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Discover Kağıthane's most significant universities and schools 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 481 Discover Kağıthane's most significant universities and schools  2022

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1 What are the most important universities in Kağıthane?

The most notable of these universities is the newly established Atlas University, which began its academic career in the academic year 2020-2021. It focuses mostly on medicine, in addition to Nişantaşı University, which focuses primarily on economics, administration, and social sciences.

2 What are the most important international Arab schools in Kağıthane?

- The Sudanese-Turkish Friendship School, one of the greatest Sudanese schools in the world.
- Abdul-Malik Al-Senussi Libyan School with a Libyan curriculum.
- The Saudi School in Istanbul with an Arabic-based curriculum.

3 What role does the existence of universities in Kağıthane have in making it a promising area for investment in Istanbul?

The establishment of universities in Kağıthane is keeping with the area's current urban growth state, which has attracted many investors, and it will play a significant role in reviving the area and bringing more attention to it.

The Kağıthane district, on Istanbul's European side and near to the city's heart, stands out as one of the most attractive locations for investment in Istanbul. The city of Tulips, as it was known during the Ottoman era, has evolved into one of Istanbul's most significant districts, undergoing a massive urban transformation that began in 2007 with the construction of several apartment complexes and towers.

The Municipality of Kağıthane is likewise committed to delivering the best services to its inhabitants at all levels, including hospitals, colleges, and shopping complexes that are in step with the area's growth, attracting domestic and international investors interested in purchasing apartments in Istanbul or investing in real estate in Istanbul in general. 

The most important universities in Kağıthane district of Istanbul

The Kağıthane district comprises universities with a high educational and technological quality, and it is just 3 km from Istanbul's center. The transit that connects it to other parts of Istanbul expands the study possibilities for its inhabitants. It is also close to Beşiktaş, Şişli, and Beyoğlu, which are regarded to be Istanbul's most developed and well-served districts. The following are some of the most significant universities in Kağıthane:

1- Atlas University in Kağıthane (Atlas Üniversitesi)


The Turkish Balkan Foundation for Education and Health established Atlas University in Kağıthane, Istanbul, in 2018. Medicine and other health-related faculties constitute the backbone of this university, which began in the academic year 2021-2022 and is taught in both Turkish and English. Atlas University is one of the top options in Turkey for individuals interested in a health-related career. It is a powerful health facility, and it is associated with the Istanbul Bağcılar Medical University Hospital, also known as the Medical Hospital.

The university's campus, known as "Fadi's Campus," is located in the Hamidiye neighborhood of Kağıthane. The campus is 110,000 square meters in size and comprises 19 laboratories for contemporary education and research. These laboratories cover an area of 75,000 square meters and are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. The Medical Hospital also acts as the University Medical University Hospital. The university's campus also hosts the Faculty of Dentistry Hospital. However, Atlas University is also home to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Vocational School, the Institute of Health Sciences, and the Institute of Social Sciences, in addition to the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry.

A library with a floor size of 2500 square meters, a conference hall with a capacity of 600 people and two interpretation rooms, a cafeteria with a floor area of 2500 square meters, and a sports hall with a floor area of more than 1000 square meters are also available at the university.

At, you can simply find "dormitories" for boys and girls near all of Atlas University's faculties., which has numerous private lodgings, also has information on dorms for any budget and characteristics you desire.

2- Nişantaşı University in Kağıthane (Nişantaşı Üniversitesi)

With the donation of the Nişantaşı Educational Foundation in 2009, Nişantaşı University began its educational profession as a higher vocational institution. Its fellowship degree program was launched in 2010. Nişantaşi Vocational School became Nişantaşı University on May 31, 2012, with the College of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, the College of Engineering and Architecture, and the College of Art and Design as its founding colleges. With a total of 23 departments, 13 in the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, 5 in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, and 5 in the Faculty of Art and Design, Nişantaşı has begun to provide university education in addition to fellowship degrees since the 2013-2014 academic year. Turkish is the language of teaching in all departments. Now there are almost 50 departments, some of which are taught in Turkish and others in English.

Some departments received approval for postgraduate studies in 2013, and the Business Administration program received approval for doctoral education in 2015.

All fellowship, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs at Nişantaşı University were formally approved in the 2018-2019 academic year.

The most significant Arab International Schools in Kağıthane

1- Sudanese-Turkish Friendship School

It was founded in 1999 in Istanbul's Kağıthane district and is one of the Istanbul's oldest Arab schools. It is a school recognized by all Turkish universities and approved by the Ministry of Education in Sudan and Turkey. It is also regarded as one of the world's top Sudanese schools.

It concentrates on teaching the Turkish language and employs the Sudanese curriculum for all stages of education, from kindergarten to high school, which is easy to comprehend.

2- The Saudi School in Istanbul, Kağıthane

It was founded in 2008 and is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Education as well as the General Administration of Saudi Schools Abroad. It educates students from kindergarten to high school.

The Saudi School aspires to be a leader in developing creative and critical thinkers via sophisticated technical educational curriculum, cutting-edge teaching aids, and outstanding teaching personnel of diverse Arab nationalities.

In addition to establishing classes to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, the Saudi School in Istanbul uses Arabic curriculum in all of its levels, with a focus on Arab educational ideals in developing students' personalities.

3- Abdul-Malik Al-Senussi School in Kağıthane

It is a Libyan school affiliated to the Cultural Attaché of the Libyan Arab Republic's Embassy and is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Education, where the Libyan curriculum is taught in Arabic.

The school offers educational services to children in kindergarten to secondary school in a secure and healthy learning environment that includes all contemporary and sophisticated teaching aids and is supervised by a trained teaching team with academic degrees and extensive experience.


Sources: atlas+ nisantasi
Editing: damasturk

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