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Real estate for sale in Bakirkoy Istanbul

02/02/2024 Turkish Districts & Areas 132 Real estate for sale in Bakirkoy Istanbul

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Bakirkoy is one of the cities where tradition and modernity meet at the same time. It is very rich in its historical monuments dating back to the era of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Bakirkoy has recently witnessed many development and service projects, which has had a positive impact on the real estate and housing sector in it, so it has become at the top of the investment list in Istanbul

Where is Bakirkoy located?

Bakirkoy is located in the European side of Istanbul on the northern coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, adjacent to Zeytinburnu . Kucukcekmece and Bahcelievler, which have a diverse population composition consisting of merchants, industrialists, government employees, craftsmen, and other segments of society.

The importance of buying a property in Bakirkoy:

Knowing how to choose the appropriate geographical location is one of the most important reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey. The geographical importance of the Bakirkoy region stems from its being one of the oldest inhabited residential areas in Istanbul and a vital center for the most important civilizations that have succeeded it throughout the ages. Bakirkoy's location is close to the heart of Istanbul, overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara, and its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait and the rest of the vital areas in Istanbul.

All of this makes Bakirkoy a fertile environment for investment and business. Bakirkoy is characterized by its warm climate in the winter and pleasant and moderate in the summer. It is located on a plateau overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara in the southwestern part of Istanbul, where its height above sea level ranges from 20 to 30 meters. This is what made it one of the considered tourist cities. It is considered rich in apartment projects for sale in Istanbul by the sea.  

Buying a property in Bakirkoy:

There is a close relationship between the availability of public services and facilities in an area and the volume of real estate investment there. One of the most important reasons for attracting real estate investment in Bakirkoy is the abundance of public services and facilities there, as it is considered one of the most important areas of central Istanbul and one of the pillars of its economy. Bakirkoy includes 15 neighborhoods with an area of ​​29.22 km2 and a population of 226,229 people. There are 29 hospitals equipped with the latest devices and equipment, including all specialties and departments. Agbadan Bakirkoy Hospital is considered one of the largest hospitals in Istanbul.

There are 18 clinics, and on the educational level we find Istanbul Kultur Cultural University, which includes many colleges and departments, the most important of which is the College of Medical Sciences and the colleges of engineering, law, management and economics, in addition to a group of vocational and craft institutes and a total of 200 educational centers that include all educational levels from kindergarten to The secondary stage in all its branches, including public schools affiliated with the state, private schools, and international schools that adopt curricula including some in English, Arabic, or French.

In terms of shopping centers and malls, we find in Bakirkoy 11 shopping centers and several closed and open markets. Each shopping center contains between 150 and 300 stores containing all consumer goods, such as food, furniture, electrical tools, clothing, antiques, jewelry, and many others. In addition to shopping services, we find other services provided by these malls. Shopping centers provide their residents and visitors with cultural and entertainment activities and events, seminars, cinematic shows, music sessions, and seasonal exhibitions.

The diversity of transportation modes, the expansion of the road network, and the development of traffic infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, and railways in Bakirkoy, all of this facilitated movement between the neighborhoods and their vital centers, in addition to easy access to it from the rest of Istanbul and other cities. Bakirkoy is an ancient city that combines authenticity and modernity. It includes many archaeological sites, landmarks, and historical buildings.

On the other hand, we find modern buildings, advanced residential complexes, office complexes, and commercial stores, in addition to public parks, natural forests with their stunning views, beaches, and entertainment and tourist complexes distributed among all Bakirkoy neighborhoods. All these advantages and services have made Bakirkoy real estate one of the best-selling properties in Istanbul, as it is one of the most important, active and vibrant investment centers in Istanbul.

Advantages of buying a property in Bakirkoy:

The distinct characteristics that Bakirkoy enjoys, including its geographical location, advanced infrastructure, and multiple entertainment and service facilities, make real estate investment options with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship many and varied. In terms of residential projects, we find a variety of spaces, the number of rooms, the amount of interior cladding of the apartment, and varying locations of buildings to suit all the financial capabilities of those wishing to own property and settle in Turkey.

It includes many cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. Since trade and industry are among the most important pillars of the economy in Bakirkoy, we find that the projects of complexes, offices, and shops there are many and varied, and its industrial area is considered one of the oldest and most effective industrial areas in Istanbul. Also, the location of a large part of Bakirkoy’s neighborhoods on the Marmara coast makes it a coastal and summer resort par excellence, as it is rich in residential projects close to the sea, in addition to recreation and entertainment facilities, hotels, chalets, and palaces that are distinguished by their charming view of the Sea of ​​Marmara.


Bakirkoy, one of the areas of the European section of Istanbul overlooking the northern coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and adjacent to the most vital and central areas of Istanbul, is one of the areas that achieved all the reasons for the success of real estate investment in all its residential, commercial, summer and recreational branches. The real estate investment options in Bakirkoy today have become many and varied, taking into account all groups that wish to own property and their varying financial capabilities.

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