.

Istanbul's Districts

List of districts of Istanbul

Istanbul Districts


Area (km²)

Europe (25 districts)


3,474.35 km²

Arnavutköy District


450.35 km²

Avcılar District


42.01 km²

Bağcılar District


22.36 km²

Bahçelievler District


16.62 km²

Bakırköy District


29.64 km²

Başakşehir District


104.30 km²

Bayrampaşa District


9.61 km²

Beşiktaş District


18.01 km²

Beylikdüzü District


37.78 km²

Beyoğlu District


8.91 km²

Büyükçekmece District


139.17 km²

Çatalca District


1.115.13 km²

Esenler District


18.43 km²

Esenyurt District


43.13 km²

Eyüp Sultan District


228.42 km²

Fatih District


15.59 km²

Gaziosmanpaşa District


11.76 km²

Güngören District


7.21 km²

Kağıthane District


14.87 km²

Küçükçekmece District


37.54 km²

Sarıyer District


175.39 km²

Silivri District


869.52 km²

Sultangazi District


36.30 km²

Şişli District


10.71 km²

Zeytinburnu District


11.59 km²

Asia (14 districts)


1,868.87 km²

Adalar District


11.05 km²

Ataşehir District


25.23 km²

Beykoz District


310.36 km²

Çekmeköy District


148.09 km²

Kadıköy District


25.09 km²

Kartal District


38.54 km²

Maltepe District


52.97 km²

Pendik District


179.99 km²

Sancaktepe District


62.42 km²

Sultanbeyli District


29.14 km²

Şile District


781.72 km²

Tuzla District


123.63 km²

Ümraniye District


45.31 km²

Üsküdar District


35.33 km²




Source (Macrotrends 2021-2022)

Districts of Istanbul 

Istanbul used to have 32 districts, but the city's growing population and need for contemporary amenities necessitated urban reorganization to accommodate adjustments, upkeep, and expansion for the future of these places. As a result of a new city planning arrangement in April 2008, Istanbul province was divided into 39 regions. Each of Istanbul's districts has its own local municipality, which is chosen by residents of the district's neighborhoods.

Furthermore, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) administers all districts, and the District Municipalities are responsible for coordinating and controlling activities, selecting solid waste disposal sites, constructing city roads, bridges, and funerary facilities, as well as operating a public transportation network.

All of Istanbul's amazing 39 districts are spread between the European and Asian (Anatolian) sides, resulting in a huge metropolis that is not only majestic but also enjoyable to explore. Each of Istanbul's districts has something unique to offer, whether it's a distinct neighborhood, superb shopping, a busy nightlife scene, or an ideal family area for real estate purchasers.

Istanbul is Turkey's most popular location for both Turks and international buyers, with thousands of apartments and villas sold each month. Real estate investors interested in following the progress of massive projects such as the second canal of Istanbul and the eventual completion of the new airport look to the city for long-term capital appreciation. Whether you're looking for an off-plan, key-ready, resale, apartment, villa, or commercial space, the market has lots of options.


The latest real estate projects in Istanbul


Starts from

$ 329.000

Starts from

$ 300.600
property for sale in Istanbul

The 25 districts of European side of Istanbul

Because it has historically been the hub of commerce, business, and industry, the European side is more populous than the Asian side. During both the Roman and Ottoman periods, Constantinople, or the territory within the walls, was the city's core.

It's seen as more "European" or "western." Given that the city core has always been on the European side and that the European colonies have always been on this side of Istanbul, it is accurate to describe the European side as more European or western in appearance.

This side of Istanbul hosts the Fatih district, which is now widely recognized as the essential must-see region in the city, as it coincides with historical Constantinople. The most popular tourist attractions in Fatih are the old Bayezid Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian or Spice Bazaar, and Sultanahmet.

Taksim Square and Istiklal Street, on the other hand, are well-known for being Istanbul's primary contemporary hubs, vibrant year-round with upscale shopping, restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs. Taksim is Turkey's most popular tourist spot, attracting millions of people each year.

In a nutshell, this side of Istanbul is the city's main tourist draw, particularly on both banks of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.

  • Arnavutköy District 

The Arnavutköy area is a town and rural area in Istanbul Province that means "Albanian village" in Turkish. It is a new district that encompasses 450.35 km² and was developed by combining the towns of Boğazköy, Bolluca, Taşoluk, Haraççı, Durusu, and Hadımköy that surround the town. As of December 31, 2021, the population of Arnavutköy was 312.02K, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census.

The east of Durusu Lake, the north of Küçükçekmece Lake, and the northeast of Büyükçekmece Lake compose this area, which stretches from the north to the Black Sea, a particularly attractive natural resort. The district of Arnavutköy also includes Istanbul Airport.

With its water potential, this region is one of the largest districts on the European side, surpassing several districts in Istanbul. Arnavutköy is a popular weekend destination in Istanbul, thanks to its open spaces, picnic grounds, large and small ponds, leisure zones, and woods. Arnavutköy is a gathering place for those who wish to get away from Istanbul's crowds and enjoy a more serene and peaceful city life.

In the Arnavutköy apartments for sale market, property prices rise by about 4.26 percent in the year. Foreign investors are drawn to the region due to its prominence in conjunction with the Istanbul Canal and the 3rd Airport. Delikli Kaya, Hicret, Taşoluk, Ömerli, and Hadımköy are the most valued neighborhoods in Arnavutköy for housing. Arnavutkoy consists of 32 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Arnavutköy 

Anadolu neighborhood

Arnavutköy İmrahor neighborhood

Arnavutköy İslambey neighborhood

Arnavutköy Merkez neighborhood

Arnavutköy Yavuzselim neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Bahşayış neighborhood

Boğazköy Atatürk neighborhood

Boğazköy İstiklal neighborhood

Boğazköy Merkez neighborhood

Bolluca neighborhood

Deliklikaya neighborhood

Dursunköy neighborhood

Durusu Cami neighborhood

Durusu Zafer neighborhood

Hastane neighborhood

İstasyon neighborhood

Sazlıbosna neighborhood

Nakkaş neighborhood

Karlıbayır neighborhood

Haraççı  neighborhood

Hicret  neighborhood

Mavigöl  neighborhood

Nenehatun  neighborhood

Ömerli  neighborhood

Taşoluk  neighborhood

Taşoluk Adnan Menderes  neighborhood

Taşoluk Çilingir  neighborhood

Taşoluk Fatih neighborhood

Taşoluk M. Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Taşoluk Mehmet Akif Ersoy  neighborhood

Yeşilbayır neighborhood

Arnavutköy Neighborhoods Schedule 

The most popular and sought-after neighborhoods in the Arnavutköy district for housing and living are as follows:

  • Delikli Kaya neighborhood
  • Hicret neighborhood
  • Taşoluk neighborhood
  • Ömerli neighborhood
  • Hadımköy neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the prices in the Arnavutköy district have risen by 4.26 percent since the start of 2022 due to the high demand for real estate there as a result of the appearance of various projects that boosted the value of the area and the desire for possession of real estate in the area, such as the new Istanbul airport and the new Istanbul Canal, which will have an influence not just locally in Turkey but also globally.

  • Avcılar District 

The lengthy shoreline of Avcılar, which is located 27 kilometers from Istanbul's center, draws the attention of Turkey real estate investors and buyers. The Avcılar area was able to flourish socioeconomically thanks to a number of educational institutes and universities in the area, in addition to Istanbul University.

Avcılar is made up of 10 neighborhoods. It is one of Istanbul's most popular real estate investment regions, with Cihangir and Denizköşkler districts appearing to shine out in terms of location and value, especially in the center.

There are about a hundred hotels, motels, and pensions in Avcılar. Bathonea Antique Harbor City, the Atatürk and Haluk Perk Museums, the Seashore Park, and Marmara Street are just a few of the district's many attractions.

The TEM and E5 motorways cross through this region, making transportation relatively convenient. Although there are frequent bus services from all parts of Istanbul, the Metro bus is the most efficient and fastest way to get to the area. Avcılar, which is accessible by both land and water, is in a convenient location for Istanbul Fast Ferries.

Avcılar is known for its industrial businesses and educational prospects. Homes for sale in Turkey, Avcılar are available for practically any budget. Prices are determined by proximity to educational institutions, hospitals, and transportation amenities.

In terms of investment, Avcılar is a particularly lucrative region. Istanbul University's Avcılar Campus is located in the city center. For this reason, employees and students at the institution prefer to live in Avcılar. Avcılar district consists of 10 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Avcılar

Ambarlı  neighborhood

Cihangir  neighborhood

Denizköşkler neighborhood

Firuzköy neighborhood

Gümüşpala neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Mustafa KemalPaşa neighborhood

Tahtakale neighborhood

Üniversite neighborhood

Yeşilkent neighborhood

Avcılar Neighborhoods Schedule

The most desirable neighborhoods in the Avcilar area for housing and living are:

  • Denizköşkler neighborhood
  • Merkez neighborhood
  • Cihangir neighborhood
  • Tahtakale neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Avcilar area is a popular site and a favorite spot to buy real estate, particularly for the Iraqi community, which has purchased a huge number of properties in the area, and the reason for this is the urban renewal that has occurred as a result of real estate renovations undertaken by the municipality of Avcilar as part of a rehabilitation plan.

  • Bağcılar District 

The Bağcılar area lies on Istanbul's European side, between the E-5 and the TEM Highway. It is surrounded by the districts of Bahçelievler, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Güngören, and Esenler. The district spans 22 square kilometers. 

In this landlocked area, the textile industry is the main driving force. Bağcılar is currently a significant commercial and industrial hub. In this region, manufacturing factories, trade stores, and commerce centers such as İSTOÇ and AUTO-CENTER may be found, particularly housing significant industries such as fabric, foodstuffs, metals, and press.

Bağcılar is Istanbul's fastest-growing society and most populous area. As of 31 December 2021, the population was 744.35K, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census. Bağcılar has 145,000 pupils, accounting for one-fifth of the district's population.

With the growth of premium projects in the region, Bağcılar's real estate investment prospects are growing as it becomes a vital commercial hub.

When it comes to public transit, Bağcılar is one of Istanbul's most developed regions. The M1B metro line connects it to Yenikapı. Furthermore, the T1 tram line runs from Bağcılar to Kabataş. Aside from these, the district includes a number of bus routes.

15 Temmuz (July 15), Yenimahalle, Yıldıztepe, Kirazlı, and the center are the most prominent neighborhoods in this district.

Real estate prices in Bağcılar's property market, where the depreciation period is estimated at 18 years, are believed to be more acceptable than in other European areas. Bağcılar district consists of 22 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Bağcılar 

Bağlar neighborhood

Barbaros neighborhood

Çınar neighborhood

Demirkapı neighborhood

Evren neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Göztepe neighborhood

Güneşli neighborhood

Hürriyet neighborhood

İnönü neighborhood

Kâzım Karabekir neighborhood

Kemalpaşa neighborhood

Kirazlı neighborhood

Mahmutbey neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Sancaktepe neighborhood

Yavuz Selim neighborhood

Yenigün neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Yıldıztepe neighborhood

Yüzyıl neighborhood

Bağcılar Neighborhoods Schedule

The most desirable neighborhoods in Bağcılar area for housing and living include:

  • Güneşli neighborhood
  • Merkez neighborhood
  • Yenimahalle neighborhood
  • Yıldıztepe neighborhood
  • Yıldıztepe neighborhood 

In terms of real estate, the Bağcılar is regarded as the best location for long-term investment, owing to the presence of the most opulent investment projects in the area, particularly the Basin Express Street in Bağcılar, which provides excellent value, connecting the new Istanbul Airport to Ataturk Airport.

  • Bahçelievler District

The Bahçelievler area is situated at the crossroads of key areas such as Bakırköy, Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece, and Güngören. Bahçelievler is one of Istanbul's most well-connected neighborhoods, and as a result, it is a popular choice for many investors.

Throughout the year, university campuses, elementary and secondary schools, hospitals, and cultural institutions provide high-quality services.

By metro or metro bus, you can easily visit various sites on both the European and Anatolian sides from Bahçelievler, which has a total area of 16.7 km2. Bahçelievler is 40 km from Istanbul Airport and 57 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Bahçelievler may be reached by bus, minibus, dolmuş (shared taxi), vehicle, or municipal rail, largely from the E5 motorway. Travel time from the large hubs in Eminönü and Mecidiyeköy to the Söğütlüçeşme Metrobüs hub in Kadıköy varies by hour, but it has been significantly reduced since the establishment of dedicated Metro bus lanes; average timings from the big hubs in Eminönü and Mecidiyeköy are 35–15 minutes, respectively, and less than an hour to the Söğütlüçeşme.

The real estate industry is viewed as a key investment gate in the area, whose population is growing on a daily basis as a result of its modern amenities. The housing market in Bahçelievler increase by about 1.98% in the year. For housing, the most desirable neighborhoods in the Bahçelievler district were Yenibosna, Çobançeşme, Kocasinan, Fevzi Çakmak, and Cumhuriyet. The average size of a residential property for sale in Istanbul's Bahçelievler is 105 square metersBahçelievler district consists of 11 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Bahçelievler 

Bahçelievler neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çobançeşme neighborhood

Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Hürriyet neighborhood

Kocasinan neighborhood

Siyavuşpaşa neighborhood

Soğanlı neighborhood

Şirinevler neighborhood

Yenibosna neighborhood

Zafer neighborhood

Bahçelievler Neighborhoods Schedule

The most attractive neighborhoods for housing and living, which are also among the most chosen neighborhoods in the Bahçelievler area, are as follows:

  • Şirinevler neighborhood
  • Soğanlı neighborhood
  • Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood
  • Bahçelievler neighborhood
  • Cumhuriyet neighborhood

In terms of real estate, The Bahçelievler is regarded as a residential area rather than an investment location, and this is made abundantly obvious by the region's recent major population growth, rising property values, and abundance of lovely and sizable projects.

  • Bakırköy District 

The Bakırköy area was established as a summer resort by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine. Despite the fact that Bakırköy has served this purpose for many years, it is today considered a district of downtown Istanbul. 

Bakırköy is becoming one of Istanbul's most affluent neighborhoods. Due to extensive transportation networks and commercial prospects, Bakırköy is Turkey's most populated district. As of 31 December 2021, the population was 228.76K, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census. Thanks to its proximity to Bakırköy city center and the plethora of branded housing complexes, Bakırköy is a wonderful spot to invest in Turkey.

With Florya, Yeşilköy, Yeşilyurt, and Ataköy beaches, seaside cafés, and promenades, Bakırköy is one of Istanbul's most prominent summer resorts and entertainment destinations. The easy access and strategic position make Bakırköy a good investment choice. The sea bus dock on the Bakırköy coast makes it simple to get to Yenikapı, Kadıköy, and Bostanci, in short, the Asian side. Furthermore, the metro and metro bus lines allow access to the majority of Istanbul.

Veliefendi Race Course, Turkey's largest and oldest modern horse-racing track (excluding historical hippodromes in Turkey), was built in 1913 and is located close by.

The cost of housing in this location rises in proportion to the population density. Sakızağacı, Ataköy, Yeşilköy, and Ataköy are the most desirable areas to buy apartment in Istanbul's Bakırköy district. The average size of a property for sale in Bakırköy is 130 square metersBakırköy district consists of 12 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Bakırköy 

Atakoy neighborhood 

  • Ataköy 1.kısım
  • Ataköy 2-5-6.kısım
  • Ataköy 3-4-11. kısım
  • Ataköy 7-8-9-10. kısım

Basınköy neighborhood

Cevizlik neighborhood

Kartaltepe neighborhood

Osmaniye neighborhood

Sakızağacı neighborhood

Şenlikköy neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Yeşilköy neighborhood

Yeşilyurt neighborhood

Zeytinlik neighborhood

Zuhuratbaba neighborhood

Bakırköy Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most preferred and desired neighborhoods in the Bakırköy district for housing and living:

  • Ataköy neighborhood
  • Yeşilyurt neighborhood
  • Yeşilköy neighborhood
  • Yenimahalle neighborhood
  • Cevizlik neighborhood

When it comes to real estate, the Bakırköy region of Istanbul is regarded as a residential and investment location with a higher proportion than other parts of the city. Real estate in the Bakırköy district is marked by excellent investment returns of more than 35% when resold, and it is rich in luxurious developments and projects overlooking the Marmara Sea and a marina located in the area.

  • Başakşehir District 

Başakşehir area, which has a population of 503.24K and covers an area of roughly 104.30 km², is divided into 3 main areas and 10 neighborhoods.

With its contemporary urbanism and knowing what improves the value of the real estate sector, Başakşehir employs the most recent technology in all of its services, particularly health, education, public services, and security.

Forests occupy the district's northern half, while steppes and shrubs make up the remainder of the vegetation. The district's social life revolves around the Water Valley and the Nature Park, with an area of 26,000 m2 forming Turkey's largest manmade lake. Başakşehir Botanical Park, at 360 acres, is Europe's largest green space.

Aside from that, the Atatürk Olympic Stadium and the Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium are the new district's main attractions. The region's worth is enhanced by its closeness to the third airport, three bridge-linked highways, and metro developments.

Başakşehir also hosts major historical buildings, including Yarımburgaz Cave, Şamlar embankment, a gunpowder plant, and Resneli Farm, despite the lack of a shoreline.

Europe's largest city hospital is located in Başakşehir. Başakşehir also promotes its cultural, entertainment, and shopping malls, such as the Istanbul Mall, which has been named the "Best Shopping Center in the World" and attracts 25 million visitors each year.

The distance between Başakşehir and Istanbul International Airport is 27 kilometers. It is 25 kilometers from Istanbul's centre. It is close to major access routes like the TEM and E5, and it is linked to other regions by a light rail systemBaşakşehir district consists of 8 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Başakşehir 

Altınşehir neighborhood

Bahçeşehir neighborhood

  • Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım
  • Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım

Başak neighborhood

Başakşehir neighborhood

Güvercintepe neighborhood

Kayabaşı neighborhood

Şahintepe neighborhood

Ziya Gökalp neighborhood

Başakşehir Neighborhoods Schedule

The following areas in the Başakşehir region are the most popular for housing and residing: 

  • Ziya Gökalp neighborhood
  • Başakşehir neighborhood
  • Bahçeşehir neighborhood
  • Kayabaşı neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Başakşehir is a very upscale region that is very appealing to Arab communities in particular for a number of reasons, including the fact that all of its buildings are brand-new and distinctive, have a substantial number of services and recreational amenities, and are particularly appreciated by Arabs for their wide vistas and sizable apartment spaces.

  • Bayrampaşa District 

The Bayrampaşa area has 11 neighborhoods with a population of over 274.89K people and an area of about 9.61 km².

Bayrampaşa is rich in historical treasures, and its industry has covered domains like spare parts, vehicle repair, mold building, electrical electronic components and hardware tool manufacturing, plastic casting, cold iron processing, and textiles. Bayrampaşa has no agricultural land.

The region of Bayrampaşa was once known for its artichokes, but now that the region no longer produces them, the name has been given to a kind of artichoke in Turkey. An enormous statue of an artichoke, which has become a symbol of the region, stands in the center of Bayrampaşa.

However, the Big Istanbul Bus Station, Istanbul's largest transit hub, is located in Bayrampaşa.

The economy in Bayrampaşa is built on commerce, and industrial output has advanced significantly. This district's real estate demand is expanding year after year. As a result, Bayrampaşa is regarded as one of the most promising investment destinations to buy property in Turkey.

As of the end of 2020, Kocatepe, Muratpaşa, Cevatpaşa, and Yıldırım were the most valued neighborhoods for housing in the Bayrampaşa district. The average size of a residential property for sale here is 100 square meters.

The migratory surge that began in Bulgaria was essential in the development of Bayrampaşa's socio-cultural infrastructure. Bayrampaşa is one of Istanbul's most livable districts, thanks to the dedication of Balkan immigrants and the importance they place on family relationshipsBayrampaşa district consists of 11 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Bayrampaşa 

Altıntepsi neighborhood

Cevatpaşa neighborhood

İsmetpaşa neighborhood

Kartaltepe neighborhood

Kocatepe neighborhood

Muratpaşa neighborhood

Orta neighborhood

Terazidere neighborhood

Vatan neighborhood

Yenidoğan neighborhood


Bayrampaşa Neighborhoods Schedule

The most popular and well-liked locations for housing and living in the Bayrampaşa district are as follows:

  • İsmetpaşa neighborhood
  • Terazidere neighborhood
  • Yenidoğan neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Bayrampaşa is close to the most significant sites that tourists enjoy and live in, such as the ancient Al-Fateh neighborhood and the coastline Zeytinburnu district, and it is situated in a highly central part of Istanbul where many significant and residential projects are heavily concentrated.

  • Beşiktaş District 

The district's banner is the old fish market, which is positioned in the heart of a labyrinth surrounded by small alleyways. Its magnificent palaces, mosques, and the 19th-century Naval Museum overlook the Bosphorus right from the shore. Beşiktaş Bazaar and Beşiktaş Square are the district's core. Cafes, bars, restaurants, and breakfast places are lined up side by side in its bustling streets where the shutters never close.

Beşiktaş area stretches from the Bosphorus coast to the hills, and it stands out for its activities, nightlife, commercial complexes, historical sites, and football team. The area is Istanbul's cultural, artistic, and educational hub. At the same time, the neighborhoods of Ortaköy, Arnavutköy, Kuruçeşme, Etiler, and Bebek are regarded as the most lucrative investment locations on the Bosphorus.

Furthermore, Nişantaşı is a district that encompasses a huge territory. It has attractions including Levent, Etiler, Bebek, Kuruçeşme, Ortaköy, Yıldız, and Ulus where nonstop action can be experienced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Beşiktaş attracts people of all ages as well as investors as it houses commercial centers, Akmerkez, and extraordinary shopping complexes. 

Beşiktaş area has different means of transportation, including the metro, the metro bus, minibusses, ferries, and sea taxis.

To summarize, Beşiktaş is a district that is highly convenient for people of various cultures to live in; it is a very appealing district in terms of investmentBeşiktaş district consists of 23 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Beşiktaş 

Abbasağa neighborhood

Akatlar neighborhood

Arnavutköy neighborhood

Balmumcu neighborhood

Bebek neighborhood

Cihannüma neighborhood

Dikilitaş neighborhood

Etiler neighborhood

Gayrettepe neighborhood

Konaklar neighborhood

Kuruçeşme neighborhood

Kültür neighborhood

Levazım neighborhood

Levent neighborhood

Mecidiye neighborhood

Muradiye neighborhood

Nisbetiye neighborhood

Ortaköy neighborhood

Sinanpaşa neighborhood

Türkali neighborhood

Ulus neighborhood

Vişnezade neighborhood

Yıldız neighborhood

Beşiktaş Neighborhoods Schedule

The most valued neighborhoods for housing and living, which are also among the most chosen neighborhoods in the Beşiktaş district, are as follows:

  •  Ortaköy neighborhood
  • Muradiye neighborhood
  • Bebek neighborhood
  • Cihannüma neighborhood
  • Yıldız neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Beşiktaş is a highly significant and key tourist region in Istanbul, where there are several significant commercial and residential projects in an average sense, and it is closer to being a tourist spot than to being an investment location. However, the area hosts many historical projects of great value, in addition to small villas overlooking the Bosphorus.

  • Beylikdüzü District 

This district is 150 meters above sea level, and it includes a 12.4-kilometer-long fun beach. Beylikdüzü draws investors with its expanding infrastructure and facilities. Beylikdüzü area, a rising value with sea goods, is expected to be the heart of commerce in Turkey's largest fish market, with Turkey's largest container port and with unique benefits for residents and enterprises. Furthermore, the West Istanbul Marina, an international marina with good standards, is also located in Beylikdüzü. 

Beylikdüzü district also emphasizes Istanbul's transit benefits. The Beylikdüzü-Bakırköy Metro, which will be connected to the whole transportation network, is expected to boost the region's real estate market. The expansion of the metro bus line to Beylikdüzü has made it easier to get around the district. The district of Beylikdüzü is accessible 24 hours a day by metro bus because of its location on the E-5 expressway.

Over and above, Beylikdüzü features a variety of shopping options to choose from, including Beylicium, Marmara Park, and Torium.

Every year, Peace and Love Meetings and an International Sculpture Festival are conducted here, in addition to the International Folk Dance Festival and Classical Music Festival. Moreover, the traditional Beylikdüzü Fish Festival and the Beach Festival are annually celebrated on the Gürpınar beach.

Due to its high potential, the region attracts the attention of investors. According to statistics, house prices in Beylikdüzü increased by 66 percent on average over the previous three years. Beylikdüzü district consists of 10 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Beylikdüzü 

Adnan Kahveci neighborhood

Barış neighborhood

Büyükşehir neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Dereağzı neighborhood

Gürpınar neighborhood

Kavaklı neighborhood

Marmara neighborhood

Sahil neighborhood

Yakuplu neighborhood

Beylikdüzü Neighborhoods Schedule

In Beylikdüzü, the most desirable and preferred areas for housing and living are:

  • Adnan Kahveci neighborhood
  • Cumhuriyet neighborhood
  • Gürpınar neighborhood
  • Marmara neighborhood
  • Kavaklı neighborhood
  • Yakuplu neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Beylikdüzü is regarded as a unique location for family living due to the real estate developments there that heavily emphasize the family character. This is apparent in the vast apartment spaces as well as the facilities and recreational activities that highlight the buildings' family-friendly vibe. The majority of the properties in Beylikdüzü enjoy stunning views of the Sea of Marmara and are reasonably priced.

  • Beyoğlu District 

Beyoğlu area, which covers 8.91 km² and has a population of 233.32K people, is a community made up of 45 neighborhoods. Due to its being a commercial, leisure, and cultural hub, the population of this district during the daytime and nighttime exceeds a million people. 

Beyoğlu district  is remarkable for its architectural features, historical significance, and natural splendor. There are several attractions to see and experience in this area, and you may need to stay for a few days to see them all. 

The social amenities, which host a variety of cultural events, make Beyoğlu a cultural and artistic hub. Today, this area is one of Istanbul's most vibrant and popular spots, with luxury hotels, theaters, cinemas, schools, consulates, international cultural organizations, and art galleries. 

Beyoğlu is home to the Galata Tower, Taksim Square, and many other tourist attractions, in addition to Istiklal Street and its neighboring streets, which are considered the heart of Istanbul.

Furthermore, Beyoğlu is one of the most popular areas nowadays in terms of housing, and the real estate prices vary depending on size and location. House prices for sale in the real estate market in this area rise by up to 1.2 percent per year, with an amortization time of 12 years. The most valuable housing neighborhoods in Beyoğlu are Kılıçali Paşa, İstiklal, Müeyyedzade, Ömer Avni, and Kalyoncu Kulluğu.100 square meters is the typical size of residential properties in this areaBeyoğlu district consists of 46 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Beyoğlu 

Arapcami neighborhood

Asmalımescit neighborhood

Bedrettin neighborhood

Bereketzade neighborhood

Bostan neighborhood

Bülbül neighborhood

Camiikebir neighborhood

Cihangir neighborhood

Çatmamescit neighborhood

Çukur neighborhood

Emekyemez neighborhood

Evliya Çelebi neighborhood

Fetihtepe neighborhood

Firuzağa neighborhood

Gümüşsuyu neighborhood

Hacıahmet neighborhood

Hacımimi neighborhood

Halıcıoğlu neighborhood

Hüseyinağa neighborhood

İstiklal neighborhood

Kadı Mehmet Efendi neighborhood

Karakoy neighborhood

Kamerhatun neighborhood

Kalyoncukulluğu neighborhood

Kaptanpaşa neighborhood

Katip Mustafa Çelebi neighborhood

Keçecipiri neighborhood

Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Paşa neighborhood

Kılıçalipaşa neighborhood

Kocatepe neighborhood

Kulaksız neighborhood

Kuloğlu neighborhood

Küçükpiyale neighborhood

Müeyyetzade neighborhood

Ömeravni neighborhood

Örnektepe neighborhood

Piripaşa neighborhood

Piyalepaşa neighborhood

Pürtelaş neighborhood

Sururi neighborhood

Sütlüce neighborhood

Şahkulu neighborhood

Şehit Muhtar neighborhood

Tomtom neighborhood

Yahya Kahya neighborhood


Beyoğlu Neighborhoods Schedule

For housing and living in Beyoğlu, the most valuable and popular neighborhoods are:

  • Piyalepaşa neighborhood
  • Piripaşa neighborhood
  • Kocatepe neighborhood
  • Halıcıoğlu neighborhood
  • İstiklal neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Beyoğlu region is regarded as a notable location for real estate investment and generates excellent investment returns due to the presence of luxury hotels in the area and the large turnout of affluent tourists, which increases the possibility of renting these apartments out on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, properties in this area have historical importance because they are located in a very old location.

  • Büyükçekmece District

Istanbul residents who have no time to travel on holiday have traditionally had the first option of the beaches of Büyükçekmece and Kumburgaz, which are on their way to becoming Istanbul's Bodrum, as their holiday destination. The region, which boasts a 25-kilometer-long, exceptionally, regular, and gorgeous shoreline, is made up of 24 communities.

With its hotels, motels, flats, and penthouses, the Kumburgaz neighborhood has lodging alternatives to suit every budget. Kumburgaz is 45 km from Istanbul and 12 km from the centre of Büyükçekmece. Another site worth exploring is the 5-kilometer-long promenade of Büyükçekmece, a contemporary seaside hamlet on the European side. Many cafés, restaurants, pubs, tea gardens, and beaches can be found in Büyükçekmece, which is especially busy in the summer. Büyükçekmece is 10 kilometers away from private Hezarfen Airport, 42 kilometers from Istanbul International Airport, and 78 kilometers away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. 

You can rapidly access several parts of Istanbul, including the Asian side, thanks to metro-bus lines near the area. In addition to water transportation, notably during the summer months, visits to tourist locations like Bursa, Erdek, Mudanya, and Avşa are planned by sea buses.

In the last ten years, approximately 250,000 apartments have been built in Büyükçekmece. During this time, 20 retail malls opened their doors. The Büyükçekmece area is Turkey's fastest-growing economic zone, and it is where the majority of investments in housing, shopping centers, and the industrial sector are constructedBüyükçekmece district consists of 23 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Büyükçekmece 

19 Mayıs neighborhood

Ahmediye neighborhood

Alkent neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Bahçelievler neighborhood

Batıköy neighborhood

Celaliye neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çakmaklı neighborhood

Dizdariye neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Güzelce neighborhood

Hürriyet neighborhood

Kamiloba neighborhood

Karaağaç neighborhood

Kumburgaz Merkez neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Muratbey neighborhood

Muratçeşme neighborhood

Pınartepe neighborhood

Türkoba neighborhood

Ulus neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Büyükçekmece Neighborhoods Schedule

The most desirable and popular neighborhoods for housing and living in the Büyükçekmece area are:

  • Mimar Sinan neighborhood
  • 19 Mayıs neighborhood
  • Ahmediye neighborhood
  • Alkent neighborhood
  • Cumhuriyet neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Büyükçekmece is a wonderful location for summer and has upscale homes and properties that are furnished for comfort and peace. Everyone who wishes to escape the noise and pollution of the city travels to this region, where land and villas are in abundance. Prices in the region are affordable and rational, where many luxurious projects are simultaneously developed on the lake and the sea.

  • Çatalca District 

This 1.115.13 km² area district borders both the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. Forests cover the majority of the land, and the beach stretches for 135 kilometers. Almost every hamlet has a picnic spot with up to 500-year-old trees. Çatalca, however, is 55 kilometers away from the city's center, and it is considered Istanbul's most populous district.

Agriculture, textile livestock, and manufacturing are the foundations of the district's economy. Sunflower, a commercial plant, is one of the most widely grown crops in agricultural areas. Apart from them, significant items include barley, melon, watermelon, and different vegetables. Istanbul gets its water from Çatalca's main resources, including Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere Dam. 

Çatalca area may be reached by automobile through the E-5 and TEM highways, or by sea. To get to Çatalca, it is possible to take the Eminönü-Büyükçekmece quick boat to Büyükçekmece and then drive 17 kilometers.

Çatalca is currently preparing to build a reputation for itself through branded housing developments and investment possibilities. In terms of house prices for sale, the property market in Çatalca leaps up by about 5.05% in the year. The properties in the Çatalca district have a 26-year depreciation period. The average size of residential property available for sale is 120 square meters. The most valuable districts for housing in Istanbul's Çatalca district include Kaleiçi, Ferhatpaşa, Çakıl, İzzettin, and Ovayenice. Çatalca district consists of 9 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Çatalca 

Binkılıç neighborhood

Çakıl neighborhood

Çiftlikköy neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Ferhatpaşa neighborhood

İzettin neighborhood

Kaleiçi neighborhood

Karacaköy neighborhood

Ovayenice neighborhood

Çatalca Neighborhoods Schedule

In terms of the most sought-after and favored neighborhoods in the Çatalca region for housing and living, the following are the most preferable options:

  • Fatih neighborhood
  • Ovayenice neighborhood
  • İzettin neighborhood
  • Kaleiçi neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Çatalca district is well-known for being an excellent location for purchasing agricultural lands, building plots, and luxury residences in Istanbul. Purchasing residential land and erecting villas or other residential structures in this area is regarded as the best investment since it shortens the time of recycling capital swiftly, leading to good and high investment returns.

  • Esenler District

Esenler area, Istanbul's 33rd district, is the 11th district in terms of geographical extent and the 12th district in terms of population in Istanbul. According to the most recent data, it has a total population of 447.12K people.

The Esenler district is made up of 18 different neighborhoods, with a total area of 18.43 km². This area has a deep aroma of history; Fountains, aqueducts, and mosques from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods are examples of historical constructions that have survived to the present day. In addition, the Atışalan Aqueduct, Hünkar Summer Palace, and Davutpaşa Barracks are also notable tourist attractions that highlight the region's yore.

Following the rebuilding permission, developing metro lines, and a renovated intercity bus station, luxury housing complexes have been completed, transforming the landscape of this district. While the vibrancy of the region's real estate developments energizes the market, Esenler real estate prices keep rising. Within the framework of the urban transformation project, 56.000 out of 96,100 dwellings have been changed! Each year, Esenler's housing prices rise by about 2.02 percent. 

The Esenler district's average depreciation period is determined to be 19 years. The average size of a residential property for sale is 100 square meters in Esenler. The most valuable neighborhoods for homes in this area are Turgut Reis, Kemer, Birlik, Menderes, and Fevzi ÇakmakEsenler district consists of 16 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Esenler 

Birlik neighborhood

Çiftehavuzlar neighborhood

Davutpaşa neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Havaalanı neighborhood

Kâzım Karabekir neighborhood

Kemer neighborhood

Menderes neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Namık Kemal neighborhood

Nenehatun neighborhood

Oruçreis neighborhood

Tuna neighborhood

Turgutreis neighborhood

Yavuz Selim neighborhood

Esenler Neighborhoods Schedule

The Esenler region's most desirable and preferred neighborhoods for housing and living are:

  • Menderes neighborhood
  • Namık Kemal neighborhood
  • Yavuz Selim neighborhood
  • Davutpaşa neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Esenler region is regarded as a wonderful location for purchasing apartments for families in particular, and the reason for this is the residential character that predominates the projects in the area, as well as the fact that it is highly vibrant owing to the presence of the renowned Esenler Square and Bolivar Street, which contain many local and worldwide companies. Furthermore, real estate costs in the Esenler area are reasonable and very inexpensive.

  • Esenyurt District 

In terms of population, the Esenyurt area is Turkey's and Istanbul's biggest district. Esenyurt, which covers an area of 57 square kilometers, is divided into 43 neighborhoods. 

The district's Atatürk neighborhood and Saadetdere Thermal Facilities are among the locations to visit in this region, which is rich in thermal water resources. Healing water is now available in a huge metropolis like Istanbul, which is a wonderful accomplishment. Esenyurt is mineral-rich, resulting in Turkey's finest grade of geothermal water derived from water.

Esenyurt district is home to 9 major shopping malls, 2 huge parks, a university, 14 major health facilities, and over a hundred health clinics. This region is home to the Pelit Chocolate Museum, the world's first chocolate museum. In spite of the paucity of green space that drives people to shopping malls, district residents may go to the Küçükçekmece and Büyükçekmece lakes.

The area is easily accessible by the E-5 Highway and the TEM Highway, as well as the toll booths at Avcılar, Esenyurt, and Hadımköy. The demand on the region is likely to rise further as a result of the 16-kilometer-long Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt metro line.

Esenyurt has become one of the city's most important investment zones, particularly with its more inexpensive housing construction. Furthermore, with the newly completed metro project, it is expected that investments in Turkey property in the region will expand more and moreEsenyurt district consists of 20 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Esenyurt 

Ardıçlı Evler neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çakmaklı neighborhood

Esenkent neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Güzelyurt (Haramidere) neighborhood

İncirtepe neighborhood

İnönü neighborhood

İstiklal neighborhood

Mehterçeşme neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Namik Kemal neighborhood

Örnek neighborhood

Pınar neighborhood

Saadetdere neighborhood

Sanayii neighborhood

Talatpasa neighborhood

Yenikent neighborhood

Yeşilkent neighborhood

Esenyurt Neighborhoods Schedule

The most significant and appealing neighborhoods for housing and living in the Esenyurt area are:

  • Cumhuriyet neighborhood
  • Haramidere neighborhood
  • Güzelyurt neighborhood
  • İnönü neighborhood
  • Saadetdere neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Esenyurt is a prestigious location to purchase residential and investment apartments given the significant urban revival that the area experienced. In just seven years, Esenyurt became one of the first neighborhoods in Istanbul where foreigners could buy real estate, including towering, luxurious structures, particularly in the Cumhuriyet neighborhood, which attracted a sizable Arab population. Esenyurt has fairly affordable prices when compared to other parts of Istanbul.

  • Eyüpsultan District 

With a total area of 228.42 km², Eyüp, commonly known as Eyüpsultan, is a district that combines nature and tourist impressions. It gets its name from the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, which is inside its bounds. 

Everyone, whether local or tourist, who wants to go through the experience of the nostalgic and historical as well as the modern city, comes to Istanbul's center, including Eyüpsultan area, which could be the only significant city in the world that has this amazing mix harmonically. 

Eyüp has a lot of antique historical structures. The Eyüpsultan area is known not only for its mosque and cemetery but also for its beautiful lodges. During Friday prayers during the month of Ramadan, the area is packed with tourists from all around the city. Pilgrims visiting the mosque comprise a diverse spectrum of Muslims, particularly those attending weddings or circumcisions.

It has a 2.6-kilometer shoreline to the Golden Horn. Eyüp continues to grow with more and more investments. The planned metro and tram lines, which will connect Eminönü and Eyüp, are expected to have an impact on real estate values. The third airport is being hailed as the most significant investment in Eyüp's transportation system. 

In Eyüpsultan, real estate prices rise by about 0.4 percent per year. In Eyüpsultan, the average depreciation time is determined to be 15 years. 100 square meters is the average size of a residential property for sale.  Çırçır, the center of Göktürk, Emniyettepe, Karadolap, and Topçular are the most desirable neighborhoods in the Eyüpsultan districtEyüpsultan district consists of 21 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Eyüpsultan 

Akşemsettin neighborhood

Alibeyköy neighborhood

Çırçır neighborhood

Defterdar neighborhood

Düğmeciler neighborhood

Emniyettepe neighborhood

Esentepe neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Göktürk neighborhood

Güzeltepe neighborhood

İslambey neighborhood

Karadolap neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Mithatpaşa neighborhood

Nişanca neighborhood

Rami Cuma neighborhood

Rami Yeni neighborhood

Sakarya neighborhood

Silahtarağa neighborhood

Topçular neighborhood

Yeşilpınar neighborhood

Eyüpsultan Neighborhoods Schedule

The most popular and chosen neighborhoods for housing and living in the Eyüpsultan area are:

  • Alibeyköy neighborhood
  • Mimarsinan neighborhood
  • Rami Cuma neighborhood
  • İslambey neighborhood
  • Akşemsettin neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Eyüpsultan is now regarded as a favorable site to invest in real estate. In recent years, a lot of construction companies have strongly adopted the formation of real estate projects since the municipality encourages the action to rebuild and the creation of new residential structures because the existing ones are relatively historic. With views of the Gulf of the Golden Horn, Eyüpsultan features distinguished real estate prices that are affordable, medium-priced, and feasible.

  • Fatih District

Fatih area is notable for its tourist value, cultural texture, and social structure, which are all intertwined with the main transit lines due to its central location, providing direct access to many areas in Istanbul.

The ancient peninsula also has important cultural landmarks like the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum, and Topkapı Palace. Fatih offers a magical setting where visitors can sense the unique ambiance of Ottoman, Byzantine, and Roman buildings, which is very appealing to some people who wish to reside in and buy a house in Turkey.

In Fatih district, culturally significant structures include Topkapı Palace, which served as the Ottoman Empire's command center, the Istanbul Archeology Museum, Gulhane Park, and the Basilica Cistern. Not to forget the Grand Bazaar, which is a significant emblem of societal existence, not only for Fatih, but for all of Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, with their distinct spice aromas and welcoming traders, continue to welcome visitors at the heart of the ancient peninsula.

Thus, it is fair to say that this area is home to a number of the best attraction centers in Istanbul, both for people looking to invest in Istanbul real estate and for tourists visiting the region.

The for-sale house market in Fatih has a tendency to rise in price. In the Fatih area, the average depreciation period is 16 years. According to yearly averages, the most valued neighborhoods for housing in the Fatih district are Nişanca, Zeyrek, Sümbül Efendi, Haseki Sultan, and YedikuleFatih district consists of 57 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Fatih 

Aksaray neighborhood

Akşemsettin neighborhood

Alemdar neighborhood

Ali Kuşçu neighborhood

Atikali neighborhood

Ayvansaray neighborhood

Balabanağa neighborhood

Balat neighborhood

Beyazıt neighborhood

Binbirdirek neighborhood

Cankurtaran neighborhood

Cerrahpaşa neighborhood

Cibali neighborhood

Demirtaş neighborhood

Derviş Ali neighborhood

Eminsinan neighborhood

Hacıkadın neighborhood

Haseki Sultan neighborhood

Hırkaişerif neighborhood

Hobyar neighborhood

Hoca Giyasettin neighborhood

Hocapaşa neighborhood

İskenderpaşa neighborhood

Kalenderhane neighborhood

Karagümrük neighborhood

Katip Kasım neighborhood

Kemalpaşa neighborhood

Kocamustafapaşa neighborhood

Küçükayasofya neighborhood

Mercan neighborhood

Mesihpaşa neighborhood

Mevlanakapı neighborhood

Mimar Hayrettin neighborhood

Mimar Kemalettin neighborhood

Mollafenari neighborhood

Mollagürani neighborhood

Mollahüsrev neighborhood

Muhsinehatun neighborhood

Nişanca neighborhood

Rüstempaşa neighborhood

Saraçishak neighborhood

Sarıdemir neighborhood

Seyyid Ömer neighborhood

Silivrikapı neighborhood

Sultanahmet neighborhood

Sururi neighborhood

Süleymaniye neighborhood

Sümbülefendi neighborhood

Şehremini neighborhood

Şehsuvarbey neighborhood

Tahtakale neighborhood

Tayahatun neighborhood

Topkapı neighborhood

Yavuzsinan neighborhood

Yavuz Sultan Selim neighborhood

Yedikule neighborhood

Zeyrek neighborhood

Fatih Neighborhoods Schedule

The Fatih area's most desirable and favored neighborhoods for housing and living are:

  • Hırkaişerif neighborhood
  • Akşemsettin neighborhood
  • Aksaray neighborhood
  • Süleymaniye neighborhood
  • Cerrahpaşa neighborhood
  • Yedikule neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Fatih area is regarded as a prestigious location for housing and living, but due to the government's heavy reliance on tourism there and the persistence of its archaeological evidence, the real estate there is very old. Nevertheless, owning real estate there can be an investment, such as purchasing apartments and investing in them by renting them out on a daily basis or monthly basis to tourists.

  • Gaziosmanpaşa District 

Gaziosmanpaşa area is one of Istanbul's fastest growing areas in terms of population growth, with a population of 493.1K as of December 31st, 2021, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census. 

When the district's urban transformation initiatives are finished, it is hoped that significant improvements will be realized. With this urban makeover, the district is planned to gain 35 new schools, 12 social amenities, 7 new health facilities, 3 new stadiums, 17 new mosques, 112 thousand parking spaces, and 757 thousand square meters of green space.

The developments for upscale apartments for sale in Istanbul's Gaziosmanpaşa being developed are quite contemporary, with landscaping, security, retail centers, and parks. Over and above, the rustic qualities of Venice were used to inspire the construction of several of these dwellings.

Housing prices in the Gaziosmanpaşa residential market for sale increase by about 4% in the year. In the Gaziosmanpaşa district, the average depreciation time is determined to be 16 years. The most valuable housing communities in the Gaziosmanpaşa district are Fevzi Çakmak, Pazariçi, Yenidoğan, Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa, and Kazım Karabekir. The typical size of residential houses for sale in Istanbul's Gaziosmanpaşa is 100 square metersGaziosmanpaşa district consists of 16 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Gaziosmanpaşa 

Bağlarbaşı neighborhood

Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa neighborhood

Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Hürriyet neighborhood

Karadeniz neighborhood

Karayolları neighborhood

Karlıtepe neighborhood

Kâzım Karabekir neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Mevlana neighborhood

Pazariçi neighborhood

Sarıgöl neighborhood

Şemsipaşa neighborhood

Yenidoğan neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood


Gaziosmanpaşa Neighborhoods Schedule

The most well-liked and desirable neighborhoods in Gaziosmanpaşa for housing and living are the following:

  • Bağlarbaşı neighborhood
  • Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa neighborhood
  • Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood
  • Yıldıztabya neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Gaziosmanpaşa is a residential district that is more of an investment than a residential area, with various vital and recreational centers. Gaziosmanpaşa is one of the attractions that attracts visitors in a variety of ways. It features a number of sizable projects that are remarkable, with affordable real estate prices.

  • Güngören District 

Güngören is an Istanbul district on the Çatalca Peninsula that is the third smallest in terms of land area. It is made up of 11 different neighborhoods. Güngören, which has a surface area of 7.21 km², has a population of 283.1K people as of 2021, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census.

The district of Güngören was named after a village in the Mahmutbey subdistrict of Bakırköy, which is scheduled to be re-established as part of the urban transformation project.

Transportation to the neighboring districts is provided by metro and tram, including the Istanbul electric tramway and tunnel enterprises, in addition to private buses, minibusses, and other commercial taxis.

The area is densely packed with coffee shops, hotels, hostels, associations, internet cafes, gaming rooms, wedding halls, Turkish baths, public saunas, car parks, restaurants, bank branches, amateur sports clubs, local papers, currency exchange offices, and jewelers, as well as a local television station in Güngören area.

Housing prices in Güngören can rise by up to 2.18 percent per year, making real estate investment an attractive option. The Güngören district's average depreciation period is determined to be 16 years. The average size of a residential property for sale is 100 square meters. Tozkoparan, Gençosman, Mehmet Nesih Zmen, Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman, and Mareşal Çakmak are the most valued housing communities in the Güngören districtGüngören district consists of 11 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Güngören 

Akıncılar neighborhood

Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman neighborhood

Gençosman neighborhood

Güneştepe neighborhood

Güven neighborhood

Haznedar neighborhood

Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Mehmet Nezih Özmen neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Sanayi neighborhood

Tozkoparan neighborhood

Güngören Neighborhoods Schedule

The following neighborhoods in Güngören are the most popular and sought-after for housing and living:

  • Gençosman neighborhood
  • Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman neighborhood
  • Akıncılar neighborhood

The Güngören district is a residential area that is closer to being an investment area, with numerous complexes that include malls and stores, as well as residential projects that provide investment options with distinct returns of up to 10% yearly.

  • Kağıthane District 

The Kağıthane area is well-known for its beautiful nature and groves. The Kağıthane stream and its surroundings, which gave rise to the Kağıthane district, were famous recreational areas throughout the Ottoman Empire, and the Sultans used to hunt in this area. Kağıthane was a famous entertainment center a long time ago and has maintained this feature for many centuries up to this date. 

Kağıthane has a total land area of 14.87 km² and 19 communities. The district's key position is highlighted by transformation and other real estate projects, as well as transit developments such as the metro, Kağıthane and Dolmabahçe tunnels, the 3rd bridge, the 3rd airport, and the three-story tube passage (Big Istanbul Tunnel). In every spot in this district, several residential and office developments are now being developed.

In terms of Kağıthane real estate investment, current values have risen dramatically in recent years. The district's value has increased due to its proximity to the Maslak–Levent sector, which is one of Istanbul's most prominent economic districts. Home prices in the Kağıthane housing market for sale increase by roughly 2.51% every year, and the average depreciation period is determined to be 17 years. The significant sites that are near to the Maslak area and the center district, which is Kağıthane's most populous place, include Seyrantepe, Emniyet Evleri, and Çeliktepe neighborhoodsKağıthane district consists of 19 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Kağıthane 

Çağlayan neighborhood

Çeliktepe neighborhood

Gültepe neighborhood

Emniyet neighborhood

Gürsel neighborhood

Hamidiye neighborhood

Harmantepe neighborhood

Hürriyet neighborhood

Mehmet Akif Ersoy neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Nurtepe neighborhood

Ortabayır neighborhood

Sanayi neighborhood

Seyrantepe neighborhood

Şirintepe neighborhood

Talatpaşa neighborhood

Telsizler neighborhood

Yahya Kemal neighborhood

Yeşilce neighborhood

Kağıthane Neighborhoods Schedule

The following neighborhoods in Kağıthane are the most popular and sought-after for housing and living:

  • Seyrantepe neighborhood
  • Çağlayan neighborhood
  • Merkez neighborhood
  • Şirintepe neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Kağıthane is now a desirable location for prominent construction companies to build luxury projects due to its proximity to Istanbul's new airport, as well as its green areas and forests, such as the Belgrade forests, which offer excellent investment prospects. To learn more about this area, please contact us.

  • Küçükçekmece District 

This community attracts attention due to its proximity to Küçükçekmece Lake and the Marmara Seashore, as well as its proximity to the European side of Istanbul's commercial and commerce areas.

Kanarya and Sefaköy are regarded as the core of Küçükçekmece area, with plenty of sites to see in the area. Sefaköy has various commercial malls, cafés, and restaurants, as well as academic campuses. As a result, residents in this region favor this location for socializing and shopping. Yarımburgaz Cave, about 2 kilometers from Küçükçekmece Lake, has been designated as a 1st-degree archaeological natural site owing to its natural beauty and archaeological relics.

The population of Küçükçekmece district is growing, and new schools, supermarkets, shopping centres, and other facilities are rapidly being built.

Küçükçekmece area is one of Istanbul's most beneficial districts in terms of transportation. The Sirkeci-Halkalı railway line passes through the Küçükçekmece district, serving the railway stations of Küçükçekmece, Soğuksu, Kanarya and Halkalı. As a result, it stands out as one of the best investment districts.

This region is one of the most acceptable solutions to the issue of where to invest in Istanbul property because of its hotels nearby, its vibrant streets, and avenues at any time of day. Küçükçekmece home prices rise by about 3.76 percent per year. In the district, the average depreciation period for a 100-square-meter house is 14 years. The average size of a for-sale residential property is 103 square meters. Atatürk, Gültepe, İstasyon, Mehmet Akif, and Beşyol are the Küçükçekmece neighborhoods with the highest returnsKüçükçekmece district consists of 21 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Küçükçekmece 

Atakent neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Beşyol neighborhood

Cennet neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Gültepe neighborhood

Halkalı neighborhood

İnönü neighborhood

İstasyon neighborhood

Kanarya neighborhood

Kartaltepe neighborhood

Kemalpaşa neighborhood

Mehmet Akif neighborhood

Söğütlüçeşme neighborhood

Sultanmurat neighborhood

Tevfikbey neighborhood

Yarımburgaz neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Yeşilova neighborhood

Küçükçekmece Neighborhoods Schedule

The most well-liked and sought-after neighborhoods in Küçükçekmece for housing and living are the following:

  • Cennet neighborhood
  • Fatih neighborhood
  • Beşyol neighborhood
  • Atakent neighborhood
  • İnönü neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Küçükçekmece region is regarded as an ideal spot for company and factory founders in Turkey, as they are the heavy buyers there because of the existence of industrial cities in the region. Aside from the numerous and diverse projects that overlook Küçükçekmece Lake, property prices have soared as a result of the new Istanbul Canal project.

  • Sarıyer District 

The housing developments in the Sarıyer area are lined up along the Marmara shore. Sarıyer has 23 neighborhoods and 9 villages, making up one of Istanbul's most significant districts with its natural beauty, history, cultural legacy, and marine tourism. It is also one of Istanbul's most renowned areas due to its greenery and geographical benefits, since it is part of the Belgrad Forests and next to the Bosphorus.

Throughout its history, the Sarıyer area has been recognized as a summer resort. The area is well-known for its trees, woods, rivers, and high-quality spring water. It draws attention with its mosques, cathedrals, castles, to mbs, palaces, houses, and beaches.

Sarıyer has much lower levels of air pollution than the rest of Turkey and the European Union. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, Sarıyer has high-quality air that may be used for health tourism.

Transport here is provided via ferry and motorboat on the sea, while road transit is offered by bus, minibus, and metro services. Sarıyer district is also unique for the Bosphorus excursions it offers, which are popular among those who wish to explore the magnificent neighborhoods, mansions, and historical sites along the Bosphorus.

Prices in the Sarıyer house market for sale are continually rising. The average period of house depreciation in this area is determined to be 22 years. Demirciköy, Baltalimanı, Darüşşafaka, Huzur, and Rumelian Fortress are the neighborhoods in the Sarıyer district with the highest yearly increases in home valueSarıyer district consists of 30 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Sarıyer 

Ayazağa neighborhood

Baltalimanı neighborhood

Bahçeköy Kemer neighborhood

Bahçeköy neighborhood

Bahçeköy Yenimahalle neighborhood

Büyükdere neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çayırbaşı neighborhood

Darüşşafaka neighborhood

Derbent neighborhood

Emirgân neighborhood

Fatih Sultan Mehmet neighborhood

Ferahevler neighborhood

Huzur neighborhood

İstinye neighborhood

Kâzım Karabekir neighborhood

Kireçburnu neighborhood

Kocataş neighborhood

Maden neighborhood

Maslak neighborhood

Pınar neighborhood

Poligon neighborhood

PTT Evleri neighborhood

Reşitpaşa neighborhood

Rumelihisarı neighborhood

Rumelikavağı neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Tarabya neighborhood

Yeniköy neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Sarıyer Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most popular and requested housing and residential neighborhoods in Küçükçekmece:

  • Maslak neighborhood
  • Tarabya neighborhood
  • Emirgân neighborhood
  • İstinye neighborhood
  • Rumelihisarı neighborhood
  • Maden neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Sarıyer is a particularly attractive place for major investors due to the existence of high-rise skyscrapers, pure investment choices, and excellent returns when compared to other parts of Istanbul. The historic Bosphorus Strait offers unending views in addition to premium pricing, yet the investment returns are significant

  • Silivri District 

On the Marmara Seashore, Silivri lies 69 kilometers west of Istanbul. It is a popular tourist destination due to its 45-kilometer-long shoreline and quiet, gorgeous waters. The E-5 and TEM motorways connect this area to Europe and Turkey, giving it a competitive edge.

Because of its natural harbor and placement on vital trading routes, this region has remained significant throughout history. Silivri is the district in the city with the most agricultural land; Istanbul's agricultural land accounts for 56 percent of the city's total.

Furthermore, Silivri is home to several works that bear historical traces. It also offers shallow and clear water where youngsters may swim safely on the free beaches that run along the shore. Oner and above, the international and charter flights from Çorlu Airport offer unique options to Silivri.

Home prices in the Silivri real estate market rise at a rate of approximately 3.58 percent per year. The average rental price in Silivri is cheaper than in many other areas of Istanbul. Rents are projected to rise with the construction of branded housing complexes in the region. In the Silivri area, the average depreciation period for a 100-square-meter house is 21 years. The average home size for sale is 130 square meters. When we look at yearly averages, the most valued neighborhoods for housing in the Silivri district are Fatih, Cumhuriyet, Alibey, Yeni, and Mimar SinanSilivri district consists of 22 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Silivri 

Alibey neighborhood

Alipaşa neighborhood

Büyük Çavuşlu neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çanta Fatih neighborhood

Çanta Mimarsinan neighborhood

Değirmenköy İsmetpaşa neighborhood

Değirmenköy Fevzipaşa neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Gaziantepe neighborhood

Gümüşyaka neighborhood

Kadıköy neighborhood

Kavaklı Hürriyet neighborhood

Kavaklı Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Küçük Kılıçlı neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Ortaköy neighborhood

Piri Mehmet Paşa neighborhood

Selimpaşa neighborhood

Semizkumlar neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Yolçatı neighborhood

Silivri Neighborhoods Schedule

In Silivri, the most well-liked and desirable neighborhoods for living are as follows:

  • Piri Mehmet Paşa neighborhood
  • Mimar Sinan neighborhood
  • Gümüşyaka neighborhood
  • Alibey neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Silivri is a very suitable area for investors to buy land and build on it, either villas, residential buildings, or even resorts if they are close to the sea. Its rural houses are plentiful, making it a good place to get away from the city centre and enjoy some peace and quiet.

  • Sultangazi District 

Sultangazi area is a multicultural district with an area of 36.30 km², including 11 small neighborhoods and one village. Sultangazi is one of Istanbul's oldest and most historically significant settlements. It is known for its Ottoman stone aqueduct systems, some of which are still in use today. The area is home to several small streams, such as Alibey Dam and the Cebeci Quarries.

It is worth mentioning that the region has already seen changes in property values due to the Vezneciler metro line, which will run underground and link the neighborhoods of Gaziosmanpaşa, Eyüp, and Fatih, due to the transit benefits it will provide. This metro line begins in the Fatih Vezneciler neighborhood and finishes in the Sultangazi Masjid-i Selam neighborhood. With this metro line, the journey between Vezneciler and Sultangazi takes only 19 minutes.

In terms of real estate investment in Sultangazi district, the region is the epicenter of urban transformation initiatives in addition to its advantageous position. The district has a variety of branded housing complexes, which are steadily increasing in value. Every year, housing prices increase by about 1.27% in the Sultangazi housing sales market. The average depreciation time for a 100-square-meter house in the district is 20 years. The average size of a residential property listed for sale in this area is 105 square meters.

The most valuable housing neighborhoods in the district include Habibler, Eski Habibler, Gazi, Yunus Emre, and CebeciSultangazi district consists of 15 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Sultangazi 

50. Yıl neighborhood

75. Yıl neighborhood

Cebeci neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Esentepe neighborhood

Eski Habibler neighborhood

Gazi neighborhood

Habibler neighborhood

İsmetpaşa neighborhood

Malkoçoğlu neighborhood

Sultançiftliği neighborhood

Uğur Mumcu neighborhood

Yayla neighborhood

Yunus Emre neighborhood

Zübeydehanım neighborhood

Sultangazi Neighborhoods Schedule

The most valuable and preferred neighborhoods for housing and living in the Sultangazi region are:

  • Eski Habibler neighborhood
  • Cebeci neighborhood
  • Yunus Emre neighborhood
  • Zübeyde Hanım neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Sultangazi is considered one of the most distinguished areas after the construction of the metro that connected all its neighborhoods with downtown Istanbul. Many real estate investment options are available, but the most diverse are the residential ones in this area.

  • Şişli District

The Şişli area, which does not have a beachfront, contains 25 communities. Today, it is one of the most significant economic and commercial centers in Istanbul, with many ancient structures and financial benefits.

As Şişli district is a very ancient Ottoman area, it is densely packed with historical sites such as Zincirlikuyu Cemetery, Atatürk Museum, Bomonti Beer Factory, Teşvikiye Mosques, Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi, and Darülaceze. Other significant historical items are the Harbiye Army House, the Military Museum, and the Şişli Etfal Hospital.

Because of the presence of campuses of universities like Marmara, Bilgi, Beykent, and Bahçeşehir in Şişli, the rate of young people is high. In Şişli, there are several educational institutes. Among them are Nişantaşı Anatolian High School, Notre Dame de Sion French High School, Saint Michel High School, and Anatolian High School.

In addition to these, there are additional notable health institutions active in the field of health. Some of them are Şişli Etfal, Okmeydanı Research Hospital, American Hospital, and Florence Nightingale.

In the Şişli area, transportation is also quite convenient; metro buses, metro lines, and public transit are all conveniently accessible.

Recently, we have seen a surge in the vitality of the property market in this region. The district's average depreciation period is 17 years. The typical size of a residential property for sale is 100 square meters. Cumhuriyet, İnönü, Teşvikiye, Mecidiyeköy, and Harbiye are the most valuable neighborhoods for homes in the Şişli areaŞişli district consists of 25 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Şişli 

19 Mayıs neighborhood

Bozkurt neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Duatepe neighborhood

Ergenekon neighborhood

Esentepe neighborhood

Eskişehir neighborhood

Feriköy neighborhood

Fulya neighborhood

Gülbahar neighborhood

Halaskargazi neighborhood

Halide Edip Adıvar neighborhood

Halil Rıfat Paşa neighborhood

Harbiye neighborhood

İnönü neighborhood

İzzetpaşa neighborhood

Kaptanpaşa neighborhood

Kuştepe neighborhood

Mahmut Şevket Paşa neighborhood

Mecidiyeköy neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Meşrutiyet neighborhood

Paşa neighborhood

Teşvikiye neighborhood

Yayla neighborhood

Şişli Neighborhoods Schedule

The Şişli region's most desirable and desired neighborhoods for housing and living are as follows:

  • Mecidiyeköy neighborhood
  • Teşvikiye neighborhood
  • Fulya neighborhood
  • Eskişehir neighborhood
  • Mayıs 19 neighborhood
  • Cumhuriyet neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Şişli is a desirable location for investors from all over the world, with massive developments and projects spanning the majority of the region. Real estate costs in this area are expensive, yet investment returns are excellent when compared to the rest of Istanbul.

  • Zeytinburnu District 

The Zeytinburnu area overlooks the Marmara Sea and covers an area of 11.59 km². This is where some of Istanbul's best retail, commercial, and entertainment complexes can be found. 

In this region, many historical sites can be found, such as Yedikule Bulbous Plants Park, Zeytinburnu Medicinal Herbs Garden, Merkez Efendi Bath, and Abdülbaki Pasha Library.

Cemeteries take up a lot of space in this neighborhood since it has not been occupied in a long time, it is dense, and it is adjacent to older construction.

Transportation problems are almost completely solved by connecting the Eurasia tube crossing Zeytinburnu to the Anatolian side. As a result, large improvements in value have been recorded.

The Zeyport Port Project and the metro lines, when combined with educational, health, and cultural structures, will enrich the district and positively affect the value of the real estate in the region. 

There has been no change in housing prices recently in the Zeytinburnu housing market for sale. The average depreciation time for a 100-square-meter house in the Zeytinburnu district is 17 years. The average size of a residential property listed for sale is 100 square meters. The most valuable neighborhoods in the Zeytinburnu district for housing are Kazlıçeşme, Maltepe, Veliefendi, Yenidoğan, and GökalpZeytinburnu district consists of 13 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Zeytinburnu 

Beştelsiz neighborhood

Çırpıcı neighborhood

Gökalp neighborhood

Kazlıçeşme neighborhood

Maltepe neighborhood

Merkezefendi neighborhood

Nuripaşa neighborhood

Seyitnizam neighborhood

Sümer neighborhood

Telsiz neighborhood

Veliefendi neighborhood

Yenidoğan neighborhood

Yeşiltepe neighborhood

Zeytinburnu Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most coveted and sought-after residential neighborhoods in the Zeytinburnu area:

  • Sümer neighborhood
  • Merkez Efendi neighborhood
  • Çırpıcı neighborhood
  • Kazlıçeşme neighborhood
  • Seyit Nizam neighborhood

Regarding the area's real estate, the Zeytinburnu area is a desirable location for those seeking a home in the city's core. Zeytinburnu also features a number of projects with government guarantee that were developed in collaboration with the Greater Istanbul Municipality, including luxurious projects that overlook the Sea of Marmara, which we at DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate are pleased to introduce to you.

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The latest apartment projects in Istanbul


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$ 329.000

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$ 300.600
apartments for sale in Istanbul

The 14 districts of Anadolu “Asian” side of Istanbul

The Asian side is located to the east of Istanbul and links to the rest of Turkey. Many people refer to Asian Istanbul as the neighborhoods and districts bordering the Bosphorus Strait, including Pendik, Beykoz, Umraniye, etc. Yet, when it comes to properties for sale on Istanbul's Asian side, there are several neighborhoods to choose from.

Despite the fact that the Asian side is less populous than the European side and located outside of major tourist destinations, its rising popularity in recent years has attracted independent travelers wanting to explore Istanbul's hidden gems.

The Asian side's two most notable and well-known hubs are Kadıköy and Üsküdar. The first has a large student population, which has inevitably resulted in a thriving nightlife scene. It is next to the Moda neighborhood, which is known for its elite and chic vibes, but Üsküdar, on the other hand, has a completely different atmosphere with its low-key nightlife and conservative mindset.

  • Adalar District "Princes Islands"

Adalar area consists of 4 larger islands: Büyükada "Big Island", Heybeliada "Saddlebag Island", Burgazada "Fortress Island", and Kınalıada "Henna Island", as well as 5 much smaller islands: Sedef Adası "Mother-of-Pearl Island", Yassıada "Flat Island", Sivriada "Sharp Island", Kaşık Adası "Spoon Island", and Tavşan Adası "Rabbit Island ".

In Western sources, the islands are known as the "Prince Islands" because they served as a haven for nobles and princes under the Byzantine Empire.

The islands are home to nearly a thousand historical structures with a history dating back over 2,000 years. The Antigoni Castle, built in honor of Antigonus, one of Alexander the Great's commanders, by Dimitrios Poliorkites, is the islands' oldest known historical edifice.

During the summer, the islands are a popular location for travelers searching for a relaxing holiday or investors wishing to buy villas for sale in Turkey. Projects with large financial worth are beginning to appear on the islands. Condominiums have recently caught the interest of many customers, particularly families, who are looking for something other than flats and detached houses.

In Adalar district, the majority of residences are used as holiday homes. Some Adalar inhabitants commute to Istanbul every day via boat. According to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census, as of December 31, 2021, the population was 16.37K.

According to yearly averages, the Heybeliada, Maden, Nizam, Burgazada, and Kınalıada neighborhoods in the Islands district have the highest real estate valuesAdalar district consists of 5 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Adalar 

Burgazada neighborhood

Heybeliada neighborhood

Kınalıada neighborhood

Maden neighborhood

Nizam neighborhood

Adalar "Princes Islands" Neighborhoods Schedule

The most notable and desirable neighborhoods in the Adalar district for housing and living are:

  • Burgazada neighborhood
  • Kınalıada neighborhood
  • Maden neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Princes' Islands, or "Adalar," are a desirable location for large-scale investments like luxury hotels or historic buildings. Arabs make up a minor portion of the population in this district, especially considering that tourism is the only activity on these islands.

  • Ataşehir District

There are 427.22K people living in Ataşehir region, which spans 25.23 km² and includes 17 communities.

Due to the appropriateness of the lands on the west side of this district, the concept of West Ataşehir arose when construction firms completed housing and office developments in this location. The western half of the area is home to a number of significant projects. In addition, West Ataşehir is home to the Ülker Sports Arena, which opened in 2012.

Bulvar 216 in Ataşehir area, one of the Anatolian side's youthful and active districts, is home to various retail complexes such as Palladium, Optimum, Brandium, Novada, and Carrefour. In addition, the tallest structures in Europe can be found in Metropol Istanbul and Ataşehir, both of which were inaugurated in 2019. Along Ataşehir Boulevard, there are several cafes, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, and companies.

For Ataşehir's residential developments, no single-family housing styles were developed. The majority of the structures in Ataşehir are high-rise towers, with several of the city's skyscrapers being among Istanbul's and Turkey's highest.

In the Ataşehir houses for sale market, prices frequently climb by 5% every year. In terms of yearly averages, Atatürk, Yenişehir, Küçükbakkalköy, Fetih, and Esatpaşa were the neighborhoods in the district that acquired the highest valueAtaşehir district consists of 17 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Ataşehir 

Aşıkveysel neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Barbaros neighborhood

Esatpaşa neighborhood

Ferhatpaşa neighborhood

Fetih neighborhood

İçerenköy neighborhood

İnönü neighborhood

Kayışdağı neighborhood

Küçükbakkalköy neighborhood

Mevlana neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Mustafa Kemal neighborhood

Örnek neighborhood

Yeniçamlıca neighborhood

Yenişehir neighborhood

Yenisahra neighborhood

Ataşehir Neighborhoods Schedule

The most well-known and coveted neighborhoods for housing and living in the Ataşehir district are:

  • Küçükbakkalköy neighborhood
  • Mustafa Kemal neighborhood
  • Yenişehir neighborhood
  • Esatpaşa neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Ataşehir is an appealing neighborhood for investors owing to the presence of luxury projects as well as residential and investment towers. Acquiring real estate in Ataşehir is a kind of investment that has a residential tinge. The Ataşehir area is home to a number of luxurious constructions. Get in touch with us for information about prices and offers.

  • Beykoz District

The Bosphorus is one of Istanbul's most picturesque areas. Beykoz area, however, is the Bosphorus's pearl and Istanbul's final district before it opens to the Black Sea.

There are several activities to do in Beykoz, and some have a history dating back to 700 BC, including rally and off-road, extreme sports, physical fitness, Scout camp organization, Turkey Football Federation activities, archery, beach tourism, Beykoz Grove excursion, Beykoz Municipality organizations, and so on.

Anadolu Kavağı's fish eateries are popular with both locals and visitors. Among the popular tourist destinations in Beykoz, we mention, İskender Pasha Tomb and Mosque in Kanlıca, Kırklar Baba Tomb in Dereseki Village, Yuşâ Tomb in Anadolu Kavağı Yuşâ Hill, Uzun Evliya Tomb in Ortaçeşme, and Akbaba Sultan Tomb and Masjid in Akbaba Village.

Beykoz district, one of Istanbul's most prestigious neighborhoods, is one of the city's few areas where green and blue coexist; that, and many other factors, make it one of the most sought-after locations for real estate appraisals. With its stunning Bosphorus view and city life interwoven with nature, the region provides good options for foreigners and investors, especially those interested in Turkish citizenship by investment.

The cost of living in Beykoz rises by about 1.44 percent per year. 235 square meters is the average size of a residential property for sale in Turkey, Beykoz. The Center, Riva, Gümüşsuyu, Anatolian Fortress, and Yalıköy are the most valuable housing communities in the areaBeykoz district consists of 25 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Beykoz

Acarlar neighborhood

Anadoluhisarı neighborhood

Anadolukavağı neighborhood

Baklacı neighborhood

Çamlıbahçe neighborhood

Çengeldere neighborhood

Çiftlik neighborhood

Çiğdem neighborhood

Çubuklu neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Göksu neighborhood

Göztepe neighborhood

Gümüşsuyu neighborhood

  • Taksim

İncirköy neighborhood

Kanlıca neighborhood

Kavacık neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Ortaçeşme neighborhood

Paşabahçe neighborhood

Rüzgarlıbahçe neighborhood

Soğuksu neighborhood

Tokatköy neighborhood

Yalıköy neighborhood

Yavuz Selim neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Beykoz Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most well-known and sought-after housing and living locations in the Beykoz district:

  • Acarlar neighborhood
  • Anadoluhisarı neighborhood
  • Merkez neighborhood
  • Yavuz Selim neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Beykoz is a region filled with luxurious complexes with villas of a recreational nature, and these villas are owned by the majority of the affluent and wealthy people of the city of Istanbul; complexes with views of the Bosphorus and others on the Riva River and the lovely Black Sea. To learn more about the various attractive deals that DAMAS TÜRK has to offer in this area, get in touch with us.

  • Çekmeköy District

This district is divided among 17 neighborhoods and five villages. The town of Çekmeköy district is 100 meters above sea level, and for that reason, it is distinctive for its very pure air.

The Çekmeköy area has the most solid foundation in Istanbul city; Çekmeköy's appearance has altered, yet vestiges of its pastoral history may still be found. With a total area of 148.09 km², it is considered the greenest district on the Anatolian side. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is 32 kilometers away, while Istanbul International Airport is 55 kilometers away.  Çekmeköy includes Istanbul's oxygen reservoirs which are the Taşdelen and Güvercinlik promenade areas.

Furthermore, the new metro line, which has reached Taşdelen, provides significant transit benefits. This metro line, which shortened the distance between Üsküdar and Çekmeköy to 27 minutes, raised real estate prices in the region. As a result, the area flourished, and new residential sites and workplaces are being created in the district. These circumstances, and many others, make Çekmeköy particularly appealing for real estate investment.

Çekmeköy's housing prices rise by about 3.2 percent year-on-year. The most desirable neighborhoods for housing in Istanbul's Çekmeköy district include Çatalmeşe, Cumhuriyet, Güngören, Taşdelen, and Soğukpınar. The typical size of a residential property for sale is 100 square metersÇekmeköy district consists of 17 neighborhoods: 

Neighborhoods of Çekmeköy 

Alemdağ neighborhood

Aydınlar neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çamlık neighborhood

Çatalmeşe neighborhood

Ekşioğlu neighborhood

Güngören neighborhood

Hamidiye neighborhood

Kirazlıdere neighborhood

Mehmet Akif neighborhood

Merkez neighborhood

Mimar Sinan neighborhood

Nişantepe neighborhood

Ömerli neighborhood

Soğukpınar neighborhood

Sultançiftliği neighborhood

Taşdelen neighborhood

Çekmeköy Neighborhoods Schedule

The most well-known and in-demand housing and residential areas in the Çekmeköy district are as follows:

  • Nişantepe neighborhood
  • Merkez neighborhood
  • Hamidiye neighborhood
  • Mimar Sinan neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Çekmeköy has lately developed dramatically, with new residential and commercial sites being constructed in the area. These circumstances, together with several others, make Çekmeköy exceptionally alluring for real estate investment and property acquisition.

  • Kadıköy District

Kadıköy area is one of Istanbul's Anatolian side's oldest neighborhoods, and it is noted for its busy streets 24 hours a day due to its position in Istanbul, linking the most significant neighborhoods in the city. 

Along the Marmara shore, this region has the longest coastline. Students like the district since it is home to a number of university campuses. In Kadıköy, there are 21 neighborhoods, including prominent areas like Göztepe, Suadiye, and Caddebostan. 

Trade is a common economic activity in Kadıköy. The Kadıköy Bazaar, Altıyol, Bahariye, and Bağdat streets are all bustling with activity.

Moreover, Kadıköy district is an art lover's heaven. Secondhand books and collections of many important publications and journals may be found. Furthermore, Kadıköy is home to several exhibits, cinemas, theaters, and music venues.

The unique amenities available in the area, as well as the rise in home prices allowed Kadıköy to be one of Istanbul's most desirable neighborhoods. The city line ferries allow you to go to different neighborhoods of Istanbul from Kadıköy. 

Prices in the Kadıköy real estate market rise by about 2.09 percent per year. The current real estate prices in this area vary depending on the neighborhood's location and amenities. The district's average depreciation time is calculated to be 28 years. Rasimpaşa, Hasanpaşa, Eğitim, and Merdivenköy are some of the best places to look for an apartment. While Bostanci, Feneryolu, Göztepe, Erenköy, and Caddebostan were the neighborhoods in Istanbul province's Kadıköy district that had the biggest value increase. The average size of a residential property for sale is 135 square metersKadıköy district consists of 21 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Kadıköy 

19 Mayıs neighborhood

Acıbadem neighborhood

Bostancı neighborhood

Caddebostan neighborhood

Caferağa neighborhood

Dumlupınar neighborhood

Eğitim neighborhood

Erenköy neighborhood

Fenerbahçe neighborhood

Feneryolu neighborhood

Fikirtepe neighborhood

Göztepe neighborhood

Hasanpaşa neighborhood

Koşuyolu neighborhood

Kozyatağı neighborhood

Merdivenköy neighborhood

Osmanağa neighborhood

Rasimpaşa neighborhood

Sahrayıcedid neighborhood

Suadiye neighborhood

Zühtüpaşa neighborhood

Kadıköy Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most well-known and desirable housing and residential neighborhoods in the Kadıköy district:

  • 19 Mayıs neighborhood
  • Caddebostan neighborhood
  • Suadiye neighborhood
  • Rasimpaşa neighborhood
  • Fikirtepe neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Kadıköy is a distinctive and highly sought-after alternative for international investors due to its abundance of luxury towers and extremely high-end projects. This is due to the area's tremendous potential, including views of the Bosphorus on the one hand and of the Princes’ Islands on the other.

  • Kartal District

It is situated on the shore of the Marmara Sea, hosting Aydos Mountain and Yakacık Hill, Istanbul's highest point. Kartal is also home to several branded housing buildings with a beachfront and a one-of-a-kind outlook. It is worth mentioning that Kartal's tourist attractions include the Kartal seashore, Dragos Hill, and Aydos Forest, which attract investors' interest. Kartal's parks encompass an area of around 237.991 m2.

Throughout the year, events are held to suit the socio-cultural requirements of the residents of Kartal area, and as a result of these events, the district has reached a level of sophistication that rivals that of metropolises.

From this community, it is quite convenient to go to other parts of Istanbul. Because the metro line passes through this region, it is possible to get to two of the most central Anatolian side districts, Bostanci and Kadıköy. After completing the transfers on this route, you may easily go to the European side by boat, fast ferry, or Marmaray.

Kartal district is a great place to invest in if you are coming to Istanbul for business and want to spend most of your time on the Anatolian side, or if you want to be close to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which is only 10 kilometers away. Year over year, home prices in the Kartal housing market increased by 3.76 percent. The average size of residential properties for sale is 110 square meters. The district's average depreciation period is calculated to be 23 years. The most valuable neighborhoods in Istanbul’s Kartal district were Orta, Yalı, Soğanlık, Uğur Mumcu, and EsentepeKartal district consists of 21 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Kartal 

19 Mayıs neighborhood

Atalar neighborhood

Cevizli neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çavuşoğlu neighborhood

Esentepe neighborhood

Gümüşpınar neighborhood

Hürriyet neighborhood

Karlıktepe neighborhood

Kordonboyu neighborhood

Orhantepe neighborhood

Orta Mahalle neighborhood

Petrol-İş neighborhood

Soğanlık neighborhood

Topselvi neighborhood

Uğur Mumcu neighborhood

Yakacık Çarşı neighborhood

Yakacık Yeni neighborhood

Yalı neighborhood

Yukarımahalle neighborhood

Yunus neighborhood

Kartal Neighborhoods Schedule

The most well-known and coveted neighborhoods for housing and living in the Kartal district are as follows:

  • Atalar neighborhood
  • Esentepe neighborhood
  • Uğur Mumcu neighborhood
  • Yukarımahalle neighborhood
  • Yalı neighborhood

Regarding the area's real estate, the Kartal area benefits immensely from very high-end projects and luxury buildings, making real estate investment there unique and highly desired by foreign investors. This is due to the area's enormous potential, which includes views of the Marmara Sea on one side and views of the Princes’ Islands on the other.

  • Maltepe District

Maltepe district, Istanbul's fourth-biggest neighborhood, is located on the Anatolian side of the Marmara Sea and is a very packed and active area. Branded housing and office complexes, which have grown in popularity in recent years in regions along the E-5 Motorway, attract a lot of interest, particularly from international investors.

The shoreline of Maltepe District to the Marmara Sea is roughly 7 kilometers long. One of the sites to see in Maltepe is the Temple of the Bakireler (Virgins), which is located on Süreyya Pasha Beach.

In terms of transportation, the Maltepe coast's closeness to the sea pier and the busy road line make traveling convenient. Furthermore, in the next few years, the number of people using the railway route will increase significantly. As a result, Maltepe is the Anatolian Side's favorite choice for homebuyers.

When looking at current Maltepe real estate values, the sales price charts have climbed up to 2.5 times per square meter during the previous 8 years. This community is one of Istanbul's most important investment regions, with activity increasing across the district's neighborhoods. The average depreciation period for a 100-square meter house in the Maltepe area is 23 years. The average size of residential properties for sale is 110 square meters. In terms of real estate prices, the most valuable neighborhoods in the district for housing are Altıntepe, Küçükyalı, Çınar, Yalı, Bağlarbaşı, İdealtepe, Feyzullah, Esenkent due to their proximity to the seasideMaltepe district consists of 18 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Maltepe 

Altayçeşme neighborhood

Altıntepe neighborhood

Aydınevler neighborhood

Bağlarbaşı neighborhood

Başıbüyük neighborhood

Büyükbakkalköy neighborhood

Cevizli neighborhood

Çınar neighborhood

Esenkent neighborhood

Feyzullah neighborhood

Fındıklı neighborhood

Girne neighborhood

Gülensu neighborhood

Gülsuyu neighborhood

İdealtepe neighborhood

Küçükyalı neighborhood

Yalı neighborhood

Zümrütevler neighborhood

Maltepe Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most well-known and sought-after neighborhoods in the Maltepe district for housing and living:

  • Feyzullah neighborhood
  • Gülsuyu neighborhood
  • Çınar neighborhood
  • Esenkent neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Maltepe area is home to many large housing and family projects, making real estate ownership there appealing to those seeking calm properties. This is because the area has wonderful features like views of the Princes’ Islands on the one hand and the Sea of Marmara on the other.

  • Pendik District

The Pendik area has a total area of around 200 km2 with a shoreline of 9 km on the Sea of Marmara. Both the International Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the Istanbul station of the upcoming High-Speed Train are located in Pendik, which makes Pendik and its neighboring areas one of the best investment opportunities.

The Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital is also located in Pendik, which is the largest hospital on the Anatolian side. Koç Özel Lisesi and Sabancı University are among the several educational institutions in Pendik. A Formula One circuit is located in the neighborhood. People heading out of the city to Bursa and the Aegean can take a high-speed boat over the Marmara Sea to Yalova. Pendik Mound, Aydos Hill, and Aydos Castle are the primary historical and cultural landmarks to be visited in the region.

The district's value has increased as a result of recent private sector investments and the extension of the Kadıköy–Kartal metro line into the neighborhood. Pendik is a very important investment location since it is adjacent to Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the O-6 highway, which is utilized to connect the 3rd bridge with the train arriving from Ankara, the E-5, and the TEM highway.

Prices in the Pendik real estate market rise by about 2.03 percent per year. In the district, the average depreciation period for a 100-square-meter house is 22 years. Sülüntepe, Velibaba, Güllü Bağlar, Çamçeşme, and Yayalar are the most valuable neighborhoods in PendikPendik district consists of 31 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Pendik 

Ahmet Yesevi neighborhood

Bahçelievler neighborhood

Batı neighborhood

Çamçeşme neighborhood

Çamlık neighborhood

Çınardere neighborhood

Doğu neighborhood

Dumlupınar neighborhood

Ertuğrulgazi neighborhood

Esenler neighborhood

Esenyalı neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood

Güllübağlar neighborhood

Güzelyalı neighborhood

Harmandere neighborhood

Kavakpınar neighborhood

Kaynarca neighborhood

Kurtköy neighborhood

Orhangazi neighborhood

Orta neighborhood

Ramazanoğlu neighborhood

Sanayi neighborhood

Sapanbağları neighborhood

Sülüntepe neighborhood

Şeyhli neighborhood

Velibaba neighborhood

Yayalar neighborhood

Yenimahalle neighborhood

Yenişehir neighborhood

Yeşilbağlar neighborhood

Pendik Neighborhoods Schedule

The most famous and popular neighborhoods for housing and living in the Pendik district are as follows:

  • Güllübağlar neighborhood
  • Harmandere neighborhood
  • Sülüntepe neighborhood
  • Sapanbağları neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Pendik region has numerous benefits that make it a good choice for homes or real estate investments. Additionally, thanks to its expansive size and breathtaking views of the beach of Marmara, it mixes contemporary living with nature and tourism. Pendik is highlighted by its closeness to other important locations on the Marmara Sea, such as Sultanbeyli and Ataşehir.

  • Sancaktepe District

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute's December 2021 statistics, Sancaktepe is one of Istanbul's biggest districts, with 474.67K residents. The district contains 19 neighborhoods in all, covering an area of 62.42 km².

Sancaktepe is made up of two primary elements: Samandıra and Sarıgazi. Sancaktepe, with its leisure areas and summer palaces, has been prominent since antiquity. Sancaktepe's oldest historic structure is the Damatris Summer Palace, established in the Byzantine period.

However, interest in branded developments, particularly in areas near transit hubs, has risen in Sancaktepe, which is one of Istanbul's major communities. The region, which is also popular among investors, continues to flourish, attracting real estate buyers and investors alike with several advantages such as its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, the connection roads of the 3rd bridge that pass through Sancaktepe, the Metro lines that are spreading in the area, along with many other similar features. 

Furthermore, the region is easily accessible because of the TEM motorway and the TEM–Kartal connecting road. 

In the Sancaktepe area homes market for sale, housing prices rise by approximately 3.02% every year. The Sancaktepe district's average depreciation time is 21 years. The average size of a residential property listed for sale is 115 square meters. The most valuable neighborhoods in the Sancaktepe district for housing were Akpınar, Eyüp Sultan, Veysel Karani, Hilal, and YenidoğanSancaktepe district consists of 18 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods of Sancaktepe 

Abdurrahmangazi neighborhood

Akpınar neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Emek neighborhood

Eyüpsultan neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Hilal neighborhood

İnönü neighborhood

Kemal Türkler neighborhood

Meclis neighborhood

Merve neighborhood

Mevlana neighborhood

Osmangazi neighborhood

Safa neighborhood

Sarıgazi neighborhood

Veysel Karani neighborhood

Yenidoğan neighborhood

Yunus Emre neighborhood

Sancaktepe Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most well-known and favored neighborhoods in the Sancaktepe district for housing and residing:

  • Abdurrahman Ghazi neighborhood
  • Merve neighborhood
  • Safa neighborhood
  • Yenidoğan neighborhood

In terms of real estate, Sancaktepe has undergone significant urban development recently, with the expansion of high-end housing projects and governmental services. This has given the area a unique character because of its proximity to the Aydos forest area, and the old neighborhoods have been transformed into new ones in a successful effort to draw in foreign investors.

  • Sultanbeyli District

The Sultanbeyli area dates back to the early sixth century and was ruled for many years by the Roman and Byzantine Empires, and the remains of Aydos Castle are still present as a witness of that great past.

Sultanbeyli district has a population of 349.49K people as of December 31, 2021, offering a distinguished multicultural demographic structure. 

Sultanbeyli has evolved into its current form as a result of fast development operations facilitated by its placement on major thoroughfares; fast expansion and transformation have been observed recently in the region. As a result of this alteration, Sultanbeyli is expected to be valued in the next few years. 

This region has attracted the interest of construction firms with huge and expensive projects, particularly in recent months. Local governments have prioritized the university project, a library with 40,000 volumes, a congress, and a show center. Furthermore, developments such as the new city plaza, central mosque, Aydos Forest Nature Park, and parking garage are seen to improve the district. More and above, summer resorts in Sultanbeyli, such as Aydos Hill, Aydos Forest, and Aydos Pond, are popular among locals.

The Sultanbeyli area is expected to become a tourist destination as a result of the metro project. Year on year, housing prices in this area are rising by 3.53 percent. In Sultanbeyli, the average depreciation period for a 100-square-meter house is 21 years, and the average size of a residential property for sale is 110 square meters.

Fatih, Abdurrahmangazi, Turgut Reis, Necip Fazıl, and Hasanpaşa are the most valuable neighborhoods in the Sultanbeyli district for housingSultanbeyli consists of 15 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Sultanbeyli 

Abdurrahmangazi neighborhood

Adil neighborhood

Ahmet Yesevi neighborhood

Akşemsettin neighborhood

Battalgazi neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Hamidiye neighborhood

Hasanpaşa neighborhood

Mecidiye neighborhood

Mehmet Akif neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Necip Fazıl neighborhood

Orhangazi neighborhood

Turgutreis neighborhood

Yavuz Selim neighborhood

Sultanbeyli Neighborhoods Schedule

The most prominent and popular neighborhoods for housing and living in the Sultanbeyli district are as follows:

  • Abdurrahman Ghazi neighborhood
  • Hamidiye neighborhood
  • Mimar Sinan neighborhood
  • Necip Fazıl neighborhood

In terms of real estate, the Sultanbeyli region has affordable and logical real estate pricing, making it a good choice for family housing, especially given that Arab groups have lived there since antiquity, and we can clearly see the Arab touch there.

  • Şile District

Due to its closeness to Istanbul and many lodging options, this lovely fishing hamlet is a four-season attraction. It is one of the best places to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This area resembles a holiday village with its long Black Sea coast, wonderful natural beauty, and an area of 781.72 km². 

There are numerous natural and historical wonders to discover in this area. This area is notable for its lush greenery, clear air, and sea, as well as its historical significance, dating back to the Byzantine, Roman, and Hittite periods. It also has sandy beaches with blue flags, waterfalls, chapels, and ancient ruins. 

Furthermore, this region offers appealing project and land prospects for anyone who wants to invest his money in real estate, where the growth of transportation amenities such as the Black Sea highway and the third bridge link road increases the profitability of land and housing investments in this region.

Approximately, the housing prices increase by about 3.27% every year in the Şile housing market. The average depreciation time for a 100-square-meter house in the Şile district is 19 years. The average size of residential properties for sale is 150 square meters. Meşrutiyet, Çayırbaşı, Kumbaba, Balibey, and Ağva are the most valuable neighborhoods in Şile for housingŞile district consists of 5 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Şile 

Ağva neighborhood

Balibey neighborhood

Çavuş neighborhood

Hacıkasım neighborhood

Kumbaba neighborhood

Şile Neighborhoods Schedule

The Şile district's most well-known and well-liked residential neighborhoods are as follows:

  • Ağva neighborhood
  • Bali Bey neighborhood
  • Çavuş neighborhood
  • Hacıkasım neighborhood
  • Kumbaba neighborhood

In terms of the real estate in the area, Şile is one of the regions with luxurious and exquisite villas overlooking the Black Sea that have an excellent return on investment. Several investors are interested in purchasing real estate in Şile, where it is also possible to construct wooden cottages. The cost of real estate there is fair and affordable in comparison to other parts of Istanbul.

  • Tuzla District

With the Marmara Sea to the south, connecting to it with a 13-kilometer coastline, Tuzla area is the southernmost point of Istanbul. This area is valued for many different housing projects due to its natural beauty and beach. It is also preferred for its developing transportation facilities and its location away from the crowds and noise of the city. 

Furthermore, Tuzla district is preferred, especially for business meetings, due to its proximity to the international Sabiha Gökçen Airport. It is 4 km from Istanbul International Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 38 km from Üsküdar Harem Bus Station.

Tuzla also hosts the largest shipyard area in Turkey, in addition to Istanbul Park Formula 1 Track, ITU Maritime Faculty, Koç Schools (High School and University), Okan University, Piri Reis University, Sabancı University, Military Reserve School (Infantry School), and Naval Academy which stand among the important places in Tuzla area.

With the railway renewed within the scope of Marmaray, it is easy to go from Tuzla to Kadıköy through centers such as Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe, and İdealtepe, with the railway.

This district is one of the most prominent areas in Istanbul, especially for investment. Housing prices increase by about 2.01% in the year in Tuzla's housing market for sale. The average depreciation period in the Tuzla district is 20 years. The moderate residential size for sale in the district is 110 square meters. The most valuable neighborhoods in the Tuzla district for housing are Yayla, İstasyon, Evliya Çelebi, Fatih, and AydınlıTuzla district consists of 17 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Tuzla 

Anadolu neighborhood

Aydınlı neighborhood

Aydıntepe neighborhood

Cami neighborhood

Evliya Çelebi neighborhood

Fatih neighborhood

Fırat neighborhood

İçmeler neighborhood

İstasyon neighborhood

Mescit neighborhood

Mimarsinan neighborhood

Orhanlı neighborhood

Orta neighborhood

Postane neighborhood

Şifa neighborhood

Tepeören neighborhood

Yayla neighborhood

Tuzla Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the most recognized and popular neighborhoods in the Tuzla district:

  • Fatih neighborhood
  • İstasyon neighborhood
  • Aydınlı neighborhood
  • Şifa neighborhood

In terms of the real estate, Tuzla is one of Istanbul's key neighborhoods, drawing a lot of admirers to its vibrant and busy places. The Marmara Sea's stunning coastline adds significantly to the region's real estate market value.

  • Ümraniye District

The Ümraniye area is the most populous district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul in terms of population, with an area of 45.31 km².  Its name came from "Ümran," which is an Arabic word that means construction and urbanization. 

The Ümraniye area is Istanbul's fastest-growing region. In Ümraniye, 66% of the current 320,000 buildings were constructed in the previous 15 years. The real estate investments made in this region by the big companies of the market are known as the strongest infrastructure in the city of Istanbul.

In Ümraniye district, people can enjoy the entire landscape of Istanbul, including the Bosphorus and European Side, from various portions of Ümraniye. The area hosts large parks and recreation areas suitable for outdoor activities. Moreover, there is a recently constructed fortification where people may go for a walk and enjoy a picnic. In addition, Çamlıca Hill is only a short distance away. Also, it is 31 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 57 km from Istanbul New Airport.

Because of its strategic location, Ümraniye district has considerable transportation advantages. Many routes that link Turkey and Europe pass through this district, where people may use the subway, metro bus, or bus to reach the centre of Istanbul

In the Ümraniye home market for sale, housing prices rise by roughly 2.24% every year. This district's average depreciation time is 21 years. The average size of a residential property listed for sale is 100 square meters. According to yearly data, the most valued neighborhoods for housing in the Ümraniye district are Tatlısu, Saray, İstiklal, Armağanevler, and ElmalıkentÜmraniye district consists of 35 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Ümraniye 

Adem Yavuz neighborhood

Altınşehir neighborhood

Armağanevler neighborhood

Aşağıdudullu neighborhood

Ataken neighborhood

Atatürk neighborhood

Cemil Meriç neighborhood

Çakmak neighborhood

Çamlık neighborhood

Dumlupınar neighborhood

Elmalıkent neighborhood

Esenevler neighborhood

Esenşehir neighborhood

Fatih Sultan Mehmet neighborhood

Hekimbaşı neighborhood

Huzur neighborhood

Ihlamurkuyu neighborhood

İnkılap neighborhood

İstiklal neighborhood

Kâzım Karabekir neighborhood

Mehmet Akif neighborhood

Madenler neighborhood

Namık Kemal neighborhood

Necip Fazılneighborhood

Parseller neighborhood

Saray neighborhood

Site neighborhood

Şerifali neighborhood

Tantavi neighborhood

Tatlısu neighborhood

Tepeüstü neighborhood

Topağacı neighborhood

Yamanevler neighborhood

Yeni Sanayi neighborhood

Yukarıdudullu neighborhood

Ümraniye Neighborhoods Schedule

The most well-known and favored areas in the Ümraniye district are as follows:

  • Tepeüstü neighborhood
  • Namık Kemal neighborhood
  • İstiklal neighborhood
  • Site neighborhood

In terms of the real estate, Ümraniye is one of the urban areas with lofty, luxurious structures featuring towers with views of the Çamlıca Mosque and the Hill of Brides. The area is special and has a high real estate value that is suitable for investments.

  • Üsküdar District

Üsküdar district, one of Istanbul's most prominent areas, is famous for its old monuments, which include palaces, mansions, and mosques. The view of the Bosphorus and the Maiden's Tower, which can be seen from almost everywhere, is gaining popularity day by day. Üsküdar is positioned in a steep and sea-facing valley surrounded by Kadıköy, Beykoz, and Ümraniye at the junction of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus. With mild hills, Üsküdar reaches the sea and falls into the Bosphorus. One of the district's top tourist destinations, Great Çamlıca Sefa Hill, towers 268 meters above sea level, while Küçük Çamlıca Hill is 229 meters above sea level.

As of 31 December 2021, the population was 525.4K, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute's census.

Every day in the Üsküdar area, it is possible to stumble across a brand-new housing complex. These new developments, particularly those built along the Bosphorus Line, entice international investors with their scenic views and contemporary construction.

Kuzguncuk, Çengelköy, Selimiye, Salacak, Beylerbeyi, and İhsaniye neighborhoods in Üsküdar's Bosphorus area are in great demand in the expanding real estate market, particularly in light of Marmaray's transportation advantages.

As of 2020, Üsküdar real estate prices are steadily rising. The average depreciation period is 22 years for a 100 m2 house in Üsküdar, and the average size of a home for sale there is 114 m2. The most attractive neighborhoods in this desirable area, however, include Kandilli, Bahçelievler, Acıbadem, Güzeltepe, and ÜnalanÜsküdar district consists of 33 neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Üsküdar 

Acıbadem neighborhood

Ahmediye neighborhood

Altunizade neighborhood

Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi neighborhood

Bahçelievler neighborhood

Barbaros neighborhood

Beylerbeyi neighborhood

Bulgurlu neighborhood

Burhaniye neighborhood

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

Çengelköy neighborhood

Ferah neighborhood

Güzeltepe neighborhood

İcadiye neighborhood

Kandilli neighborhood

Kirazlıtepe neighborhood

Kısıklı neighborhood

Kuleli neighborhood

Kuzguncuk neighborhood

Küçük Çamlıca neighborhood

Küçüksu neighborhood

Küplüce neighborhood

Mehmet Akif Ersoy neighborhood

Mimar Sinan neighborhood

Murat Reis neighborhood

Salacak iguat neighborhood

Selami Ali neighborhood

Selimiye neighborhood

Sultantepe neighborhood

Ünalan neighborhood

Valide-i Atik neighborhood

Yavuztürk neighborhood

Zeynep Kamil neighborhood

Üsküdar Neighborhoods Schedule

The following are the neighborhoods in the Ümraniye district that are the most important and highly regarded:

  • Acıbadem neighborhood
  • Ahmediye neighborhood
  • Barbaros neighborhood
  • Küçük Çamlıca neighborhood
  • Mimar Sinan neighborhood

In terms of the real estate, Üsküdar is regarded as a remarkable site for real estate investment, particularly due to the availability of unique views of the Bosphorus Strait, which separates the Asian and European sides. The real estate projects in this area are opulent to an unimaginable degree in terms of their beauty, finishing, and distinctive positions.

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FAQ About Istanbul

1 Where is Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul located?

Beylikdüzü is located on the southwest of the European side of Istanbul, south of the E5 international highway, on the coast of the Marmara Sea.

2 Where is Başakşehir district of Istanbul located?

Başakşehir is located on the northwest of the European side of Istanbul, north of the E80 international highway, near to the Istanbul Grand Airport.

3 What are the most important private universities in Büyükçekmece?

Not just in Büyükçekmece, but also throughout Istanbul, Arel University is regarded as one of the most powerful universities. On the E5-highway, its campus in Sefaköy offers vocational education. The other campus in Tepekent, which is located to the west of Büyükçekmece Lake, is home to colleges, including the School of Applied Sciences and the School of Foreign Languages. It also has sports facilities, a theater, a large library, and 25 student-only housing villas.

4 What are the most important international schools in Büyükçekmece?

The most notable are Al-Fayez International School, which uses both the Arabic and British curriculum, and Istanbul International School, which was founded a century ago and continues to thrive academically. Istanbul International School is a mixed-gender independent day school that offers a comprehensive international undergraduate curriculum for foreign students (non-Turkish passport holders) from pre-kindergarten (ages 3) to Grade 12 (18 years).

5 Are there religious schools in Büyükçekmece?

Aside from elementary, middle, and secondary schools, the region has a few Imam Hatip schools, such as Büyükçekmece Imam Hatip School for intermediate students.

6 What are the most important state hospitals in Büyükçekmece?

Mimar Sinan Hospital is one of the major state hospitals not only in Büyükçekmece, but also in Istanbul. The hospital has a total area of 66 thousand square meters and serves the inhabitants of Büyükçekmece and the neighboring districts. It came in first place with the concept of "smart building." It has a total of 235 beds and 62 departments for various specializations.

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