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The detailed guide to the Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul

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Zeytinburnu Map

Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul

Zeytinburnu district, the gate of Constantinople's fortifications and the inner city.. Zeytinburnu, the core district in Istanbul's city center.. Zeytinburnu, a stunning stretch of the Sea of Marmara coastline.. Zeytinburnu, a well-developed infrastructure and a magnificent setting.. Zeytinburnu, a popular gathering spot for numerous Arab communities.. Zeytinburnu, Istanbul's textile and garment center. That was a basic, comprehensible, and relatively brief introduction to an article on the Zeytinburnu district, with which we will take you on a thorough journey to discover this great region and become familiar with its communities, monuments, and tourist attractions. We shall, of course, also explain its geography, climate, environment, infrastructure, and real estate.

Damasturk Real Estate Company is obsessively proactive in offering all information connected to the city of Istanbul and its regions, so that you can get to know them before settling or buying real estate in Turkey. Today, we introduce you to a district with a large frontage in one of the top areas of Istanbul.

An overview of Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

The municipality of Zeytinburnu was founded for the first time in 1957 AD, and it was enlarged in the 1990s to incorporate some of its nearby neighborhoods due to the large influence of population growth. As a result, with the arrival of the third millennium, all villages and dwellings were changed into medium-rise residential complexes, which underwent a great transformation, and Zeytinburnu became the best central location in Istanbul city. But where precisely is Zeytinburnu located?

Where exactly is Zeytinburnu located?

Zeytinburnu district spans an area of 11.42 square kilometers and is situated on the European side of Istanbul. The picturesque Sea of Marmara borders it on the south, the well-known Bakırköy region on the north, the Esenler region on the west, and the old Fatih district, previously Constantinople, on the east.

We have prepared a short table that contains the distances between Zeytinburnu district and other major districts in Istanbul so that you may estimate the time of travel to various sites in Istanbul from Zeytinburnu, and remember that when we say major districts, that means the most essential hubs that everyone knows even before visiting this lovely city. Let us check out the following table.

Zeytinburnu is far from each of the following areas by car, as follows:


Distance in km

The average time required to reach by car

 Zeytinburnu to Taksim

15 km

20 – 25 minutes

Zeytinburnu to Fatih

6 km

10 – 15 minutes

Zeytinburnu to IGA (Istanbul Grand Airport)

44 km

40 – 45 minutes

Zeytinburnu to Ataturk Airport

9 km

15 – 20 minutes

Zeytinburnu to Asian side

22 km

25 – 30 minutes

Source: Google maps

 The location of Zeytinburnu district

The position and prestige of Zeytinburnu stem from the fact that it is a central region close to the most significant central areas that are the heartbeat of Istanbul and, more importantly, three major transportation systems run through its neighborhoods: the metrobus, tramway, and metro. Anyway, Zeytinburnu's position rose as a result of the municipality's provision of services and its attention to the quality of those services, allowing Zeytinburnu to maintain a superior position among Istanbul's municipalities.

Zeytinburnu is also regarded as a significant center for commerce and industry inside Istanbul, and it has lately become an incubator for big luxury real estate complexes with prominent regional brands. All of this is part of Istanbul's overall urban development and renaissance strategy, which expands investment options and boosts investment returns.

Neighborhoods of Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu municipality is made up of 13 neighborhoods spread over the area. The following table shows the neighborhoods of Zeytinburnu, their areas, and the population in each neighborhood:

Zeytinburnu’s Neighborhoods


Population (thousand people)

Area (km²)

Beştelsiz neighborhood

21,693 people

0,579 km₂

Çırpıcı neighborhood

27,426 people

0,384 km₂

Gökalp neighborhood

19,750 people

0,287 km₂

Kazlıçeşme neighborhood

3,605 people

2,136 km₂

Maltepe neighborhood

9,902 people

3,098 km₂

Merkezefendi neighborhood

24,581 people

1,362 km₂

Nuripaşa neighborhood

29,111 people

0,344 km₂

Seyit Nizam neighborhood

23.993 people

1,244 km₂

Sümer neighborhood

38,714 people

0,658 km₂

Telsiz neighborhood

36,120 people

0,603 km₂

Veliefendi neighborhood

26,277 people

0,402 km₂

Yenidoğan neighborhood

10,981 people

0,156 km₂

Yeşiltepe neighborhood

21,686 people

0,224 km₂

Source: atlasbig

The most renowned neighborhoods in Zeytinburnu

  • Çırpıcı Neighborhood: The gateway to Zeytinburnu, as well as a well-connected transportation hub from which people can easily access all other areas of Istanbul. Another notable feature of the Çırpıcı neighborhood is the vast Çırpıcı Park, which encompasses more than half of this neighborhood, forming a unique garden that bears the neighborhood's name.
  • Veliefendi Neighborhood: You have probably heard of this neighborhood, which is preferred by the elite of Turkish textile and garment merchants and is located close to Istanbul's most famous mode of transportation, the tramway. This area is a great choice for owning and investing since it has upscale surroundings that make it enticing to settle down and live there.
  • Merkezefendi Neighborhood: A neighborhood comparable to the Veliefendi neighborhood that we have just discussed, it is considered as Zeytinburnu's nerve center. The high population density in these two neighborhoods, which contain a sizable proportion of Zeytinburnu residents, demonstrates their high value.
  • Sümer Neighborhood: This neighborhood, which is also situated in the heart of Zeytinburnu, is well-known for hosting the Wednesday Bazaar, where all of the locals' essential daily requirements can be found. The high population density in this area also shows that it is a very popular and desirable location.

Zeytinburnu's most well-known landmarks

Each region of Istanbul undoubtedly has its own attractions and tourist destinations that are well-known for and different among their peers from other parts of Istanbul, and Zeytinburnu boasts a significant number of unique and stunning landmarks. So stick with us to learn about the most essential of these attractions in the hopes that they will be your destination one day when you settle in Zeytinburnu or visit Istanbul. The following are the most prominent attractions in the Zeytinburnu district:

  • Panorama 1453 History Museum: The Panorama Museum, which was inaugurated on January 31, 2009, transports visitors back more than 566 years in time by depicting the Battle of Constantinople, which took place during the capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, when the city was still the base of the Byzantine Empire. The museum also has beautiful restaurants where you can sample and enjoy the many tastes of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine.

The museum is distinguished by a three-dimensional panoramic projection that is the largest panorama in the world and shows the capture of the city of Constantinople on a platform that is 3000 square meters in size. This three-dimensional panoramic drawing, which is on display for visitors at the museum, was created over a period of three months, and because of its grandeur and beauty, it is referred to be the "heart of Istanbul."

  • Topkapi Palace: This palace served as a residence for the Ottoman sultans for 391 years, from 1456 AD to 1856 AD, and it is Turkey's biggest palace. The Topkapi Palace, which was erected in 1478 AD by command of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror and served as a hub for governing the Ottoman Empire's affairs for up to 380 years, housed around 4,000 people.

It is a thing of beauty that no one else enjoys to go around the palace's halls, get to know it from the inside and the outside, and take in the cultural diversity and mingling of the Ottoman Empire as it is embodied in this magnificent structure. The Topkapi Palace is home to numerous significant Islamic monuments, some of which are rare, including the Holy Prophet's belongings, which include the Prophet Muhammad's gown, may God bless him and grant him peace, his sword, and other priceless Islamic historical treasures, which are the most significant Islamic monuments to be seen.

  • The Wall of Constantinople and Soğanlı: A particularly stunning and majestic sight is the wall and the green fields surrounding it, which are home to numerous plants and trees, some of which are centuries old. In fact, you must go there because of its grandeur and beauty. This wall is constantly repaired in order to draw more visitors and provide information about the extent of the ancient civilizations that formerly lived in this area.

In order to keep its beauty everlasting and green, the greenery surrounding this wall is maintained by individuals who provide all it takes to keep things in an optimal state. Plants of many kinds may be found in front of this wall. Anyone traveling to Istanbul is welcome to visit, snap photos, and sample some of the local products.

  • Nizamuddin Mosque: Nizam al-Din Effendi is the full name of Nizamuddin, one of the sheikhs of the renowned Naqshbandi order. Nizamuddin lived in the era of the Ottoman Empire during the time Sultan Selim I was in power, and he came with the Sultan during those times to present-day Turkey. In his honor and as a tribute to what he offered and worked with throughout his life, this hospice and the mosque were constructed.

Anyone who appreciates these cultures and civilizations will find personal touches in this private hospice since it has received commendable and noteworthy attention for its style and architecture. Given that it is full of old and historical monuments, perhaps you will think about this location and visit it in the future.

The population structure in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu has an edge over its rivals in Istanbul's various regions due to its low population density. Accordingly, neither the population is excessively heavy nor too little, but rather is appropriate and average. This is mirrored in the region's overall size, which is no larger than 12 kilometers. Let us review the figures and examine the pertinent data in the following table, which shows the population distribution in Zeytinburnu by age:

 Source: endesa

The social status of the population of Zeytinburnu

The following table displays the proportions of persons who are married, single, widowed, and divorced in Zeytinburnu's total population.

Social status






72,328 people

113.837  people

9,906 people

9.221 people

Source: endeksa

The educational status in Zeytinburnu

Educational level


From the primary to the college level

Postgraduate level


 The percentage of the total population  73%



Source: endeksa

Zeytinburnu district: history, nomenclature, and inhabitants

Zeytinburnu was a Byzantine settlement in the fifth century since it was close to Constantinople's citadel and its walls. Following many efforts by the Ottoman army to conquer the area, this settlement came under Ottoman rule in the twelfth century.

Following the Ottoman conquest in the fifteenth century, Zeytinburnu developed into a location for candle stores, slaughterhouses, and tanning. Since then, it has developed into a bustling industrial region, particularly in the textile industry, for which it is still well known today. It continued to function as an industrial area with a focus on chemicals, textiles, and other industries after Turkey became a republic.

Zeytinburnu is now one of the most densely inhabited areas in the city of Istanbul due to the fact that the majority of its residents—more than half—have foreign nationalities, the bulk of whom are from Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia. Since commerce and industrial activities make up the majority of economic activity, we conclude that Zeytinburnu is multicultural, welcoming of all people, and has a wide range of various activities.

Detailed information about the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul

In order to comprehend the nature of the people in this region and their perspectives, and to make sure that this article would serve as a compass for understanding their mindset and the best way to deal with them there, it is required to dive further into the environment, strategy, and demographics of this region. You can explore figures, details, and statistics in the table below that are based on official Turkish sources, which we have provided for you with each particular piece of data. The population of Zeytinburnu throughout the last five years is as follows:








293,839 people

283,657 people

293,574 people

284.935 people

287,378 people

Source: nufusu

Infrastructure in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu's infrastructure is sturdy, strong, and well-developed. The municipality's interest in this area, namely the construction and service facilities sector, was and continues to be at an all-time high, particularly in the reconstruction plans for old structures and others that require a thorough overhaul.

The urban organization implemented by the municipality in Zeytinburnu's neighborhoods has become a major contribution to the advent of Zeytinburnu in its current form. There are neighborhoods with identically shaped buildings and other neighborhoods with tall skyscrapers; each has benefits and offers top-notch services. The municipality's efforts over the last few years have paid off, and it is now among the main municipalities in Istanbul as well as in its center.

Central Square in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu's center square is barely 5 years old. The municipality building, the mayor's office, the civil registry office, and the majority of the government institutions are all located there. This square has evolved into the venue for Zeytinburnu's different events and activities. This square, which is near the renowned Bolivar Zeytinburnu, has plenty of outstanding services and amenities that we shall discuss later.

Municipality of Zeytinburnu

The municipality of Zeytinburnu has great merit in the successes that the region has achieved so far. It should have done all of this to establish itself among the other municipalities neighboring it, especially since it is in Istanbul's European Center, which means that there is a double effort in light of the competition among the municipalities there.

Even on its website, we can see how far the municipality of Zeytinburnu has come over the years. You can now take a tour of the website to discover more about the projects, structure, plans, organization, etc. Even the customer service on this website is noteworthy since they recognize the importance of assisting all individuals in Zeytinburnu.

Nature in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu's nature is restricted to two areas: the coastline road on the Sea of Marmara and the gardens with playgrounds and leisure sports. The second part is the gardens inside its neighborhoods, which have increased significantly since the municipality authorized an official right for each inhabitant to enjoy 2 square meters of green space.

Çırpıcı Park, which opened four years ago and took more than three years to complete due to its size, covered an entire neighborhood with green spaces, beautiful lawns, and a variety of amusement games. It is an interesting weekend tourist and relaxation destination, for sure.

The most important features of the Zeytinburnu region

  • Medium population density

This factor is one of the most important things that many people who want to live in sparsely populated areas are looking for, and for those who love tranquility in general, these areas suit them perfectly, since the feature of calmness and average population density are real needs today.

  • New and advanced infrastructure

Luxury construction companies with an investment outlook are always drawn to new and modern infrastructure. Therefore, construction companies were seeking day after day to buy lands in Zeytinburnu and build projects on them; these were not just simple housing projects but rather luxury projects that had their weight in the real estate market and competed with many other projects in the city of Istanbul with their prices and their services, particularly in being constructed in Zeytinburnu.

  • The centrality of the Zeytinburnu region in the European section

The region's centrality and proximity to Istanbul's most important European regions propelled it to qualitative leaps forward, and its presence in this location raised its value at all levels, demonstrating the importance of location, which is the primary factor in the rise or fall of any region's value in Istanbul.

  • Adjacent to the Sea of Marmara

The alignment of Zeytinburnu with the Sea of Marmara and its gorgeous beaches and shores has added another value and characteristic to this region's record. It is just fifteen minutes from the farthest point in this district to the Sea of Marmara. Therefore, you may enjoy views of the sea and the crashing waves from any zone.

What are the factors of attraction in Zeytinburnu?

Certainly, every district in Istanbul has its own attractions that draw people to come live and settle there, or purchase real estate and invest there, and the lovely thing about Zeytinburnu is that it includes most of the elements that drive foreigners to it. Let us find out more about these attractions.

Investment in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

Investing in Istanbul, particularly in Zeytinburnu, has several advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • The presence of Zeytinburnu on the E5 main road from the beginning to the end.
  • The presence of Zeytinburnu directly on the coast of the Sea of Marmara.
  • The strong, distinguished, and developed infrastructure in Zeytinburnu.
  • The easy access to Zeytinburnu from all European regions of Istanbul via the metrobus, metro, and tramway.

Distinguished population structure and average density

Given that Zeytinburnu is one of the districts in the city with the highest concentration of immigrants, its demographics now demonstrate that immigrants make up the majority of the area's population. More than half of the entire population is of foreign origin, with the majority of these people being from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. As a consequence, we can affirm that Zeytinburnu is a multicultural community that welcomes all people. It also has a wide range of various activities, including economic activities—by industrial and commercial operations—taking the lead.

The real estate importance of Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu's real estate significance stems from the existence of a number of appealing factors to attract and increase demand for real estate in the area, including for example the district's central location in Istanbul, the availability of a transportation hub that allows residents to go to most parts of Istanbul and even outside of it easily, the presence of a coast on the sea, and places for entertainment where people spend their weekends.

Zeytinburnu: a modern investment venue with rising potential value

As long as the municipality maintains its current strategy of unparalleled interest and competitiveness with professionals, you can be certain that Zeytinburnu is an investment destination with a future and expanding value. If we compare seven years ago to now, whoever held real estate at the time and sold it today made a profit greater than twice the capital, even in dollars, not just Turkish lira.

Zeytinburnu district: the first investment site among its neighbors in Istanbul

Zeytinburnu is the interface, unlike its peers, as evidenced by the simplicity of figures and data. It is next to Fatih, which has very old buildings that are between fifty and sixty years old. Furthermore, Zeytinburnu is in the city center with reasonable prices, unlike Bakırköy, which is quite expensive in the sense that it is one of the "upper-class" districts.

Nevertheless, Bakırköy has fewer options than Zeytinburnu as it is closer to Ataturk Airport, which means that the buildings are low and there are not many high towers, so Zeytinburnu was the middle one, which combines its peers, and has become the first destination for investment, as well as housing, living, and settling down. 

Real estate investment in Zeytinburnu and investment returns

Numbers, statistics, and real estate platforms in Turkey show that investing in real estate in Zeytinburnu pays off. Over the past five years, investing in real estate has been quite profitable, with profits rising as a result of rising rental rates on the one hand and rising property values on the other. It is, in fact, a really exceptional investment area.

According to authentic sources and data, the growth in real estate prices that Zeytinburnu observed climbed by more than 498% of Turkish capital. Contact us right away if you are interested in receiving the best analysis and comparisons for real estate investment in Zeytinburnu.

Real estate projects in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu's real estate projects are among the most cutting-edge and advanced since the area has a young and vibrant infrastructure that is no older than ten years at most. In comparison to other projects in Istanbul, the real estate projects in Zeytinburnu are distinguished by their stunning views of the Sea of Marmara.

The most notable of these projects are situated along the breathtaking Sea of Marmara shoreline, and some of them have been dubbed real estate icons due to the advantages they provide and the novel features they incorporate. Some projects will leave you speechless since they will make you feel as though you are in one of the most opulent cities in the world with constructions on the seashores.

Residential and commercial projects in Zeytinburnu

Residential and commercial projects in Zeytinburnu are distinguished by characteristics and advantages that set them apart from most other projects in Istanbul. These characteristics and features prompted a large number of foreigners to buy real estate in Zeytinburnu and settle there permanently, and the bulk of these attributes are as follows:

  1. Stunning views of the Marmara Sea

Nothing beats waking up to the calm sunlight and the stunning blue color of the sea. Most of the projects in Zeytinburnu used to have sites overlooking the beautiful Sea of Marmara, which increased the value of any property in it and boosted the chances of selling it easily due to the high demand for these characteristics, which truly were "stunning views," as we mentioned in the title of the paragraph.

  1. Professional and high-end services to an indescribable degree

Real estate projects in Zeytinburnu provide a wide range of facilities that are really integrated hotel services, including indoor swimming pools, spas, saunas, steam baths, Jacuzzis, and a host of other amenities, all of which set them apart from similar projects in Istanbul.

  1. The influential locations in Zeytinburnu

The construction businesses in Zeytinburnu have chosen different sites in the neighborhoods to invest in, which has had a significant influence on the growth in the value of residential and commercial projects in the area. However, the construction companies stuck to residential designs that prioritize family life and quiet areas in order to fit with the tone of the content of the area.

Concerning the commercial projects, Zeytinburnu is a location full of varied shops and industries that are consistent with the commercial content offered in the area. Contact us if you want us to find a place for you among these projects so that you may increase your money and boost its worth and annual investment returns.

The most important residential projects and complexes in Zeytinburnu

Damasturk Real Estate has a real estate portfolio full of distinguished projects in the Zeytinburnu region, and we must include some of them for you to view them and know the pattern and arrangement of these projects with their average prices. We will also add a link for you that allows direct access to these projects so you can dive deeper into their details and information. Here are a few of our real estate projects in Zeytinburnu:
  • Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the city center—Project DS467

At Zeytinburnu's highest point, this best-in-class project is located, providing a stunning perspective of the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus Bridge, as well as a sweeping view of Istanbul. On the one hand, this reinforces the project's strategic location, while on the other, it ensures the breathtaking view.

This project is built on an area of 2596 square meters. It consists of only one building containing 62 apartments of various types, ranging from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1, with large areas suitable for families. The project also contains 10 shops to serve the project and the surrounding area. More information and details are available at the following link: Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the city center—Project DS467

  • Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the metrobus—Project DS698

This project is situated next to the well-known Metrobus line that connects Istanbul's two ends, the European and Asian ones, and is close to Zeytinburnu's coast. This property is notable for its strategic location on the one hand and the nice views on the other, as it features several green spaces and lawns.

The project covers an area of 3,287 square meters. It is made up of four buildings with a total height of 11 floors and 528 apartments of types 1 + 1, 2 + 1, and 3 + 1, as well as a ground level for stores on a total area of 4,500 square meters. Check out the following link for more information about the project: Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the metrobus—Project DS698

  • Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the metro—Project DS282

This project is the best for those looking for an investment opportunity in a residential and commercial project in the heart of Istanbul in order to rotate their cash and receive good investment returns. This project is near the well-known "Aksaray Metro," which runs from Ataturk Airport to the Fatih district.

This project covers an area of 14,500 square meters and consists of four buildings, three of which are residential and one of which is commercial. It is distinguished by superb designs and a height of 9 floors for each of them, including 248 apartments with patterns ranging from 1+1 to 3+1. More details and information are available at the following link: Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the metro—Project DS282

  • Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul with sea views—Project DS234

This is one of Istanbul's most opulent projects, with a direct view of the Sea of Marmara and part of the Princess Islands, as well as some lovely vistas from the Asian side due to its proximity to the city center. Moreover, this project is guaranteed by the Turkish government, which means that the land for the project belongs to the government while the construction company is private.

This project covers an area of 110,000 square meters and contains 1481 apartments. The cladding on the project is of the greatest quality and contains the most luxury international brands. All of the apartments on the property have a stunning view of the Marmara Sea. We will provide you with more information about this project at the following link: Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul with sea views—Project DS234

  • Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul with sea views—Project DS107

This is a one-of-a-kind project in Istanbul that merges the archaeological site of Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara into one scene. The project is recognized as one of the most opulent in Istanbul, with a direct view of the gorgeous Sea of Marmara blended with the refreshing green hue that goes fully along the coastlines near it.

The project covers 41,000 square meters. It is divided into ten buildings, including 125 residential apartments and 23 commercial units. The project was planned in the shape of low-rise houses. It is situated in a peaceful and lovely location with views of the Marmara Sea and, behind it, the iconic Topkapi Castle. For more information, click on the following link and learn more about the project: Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul with sea views—Project DS107

  • Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the metro—Project DS110

This project was built by one of Turkey's largest construction companies, which has several projects in various areas of Istanbul. It distinguishes itself from other companies by the splendor of its architectural designs, and it is unique in providing many halls dedicated to various hotel activities, such as a PlayStation room, a billiards room, a luxurious meeting room, and so on. Moreover, all of these rooms can be used for very little money.

The project covers an area of 44,326 square meters. It consists of 10 blocks with heights ranging from 6 to 20 floors, including 1002 apartments and 19 commercial units. The project is distinguished by its proximity to the E5 main road, which facilitates access to all means of transportation. For more information and details, please check out the following link: Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul near the metro—Project DS110

Real estate prices in Zeytinburnu

Real estate prices in Zeytinburnu are between average and somewhat high, and this is normal in light of the enormous ingredients that we talked about in this region. And hereunder we have prepared for you tables that show the average prices in the region for real estate and rents as well.

The average property price in the area

Real estate prices in Zeytinburnu are updated through official Turkish sources and based on the readings and analyses of the field team of DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate Company. Please keep in mind that these numbers are valid up to three months at most because prices are still increasing. In the following table, we divided the district of Zeytinburnu into three types as follows:


 Average price per square meter

100-square-meter apartments average price

Rural areas

15.625  Turkish liras

1.406.250  Turkish liras

Central areas

38.372 Turkish liras

4.029.070 Turkish liras

 Residential complexes 56.458 Turkish liras

6.097.496 Turkish liras

Average rental prices for real estate and apartments in Zeytinburnu

The average square meter rent in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul is as follows:


Average rental price per square meter

100-square-meter apartment average rental price

 Rural areas 77 Turkish Liras

8000 – 9.000  Turkish liras

Central areas

120 Turkish Liras

12000 – 14000  Turkish liras

Residential complexes 265 Turkish Liras

18000 – 25000  Turkish liras

The importance of buying real estate in Zeytinburnu

The significance of purchasing real estate in Zeytinburnu stems from its importance as an investment area, which we were able to summarize, as we indicated before. This emerges from a principle that we have, which drives us to convey all these important details to you in order for the return on your investments and money to be excellent and satisfying. Therefore, take great care to achieve and meet all the requirements that raise the likelihood of growing investment returns.

And be careful! Meeting the requirements is guaranteed to you by a qualified real estate consultant who will guide you toward your objective using the best and safest strategies. The absence of a knowledgeable real estate consultant often causes a decline in revenues and returns, and it occasionally results in the entire loss of the property's worth. An experienced real estate advisor will guarantee that all requirements are satisfied.

Living in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

Anyone who has visited this region is familiar with the family and classy society of Zeytinburnu, which is similar to the environment in neighboring regions such as Bakırköy and Fatih. The majority of the people in this region are descendants of ancient Istanbul immigrants, and they welcome foreign presence with open arms, given that they were once the same. Currently, foreign communities in this region are visible and dense, which is a distinguishing gesture for individuals seeking to settle in Zeytinburnu.

The social environment in Zeytinburnu

The social environment in the Zeytinburnu region is a very cultured social environment, as evidenced by the statistics mentioned earlier in the article, which estimated that 73% of its people are educated and have educational degrees. This actually motivates people who come to this area to mingle and talk to the educated locals and build relationships and business with them.

Studying in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

Schools and colleges in Turkey have grown significantly in recent years. In addition, unlike many other universities around the world, the universities in Zeytinburnu became affiliated with the community and have a high ranking among universities globally due to the availability of a wide variety of specialties that enable all students to choose the opportunity that is best for them and specialize in it. The most prominent educational facilities in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, will be covered in the sections that follow.

Educational services in the Zeytinburnu region

The educational services in the Zeytinburnu region do not differentiate between a foreigner and a Turk, which has a positive effect on the region's people accepting communication with foreigners. Of course, education is a right granted to all people, but these educational institutions certainly offer the language of the country. Here we will talk about the most important schools in Zeytinburnu.

The most important schools in Zeytinburnu

Private schools:

  • Doğa School, Cevizlibağ branch (İTÜ ETA Vakfı Doğa Koleji Cevizlibağ Kampüsü)
  • Uğur School, Topkapi branch (Uğur Okulları Topkapı Kampüsü)

Public schools:

  • Samiha Ayverdi Anadolu Secondary School (Samiha Ayverdi Anadolu Lisesi)
  • İhsan Mermerci Anadolu Secondary School (İhsan Mermerci Anadolu Lisesi)
  • Abdülhak Hamit Middle School (Abdülhak Hamit Ortaokulu)
  • Martyr Kadir Cihan Karagözlü Middle School (Şehit Kadir Cihan Karagözlü Ortaokulu)
  • Celalettin Gözüsulu Elementary School (Celalettin Gözüsulu İlkokulu)
  • Ataturk Elementary School (Atatürk İlkokulu)

The most important universities in Zeytinburnu

In Zeytinburnu, there are several universities, both public and private, where international students may study conveniently and without difficulty. These institutions cater to their foreign communities and provide them with top-notch educational possibilities. Let us find out more about the most notable universities among them:

  • Yeni Yüzyıl University:

Yeni Yüzyıl University is a private university that is regarded as one of the greatest and strongest in Turkey and the world. It was founded on February 19, 2009, by the "Watan Endowment for Health and Education," and it now includes six university campuses, ten colleges, two vocational schools, and three institutes, with teaching in both English and Turkish.

This university has 27 undergraduate programs, six of which are evening programs, 25 institute programs, and 32 postgraduate programs. It also offers instruction in a wide range of different fields. Among its most significant colleges are the College of Human Medicine, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Dentistry, the College of Economics and Administration, the College of Engineering and Architecture, the College of Literature and Arts, the College of Communication, the College of Law, the College of Science, and the College of Fine Arts.

The university has a strong local and foreign teaching staff that has made a name for itself in their field through their successful studies since the establishment of the university. There are 678 academics, including 109 professors, 41 assistant professors, 222 doctors, 214 lecturers, and 92 scientific research staff.

  • Istinye University:

Istinye University is a private university founded in 2015 AD by the Anatolian Endowment. It has two campuses: Topkapi Campus and Wadi Campus. Istinye University is regarded as one of the best universities in the field of human medicine and other health specialties, with eight faculties that are among the most renowned in most universities worldwide.

They are the College of Medicine, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Literature and Arts, the College of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture, the College of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Dentistry. Moreover, Istinye University includes three high institutes, including health institutes, where teaching takes place at Yeni Yüzyıl University in both English and Turkish.

Hospitals and healthcare in Zeytinburnu

As every Turkish district has its own designated specialist care facilities, including private and opulent hospitals where many people come to undergo surgeries as part of medical tourism, Zeytinburnu has a large number of high-end hospitals and health care facilities.

Health facilities in Zeytinburnu

There are several hospitals and medical facilities in Zeytinburnu, too many to list here, but we must highlight the three most notable ones for anyone looking to relocate to the area and who is interested in knowing Istanbul's top hospitals. The most prominent hospitals and medical clinics in Zeytinburnu are as follows:

  • Zeytinburnu State Hospital: On Istanbul's European side, in the Zeytinburnu district, lies a government hospital called Zeytinburnu Hospital, which is one of Istanbul's most prominent and modern hospitals. It has a number of departments, including those for internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, general surgery, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, and more.
  • Yedikule Hospital: In Turkey, if not the entire continent of Europe, Yedikule Hospital is thought to be one of the biggest and busiest hospitals with a focus on chest disorders. The Ministry of Health chose this hospital because of the exceptional and extraordinary therapeutic and medical tourism programs it provides in Turkey.

The hospital employs one of the most renowned surgeons in the world for the removal of the thymus gland, and the majority of procedures are conducted using a surgical laparoscope. Since its establishment, the hospital has served 363,605 patients and performed 6,165 bronchoscopy surgeries.

The main highways and transportation in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

The majority of the main roadways encircle and even pass through Zeytinburnu, as it is one of the core districts in Istanbul's European region. This demonstrates the current significance of this area. Let us draw your attention to the key thoroughfares and transportation options that are most crucial.

The most important main highways in Zeytinburnu district

The E5 main highway is the first route that everyone is familiar with and is seen to be the most significant in this area. This route connects Istanbul to neighboring cities, not simply its outskirts! This road is the most noticeable of the area's primary roadways since it runs along this area, as we previously described in the article's content.

The second is the route that runs along the famed Marmara Sea. Until it reaches the Eminönü region, which is renowned for its delectable fish scent, this route is regarded as an option for approaching the city center instead of going by the major road that we previously discussed, and it is considered one of the tourist attractions.

There are other additional roads that link Sümer and Merkezefendi neighborhoods, including one that leads to Akşemsettin, the area's most well-known commercial area. In general, Zeytinburnu's main thoroughfares are broad and unique, and people can easily and comfortably travel everywhere using them.

Transportation in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

In the Zeytinburnu region, transportation services are swift and accessible, like, for example, the Metrobus line, which connects Istanbul's Asian and European sides. It truly is the most famous of all, serving as the city's most essential express transportation.

Other quick means of transportation include the well-known tramway that travels to Beşiktaş and passes by the most significant locations and well-known tourist destinations, including Sultan Ahmed, the Hagia Sophia Mosque, and the Eminönü neighborhood. It also crosses the renowned Galata Bridge, which spans the inlet of the Golden Horn Bay and looks out over the well-known Sultan Eyup and Beyoğlu neighborhoods, before reaching Taksim Square and the Galata Tower.

We also must not overlook Istanbul's oldest subway, the legendary Aksaray Metro, which most of us have undoubtedly used. Given that it serves the city's core, this metro, which now runs between Ataturk Airport and the final stop, Yenikapı, is the most well-known and effective means of transportation in Istanbul.

Public transportation in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

Zeytinburnu indeed has a vast transportation network made up of public buses and minibuses that service every section of the area from the first neighborhood to the last and also connect to other significant places in Istanbul. As a result, getting into and out of this location is simple and easy.

Recreational facilities in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

Zeytinburnu has a wide variety of recreational amenities, which is a result of the existence of a modern civilization that necessitates many recreational facilities to make people happy and enable them to rest and enjoy comfort. Zeytinburnu offers a wide range of attractions, such as sports parks, jogging and walking trails along the coast, indoor swimming pools, gyms, and other amenities.

Gardens and forests in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

As we previously indicated, Zeytinburnu is distinguished by the existence of a very sizable garden, known as the Çırpıcı Garden, which is situated at its entrance on the side of its rapid transportation hub. As for small gardens, Zeytinburnu is home to a large number of them, and many people visit them to relax and enjoy the fresh air they offer.

Zeytinburnu's major shopping malls

  • Olivium Outlet Center: Numerous people are coming to the Olivium Mall in search of outlets for well-known brands like Adidas, LC Waikiki, Nike, and Puma. It is not an exaggeration to say that this mall is one of the locations that is appropriate for everyone because it offers various entertainment options, such as a bowling alley, in addition to being a destination for shopping.
  • Zeruj Port Shopping Mall: This mall, which has approximately 126 stores and a total area of approximately 13,000 square meters, stands out since it is the only one in Turkey that caters to the requirements of veiled women and offers children's clothing.

Mosques and places of worship in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district

In the Zeytinburnu region, there are a number of mosques and other houses of worship, but the Merkezefendi Mosque is by far the most well-known. At Suleiman the Magnificent's request, the architect Sinan constructed the Merkezefendi Mosque on the site of the dervish shelter in 1517. The mosque that bears Merkezefendi's name was built in his honor between 1552 and 1572, after he passed away.

Living in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu

Do you feel that the aspects we discussed in this article about the characteristics that encourage people to go to Zeytinburnu and live there actually fit your needs and the things you would want to have in the place where you wish to reside? Based on our experience and the feedback from our clients who have relocated there, we think Zeytinburnu offers a lot of the qualities that anyone would like to have, as well as many other good features.

However, the municipality has imposed a ban on moving into several of Zeytinburnu's neighborhoods since so many individuals have already done so! By accepting the offer to acquire real estate and moving there before the majority of neighborhoods are shut down as a consequence of the aforementioned issue, you have the option to take advantage of the opportunity given by the doubling of population density.

Pros of living in Zeytinburnu

The advantages of living in Zeytinburnu are as follows: 

  • The region's location and prestige in the heart of the European side of Istanbul
  • The presence of gardens and green lawns among its neighborhoods
  • The presence of a distinctive coastline on the shore of the Marmara Sea to enjoy the water features
  • The existence of one of the most unusual malls, "the veiled women mall," as previously mentioned
  • The sophisticated and well-cultured foreign population
  • The new and distinctive infrastructure
  • The quick and easy transportation hub to all places via tramway, metrobus, subway, and other means of transportation

Tourism in Zeytinburnu

Many tourists visit Zeytinburnu to discover the historical sites and monuments, which we have previously mentioned in the article. It is also a place to buy leather, textiles, and other similar products, and it is the number one option for these goods, so tourism and trade are completely intertwined, and every tourist who visited the area was astounded by the industries there. 

Natural and tourist destinations in Zeytinburnu:

  • Çırpıcı Park, with its extensive green space and recreational amenities.
  • The Sea of Marmara and its gorgeous coastlines in Zeytinburnu's seashore districts.

Heritage and archaeological monuments in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu is an area rich in precious historical sites that you may visit and enjoy, making it one of the top tourist locations in Istanbul, as it contains the Panorama Museum, which opened on January 31, 2009, and takes you back 566 years.

This museum depicts the events of the Battle of Constantinople during the invasion of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror of Constantinople, which was the capital of the Byzantine Empire at the time. The museum also has classy restaurants where you can sample the many tastes of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. Be sure to put this place on your itinerary when you visit Istanbul.

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