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The Most Important Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

01/12/2023 Turkish Citizenship 180 The Most Important Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

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Real estate investment is considered one of the best ways to obtain Turkish citizenship , and according to data issued by the Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey in Turkey, the number of foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship exclusively through real estate investment from the beginning of 2017 until mid-2021 reached 17,968 investors. 

Turkish Statistics confirmed that real estate sales in Turkey  to foreigners are still constantly increasing, reaching 58,576 properties during the past year alone, while in the current year they reached 44,595 properties from the beginning of January to August 2022.

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During this period, thousands of foreign investors fulfilled the conditions for naturalization through real estate ownership and obtained Turkish citizenship after submitting the required documents specified by Turkish law, and today you will learn with us about all of these documents in an article that contains many important points.

Advantages of real estate investment in Türkiye

Economic indicators confirm that real estate investment in Turkey is a successful and guaranteed investment compared to many countries and has many advantages that prefer it over other types of investment, which are:

- You can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property for an amount that is the lowest compared to the amounts required in other types of investment that qualify for Turkish citizenship.

- The possibility of starting the Turkish citizenship procedures immediately after receiving the sales contract and obtaining citizenship in a period between 12 weeks to 6 months.

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- You can resell the property from which you obtained Turkish citizenship after three years and invest in it.

- During the three years in which the sale of the property is prohibited, you can obtain lucrative returns by renting the property.

Turkey is a tourist country par excellence and receives millions of tourists annually, and investing in tourist or hotel apartments with wonderful views is a real gain.

Documents and papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship

Before we start mentioning the necessary documents and papers according to Turkish law, you must know, investor, that all of these documents must meet certain conditions:

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*It must be translated into Turkish.

* All documents issued from outside Turkey must be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Turkish embassy, ​​and the Turkish consulate within the country from which the document was issued. If they are not authenticated at the Turkish representation (embassy or consulate) in the country from which the document was extracted, they must be authenticated by the representation of this country inside Turkey. It must be authenticated by the governor after it has been translated and authenticated by a notary public as well.


- A complete application form for Turkish citizenship signed by the applicant or his agent.

- A copy of the title deed or sales contract (tabu) proving ownership of the property that was purchased and must be notarized by a notary.

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- Passport translated into Turkish and certified by a notary for the applicant and his family members (wife/husband - children under 18 years old).

- A valid real estate evaluation document proving that the value of the property is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship  .

- Original payment receipts from the buyer's account stamped with a stamp from the sending bank.

- Original receipts from the seller’s account stamped with a seal from the receiving bank.

- Turkish citizenship application tax payment receipt.

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- Power of attorney from the buyer to an accredited Turkish lawyer to submit the Turkish citizenship file  .

- A non-judgmental document.

- 4 biometric photos.

- Valid health insurance.

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- The applicant’s civil status document.

- A copy of the birth certificate.

- A valid residence permit.

Documents required for Turkish citizenship from the property owner’s wife and children under the age of 18

- An application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship signed by the applicant or his agent.

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- Civil status document.

- Family statement document or family book.

- Residence address outside Türkiye.

- Tax number for each family member.

After submitting the necessary papers, the naturalization process goes through 8 stages, which are review and study by the technical work group, security investigation in the state, and the state committee, file audit, archive search, approval stage, and finally the registration stage. Until the decision is issued, the applicant needs to obtain an investor residence permit from the Immigration Department for residency. Legally in Turkey.

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What is meant by investor residency?

It is a short-term, renewable residence permit granted to investors in Turkey to practice their commercial activity and business, and it is issued with the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Papers required for the investor’s residency during the period of studying the Turkish citizenship application

The investor submits an application for residency until obtaining Turkish citizenship through a set of documents, namely:

- The application form is completed and signed by the applicant.

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- Certificate of conformity of the property to the conditions of the Turkish Citizenship Law.

- Original passport and a copy of it.

- Biometric personal photos.

- A valid health insurance document.

It should be noted that the same requirements are presented to the Immigration Department to obtain residency for accompanying the investor's family to issue citizenship.

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Here, dear reader, we have mentioned all the documents that you must submit to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and you must ensure the integrity of the documents and have them translated and authenticated by a notary public.

It is noteworthy that any forgery, manipulation, or providing misleading information may lead to the rejection of the application or the revocation of citizenship even after it is granted. The Turkish Ministry of Interior initiates an investigation when there is suspicion that this has occurred, and withdraws citizenship based on any evidence it finds that proves the validity of that suspicion.

Reasons that lead to withdrawal of Turkish citizenship

There are reasons that lead to the revocation of Turkish citizenship from citizens of Turkish origin, and they are related to the threat to national security or cooperation on behalf of a foreign country against the interests of Turkey. The reasons that lead to the withdrawal of citizenship from naturalized citizens are:

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Proof of obtaining Turkish citizenship through forged documents, a false statement, or concealment of basic facts.

- Proving suspicion of a threat to national security, the Turkish Constitution, or association with terrorist organizations.

Here it is worth noting that proving any of the reasons mentioned leads to the withdrawal of citizenship from the Turkish citizen and not from his family. As for the naturalized person, it leads to the withdrawal of citizenship from him and his family.

When you obtain citizenship by following legal procedures and submitting proper documents, preserving it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, and even if the government that granted you the passport changes its powers, there is no right that gives any new government to withdraw citizenship from you other than the reasons we mentioned.

This is because the State of Turkey is a sovereign state and Turkish law gives the citizen the right to go and claim his legitimate rights in the event that his rights are violated or diminished.

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Other advantages that Turkish citizenship gives you

- The possibility of maintaining your original nationality with Turkish citizenship.

- Possessing citizenship for life, with the possibility of passing it on to newborns.

- Enjoying the advantages of the Turkish passport and the ability to enter 111 countries and travel around the world.

- Exempting people who obtained Turkish citizenship after the age of 22 from national service.

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- Enjoying all the rights of citizenship, candidacy and voting in all Turkish elections.

- The right to benefit from all services provided to citizens of Turkish origin, whether in the field of health, education, or otherwise.

- Benefiting from the Turkish retirement system after reaching the age of 60.

- The possibility of practicing many professions prohibited for foreigners, such as medicine, law, pharmacy, etc.

- Possibility of obtaining job opportunities in government sectors and many facilities for investing and owning real estate.

- A foreigner who has obtained citizenship can invite his relatives and guarantee them a visa and facilitate entry into the country.

In addition to the advantages of Turkish citizenship, we must not forget that Turkey is an independent country with a strong infrastructure, a strategic location, and a promising economy, which makes investing in it an ideal choice.

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