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Investment in villas for sale in Antalya 2022


Antalya, situated on the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the world's most significant tourist attractions. Antalya was rated third in the world in terms of most visited cities in 2013, after only Paris and London, demonstrating its growing tourism prominence in recent decades. Because of their privacy, absolute comfort, and isolation from others, renting villas in Antalya is a popular choice among visitors to the city. With the spread of the Corona epidemic, the desire to lease villas has grown among tourists as well as foreign investors seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a real estate in Turkey through making an investment in one villa rather than wasting time looking for multiple apartments and being preoccupied with the complicated procedures.

With the growing demand from investors for villa projects in Antalya, numerous contemporary villa projects have sprung up on the outskirts of the city, its suburbs, and tourist regions, surrounded by beautiful scenery and near the beaches.

The most sought-after regions for investors looking for villas for sale in Antalya are

The locations favored by investors in villas for sale in Antalya may be split into a few categories:

Antalya city center areas

These areas are distinguished by their close proximity to major services and important facilities, and Antalya is centered on four main regions, the most prominent of which is the Konyaalti area, which is just 5 kilometers from the famed Konyaalti Beach. It should be mentioned that villa costs in the city center areas are expensive owing to their proximity to the city core and the abundance of service and recreational amenities in the region. In addition, Lara-Kondo is located in the Muratpaşa neighborhood, which is home to large tourist resorts, as well as the Döşemealtı area, which is popular with investors. The region is known for its peace and quiet, and the villas in the area are reasonably priced in comparison to other locations, making them a popular choice for investors.

Tourist areas

Antalya has four major tourist areas, including:

Kaş tourist area

It's around 200 kilometers from Antalya's city center, in the extreme west of the city. It has the most costly villas among Antalya's villas.

Alanya area

It is a semi-independent city from Antalya, located 100 kilometers from the city center. It contains service and critical infrastructure as well as integrated recreational amenities, including an airport, government and private universities and hospitals. Alanya, like Kargıcak and Bektaş, has a lower average price for villas than Kaş, Konyaalti, and Lara. The Belek region, which is 30 kilometers from Antalya International Airport and is only 40 kilometers from the city center of Antalya to the east, as well as the Kemer region, which is distinguished by its proximity to the city center of Antalya, which is about 40 kilometers away, are among the most highly regarded areas by investors in the field of villa investments.

Styles and spaces of villas for sale in Antalya

Standalone villas

It is regarded one of the most preferred types of villas, where the villa is separate of other villas, and these sorts of villas are detached and not linked to other villas. Gardens, parking spaces, and, in many cases, private swimming pools are common features of these sorts of villas. It should be emphasized, however, that these villas do occasionally share grounds, swimming pools, and other social services with other villas.

Twin villas

This sort of villas is made up of two connected villas with identical designs and specifications that are divided by a wall. Each of these villas has its own entrance and yard, as well as a private swimming pool. They are less expensive than standalone villas, and many Antalya villa complexes offer twin villas in addition to standalone villas.

Townhouse Villas

It is a collection of linked villas with similar designs and features. A wall separates each villa from the others. They have a smaller footprint than other villa types and are also less expensive. This type is not very popular in Antalya. The number of stories also influences the kind of villas for sale in Antalya. There are two-story duplex villas, three-story triplex villas, which are the most popular and wanted by investors, in addition to the single-story villas.

The areas of villas for sale in Antalya

Villas in Antalya typically range in size from 160 to 500 square meters in size. However, villas with more or less spaces than the above stated spaces are also available.

Features of villas and villa complexes in Antalya

Interior and exterior design

Real estate developers provide a wide range of areas with contemporary and attractive interior and exterior designs, as well as high standards.

Building materials and supplies

High-quality construction materials and supplies in compliance with international building standards are utilized in the construction and development of villa projects in Antalya. Such as earthquake resistance, sound and heat insulation, and natural gas-powered heating systems. Numerous projects also make use of floor and wall heating and cooling systems, which are more efficient and save energy. In addition to ceramic, alabaster, and parquet flooring, there are beautiful wood doors and cabinets, steel outside doors, and high-end sanitary products.

Privacy of families and individuals

Many villas are designed to provide the person's comfort and solitude by offering gardens, swimming pools, Turkish baths, and gymnasiums, in addition to shower and dressing rooms for each bedroom in the property.

Smart villas and technological features

All of the villa's electrical appliances, taps, lights, blinds, cameras, kitchen appliances, and other accessories may be operated remotely. The majority of the villas also include the necessary technical infrastructure for central TV systems, internet access, and audio and video contact with the complex's security staff and services.

Interior and exterior finishes

With high ceilings and large windows, villas may benefit from daylight and offer a panoramic view. Kitchens are roomy and easy to use with contemporary styles.

Location and views

Many villa complexes in Antalya are near to the city center or in calm regions away from the people and bustle, and some of them have views of the sea, mountains, or the lovely city.

Social services

Gardens, swimming pools, and vehicle parking spots are common features of villas. Depending on the villa's decor, it may feature indoor swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, and gyms.

Security and protection system

Villas are distinguished by a strict system of security, including the presence of security officers at the complex's entrances as well as 24-hour monitoring cameras.

Prices of villas in Antalya

What variables influence the pricing of villas in Antalya?


The closer a villa is to service and social amenities, such as health and education institutions, transportation lines, and marketplaces, the greater its real estate price.

Space and style

The greater the overall size or building areas of the villas, or the more the internal divisions, the higher the real estate value is. In addition, standalone villas are more costly.

Quality and services

By quality, we mean the quality of construction in terms of materials, supplies, and techniques. The more diverse the services and social facilities provided by the villa complexes, the higher the value of the villas within those complexes.

Average prices of villas in Antalya

Average areas of villas sold

Price increase rate in the last year

The highest average price per square meter (₺)


238 m2


16125 TL


176 m2


11320 TL


350 m2


10227 TL


282 m2


10125 TL


396 m2


6818 TL


240 m2


7500 TL


264 m2


9588 TL


316 m2


7225 TL


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