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Important amendments to the Turkish citizenship legislation

07/06/2022 Turkish Citizenship 182 Important amendments to the Turkish citizenship legislation

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Turkey citizenship amounts for investment and property acquiring have been changed for 2019–2022

The following are the modifications to the revised version of the second paragraph of Article 20 of the associated rules, according to the regulation published in the Turkish Official Gazette:

An enrollment share of at least US $400,000 or similar in exchange or in Turkish Lira in a real estate investment fund in Turkey, or a venture capital investment fund participation share of at least US $500,000 or equivalent in exchange or in Turkish Lira for at least three years, is a route to gaining Turkish citizenship, which would be granted within three months. Under one condition, though, the capital bought has to be defined by the Turkey Capital Markets Board.

  • Turkish citizenship by fixed capital investment

To be qualified for a Turkish passport in three months, the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology ruled that a minimum fixed capital investment of US $500,000 must be made.

  • Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in industrial and technological hubs

Purchasing a Turkish real estate that is worth a minimum of $400,000 US dollars or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira, or investing the same value in any fixed capital investment, as defined by Turkey's Ministry of Industry and Technology, is an option to obtain Turkish citizenship in three months.

  • Turkish citizenship by fifty jobs creation

The Turkish Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Service ruled that at least 50 people must be employed by a foreigner in order to obtain Turkish nationality within three months.

  • Turkish citizenship by bank deposit for three years

The Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency has determined that anybody interested in Turkish citizenship can apply for it by depositing at least USD $500,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira) in Turkish banks and not withdrawing that amount for at least three years. Another approach to obtaining Turkish citizenship in three months is to go through this process.

  • Turkish citizenship by government bonds for three years

The Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance has determined that those seeking Turkish citizenship must invest at least USD $500,000 in Turkish government bonds with the condition that these bonds cannot be sold for a minimum of three years, or equal foreign exchange or Turkish lira in state debt instruments acquired. In three months, a Turkish passport will be granted.

  • Turkish citizenship through tourism-related real estate investment

International real and legal individuals interested in making an investment in the tourist industry in Turkey can gain real estate in tourist spots and hubs (by decision of the Council of Ministers in Turkey) and are exempt from the reciprocity principle and the limitations posited for foreigners, as per Article 8/e of the Turkish Law for the Encouragement of Tourism No. 2634. In three months, a Turkish passport will be granted.

  • Citizenship by Turkish spouse marriage in three years

Marriage to a Turkish spouse and obtaining the Family Residence Permit ID card for three years is an option to gaining Turkish citizenship right away with no fuss, without purchasing real estate in Turkey, or making an investment. After a three-year period, a Turkish citizenship is granted.

  • Citizenship after five years of labor or employment

A foreigner who has lived and worked continuously in Turkey and holds a foreign work permit ID card is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship. A Turkish passport can be obtained after a 5-year term. A foreigner, however, must spend a maximum of 6 months outside of Turkey throughout the 60-month period to qualify for citizenship, with a limit of total days spent in Turkey.

  • Instant citizenship by childbirth in Turkey

A baby born in Turkey to two foreign parents does not automatically gain Turkish citizenship; instead, the parents must obtain a passport for that baby from their country's embassy in Turkey and apply for a residence permit within six months of the baby's birth date in order to stay in Turkey legally and avoid an overstay fine. However, citizenship by birth and a Turkish passport are granted promptly if one of the parents is a Turkish citizen. 

When both foreign parents become Turkish citizens, following the requirements outlined above, the foreign kid under the age of 18 receives the same rights to become a Turkish citizen from either father or mother.

Where to apply for Turkish citizenship and passport?

Non-Turkish nationals can go to any of the 250 offices of the Ministry of Interior's Directorate General of Migration Management (Göç Idaresi) in Turkey for the application of Turkish citizenship. The publication of a foreign person's name in the Turkish Official Gazette indicates that Turkish citizenship has been conferred and finalized. The official website for Turkish citizenship and passports, as well as foreigner applications for Turkish National ID and Turkish driver's licenses, may only be obtained by appointment at the Ministry of Interior's Directorate General of Population and Citizenship, Nufüs Müdürlügü, which has 850 offices around the country.

  • Turkish citizenship by fixed capital in Turkey

The fixed capital amount necessary to qualify for Turkish citizenship has been decreased from $ 2 million to $ 500,000 under the new legislation.

  • Turkish citizenship by property investment in Turkey

The minimum amount necessary for the transfer of foreigners' real estate ownership in Turkey has been decreased from $1 million to $400,000.

  • Turkish citizenship by Job creation in Turkey

The phrase "at least 100 people employed in Turkey" has been altered to "at least 50 people employed in Turkey" in terms of citizenship eligibility.

  • Turkish citizenship by bank deposit in Turkey

Deposits in Turkish banks to qualify for citizenship have been cut from $3.5 million to $500,000.

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