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The detailed guide to the Esenyurt area in Istanbul

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Esenyurt Map

Esenyurt district

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in the district of Esenyurt as a result of the rapid expansion of the urban and service sectors there, the thing that helped it rank #1 among the 39 municipalities in Istanbul in terms of population density and demographic variety.

Esenyurt was able to shift the perspective of investors and people towards it in a short period of time, since the Esenyurt region in 2022 is radically different from what it was in earlier years. The area has received special attention from the Turkish government, which has resulted in the establishment of educational, medical, and social facilities as well as the development of the infrastructure, particularly in the areas of transportation, highways, and shopping centers. As a result of this, Esenyurt is no longer far from the city center, which enabled it to attract the attention of construction and building companies as a prospective real estate market, and as a consequence, it rapidly developed into a region full of opulent complexes with contemporary apartments and views of the sea.

In today's article, DAMAS TÜRK will go over everything linked to Esenyurt in depth, and we will learn about the factors that led to its population tripling in the last ten years, making it the first option for people wishing to buy apartments for sale in Turkey. We hope you have a good time reading our article today, which offers a great deal of useful and significant facts.

An overview of Istanbul's Esenyurt district

Esenyurt has a land area of 2,770 square kilometers, and with growth and demand, it has risen from third to first position as the most inhabited area after Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar in a short period of time.

This district is a fantastic blend of affluent and popular life, and some of its neighborhoods are now on par with Istanbul's posh neighborhoods thanks to the presence of contemporary residential complexes there. Esenyurt is the best option if you want to live in opulent apartments with stunning blue views far from the bustle of the city. Esenyurt is also a wonderful option if you want residential flats in prime locations that are bustling with people and activity at reasonable pricing. These benefits helped draw people who wished to purchase apartments for sale in Istanbul, and as a result, roughly a million people currently reside in Esenyurt.

Where is Esenyurt located?

Esenyurt is situated on Istanbul's European side, more precisely in the historical and geographical region of Thrace, which comprises northeastern Greece, southern Bulgaria, and European Turkey. The area was near Istanbul's earliest historical settlement. It was formerly an agricultural area, but due to significant population movement, it became a municipality in 1989. It then became an autonomous municipality in 2008 after severing ties with the Büyükçekmece municipality.

Today, we may locate the Esenyurt area among the Istanbul regions as follows: From the east, it is bounded by the Avcılar area; from the south, by Beylikdüzü; from the west, by Büyükçekmece; and from the north, by Başakşehir and Arnavutköy.

Esenyurt is located along Istanbul's E5 major highway and is a short drive from the city's most prominent attractions and vital locations, as illustrated below:

  • It is 40 minutes away from Taksim
  • It is 40 minutes away from Istanbul Airport
  • It is 35 minutes away from Fateh area
  • It is 13 minutes away from the Sea of Marmara
  • It is 45 minutes away from the Bosphorus Bridge

Position and status

After eight years of diligence, determination, and hard work by the municipality of Esenyurt and those in charge, after it had a terrible reputation and was never popular, Esenyurt now has a position and prestige that match its affluent neighbors like Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, and Başakşehir, with strong rivalry in many fields and sectors, the most important of which are the construction sector, large buildings and towers, and upscale and opulent projects. Anyone who visited Esenyurt ten years ago and sees it now will note the drastic changes to the infrastructure and the district's intense interest in contemporary architecture and urban design. There are neighborhoods like Cumhuriyet and Zafar today that give the impression that you are in places like Maslak and Sarıyer when you visit there!

Even Sheraton has established a project in this booming region! particularly in the Koza neighborhood, which is well known for the iconic Akbatı Mall. In short, Esenyurt was given a unique position and importance among all the Istanbul districts as a result of all this attention, the fast acceleration, and the rush of building enterprises, and if suggestive, this only demonstrates the area's illustrious development and modernization.

Esenyurt's map and geography

In comparison to other districts of Istanbul, the Esenyurt area's infrastructure and geography are rocky and sturdy, and together with Çamlıca, Fatih, and other locations, Esenyurt is said to be one of Istanbul's highest areas and situated high above the Marmara Sea. As is the case, for instance, in the Başakşehir district, which is likewise situated on a rocky hill, this increases its strength and resilience against earthquakes and other natural disasters!

Regarding the district’s map, we have created a table for you that lists all the neighborhoods in this region, their population, and even the area that each neighborhood occupies. Our goal is to constantly deliver thorough and well-rounded information. Let's learn more about the Esenyurt area's neighborhoods, including the most well-known ones.

Esenyurt's most well-known neighborhoods

The district of Esenyurt is divided into 43 neighborhoods, the most well-known of which are Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Güzel Yurt, Talat Pasha, and Yeşilkent. The following table shows the neighborhoods of Esenyurt, their areas, and the population in each neighborhood:

Neighborhoods of Esenyurt


Population (thousand people)

Area (km²)

Şehitler neighborhood

15.915 people

0.284 km²

Necip Fazıl Kısakürek neighborhood

17,161 people

0,336 km²

Saadetdere neighborhood

21.850 people

0,347 km²

Cumhuriyet neighborhood

14.369 people

0,348 km²

Incirtepe neighborhood

25,506 people

0,384 km²

İstiklal neighborhood

18,108 people

0,44 km²

Üçevler neighborhood

25,490 people

0,445 km²

Yeni Kent neighborhood

20.962 people

0.45 km²

Örnek neighborhood

18,499 people

0,481 km²

Yunus Emre neighborhood

18,739 people

0,492 km²

İnönü neighborhood

24,472 people

0,492 km²

Talatpaşa neighborhood

26.077 people

0,493 km²

Ak Evler neighborhood

10.294 people

0,517 km²

Hürriyet neighborhood

24,769 people

0,531 km²

Süleymaniye neighborhood

28.839 people

0,534 km²

Fatih neighborhood

25.282 people

0,538 km²

Sultaniye neighborhood

17,294 people

0,539 km²

Çınar neighborhood

28,093 people

0,541 km²

Balıkyolu neighborhood

26,828 people

0,547 km²

Mehmet Akif Ersoy neighborhood

22,844 people

0,552 km²

Namık Kemal neighborhood

21.366 people

0,556 km²

Battalgazi neighborhood

15,621 people

0,564 km²

Mehterçeşme neighborhood

36.090 people

0,586 km²

Bağlarçeşme neighborhood

28,514 people

0,605 km²

Turgut Özal neighborhood

24,050 people

0,648 km²

Pınar neighborhood

36,477 people

0,683 km²

Akşemseddin neighborhood

6.519 people

0,719 km²

Piri Reis neighborhood

11.389 people

0,767 km²

Esenkent neighborhood

10.183 people

0,776 km²

Aşık Veysel neighborhood

15.953 people

0,838 km²

Mevlana neighborhood

13,636 people

0,868 km²

Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa neighborhood

21.017 people

1,086 km²

Yeşilkent neighborhood

31,751 people

1,112 km²

Koza neighborhood

5.159 people

1,375 km²

Atatürk neighborhood

13,077 people

1,581 km²

Zafer neighborhood

11,807 people

1,646 km²

Selahaddin Eyyubi neighborhood

22,624 people

2,632 km²

Orhan Gazi neighborhood

10.461 people

3,562 km²

Osmangazi neighborhood

29,605 people

3,658 km²

Akçaburgaz neighborhood

19.365 people

6.32 km²

Source: Atlasbig

Esenyurt's most renowned destinations

The district of Esenyurt is well-known for its numerous tourism, recreational, and natural attractions that draw both tourists and locals. We will discuss a few of the area's most significant and well-known landmarks in the section that follows:

  • Esenyurt Square: It is the epicenter of the Esenyurt area and is significant in terms of tourism, business, and real estate. Many vital facilities are close by, and this neighborhood occupies a sizable portion of the district.
  • The Chocolate Museum: One of the most notable and well-known attractions in the Esenyurt district is the Chocolate Museum. It occupies 25,000 square meters inside the Plate Chocolate Factory. The most notable Istanbul sites are represented in the form of pure chocolate sculptures in this museum.
  • Talaat Pasha Street: One of the most well-known streets in Esenyurt is Talaat Pasha Street, which also has a number of shops selling furniture, cosmetics, apparel, shoes, and other items, as well as cafes, restaurants, and transit hubs.
  • Erdogan Garden: This garden covers an area of 76,877 square meters. The garden has vast green spaces, areas with water and waterfalls, walking and exercise routes, eateries, and lounging areas.
  • Marmara Park Mall: It is one of the top shopping centers in the European Istanbul area and receives tens of thousands of people each day. It houses the finest and most well-known brands in a range of products, including clothes, appliances, electronics, and supplies for kids and homes. Additionally, it features many fantastic cafes and restaurants.

Esenyurt's demographics

Esenyurt has grown to be one of Istanbul's largest districts, with 43 neighborhoods and a population density of around one million. Due to recent large urban growth, Esenyurt is now a well-liked location for property owners and investors from many other countries. It is a very ethnically varied area, and many immigrant populations from abroad have made Istanbul their home. The distribution of Esenyurt inhabitants by age, as well as their economic and social standing, is shown in the tables below.

Population distribution by age

Source: Endeksa

The societal status in Esenyurt

The percentages of married, single, widowed, and divorced people in Esenyurt's overall population are shown in the following table:





Social status

2.02 %

3.23 %

42.41 %

19.67 %


Source: Endeksa

The educational status in Esenyurt

The percentage of the total population

Educational level

73 %

Pre-university education

12 %

College degree or higher

15 %


Source: Endeksa

Esenyurt district: history, nomenclature, and inhabitants

The Esenyurt district is located in one of Istanbul's oldest human settlements, and up until the eighteenth century, the land of this area was exclusively used for agriculture. Between 1920 and 1938, as the city grew, it started to see both internal and external immigration from Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Kars, and Artvin. This continued until it was incorporated as a municipality in 1989. In 1967, the area was given its present name in honor of a local person. English's equivalent of "esenyurt" is the concept of a home, both spiritual and material.

Detailed information about the Esenyurt district of Istanbul

Since it is Istanbul's largest municipality, the social and economic status of its citizens differs greatly. It has been characterized as a region with few services and a low standard of living by some. However, as we already indicated, it is a sizable, expansive municipality made up of 43 neighborhoods, ranging from affluent to popular, with both noisy and calm areas. There is also a significant ethnic diversity within this district. As a result, the area has two extremely distinct life styles, which are as follows:

  • The modern style: These are the brand-new, premium communities in the Esenyurt region that are full of modern residential complexes that have lately been built.
  • The popular style: It comprises historic and secluded communities, and the structures are generally self-contained. The centers of these communities are chaotic and heavily populated, and real estate and rent are quite inexpensive. These neighborhoods are bustling with activity and are full of well-known marketplaces at affordable prices.

This variety of lifestyles has drawn people to the area, making it one of the most sought-after locations for foreign investment, rental properties, and property ownership in Turkey.

The population of Esenyurt

As a consequence of the urban development initiatives undertaken by the Turkish government and the municipality of Esenyurt, as well as the investments and housing projects that overwhelmed the territory and attracted the populace, the population of the Esenyurt region has expanded dramatically in recent years. The population of the Esenyurt district during the previous five years is shown in the following table:



977,489 people


957.398 people


954,579 people


891,120 people


846,492 people


Source: Nuvusu

According to the most recent statistics provided by Turkish authorities last year, there are 500,994 males and 476,495 females living in the Esenyurt district. This means that men make up 51.25 percent of the population, while women make up 48.75 percent.

Infrastructure in Esenyurt

The infrastructure of the Esenyurt region has undergone a considerable transformation, and only those who lived there five years ago or more can tell the difference. It has since changed entirely, becoming a richer area with opulent residential complexes, broad highways, means of transportations, and fundamental services for health, education, and other essentials of life.

Being one of Istanbul's most significant real estate investment locations, this area has evolved greatly. Esenyurt has a high real estate value due to its strategic and significant position, as well as the fact that it is situated between the two busiest highways in Istanbul.

Esenyurt presently has a well-developed infrastructure with comfortable and easy access to hospitals, health centers, educational institutions, and shopping centers.

Esenyurt municipality

Esenyurt Municipality is regarded as one of Istanbul's most engaged and dynamic municipalities. All regional operations, be they for a Turkish national or a foreign resident, are administered via this diligent municipality. At the end of the previous year, the Greater Istanbul Municipality Council gave Esenyurt Municipality the largest budget—more than one billion and 306 million Turkish liras—to carry out its duties and provide services to its residents.

Esenyurt Municipality is in charge of all governmental duties in the area, especially duties connected to the lives of the local populace, including roads, gardens, buildings, and services. The Esenyurt Municipality building is one of the government buildings in the region's core, and it offers all of its services during regular business hours. Citizens can make an appointment on the municipality's website to avoid having to wait for long periods of time.

Esenyurt Square

It is a large space in the middle of the Esenyurt district and one of the most significant sights in the area. Its name became famous in the European section of Istanbul and was well recognized owing to the diversity of its visitors of different nationalities.

As a comprehensive hub for all types of services that people require, Esenyurt Square is quite significant, hosting many dining restaurants, coffee shops, international stores, educational and beauty facilities, and hospitals. Like many other parts of Istanbul, Esenyurt Square is always bustling with activity, and the police are always present to maintain security in the area. Esenyurt Square also serves as a venue for large gatherings and important holidays, in addition to Ramadan-related activities and events.

Regarding the transportation system in the square, a bus stop, including city and mini buses, is accessible, in addition to the availability of taxis and a metro station that will be constructed close by.

Nature in Esenyurt

Esenyurt features several parks and other natural areas that locals use for recreation, including Erdogan Park, which has extensive green space covering an area of more than 76,000 square meters, and Veterans Park (Gaziler Parkı), which is abundant in different kinds of trees, cafés, and water spaces. Additionally, Esenyurt is surrounded by a lot of lush, natural areas where the locals frequently go to relax.

Esenyurt: the basics

Esenyurt is distinguished by its attractive water views since it looks out over various bodies of water, which has increased the value and advantageous position of Esenyurt. It is just 3 km from the Sea of Marmara and situated directly to the west of Lake Büyükçekmece and to the east of Lake Küçükçekmece. With the anticipated completion of the metro line in the upcoming year, its real estate significance will also rise.

Esenyurt: characteristics and features

As was previously noted, the Esenyurt district has undergone significant growth and has emerged as one of Istanbul's most significant residential regions. In addition to the fact that its residential complexes are modern, they are safe thanks to a 24-hour monitoring and guarding system, have extremely opulent technical designs, and use high-quality finishing materials.

The following is the most important features of the Esenyurt region:

  • The E-5 and E-80 freeways, which link all parts of Istanbul together, are two of the most significant routes in the area
  • Availability of several significant multi-language-speaking hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Robust and modern infrastructure
  • Availability of many significant commercial hubs there
  • The variety of residential and commercial real estate possibilities and opportunities
  • Daily urban development initiatives and services are launched as a result of the Turkish government's interest in the area
  • Proximity to Istanbul's most prominent European neighborhoods, including Beylikdüzü and Başakşehir

Additional features

  • There are several premium and contemporary residential complexes
  • The cost of real estate is often affordable
  • For Arabic-speaking investors, the presence of Arab inhabitants in the region would assist integration and reduce the sensation of living in a strange country

Esenyurt's attraction factors: what are they?

The large number of people who picked the Esenyurt region as their home demonstrates that the Turkish government effort was not in vain and that there must have been genuine factors to consider that made Esenyurt the most dominant and popular district in Istanbul. Being a market leader in the Turkish real estate sector for many years, we are positive that the availability of remarkable services and amenities, as well as the affordable and acceptable pricing of real estate in the Esenyurt district, are the most significant elements that have drawn inhabitants there.

Investment in real estate in Esenyurt

In principle, investing in Istanbul is a fantastic opportunity with enormous investment potential for individuals looking to put money into the real estate market and generate high, profitable returns. The Turkish construction industry has experienced prosperity and growth in recent years, putting Turkey at the top of the list of countries that sell real estate. And with the Turkish government authorizing the opportunity of acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, real estate sales quickly reached record highs.

The Esenyurt region experienced urban expansion and development, which boosted the population's need for housing there. This resulted in the attraction of new investors and several high-tech construction companies that created the most opulent real estate complexes, which further contributed to drawing people and investors and establishing the region as a vibrant investment destination.

Development and urbanization in Esenyurt

The Esenyurt region today has more than 100 enormous residential complexes, and it would not have achieved this level if the housing and building sectors had not undergone a renaissance at both the governmental and private levels.

In 2018, Esenyurt's average price per square meter was projected to be 1,947 Turkish liras, compared to 2,428 in areas like Beylikdüzü and Silivri. However, the previous several years saw tremendous inflation due to the great demand for real estate in this area.

The future of Esenyurt

The Esenyurt region is expected to benefit more and more from the continued urbanization initiatives being spearheaded by the Turkish government, which seek to restore and replace outdated structures. These efforts will soon be reflected in various sections of Esenyurt. The development of residential complexes, infrastructure improvements, and services in the Esenyurt region promises prosperity for investment.

According to analyses by real estate specialists, the region will not simply relinquish its leadership throughout the following years, at least from 2022 to 2030, since Esenyurt apartments and residential complexes still have many qualities that are unmatched.

The real estate importance of Esenyurt

Esenyurt was one of the most rural places away from the center, hence real estate prices were low. However, with the attention of the Turkish government and urban development projects, in addition to the metrobus route reaching there, Esenyurt underwent a civilizational resurrection, attracted investors, and became of enormous real estate importance.

Numerous construction firms are presently working on developing residential and commercial projects in this area, and as a result, property values are expected to skyrocket, particularly with the addition of new metro lines in the area.

Esenyurt: Investment and settling down

Esenyurt drew in investors and mesmerized them with its opulent residential complexes and alluring prices; thus, a large number of people looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul moved there as a result of professionals' consistent advice about the importance of real estate investment in it.

We have discussed the advantages of the region for individuals who wish to live there, such as the availability of contemporary housing complexes, upscale neighborhoods, amenities, and services, its strategic position, and the significant number of governmental, Arabic, and international schools that make relocating there effective. Moreover, Esenyurt contains properties that qualify for Turkish citizenship applications.

Esenyurt: a modern investment venue with rising potential value

Since it was declared an autonomous municipality in 2008, the municipality of Esenyurt has increased its development and expansion efforts, which has boosted the region's market value and made it more desirable to both foreign investors and domestic citizens of Turkey. Esenyurt had a population of only 553,369 people in 2012, but it has grown to about one million people in the last ten years. This is owing to the region's urban expansion, and it has therefore become a high-value investment destination that will increase significantly in the future, according to figures and reports made by specialists in the sector.

Esenyurt district: first investment site in Istanbul

Within a short period of time, Esenyurt climbed to the top of Istanbul's investment destinations. In August 2018, real estate sales in Istanbul topped 15,000 properties, with Esenyurt holding the lion's share, accounting for 2,460 units, or 16% of the total sales volume. Esenyurt again was the most popular real estate market in Turkey in 2019, according to official information from the Turkish Statistics Authority, with 33 thousand and 194 properties sold.

As a result, the Esenyurt has continued to draw investors, and it is the district with the highest rates when acquiring apartments for sale in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. Real estate values are likely to rise dramatically in the next few years as a result of the new metro lines, which will make commuting from there to anywhere else in the city easier and improve the value of real estate investment in this district.

Real estate investment opportunities in Esenyurt

Real estate investment in the Esenyurt region has increased steadily and rapidly since it is a location rich in real estate possibilities and offers investors several investment opportunities with assured investment returns. The following are some real estate investment options in the Esenyurt area:

  • Investing in real estate and apartments
  • Investing in commercial real estate and offices
  • Investing in student apartments and youth housing
  • Investing in hotel and furnished apartments
  • Investing in schools and commercial buildings

Real estate projects in Esenyurt

Esenyurt's real estate projects are now a popular destination for those seeking settling and accommodation in a place with an average standard of living since these projects are more affordable than other parts of Istanbul, but what makes these projects unique? And why did we suggest that Esenyurt has grown to be a famous tourist destination for visitors to Istanbul? The answer may be found in the following paragraphs:

  • The majority of Esenyurt's real estate projects are contemporary and constructed in accordance with the most recent regulations and requirements appropriate for the quake and other catastrophic situations. And, because the district is new and now blooming with urban features, these projects have a distinct value when compared to real estate projects in other regions of Istanbul, given that the majority of them are still under construction.
  • The concentration of real estate projects in communities rather than others—who has not heard of Cumhuriyet Mahallesi? Certainly, no visitor to Esenyurt has not heard of Cumhuriyet Mahallesi or seen the marvel of new and big skyscrapers and buildings. Also, there is another area named Zafer Mahallesi; when you see it, you feel like you are in Sarıyer or Şişli! As a result, the presence of real estate projects in a neighborhood leads to the development of new infrastructure and important utilities.
  • Price competition with neighboring regions. Esenyurt was, without a doubt, very inexpensive and unpleasant prior to all of the recent developments. However, this offered an opportunity for the owners of construction companies, some of whom controlled the region and constructed a series of huge real estate projects there. As a result, as it thrived, the specs in the new Esenyurt were the same as those found in the projects in the heart of Istanbul, but the costs were half the price.
  • Apartments in Esenyurt real estate complexes provide rewarding investment returns. This is due to the high demand for purchasing in this region, and as a result, the resale process became very profitable, as did the leasing process, which had a high value, regardless of the investment returns, which reached twice their value in the areas mentioned in the previous paragraph. Now let us learn more about Esenyurt's prestigious projects and housing complexes.

The most important projects and residential complexes in Esenyurt

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Esenyurt near the E-5 and the metrobus—Project DS390 

This is a noteworthy residential and investment project, as it is situated in the Yeşilkent neighborhood, Esenyurt on the European side of Istanbul, and it is valued by its integrated services, based on the notion that "the region is attractive, vibrant, and completely served," as proven by the area's closeness to the Metrobus station, which is 1.2 kilometers away.

The project consists of a single structure with 100 units that range in type from 1+1 to 2+1. Considering that the project is still under construction, it presents a chance for people who enjoy making investments and receiving lucrative returns. More information and specifics are available at the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Esenyurt near the E5 and the metrobus—Project DS390 

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt near shopping malls—Project DS438

The project is located in the heart of Esenyurt, directly facing the TEM highway line, making it a smart and rewarding investment. The project has a total area of 3500 square meters, and the building has 34 floors with 2+1 and 3+1 residential options as well as 18 commercial shops.

The project's unusual location made it an exceptional investment opportunity, since it is only 30 minutes from Istanbul Airport! It is also near the most prominent and opulent malls in the area, including Torium Mall, which is known for its snow sports in the summer and winter, and Marmara Park, which is home to international brands. Get more information about the project: Apartments for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt near shopping malls—Project DS438

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Esenyurt with luxurious finishes—Project DS153

The project location is particularly distinctive since it is close to two shopping complexes (Marmara and Torium Mall), which are among the greatest shopping centers in the region, and so this project was a differentiated option among many real estate projects in Esenyurt. The project was constructed on 18,693 square meters of land.

The project consists of a single tower with a unique and distinctive style, including 991 residences and 97 commercial spaces. In this project, there are many apartment types, ranging from 1+1 to 3+1. To discover more about this project, click on the link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Esenyurt with luxurious finishes—Project DS153

The prices of real estate in Esenyurt

One of the reasons Esenyurt has grown in popularity is because of its reasonable real estate prices that fit all budgets. Also, the procedure of purchasing real estate in Turkey is simple; formerly, it took a long time, but with the Turkish government's assistance, the process is now much faster. It does not take a week to compile all of the paperwork and sign the title documents once you have chosen your property.

The average real estate price in Esenyurt

100-square-meter apartments average price

Average price per square meter


1.216.116 Turkish liras

11.055 Turkish liras

Rural areas

1.992.651 Turkish liras

17.327 Turkish liras

Central areas

2.301.276 Turkish liras

19.177 Turkish liras

Residential complexes

Source: Emlak 360

Average rental prices for real estate and apartments in Esenyurt

The following is the average rent per square meter in Esenyurt, Istanbul:

100-square-meter apartment average rental price

Average rental price per square meter


4.450 Turkish liras

47 Turkish Liras

Rural areas

5.928 Turkish liras

56 Turkish Liras

Central areas

9.491 Turkish Liras

79 Turkish Liras

Residential complexes

Source: Emlak 360

The advantages of buying property in Esenyurt

Esenyurt shares the same importance as the other districts in Istanbul's European section, and investors may gain the same profitable rewards there. The significance of purchasing real estate in Esenyurt originates from the fact that long-term investments generate extremely beneficial investment returns, in addition to the reasonable prices of real estate in comparison to other regions in Istanbul.

It is worth highlighting that the Turkish government's urban transformation projects in the region augur a promising future for real estate, particularly in popular and old districts.

Living in Istanbul's Esenyurt district

There are two different types of apartments and real estate in Esenyurt: upscale residential complexes and conventionally popular ones, allowing people of all backgrounds and income levels to live conveniently and pleasantly there. In both circumstances, the essential living conditions and prices are approximately half of what they are in the rest of Istanbul.

The social environment in Esenyurt

The municipality of Esenyurt has worked hard to foster a social environment in the region. It has established many social facilities, such as parks, gardens, sports clubs, cultural and educational centers, cinemas, and concert halls, in addition to social services, and then facilitated access to these facilities by creating a strong and developed infrastructure.

Cultural and social features of Esenyurt

Esenyurt, as we previously noted, is an ethnically diverse area of Istanbul that offers benefits that may not be found in other parts of the city. As a consequence of the range of activities carried out there and the quality of the items offered in its marketplaces to fulfill all interests and nationalities, it became a city in itself, resulting in a cultural and social mix.

Furthermore, a glance at the region's cultural and social amenities reveals that these social amenities have improved the residents' quality of life, assisted them in fulfilling their daily tasks, and integrated them into society as a whole.

Studying in Esenyurt

Because of the region's high population density, the municipality has strived to establish schools, kindergartens, high schools, vocational centers, and language centers in all Esenyurt neighborhoods. Consequently, learning is now simple, and inhabitants of Esenyurt have no difficulty learning and teaching their children, particularly foreigners, because of the availability of foreign-language schools in the region.

Educational services in Esenyurt

There are many institutions in Esenyurt that provide high-quality educational services at reasonable rates, making the location appealing for education and study, in addition to its favorable real estate prices. Esenyurt has a significant number of kindergartens and over 150 primary and secondary public, private, and foreign schools.

Schools in Esenyurt

The most famous schools and high schools in Esenyurt:

  • Yunus Emre İmam-Hatip Secondary School
  • Esenyurt Şehitler School
  • Private Medeniyet School
  • Esenyurt İhsan Nakipoğlu-İmam Hatip High School
  • Sultan Muhamad Fatih High School

Arabic and international schools in Esenyurt:

  • AlManar International School
  • Ihsan International School
  • Alaska international school
  • Chinar schools
  • Almomayazon Private School
  • Rumeli International Schools
  • Iraqi Al Hikma School
  • Lebanese Almawakeb International School

Universities in Esenyurt:

Esenyurt University, one of several nearby private and public institutions, is located within the region's limits.

Istanbul Esenyurt University: It is a high-quality Turkish university with affordable tuition fees. The university offers classes in both English and Turkish. It also has a large number of overseas students from around 25 different countries. It is made up of four colleges, two postgraduate schools, a health vocational school, three institutions, and two centers for research and application.

The institution offers contemporary laboratories, sports facilities, and student housing near campus.

Educational facilities in the Esenyurt

In addition to the academic facilities in Esenyurt, there are also many educational facilities for memorizing the Qur'an and its teachings, teaching languages, and other sciences, in addition to the large number of academic institutions. The region also has many centers, such as Yunus Emre Center for Culture and Arts, Yunus Balta Cultural Center, Sanabel Center for Culture and Arts, Esenkent Center for Culture and Arts, Yenikent Center for Culture and Arts, and Saadetdere Center for Culture and Arts.

As for libraries, there are the Esenyurt Public Library, the Cemil Meriç Library, and the Yunus Balta Library.

Hospitals and healthcare in Esenyurt

There are various completely qualified health facilities in the Esenyurt region, as well as medical experts with extensive experience. Hospitals, clinics, medical centers, physicians' offices, first aid centers, and family and community health centers are among the health facilities in the region, as are civil society groups and government-affiliated social security agencies. The most prominent hospitals and medical clinics in Esenyurt will be mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Health facilities in Esenyurt

Esenyurt district includes 157 family medicine clinics, 34 dental clinics, 7 first aid stations, 3 prosthetic dental laboratories, 2 dialysis centers, 26 private clinics for oral and dental health, 6 centers for selling hearing aids, 47 centers for selling optics, 15 medical centers, 90 pharmacies, 4 large private hospitals, a university hospital, and a center for orthopedics and prosthetic limbs. More and above, the Turkish Ministry of Health recently established the Esenyurt Institute for the development of vaccines and medicines.

Hospitals and medical clinics in Esenyurt

Istinye University Hospital: The hospital was established in 2016 on an area of 62,500 square meters. It is a JCI- and ISO-9001-certified hospital for the quality of its services. The departments in this hospital include gynecology, urology, neurology, organ transplantation, heart surgery, and oncology. It is a hospital equipped with the latest technology and the most qualified health personnel.

Esencan Hospital: It is a private hospital that offers several high-quality medical services in a variety of medical specialties and is located near Esenyurt Square.

Riyaad Specialized Hospital: It is also one of the greatest hospitals in terms of providing the best medical treatments at the most affordable prices, and it also has several departments.

Arabic medical centers in Esenyurt:

There are many Arab centers that provide medical services in Esenyurt, including:

Al-Salam Medical Center: It is an Arabic medical center based in Esenyurt that offers a wide range of medical treatments by skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals. The center has departments for orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, general and internal surgery, and plastic surgery.

Al-Razi Medical Center: It is located in Esenyurt and has various departments such as pediatrics, general surgery, dermatology, internal surgery, orthopedics, ear, nose, and throat, gynecology, obstetrics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and physiotherapy. The center also offers all kinds of medical analysis.

Al-Rashid Medical Complex: It is a complex that provides medical services in various specialties, including gynecology, obstetrics, internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, venereal diseases, neurology, ear, throat, bone, and blood diseases. It also has a laboratory for medical analyses accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health at reduced prices.

The main roads and transportation in Istanbul's Esenyurt district:

Esenyurt is situated between a robust network of motorways that enable inhabitants to travel to the rest of Istanbul swiftly and comfortably. Esenyurt's transportation system is diversified; thus, we find the metrobus that links the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, as well as the huge buses of the Greater Istanbul Municipality and minibuses, or the so-called "Dulmush," and the taxis accessible on its roadways. Furthermore, construction is presently underway on a metro line that will make traveling to and from Esenyurt simpler.

The most important main highways in Esenyurt

Esenyurt is situated between two vital routes for the Turkish economy and infrastructure, notably Routes E-80 and E-5 highways.

E-80 highway: it is an intercontinental road that links far western Europe to eastern Asia without stopping. As many real estate developers and construction firms have rushed to carry out residential developments in the regions that the road goes through, the road has helped to reduce traffic congestion.

E-5 highway: It is one of Istanbul's most renowned and essential highways, running from Büyükçekmece to Fatih. The famed metro bus, one of Istanbul's top modes of transportation, travels for 50 kilometers and includes 45 stations on both the European and Asian sides of this motorway.

Transportation in Istanbul's Esenyurt district

Some believe that the Esenyurt region is far from the center; however, a closer inspection reveals that this is an old concept that is no longer applicable. It was considered a faraway location in the previous years before the metro bus line reached it and its transportation network grew, but it is now regarded as a close area with a strong and established transportation network from which you can get to all districts of Istanbul comfortably and easily.

Public transportation in Istanbul's Esenyurt district

As previously said, Esenyurt is situated in the midst of Istanbul's two most major transportation roads, the E80 and E5, which link all districts of Istanbul, in addition to its closeness to the city's most important new investment areas, such as Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü.

Esenyurt's major public transportation routes

  • The "Esenyurt—Bahçeşehir—Mahmoud Bey" metro line: The work began on August 30, 2021. The new metro line is planned to transport 1.5 million passengers per day, and the route’s completion will also have an impact on real estate prices since it will reduce the distance between Esenyurt and Mecidiyeköy to 60 minutes and Kabataş to 67 minutes.
  • The Metrobus line: It is the main transportation artery that connects the European side and the Asian side of Istanbul, and some of its stations pass through the Esenyurt area.
  • City buses that connect the Esenyurt region to the rest of Istanbul, as well as "Dulmush" minibuses that allow residents to travel within Esenyurt neighborhoods. 

Recreational facilities in Istanbul's Esenyurt district

Esenyurt has a plethora of recreation areas, restaurants, and cafés, as well as around 60 gardens and parks for children. The Municipal Sports Center and the National Cultural Center have also been designated as entertainment facilities for young people by the municipality.

Gardens and forests in Esenyurt

Erdogan Park, which was constructed in 2016 over an area of 76 thousand and 877 square meters, is regarded as one of the most significant parks in the Esenyurt region, where visitors can appreciate the magnificent green landscapes, water bodies, and stunning manmade waterfalls. Other things that visitors may do in this beautiful garden include strolling and participating in other sports.

Esenyurt's major shopping malls

Esenyurt has about 20 large shopping malls, the most prominent of which are:

  • Marmara Park Mall: It is one of the most prominent shopping areas on Istanbul's European side, particularly in Esenyurt. It has 250 stores and provides its guests with a magnificent marketing tour, since it includes the most famous and largest international brands in fashion, cosmetics, and so on. It also offers a variety of recreational opportunities and a significant number of restaurants. There are also cafés and children's play spaces, as well as a mosque for both men and women and a parking lot.
  • Torium Mall: It consists of 180 international commercial stores and can receive more than 10,000 visitors per day. It also contains the well-known Snow City. In addition to shopping, the mall includes many recreational activities such as bowling alleys, billiards rooms, children's amusement parks, a cinema, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Akbati Mall: It has over 200 shops with high-quality international and local brands. In 2014, the mall received the International Bronze Award "Stiva," which is given to the world's most prominent shopping malls that provide their guests with recreational and marketing activities allowing them to spend the most pleasant times.
  • Eskidji Bazar (a furniture and home products shopping center): It is a magnificent four-story mall that houses the biggest Turkish furniture brands. It exclusively sells furniture, home furnishings, antiques, curtains, rugs, and household electrical gadgets. It brings together retail and wholesale retailers who can export outside of Turkey.
  • N Merkez AVM
  • Istanbul AVM
  • Alsancak AVM
  • Ak Meydan AVM
  • Eskule Outlet
  • Şaka Gibi AVM
  • Evbark AVM
  • Merkez Park AVM
  • City Center Outlet
  • Şimarik Çarşı AVM
  • Çarşı Kultur Sanat AVM
  • Eskidji Bazaar
  • Işik AVM
  • Sunflower Esenkent Çarşısı
  • Among the most popular and vital markets: Esenyurt Square and the Thursday Bazaar

Esenyurt's Mosques and places of worship

There are several mosques in the Esenyurt district and surrounding neighborhoods, but the Esenyurt Central Mosque is one of the largest and one of the icons that symbolize Ottoman architecture in Esenyurt. It has two floors and is located in the Esenyurt square. It has a library, a spacious yard, a section for women's prayer, and areas for religious instruction for children, women, and the elderly. The mosque is being expanded to keep up with the area's continual growth.

Living in Istanbul's Esenyurt

Esenyurt offers a wide range of housing, living, and stability alternatives, with residential flats ranging from 1+1 to 2+1 apartments in regular buildings to duplexes, triplexes, and penthouses in luxurious residential complexes with a modern style. Townhouses, twin villas, and villas are also available. Aside from the Arab presence and affordable costs, one of its most notable qualities is the variety of options.

The Benefits of Living in Esenyurt

  1. Real estate prices are reasonable and suit all budgets
  2. Its location in European Istanbul is considered essential and strategic since it is adjacent to Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü
  • The most important highways in Istanbul pass through it, and its transportation network is strong
  1. Esenyurt is considered a shopping paradise, and it hosts the most important shopping complexes and commercial centers. It is also famous for its popular markets with cheap prices
  2. The municipality of Esenyurt's involvement in the region and its plethora of services

Tourism in the Esenyurt area

In terms of tourism and recreational facilities, Esenyurt is on par with the rest of Istanbul, and there are several attractions for both locals and visitors, including:

  • Mineral water centers: They are the most prominent tourist destination in Esenyurt, and travelers visit them for both tourism and medical reasons, since the water there is beneficial in the treatment of various disorders, including anemia and joint, bone, and skin diseases.
  • Torium Mall's Snow Center: It is a massive 4,950-square-meter arena elegantly designed for aficionados of snow activities, including skateboards, carousels, and go-karts. Visitors may also ski on the ice and play with snow to make snowy mountains. The facility is open throughout the year and on all seven days of the week.
  • Esenyurt Center for Culture and Arts: The center stands out for its contemporary architecture and includes a multipurpose auditorium with seating for 850 people, as well as a display base and an exhibition, two theaters, a café, and a library with hundreds of books in various sections.

Esenyurt's natural and tourism attractions

  • Aqua Dolphin: It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. It has ponds with large and gorgeous fish that frolic and dance in front of guests, particularly dolphins. There are enormous venues with amazing dolphin displays. It is a popular location for both young and old people, as well as everyone who appreciates the sea and the underwater environment. To suit the demands of guests, the area also contains extensive green spaces, restaurants, and cafés.
  • Küçükçekmece Lake: It is one of the best spots to spend quality time with your family while enjoying the fresh air, greenery, and crystal-blue waters.

Heritage and archaeological sites in Esenyurt

The Chocolate Museum, which opened its doors in 2013 in the Esenyurt region, is one of the most famous and wonderful museums in the world and offers the viewers a unique experience that may not be available in another museum in Istanbul. Its idea is based on an accurate embodiment of the most famous heritage and archaeological monuments in Istanbul. As soon as you wander in its halls, your eyes will see models of the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Bosphorus Bridge, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and the Galata Tower, as well as statues of historical figures, animals, and landscapes such as trees and waterfalls. More than three tons of chocolate were used to make the museum, and visitors can spend the most beautiful and enjoyable times there and buy the chocolate souvenirs of the figures and monuments in this museum.

And here, dear reader, we have provided you with all the pertinent details you need about Esenyurt, starting with its location, population, and neighborhoods, moving on to how to live there, how to invest in real estate there, and concluding with the city's most significant services and tourism attractions.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and that you could recognize the significance of Esenyurt's real estate investment.






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