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Transportation in Esenyurt district 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 13608 Transportation in Esenyurt district 2022

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The abundance of public transportation terminals in Esenyurt, such as the bus, airport, sea bus, Metrobus, and train, allows passengers to swiftly access many regions of Istanbul, which is a benefit. Esenyurt is also marked by the presence of the E-5 and TEM highways, which are the primary arteries that bear the brunt of Istanbul's traffic.

Transportation in the Esenyurt district:

Esenyurt is situated on a modern expressway network that links Istanbul's whole regions and connects them to other cities. Among the expressways, we highlight:

  • E80 Motorway
  • E5 Highway: The Metrobus line, one of Istanbul's most significant modes of transportation, runs through it.
  • D100 State Road
  • TEM Highway

The following are the most major modes of transportation in the Esenyurt district:

  • Internal transport buses.

  • Internal transport small buses that connect the neighborhoods within the area.

  • Metrobus line in Istanbul (Metrobüs):

The Metrobus travels along the E5 Highway, Istanbul's major thoroughfare, serving commuters on a dedicated track from Beylikdüzü to Esenyurt and then to the city center. The Metrobus has a double-length cabin that is 

spacious, modern, air-conditioned, with free internet, and seats suitable for various segments of society, including the elderly, as well as a wheelchair lift service, ensuring that everyone can commute from Esenyurt to the city center without being hampered by traffic, especially during peak hours. It is worth noting that real estate values, particularly in the Esenyurt region, soared with the advent of the Metrobus line, which boosted real estate investors' profits.

The first Metrobus stop, “SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME,” is on Istanbul's Asian side, while the last stop, “BEYLKDÜZÜ,” is close to Istanbul's exhibition city, “TÜYAP.”

The advantage of taking the Metrobus is that you can travel everywhere in Istanbul due to the junction of numerous Metrobus stations with metro and tramway stations, as well as key transportation centers and nodes.

  • Esenyurt metro:

A new metro line is now being constructed in Esenyurt, Istanbul, and it will connect the region to numerous districts in the city center in record time. This will have a huge influence on real estate values, with observers expecting prices to climb considerably in areas near metro stations.

The first phase of the M7 metro line project, Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy, commenced service for Istanbul residents on October 28th of last year. It is Istanbul's first automated, driverless metro on the European side of Istanbul, and Turkey's second overall after the Üsküdar-Cekmeköy metro. The Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy metro line is roughly 18 kilometers long, and it is the first of three phases that were planned ahead of time. The Mahmutbey-Esenyurt and Mecidiyeköy-Kabataş lines are the other two phases.

Here are some of the figures that the metro line has accumulated worldwide, not just in Turkey:
  • With a capacity of 2160 people per metro, the line was ranked # 1 in the world.
  • It ranks ninth in Europe and twenty-first worldwide in terms of line length.
  • In terms of station count, the line ranks 24th on the globe.
  • In terms of metro line length without a driver, it ranks sixth.

According to Dr. Pelin Alpkökin, the Head of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department: They budgeted 220 million euros for the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt metro line with the issuing of international bonds at the end of last year, and they have begun working on the project intensively since then. According to reports, the overall labor duration would be 1080 days, i.e. three years. As a result, it is projected to be finished in 2024. It is a critical project for the city's westward population of more than 3 million people who do not have access to the metro.

This line is a significant environmental investment since it will reduce traffic in the regions it travels through while simultaneously decreasing distances and relieving pressure on Istanbul's Metrobus system, which is one of the city's most essential modes of transportation.


The most important real estate projects in Esenyurt:


Sources: sozcu +degisikadam

Editing: damasturk


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