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Buy one property or more with an amount of 250.000 $ at least and get the Turkish citizenship immediately

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Nationality Decisions

2018 September

Naturalization law damasturk

Turkey president issued a decision that grants citizenship to foreign property owners starting from 19.09.2018
(property value 250.000 $)

2018 December

Property Under Construction damasturk

A new amendment grants Turkish citizenship to foreign (under construction) property owners starting from 19.09.2018
(property value 250.000 $)

2019 March

Palestinians Ownership damasturk

A new decision issued grants the right to property and the Turkish citizenship to Palestinians who hold a travel document


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate

  • One of the popular investment ideas in Turkey is to purchase a commercial store that is pre-rented to an international brand or a hotel that is already occupied by visitors. Here are the unique advantages of commercial real estate:

  • The annual return on commercial property is higher than that of residential property.

  • The commercial property has a rental guarantee for several consecutive years.

  • The rise in the price of commercial real estate is inevitable, especially if it is leased to international brands.

  • The advantage of owning a store in a large mall, means an inevitable price increase.


Stages of obtaining the Turkish citizenship and the needed documents for it

To obtain
damasturk 6-3

*Papers must be brought from the investor's country


Our residential projects in Turkey

  • The portfolio of real estate projects in damasturk is valued for unique characteristics, luxurious finishes, easy installment plans, and high discounts. Our residential projects are also distinguished with:

  • The guarantee of the Turkish government, suitable for Turkish citizenship, in vibrant and upscale areas.

  • Easy payment plans 12 - 120 months, discount on cash payments from 5 - 30%.

  • Our projects offer sea views, green views, smart apartments, near the metro.

  • The title deed is ready for delivery, luxurious finishes, large areas suitable for families.

  • Our residential projects are situated in Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, and Ankara.

  • Our projects in Istanbul are located in the center, Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü.

damasturk damasturk damasturk

Strength of the Turkish passport

  • The Turkish passport is ranked 37th in the world in 2021
  • Ease of obtaining a Schengen visa to enter the EU
  • Ease of obtaining the American green card
  • Entry to 72 countries without a visa and 51 countries with a visa at the airport
  • Free education for children and benefit from retirement programs
  • The right of voting to all types of elections
  • Dual nationality is permitted with any other country

The most prominent countries that do not need a visa


South Korea








damasturk luxury-villa projects

  • For the lovers of nature, beauty, tranquility and relaxation, we offer a range of special villa projects in the Turkish coastal cities such as Istanbul and Antalya, with green views of the forests and mountains. All of our villa projects are suitable for Turkish citizenship, independent with privacy, have a private garden for each villa, and a security protection system for the complex. Our villa projects are located in quiet areas overlooking the Marmara Sea in Istanbul and Bursa. The prices of our villas in Kocaeli and Bursa start from 190.000 USD, in Antalya from 250.000 USD, and in Istanbul from 400.000 USD. Our villas range in style and design from 3 + 1 to 7 + 1 with spacious and comfortable living spaces, and multiple floors.


Nationalities That buy the most in Turkey

Select 5 Only

Best-Selling cities in Turkish real estate market


FAQ About Turkish Citizenship

  • What is the law of Turkish citizenship acquisition? And how is it applied?

    In September 2018, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a decision to grant Turkish citizenship to foreigners who acquire a property/real estate worth a minimum $250,000 in Turkey, with a title deed restriction on its resale for at least 3 years.

  • How long does the process of acquisition Turkish citizenship take?

    After preparing all the documents needed for the application, including the title deed of the purchased property, the Turkish citizenship can be acquired after only 90 days, as there is a special coordination office to follow up on citizenship transactions through properties’ ownership.

  • Is it possible to acquire Turkish citizenship without my presence?

    Is it possible to acquire Turkish citizenship without my presence? Yes, this can be done by making an official power of attorney at the Turkish embassy in your country for the legal team in damasturk, and we will go through all the procedures for you.

  • Does the Turkish law allow dual citizenship?

    Yes, Turkish law allows dual citizenship, but you have to check with the responsible authorities in your country if it is allowed.



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“ I advise people to deal with damasturk! Because dealing with them, I felt like credibility was above and before everything else. ”


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“ On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give damasturk Real Estate 11 out of 10. A vote of thanks to you for all the services provided. ”


Abdel Azim - Sudan

“ We were lucky enough to find damasturk Real Estate, and we are more than satisfied with the services provided to us. Thanks a million, in deed! ”

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