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Real Estate for Sale in Ispartakule

02/02/2024 Turkish Districts & Areas 172 Real Estate for Sale in Ispartakule

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Ispartakule is a residential neighborhood between the Başakşehir and Avcılar districts in the European section of Istanbul. Part of it is in the Bahçeşehir neighborhood of the Başakşehir district , and the other part is in the Tahta Kule neighborhood of the Avcılar district. Isparta Kule is administratively affiliated with the Avcılar region.

Ispartakule is a newly established area. With its modern, advanced architecture and housing projects, it attracted residents and investors. This neighborhood created new ways of life in Istanbul, away from noise and crowding, until it became one of the most important neighborhoods full of life and one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul.

Buying a property in Ispartakule:

The Ispartakule area is considered one of the brightest areas in Istanbul with its high quality and rapid development, as well as its proximity to central points.

The rapid growth of the real estate sector in recent years has led to the expansion of Istanbul's surroundings and the construction of new areas. While the central points of Istanbul have added value to the value of this area, this newly developed area has also attracted great interest from investors, as thousands of new apartments are being built and sales are progressing very quickly, it is one of the new areas that is constantly shining, and due to its proximity to the Istanbul Canal project. This area will have a promising future in Istanbul's real estate market.

Buying a property in the Ispartakule region is considered one of the most important types of investment due to its value, which increases day after day on the one hand, and obtaining citizenship on the other hand by purchasing a property for 250 thousand dollars.

The importance of the Ispartakule region:

The Ispartakule region is of great importance in the real estate market in Istanbul due to several factors, the most important of which are:

1. Its proximity to the new Istanbul Canal project and Kucukcekmece Lake:

Ispartakule is very close to the Istanbul Canal, as it is only separated from the project by the Tahtakule neighborhood in Avcılar. It also features a view of Kucukcekmece Lake.

2.  Its strategic and average location:

This region is in the middle of the most important areas of Istanbul , such as Basaksehir,  Avcılar, and Esenyurt .

3.  Passage of the Esenyurt-Mahmutbey metro line project:

The most important feature of this area is the passage of the Esenyurt Square  - Mahmutbey metro line from the center of the Ispartakule area, which will be ready for operation in early 2024, which will facilitate access to the central areas of Istanbul.

4.  The area’s proximity to Istanbul Airport:

The area is distinguished by its proximity to the new Istanbul Airport, so the time between the area and the airport does not take more than 35 minutes.

In addition to this, the area is modern and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. The presence of these advantages in this region makes it of great importance in real estate investment by attracting foreign investors and real estate investment in this region.

Ispartakule real estate:

Ispartakule real estate is distinguished by its quality, wonderful design, earthquake-resistant buildings, and sound- and heat-insulating walls. There are residential apartments in the form of complexes and beautiful villas in the area. The residential complexes are distinguished by their development and the presence of many features such as basketball courts, car garages, swimming pools, gardens, a walking and bicycle track, an advanced 24-hour surveillance and security system, in addition to beautiful lighting in the complex’s atmosphere and gardens, decorated water pools and other features. All these advantages and more are enjoyed by Ispartakule real estate.

Advantages of buying a property in Ispartakule:

By purchasing a property in this region, the investor obtains advantages no less than those of local investors. The most important of which are:

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship  when purchasing a property worth $250,000.
  • Obtaining a Turkish passport and traveling to more than 125 countries around the world.
  • A quick capital turnover period that does not exceed 16 years, through the investor leasing the property.
  • Free education for children in universities and schools.
  • Health insurance for the investor and family members. There are many advantages enjoyed by the investor and laws that support and protect investors.

Real estate prices in Ispartakule:

Ispartakule real estate is characterized by its reasonable prices, as the size of the apartment, its building materials, and its location play an important role in its price.

The price of a 1+1 apartment ranges between 250-300 thousand Turkish liras, the price of a 2+1 apartment ranges between 300-450 thousand Turkish liras, the price of a 3+1 apartment ranges between 350-600 thousand Turkish liras, while the price of a 4+1 apartment ranges from Between 450-600 thousand Turkish liras.

Average real estate prices in Ispartakule:

The prices of properties for sale increased by 3.45% last month in the real estate market in the Ispartakule region. While the average price per square meter of housing in this area is 4,765 TL. Accordingly, in the 2021 Real Estate Index and Report, the average price of a 100 square meter house purchased in Ispartakule district was between 360-600 thousand TL.

Properties for sale in Ispartakule in installments:

Our dream today is to all have our own home, where we can live in comfort and peace. Under today's circumstances, it is becoming increasingly difficult to save money to buy a home due to rising house prices and high-interest apartment loans.

Our company is distinguished by the possibility of installments, and the investor can transfer the property to his ownership by paying its price in convenient installments, through an initial payment and then installments in monthly payments according to the buyer’s will, up to 12 months, or 24 months, and all of these matters are due to the agreement between the buyer and the company that owns the property.

Cheap properties for sale in Ispartakule:

There are a variety of apartments and options in the Ispartakule area. Not only does this area have expensive luxury properties, but it is also characterized by the presence of cheap properties that suit the demand of the investor looking to  buy an apartment in Istanbul at a reasonable price.

Real estate offers for sale in Ispartakule:

Damas Turk Company, which has been operating in the real estate field for many years, offers offers and discounts to the investor of up to 15% when purchasing any property in Ispartakule. In addition, it follows up on the progress of Turkish citizenship matters after purchasing the property, and provides free real estate consultations to its customers, after-sales services, and many other services.

Tips for investors when buying a property in the Ispartakule area:

Dear investor, we will give you the most important tips when buying a property in this area, which must be taken into consideration:

  • You must study the location of the property and choose a property with a location that has a promising future that will generate profits if rented. Is it close and suitable to your workplace? Is it close to schools, hospitals, government and service departments? Or does the property’s location have a promising future if invested?
  • Calculate the capital turnover period by dividing the property price by the average apartment rent in the area.
  • Status of the property: is it newly built or used?
  • Study real estate prices in the region, stay away from companies that exaggerate real estate prices, and deal with a company with a good reputation, credibility and transparency.
  • Follow up and review the legal procedures for property ownership until obtaining the title deed.
  • View the luxury services provided in the residential complex (such as car parking, swimming pools, gardens, and other services).


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