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The detailed guide to the Basaksehir area in Istanbul

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Başakşehir Map

Başakşehir district in Istanbul

Başakşehir, one of Istanbul's greatest municipalities, is well known for its stunning natural surroundings, urbanization, expansion, and well-developed infrastructure. In light of the modernization and prosperity of civil and urban projects, it is currently frequently recognized as the region of Istanbul where foreigners like to reside. Additionally, Başakşehir has grown to be a well-liked location for real estate investors, and many individuals dream to buy an apartment in Istanbul's Başakşehir district.

Information about the Başakşehir district in Istanbul

The municipality of Başakşehir was formed in 2008 following the secession of the municipality of Küçükçekmece. Başakşehir is a prosperous and appealing region for people of all races and nationalities, and it has grown to be one of the most significant districts in the Turkish real estate market.

Damasturk will provide you with in-depth details on everything relating to the Başakşehir region, covering so many significant subjects in this article today. We hope you have a good time reading.

Where exactly is Başakşehir positioned?

The 107-square-kilometer district of Başakşehir is situated on the European side of Istanbul. It is bounded to the south by Avcilar, Bağcılar, and Küçükçekmece districts, to the southwest by the Esenyurt district, to the east by the Esenler and Sultangazi districts, to the north by the Arnavutköy district, and to the northeast by the Eyup district.

Başakşehir may be reached by car from the major locations in the city of Istanbul as shown in the following table:

Travel time by car on average

Distance in km


26 - 35 minutes

24 km

Başakşehir from Taksim

20 - 26 minutes

20 km

Başakşehir from Fatih

30 - 35 minutes

30 km

Başakşehir from the new airport

18 - 24 minutes

17 km

Başakşehir from Beylikdüzü

39 - 45 minutes

34 km

Başakşehir from Üsküdar

Source: Arasikack

Başakşehir's location and geography

Başakşehir is a geographically diverse location that is quite vast and covered by green areas totally filled with trees from the northern side. The majority of the vegetation in the region consists of steppes and tiny bushes. A river feeds into Küçükçekmece Lake, which is surrounded by a vast and gorgeous manmade lake.

Başakşehir's most well-known neighborhood

On the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, there are 11 neighborhoods that make up the Başakşehir district. The name of the neighborhood, how many people live there, and the area in square kilometers are all displayed in the following table:

The neighborhoods of Başakşehir

Area (km²)

Population (thousand people)


1,362 km₂

14,859 people

Altınşehir neighborhood

8,318 km₂

24,548 people

Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım neighborhood

8,691 km₂

41,437 people

Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım neighborhood

24,546 km₂

70,258 people

Başak neighborhood

8,134 km₂

58,445 people

Başakşehir neighborhood

5,932 km₂

55,783 people

Güvercintepe neighborhood

7.67 km₂

- - -

İkitelli Osb Mahallesi neighborhood

13,835 km₂

74,815 people

Kayabaşı neighborhood

11,576 km₂

34,138 people

Şahintepe neighborhood

7,074 km₂

1,269 people

Şamlar neighborhood

7,352 km₂

21,113 people

Ziya Gökalp neighborhood

Source: Atlasbig

The most prominent neighborhood in Başakşehir

  • Başakşehir neighborhood: This is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in the area. It has a population of roughly 58,445 people and is situated in an area of 8,134 square kilometers. The Kayaşehir neighborhood, Başak, Ziya Gökalp, and Arnavutköy form its eastern, western, southern, and northern boundaries, respectively.
  • Ziya Gökalp neighborhood: It is a neighborhood in Başakşehir that links the Küçükçekmece and İkitelli areas, and it was merged with Başakşehir when the latter was founded in 2019. It was predominantly a rural agricultural area populated by farmers and Greeks prior to 1980, but it underwent substantial immigration in the late 1990s, followed by a renaissance and urban growth observable to this day. The area has the name "Ziya Gökalp" after the Turkish poet.
  • Bahçeşehir neighborhood: Within the municipality of Başakşehir, the Bahçeşehir neighborhood is situated in an excellent location to the northwest of Küçükçekmece Lake. Thanks to the administration of collective housing affiliated with the Turkish Council of Ministers Presidency, this neighborhood is now available for housing.

Başakşehir’s most recognizable landmarks

Başakşehir is distinguished by its abundance of natural areas, green spaces, and recreational parks, all of which compete in terms of characteristics and capabilities. Everything a person needs to have a respectable and opulent life is present, including shopping malls, supermarkets, forests, reserves, and large expanses of green space. In the following paragraph, we will examine some of the most significant and well-known sites in the Başakşehir region:

  • People's Park

The garden, which is the largest in Turkey and the fifth largest in the world, is spread across an area of 5 million and 61 thousand square meters. In total, there will be 145,300 trees there, a figure that was chosen to reflect the year 1453; the year Istanbul's city boundaries were first established. This park was intended to serve as a safe refuge for the region's population in the case of an earthquake or other natural calamity. A 10,000-square-meter space has been set aside for the creation of a children's amusement park, in addition to staging mass events with a capacity of 28,000 people, a gigantic screen, and an amphitheater that can seat 2,000 people.

  • Ataturk Olympic Stadium (Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadyumu)

The stadium, which was erected in 2002, is located in the İkitelli area of the municipality of Başakşehir. It was named after the Turkish state's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is Turkey's largest stadium. The European Football Association designated the stadium as a five-star sports complex in 2004, and it was designated as an Olympic stadium capable of holding the official Olympic Games in 2008. It has 134 entrances and 148 exits, via which up to 80,000 people may be discharged in under 7 minutes in an emergency, and it can host a variety of sports and cultural activities, events, and contests.

  • Water Valley (Sular Vadisi)

A 550,000-square-kilometer area contains the Water Valley. It serves as a park and a garden. It is one of Istanbul's newest entertainment venues and one of Başakşehir’s most stunning and well-known monuments. It is essentially a park that is a part of the Greater Istanbul Municipality and draws people with its green areas decked with different kinds and colors of roses and its family-friendly recreational sports. In addition to the water features, tables, wooden seats for lounging, walking and biking trails, and an enclosed parking garage that are all present, this amazing park features 6 cafés and restaurants, one of which is affiliated with the municipality and offers affordable, delectable Turkish cuisine.

  • Mall of Istanbul

One of Istanbul's biggest and most opulent shopping centers, The Mall of Istanbul, opened its doors in 2014. It is made up of 7 buildings, 4 of which are used for residential apartments, 1 for a shopping mall, 1 for the Mall of Istanbul's offices, and 1 for hotel apartments. More than 400 shops from both worldwide and domestic brands can be found at the mall, which caters to all consumer demands from the newest fashion to shoes and cosmetics to electronics and home goods. The shopping center frequently holds international festivals and exhibitions, and both domestic visitors and foreign nationals regard it as one of the most well-known shopping centers in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.

Inside this shopping mall, there is a sizable amusement park that is appropriate for people of all ages. Along with other essential and practical services, the Mall of Istanbul provides visitors with wireless internet access, a purchase tax refund station (KDV-value added tax), a first aid station, a safety deposit box, a maternity and children's room, automated teller machines, and a foreign currency exchange station.


It has been a natural park since 2011 and is thought to have 335 hectares of biodiversity-rich land. There are about 95 different plant species. Starting at the entry, where there are directional signs for the amenities, entrances, and exits in addition to restrooms, washbasins, playgrounds, and areas dedicated for lounging and barbecuing, the forest has everything a person needs to have a good day. Away from the clamor of the city, it is the perfect location for camping, hiking, and taking in the pure air and environment.

Demographics in Başakşehir district

Due to its rapid population expansion and diversified socioeconomic makeup, the Başakşehir region has been able to draw people of various ethnicities in addition to Turks from other Turkish cities. The demographics of Başakşehir show that young people make up 50% of the population, middle-aged people make up 43%, and old people make up 7% of the population.

The distribution of the population by age is shown in the following table:

 Source: Endeksa

The societal status in Başakşehir district

The table below depicts the proportions of married, single, widowed, and divorced people in the entire population of Başakşehir:





Social status

8.966 people

11,406 people

99.360 people

208.829 people


Source: Endeksa

The educational status in Başakşehir district

The percentage of the total population

Educational level

66 %

from the primary to the college level

20 %

Postgraduate level

14 %


Source: Endeksa

Başakşehir district: history, nomenclature, and inhabitants

Başakşehir has a very old history and was inhabited throughout the prehistoric era, according to an archaeological study. This was proven by the human remains, artifacts, and animal remains discovered in Yarımburgaz Cave, the site of Istanbul's early habitation, which date to between 400 and 600 thousand BC.

Başakşehir’s municipality was created in 2008 when it was divided from Küçükçekmece and Esenler's municipalities. A diversified social fabric was created in the Başakşehir district as a result of the influx of people, particularly foreigners looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Detailed information about Başakşehir district in Istanbul

Başakşehir is one of the most prominent districts on Istanbul's European side, with a population of 503,243 people according to last year's figures. It is an area abundant in service facilities such as hospitals and schools, as well as entertainment sites. Many of Turkey's top service facilities are found there, including the biggest Olympic stadium and Turkey's biggest park.

The population of Başakşehir district

The following table displays the district of Başakşehir’s population during the preceding five years:



503,243 people


469,924 people


460.259 people


427,835 people


396,729 people


Source: Nufusu

Infrastructure in Başakşehir district

Başakşehir is distinguished by a robust and developed infrastructure, which includes roads, transportation, water, electricity, and sewage networks, in addition to public parks and vacation destinations, which were established by the Turkish government to support people in carrying out their jobs and leading comfortable lives.

Furthermore, because of its proximity to the upcoming Istanbul Canal project and Istanbul International Airport, the Başakşehir district is considered adjacent to one of Turkey's most significant urban development initiatives.

The region's sophisticated infrastructure has aided in attracting investments and projects, as well as considerably increasing the market value of real estate.

The grand central square of Başakşehir

The Başakşehir municipality has taken fresh measures to develop a new urban project, which is a sizable central square that spans an area of 60,000 square meters and has an arena of 37,000 square meters, which is twice the size of the well-known Taksim Square. This square also hosts Başakşehir's biggest mosque, which was constructed with space for 5,000 people. The magnificent arena, which is situated between Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium and the entrance to the Solar Valley, has reached its fourth phase of development.

Out of the entire public area, 980 square meters have been set aside for green spaces, and 12,000 square meters have been set aside for a walking route. The municipality intends to build a ground tunnel connecting the region with transportation routes from the Asian to the European sides. Along with these essential amenities, there are shops close to the area, as well as restaurants and cafes that cater to tourists.

Başakşehir municipality

The municipality of Başakşehir, which is a representative of the Turkish government system, serves the local populace by offering services including health care, social services, permits, and the enforcement of laws ensuring the inhabitants' safety and security, as well as the construction of essential infrastructure.

The municipality of Başakşehir, which is administratively connected to the Istanbul Governorate, derives its motto from its name, "the city of Spikes," and uses a spike as its logo. It is situated in Istanbul's European district of Başakşehir, in an accessible place.

Başakşehir Square

One of the newest urban developments in the area is Başakşehir Square, or Başakşehir Kent Meydanı in Turkish. Its construction started in 2017, and due to its size, it will likely host public programs and events. Additionally, it will bring together a selection of the greatest companies and facilities that provide the locals of the area with a wide range of services in addition to leisure and tourism services.

Nature in Başakşehir

With a total area of 10,433 hectares, Başakşehir is a region rich in natural scenery and greenery. This area offers gardens, public parks, and woods as well as places to relax and is attractive to many investors.

The Turkish government has taken great care of the natural scenery in the area, attracting by that the attention of tourists and meeting all preferences thanks to the region's geography and fantastic climate.

Başakşehir: the basics

The Başakşehir region is special in a way that many people are unaware of. In all areas of Istanbul, for instance, there are neighboring buildings and narrow alleys that hardly enable one car to pass, particularly in the historic and well-known neighborhoods. The Başakşehir area, on the other hand, has fewer, almost no such alleys, and its streets are wide and beautifully planned, as it is intended to be a developed area with a bright future. Modern construction, state-of-the-art technology, earthquake resistance system, and a high degree of quietness are all characteristics that can be found in this area.

Başakşehir: characteristics and features

The Başakşehir region stands out from the rest of Istanbul's districts due to its growth and modernism, as well as the availability of social, cultural, medical, and educational amenities.

The Başakşehir region's key characteristics are as follows:

  • The modern infrastructure: The region has a robust and developed infrastructure, which is spotted in the region's roads, railways, water infrastructure, internet and communication lines, service centers, buildings, and residential complexes.
  • The luxurious real estate: In addition to the fact that the district offers a variety of real estate prospects, the apartments and homes in Başakşehir are distinguished by modern and contemporary designs. Luxury villas and commercial real estate, such as offices and companies, are available in addition to residential complexes. This area expanded the options available to foreigners looking to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul.
  • The transportation options: Having easy access to a variety of means of transportation in a location is a sign of progress and prosperity. The municipality of Başakşehir provides its residents with numerous transportation options, including bicycles, the metro, tramways, and small and large city buses. 
  • The picturesque nature: Başakşehir is exceptional for its lovely, scenic landscape, which is exemplified by its enormous green areas, natural reserves, man-made ponds, woodlands, gardens, and parks that soothe the eye, revive the soul, and promote leisure and interaction with nature.
  • Service institutions: In Başakşehir, agencies of all significant governmental services can be found, including the Department of Land Registry and Population, as well as cutting-edge medical facilities, educational institutions, and universities.
  • The exceptional position: Başakşehir, which encompasses a sizable region on Istanbul's European side and is close to both Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Airport, has developed to become the center of European Istanbul as a result of its strategic location.
  • Additional features of Başakşehir
    • There are several projects available in Başakşehir that are appropriate for gaining Turkish citizenship.
    • Başakşehir is regarded as good zone for families as it is a conservative and calm location away from traffic and pollution.
    • In Başakşehir, families can keep their kids entertained without having to travel far for entertainment thanks to the abundance of entertainment options.
    • The region's diverse social structure and the assimilation of different ethnicities is an added value.
    • The general sense of safety and the absence of crimes and suspicious activity.
    • One huge benefit for foreigners looking to live in the area is the availability of international and Arabic schools.
    • The Interior Ministry of Turkey and the Turkish government pay particular attention to the region.

Başakşehir's attraction factors: what are they?

Although there are numerous attractions in the Başakşehir region, the service aspect is arguably by far the most significant since it is ideal for families and offers high-quality health facilities, hospitals, schools, and educational services in addition to cultural and entertainment venues and green spaces. These considerations influence people looking to purchase apartments for sale in Istanbul to favor the Başakşehir district over other areas so they may settle there with their families, gain Turkish citizenship, and maximize their access to all the amenities offered by the Turkish government to its inhabitants.

Investment in real estate in Başakşehir

In recent years, the Turkish construction sector has flourished thanks to the influx of international investors looking to make investments by purchasing apartments for sale in Turkey. As a result, Turkey placed fourth in the world among the top ten sites that have the proper ingredients and infrastructure for real estate investment, and the location of Turkey as a country connecting two continents, and particularly the city of Istanbul, offers a favorable signal for the success of investments at both the local and global levels.

Thus, the Başakşehir district is a great place to invest in real estate in Istanbul due to a variety of factors. These factors are reflected in the advantageous position, the growth of the infrastructure, the beautiful scenery, the peace, the premium real estate, and the service amenities.

Development and urbanization in Başakşehir

The Başakşehir area is a shining example of urban growth and wealth, attracting attention and playing an important role in the Turkish real estate market, particularly on the European side of Istanbul. Its transportation system makes it easy to go to and from the area, and its infrastructure sets it apart from the rest of Istanbul.

The housing and urbanization sector in Başakşehir is attaining tremendous expansion and growth, which will surely be reflected in pricing in the future. Its residential projects are high-quality, sophisticated, and charming. They also contribute to the growth in the market value of the region. The Turkish government works on new projects that contribute to the area's continued growth on a regular basis.

The future prospects of Başakşehir

Istanbul as a whole is a city with a promising future in terms of the real estate investment sector. If we look at the pricing of residential real estate in its various regions in the years 2020 and 2022, we will see a significant disparity and price difference in only two years, and with the rise of the Turkish real estate market, Başakşehir was able to grab attention and shine. As a contemporary, developed, and premium neighborhood, real estate investment has become a great opportunity, in addition to living and settling in one of Europe's most sophisticated and modern neighborhoods.

Experts predict that real estate prices in Başakşehir will grow by 30% to 50% over the next three years due to increasing demand. Therefore, the future prospect for real estate investment in Başakşehir is bright and promising.

The real estate importance of Başakşehir

Large and elegant residential projects in Başakşehir have significantly increased real estate values, increased their prominence in the Turkish market, and garnered widespread reputation and investor demand. The Turkish government's infrastructure projects in the region, such as the Çam and Sakura Hospital, Europe's largest, the Istanbul Canal Road, and the nearby Istanbul Airport, gave the region special importance and attracted investors from the Arab world, particularly from the Gulf countries, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, and Lebanon, as evidenced by the availability of Arab stores, brands, and restaurants. It serves delectable Arabic cuisine. As you wander through the streets of Başakşehir, your ears will pick up on Arabic noises, and your eyes will be drawn to stores and restaurants.

Başakşehir: Investment and settling down

In terms of investing in general, real estate investment is the form of investment through which real wealth may be produced when the proper decision is taken at the appropriate moment. Investing in real estate, particularly rented property, is a safe and profitable investment, with the property's value increasing over time. In terms of real estate investment, all economic evidences in Turkey, notably in Istanbul, suggests that real estate investments in Turkey have a high probability of success. Every year, a large number of foreigners rush to Turkey to acquire real estate, either for living and settling or for investment and profit, and both are assured in Turkey.

Concerning the Başakşehir region in particular, we have already mentioned in the following paragraphs the advantages that distinguish it from all other regions of Istanbul, which adequately explain the effectiveness and possibility of successful real estate investments there.

Housing and living in Başakşehir is a wise decision made by thousands of foreigners who now enjoy its luxurious apartments, picturesque nature, and family-friendly amenities. 

Başakşehir: A modern investment venue with a growing future value

Due to the rapid urbanization of the area over the previous ten years, which grew its population to half a million people, Başakşehir’s market value has reached a record high since it was proclaimed an autonomous municipality in 2008.

As a result, it has become a popular investment destination with a high value that will continue to climb significantly in the future, as confirmed by statistics.

Başakşehir district: One of the best investment sites in Istanbul

Başakşehir has been classified as the first investment destination on the European side of Istanbul. This is due to a number of factors, including its modern residential complexes, infrastructure, and availability of schools, particularly Arabic-speaking schools, as well as the fact that it is rich in markets and commercial centers and that it is simple to adapt, integrate, and move from there to the rest of Istanbul. 

Not to mention that its closeness to the new Istanbul Airport (Ataturk Airport), motorways, and the Istanbul Canal project contributed to its increased visibility and ranking as the first investment destination.

Real estate investment opportunities in Başakşehir

Real estate investment in Başakşehir has increased steadily and rapidly because the region is rich in real estate possibilities and offers investors several investment opportunities with assured investment returns. Başakşehir real estate investment opportunities include the following:

  • Investing in real estate and apartments
  • Investing in commercial real estate and offices
  • Investing in student apartments and youth housing
  • Investing in hotel and furnished apartments
  • Investing in schools and commercial buildings

However, it is worth mentioning that the region's high population density aided in the purchase, rehabilitation, and investment of existing real estate. It has a high financial value due to its proximity to the upcoming Istanbul Canal project (the second Bosphorus) and easy access to international airports. 

Real estate projects in Başakşehir

Real estate projects in Başakşehir are exceptional across Turkey, not just in Istanbul, because of its modern infrastructure that is no more than eight years old. The real estate projects in Başakşehir truly reshaped the city and slowed the momentum in the most significant areas, which were key attractions with their distinctive real estate projects.

After the municipality of Başakşehir and the Turkish government itself both demonstrated a keen interest in these initiatives, projects began to appear in large numbers. The Turkish government has approved the establishment of a new region that will house the most significant and crucial facilities that are now worldwide rather than just local, such as Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital, the Botanical Garden, and the enormous Başakşehir Square. All of this has contributed to an increase in the number of construction companies and the construction of real estate projects in Başakşehir.

All of this assistance was provided by the well-known Emlak Konut Company, which is directly supported by the Turkish government and has constructed more than twenty projects. TOKI, which is likewise regarded as one of the government housing companies, also collaborated in constructing new projects in this region.

Residential and commercial projects in Başakşehir

Residential and commercial projects in Başakşehir have features and benefits that distinguish them from other regions of Istanbul, whether they are directly related to the project or to the region in general. These qualities and touches have attracted a significant number of international investors to invest in real estate in Başakşehir and settle down.

The most notable of the features that distinguish Başakşehir’s projects are:

  1. The presence of projects in Başakşehir is a feature in itself, considering this district is regarded as the safest in Istanbul during earthquakes. Başakşehir was given priority for significant government projects on the one hand and private residential and commercial projects on the other, making it a popular place for foreigners to settle and live.
  2. The region's strong emphasis on family projects: living and settling in a place designated for families is a feature unique to Başakşehir. Therefore, the majority of the real estate developments in Başakşehir were family residential par excellence, with services that outperformed many of their contemporaries in other regions, to the point where the projects have been entirely integrated from the inside and there is no need to step out at all.
  3. The presence of high-end vital facilities and services in Başakşehir: The majority of what foreigners require in Başakşehir is also readily available, including Arab and international schools of all levels, the most luxurious and famous restaurants in the heart of Başakşehir, the best and most delicious sweets of all kinds, groceries, and food stores wherever you go. All of this is enough for real estate projects to be based in the Başakşehir area.
  4. The elegant surroundings and educated people: Whoever enters Başakşehir feels at home since the atmosphere that inhabits this region is one of the educated class, who are accustomed to living with foreigners and international visitors, and locals, too, have a passion for other’s culture and customs. There have even been close encounters between foreigners and the natives of this region.
  5. The apartments in Başakşehir real estate projects provide fantastic and lucrative financial returns. These returns were gained by their owners throughout the current year and the preceding year, when their real estate gained more than 500% in comparison to Turkish lira values, while on the dollar, real estate gained at least 120%, indicating the worth and status of real estate investment in Başakşehir.

The most important projects and residential complexes in Başakşehir

Damasturk Real Estate owns a real estate portfolio full of distinguished projects in Başakşehir. We collect the most prominent of them with their average prices and provide a link for you that allows direct access to these projects for more details and information. The following are a few of our real estate projects in Başakşehir:

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the metro—Project DS444

The project consists of 16 buildings on an area of approximately 65,000 square meters and 705 apartments of different types, ranging from 2 + 1 to 4.5 + 1. This project was meticulously planned and includes earthquake-resistant technology based on the notion of "continuous comfort in every moment of your life."

The project is two minutes from Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital, Europe's largest hospital, and just one minute from the Olympic and Halkali metro stations, the famed "Marmaray," which joins the European and Asian sides by entering the depths of the sea through a tunnel dedicated to it. For additional information on this project, please click on the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the metro—Project DS444

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the E-80 highway—Project DS380

The project was built on an area of 64 thousand square meters and contains 14 buildings, each with eight floors. The project includes about 375 apartments and 134 shops. This large number of shops is an investment opportunity for everyone who wants to obtain high returns in this region, especially in light of the presence of a lot of apartments and the population density of the project site.

The project is characterized by a calm nature that tends to be familial and conservative and is also suitable for real estate investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship at the same time. More than 70% of the total project area is made up of dazzling and elegant green spaces and lawns, as detailed in the project link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the E-80 highway—Project DS380

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS712

The project has a total land area of around 37,000 square meters, only about 7,700 of which are allotted for building and urban construction, while the remainder has been used for green areas and professional services supplied by the project. It consists of 2 buildings that have around 248 housing units and about 24 commercial units.

The project is divided into two parts: the hotel apartment system and the residential apartment system, with styles ranging from the 1+1 to 3+1. Moreover, what is especially noteworthy about this project is the use of systems that correspond to the requirements of earthquakes and follow the C40 concrete system. For more accurate details about this project, explore it through the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS712

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near shopping malls—Project DS602

The project is located in the center of Başakşehir, namely Kayaşehir, a great region for housing that is rapidly developing. It is 24,000 square meters in size, 70% of which is green space and lawns with social amenities. The project consists of 13 buildings with a total height of 5 floors, 199 apartments with large spaces starting at around 122 square meters, and apartment types ranging from 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 to 4 + 1.

The project is distinguished by exquisite engineering design and high-end, distinctive finishes within the apartments, making it one of the most popular choices among clients who love Başakşehir. Other information and details are available through the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near shopping malls—Project DS602

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the metro—Project DS319

It is one of the best-known projects in Başakşehir, whose success depends on its establishment in several stages and includes a single building divided into three main sections, namely:

  • The first phase: The 1st floor and the 2nd floor, it contains restaurants, cafeterias, and shops.
  • The second phase: From the 3rd floor to the 6th floor, it is a 5-star hotel.
  • The third phase: From the 7th floor until the 22nd floor, it consists of luxurious apartments of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments.

The best feature of this project is that it is a Turkish government guaranteed project through EMLAK KONUT. The project provides decent and upscale hotel services to customers, depending on the region in which the project was established. For more details about this project, follow the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the metro—Project DS319

  • Villas for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the metro—Project DS327

Villas are uncommon in Başakşehir, but their presence is prominent, so this project was one of a kind in the region. This project is distinguished by its modeling of modern and international palaces, as well as its meticulous attention to details.

The project consists of 21 independent villas with modern and renewed architecture in each villa. Each has three floors and a total of 9 + 1 and 10 + 1 rooms. The project covers an area of 22 thousand square meters. All villas, like any other in Turkey, are accompanied by distinguished services; more details and information are available at the project link: Villas for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir near the metro—Project DS327

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS714

The project is located in Kayaşehir, in the active and energetic hub of Başakşehir. The project consists of six 9-story buildings. It covers an area of around 19,000 square meters in size. It has 130 apartments in various styles ranging from 4 + 1 to 4.5 + 1. Some apartments have separate gardens, while others have vast terraces in keeping with the family style.

There are also two metro stations next to the project, one leading to the city center and the other to the new Istanbul Airport, which is now awaiting the opening of its own metro. Please visit the following link for additional information about the project: Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Başakşehir with luxurious finishes—Project DS714

Real estate prices in Başakşehir

Real estate prices in Başakşehir saw tremendous growth in the last months of this year, which is something that experts predicted, and the percentage may increase considerably during the next three years, especially with the completion of the new Istanbul Canal project. However, real estate costs vary depending on the project, the property's location, the size of the apartment, the finishing, the view, and whether the apartment is ready or under construction, as well as if the payment was made in cash or in installments.

The average property price in the area

The prices of real estate offered for sale in Başakşehir increased during the past month by 3.1%, and the price of a residential square meter is about 24,272 liras, and the average price of 100 square meters ranges between 1,820,408 and 3,034,000 Turkish liras, according to the regional report index of the real estate index in the region.

Average price of a 100-square-meter apartment

Average price per square meter


1.870.297 Turkish liras

22.386 Turkish liras

Rural areas

2.018.818 Turkish liras

23.750 Turkish liras

Central areas

2.763.159 Turkish liras

26.315 Turkish liras

Residential complexes

Average rental prices for real estate and apartments in Başakşehir

The average square meter rent in Başakşehir, Istanbul, is as follows:

100-square-meter apartment average rental price

Average rental price per square meter


4000 - 6500 Turkish liras

65 Turkish liras

Rural areas

5000 - 11000 Turkish liras

110 Turkish liras

Central areas

6000 - 12000 Turkish liras

120 Turkish liras

Residential complexes

The advantages of buying real estate in Başakşehir

The importance of buying real estate in the Başakşehir region stems from its importance for investment, as this region was able to rank among the first five regions in which investment elements were integrated in a short period of time.

Real estate investment success is determined by the location of the property to be invested in and the social amenities surrounding it, the infrastructure of the region as a whole, and the value of the property's monthly returns. When we consider all of these factors, we discover that the Başakşehir region possesses these elements as well as others that contribute to the profitability of real estate investments.

Living in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul

In comparison to the other communities in Istanbul, Başakşehir is recognized for having a conservative culture, and some estimates place the percentage of foreign residents there at 60%. Başakşehir has become the top choice for families searching for living, stability, and apartments for sale in Istanbul, thanks to the availability of premium features. Living in a city like Istanbul, on the other hand, is a goal and a dream that many people desire because it is one of the world's most beautiful cities and is located in a strategic location that distinguishes it from all other cities in the world, in addition to its nature, wonderful weather, tourist attractions, and archaeological areas. Living in Istanbul, specifically in the Başakşehir district, is unquestionably a blessing that many people around the world do not have. 

The social environment in Başakşehir

The Başakşehir region has become a socially rich place with a diverse social structure, and it has become one of Turkey's greatest instances of integration, where foreigners and Turks live together. The region's growing foreigner population aided in the establishment of shops, education centers, and other facilities for foreigners. 

Cultural and social advantages in Başakşehir

Başakşehir's infrastructure provides many cultural benefits to the region, as it has large spaces for holding large events, cinemas, conference halls, celebrations, and theaters, and all of these facilities include specialized places for people with special needs, allowing them to integrate into society and participate in events. In light of all of this, various projects are now under construction that will further contribute to the area's benefits.

It is worth noting that 50% of the region's population is young, which will be reflected in the character of the region's activities.

Studying in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul

Turkey has recently emerged as one of the most appealing places for study and education. According to Turkish Ministry of Education data, the number of international students studying in Turkish institutions has barely reached 224,000 in the last five years, with 65,528 in Istanbul and 14,265 in Ankara. Turkey aims to increase its number of international students to 300,000 by 2023.

Among the most important features that attracted families to the Başakşehir region is the availability of Turkish and international schools, universities, kindergartens, and rehabilitation centers in various disciplines and languages, whether English, Arabic, or Turkish. Undoubtedly, this matter gives families wider options and facilitates the process of study and education in a foreign country. It also enables youngsters to learn foreign languages while speaking in their own language.

Educational services in Başakşehir

Educational services are widely provided in Başakşehir, ranging from kindergarten to university levels, as there is a significant number of schools, high schools, institutions, and institutes that are well scattered across the province.

Schools in Başakşehir

Governmental educational institutions in the region:

  • 5 kindergartens (pre-school education institute)
  • 21 primary schools
  • 18 elementary schools
  • 19 secondary schools
  • Two Imam Hatip elementary schools
  • Two Imam Hatip secondary schools
  • One multi-program secondary school with 6 vocational and technical education units, with a total of 14 secondary schools

International schools:

Among the most well-known international schools in Başakşehir are the following ones:

  • Jasmine International Schools
  • International Huda  Schools
  • Sana International Schools
  • Al-Aqsa International Schools
  • Jerusalem International Schools
  • Awael International School

Universities in Başakşehir

  • İbn Haldun University (İbn Haldun Üniversitesi): This University is located in Başakşehir. İbn Haldun University is regarded as one of the world's most powerful research universities. It contains law, social sciences, education, communication, Islamic sciences, and language departments, as well as two postgraduate schools with specializations in three languages: Arabic, English, and Turkish. The university offers scholarships to foreign students and has prestigious university housing.
  • Başakşehir Academy for Arabic and Islamic Sciences: This academy is dedicated to studying diverse sciences from an Islamic perspective. It has six faculties: the College of Da'wah and Mass Communication; the College of Arabic Language and Literature; the History and Islamic Civilization Department; the Islamic Economics Department; Islamic Sharia, the Holy Qur'an, and Religious Studies; and it collaborates with Turkey's most prestigious universities and academic and religious institutions.

Educational facilities in the region of Başakşehir

Başakşehir has numerous religious and vocational educational facilities, as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. Other educational institutions include:

  • Counseling and Research Centre
  • Public Education Center
  • Vocational Training Institute

Hospitals and healthcare in Başakşehir

Başakşehir has roughly 25 medical clinics, in addition to Arab dispensaries. Hospitals offer effective and high-quality healthcare, and they treat patients from both inside and outside Turkey. It is worth mentioning that health care in Başakşehir includes more than just illness treatment; it also includes counseling, prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Health facilities in Başakşehir

The Başakşehir area has completely competent health facilities as well as the most qualified medical professionals. Health facilities in the region include hospitals, clinics, medical centers, doctors’ offices, first aid centers, and family and community health centers, in addition to civil society organizations specializing in the field and the social security departments of the Turkish government, and we will mention the most important health facilities in Başakşehir are described in the following paragraph.

Hospitals and medical clinics in Başakşehir

  • The Medical City in Başakşehir - Çam and Sakura City Hospital

The medical city is comprised of ten buildings and eight specialized hospitals: a pediatrics hospital, an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, a hospital for oncology, a surgical hospital, a hospital for cardiology, a hospital for physiotherapy, a hospital for rehabilitation, and a hospital for psychiatry. The Medical City offers its services with a capacity of 2682 beds. The city contains two conference rooms with a capacity of 654 people, as well as bike routes and parking spaces with a capacity of 8,100 car parking spaces and four runways for helicopters used for medical evacuation.

The medical city was developed and renovated using the most modern medical technology and instruments to provide complete and advanced medical treatment. In addition, several high-end and modern residential buildings are being built near the hospital for people looking to buy and invest in the area. 

  • Başakşehir Governmental Hospital

It is one of the most important governmental hospitals in Istanbul. It consists of two buildings, the first with seven floors and the second with three floors, on a total area of 17,219.40 square meters. It includes all medical specialties. Free consultations and tests are provided at this hospital for holders of residency in Turkey.

  • Başakşehir Medical Center

It is a private medical center that was opened in 2014 and operates throughout the week. The center includes many outpatient clinics, including: a clinic for obstetrics and gynecology; anesthesia; ear, nose, and throat; eyes; brain and nerves; internal medicine; general surgery; plastic surgery; psychiatry; pediatrics; orthopedics; an emergency department; and laboratories.

The main roads and transportation in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul

In order to make life simpler for inhabitants and prevent congestion and waiting, the Turkish government has concentrated its efforts on building the main highways and expanding the public transportation system in the Başakşehir area due to the region's rising population. Because of the efforts undertaken, the region now has the best and most developed modes of transportation and infrastructure, which complement and integrate to the greatest extent possible to decrease distances and effort.

The most important main highways in Başakşehir

  • Basin Express Road: Başakşehir is located north of the Basin Express Line, which is one of the most significant main roads in European Istanbul and links two highways, the E-5 and the North Marmara Highway, which are regarded as two of the most essential transportation lines in Istanbul.
  • E-80 Highway: This highway is among the longest roads and was built with huge capabilities, starting in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, passing through Istanbul, Turkey, and reaching the Iranian city of Bazargan. In Istanbul specifically, the road passes through the famous Bahçeşehir neighborhood in the Başakşehir district.

Transportation in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul

Başakşehir includes a huge transportation network consisting of the subway, trams, and large and mini buses. The transportation means and metro lines passing through Başakşehir are as follows:

  • Başakşehir Metro—Kent Metro: It is Istanbul's longest metro line, linking the region to commercial and industrial regions as well as Ataturk International Airport and the International Olympic Stadium.
  • Başakşehir—Esenyurt Metro: The metro starts at Mahmoud Bey Station and ends at Esenyurt Square, passing through twelve stations, including Başakşehir.
  • Big buses: They link all of Başakşehir's neighborhoods and provide transportation throughout Istanbul. These buses are accessible from the main stations, where screens display the arrival and departure times of the buses.
  • Minibuses (dolmush): These are small vehicles used to carry people through neighborhoods and alongside streets so they may go comfortably to their destinations.

Recreational facilities in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul

Başakşehir has a broad variety of recreational opportunities since there are green areas, woods, and reserves dedicated to trekking and enjoying nature, such as the Çamlar forests, the Water Valley, and Bahçeşehir Lake. There are many locations for sports practice, including clubs and gyms, and the largest stadium in Turkey, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, is located there. Furthermore, the area hosts shopping complexes that contain game rooms for all ages as well as theaters, not to mention walking and cycling paths.

Parks and forests in Başakşehir

Gardens and woods provide a release for Başakşehir people, and its large fields are filled with flowers, trees, and other types of plants that purify the air and sweeten the environment, and the availability of services in them helps make it a great spot to spend the most delightful moments for visitors and locals alike. Among the parks and woods in Başakşehir are the Çamlar Reserve, People's Park, Water Valley, and Hoşdere National Park. 

Major shopping centers in Başakşehir

  • Mall of Istanbul

It is the mall that is entirely well known and the most renowned not only in Başakşehir but also in Istanbul, and it is liked by tourists. As soon as you walk in, you will see people from all over the world roaming around its foreign boutiques, which provide the greatest designs and textiles.

It is mentioned that the Mall of Istanbul has earned several prizes, including the "Best Shopping Center in Europe" award from the ICSC Council of International Shopping Centers.

  • Olympia Mall

It is one of the most important retail complexes in Başakşehir and provides various options. It consists of four floors. On the first floor, there is a hall where films and animations are shown. It also has libraries and clothing and furniture stores. The most well-known worldwide brands in fashion, shoes, and cosmetics can be found on the second and third floors. The fourth floor has children's games as well as a range of notable Turkish eateries, both local and foreign.

  • Kayaşehir Central Mall

The mall is one of the most major shopping malls in the Kayaşehir district, and it houses the top products, including clothing for all ages, home furnishings, shoes, cosmetics, and household supplies.

  • Weekly bazaars

Weekly bazaars are another prominent shopping destination in Başakşehir, and their prices are competitive with malls. Products of varying quality levels are offered there.

Mosques and places of worship in Başakşehir

Başakşehir has several mosques and places of worship, but the most notable is the Başakşehir Central Mosque, which has a capacity of 5,000 people and is the largest mosque in the region. It is a significant urban landmark near People's Park and the major square. Additionally, there is the 5,000-person-capacity Tunahan Mosque (Tunahan Camii) nearby.

Residing in Istanbul's Başakşehir

There are many options for housing, living, and settling down in the Başakşehir area, as there are apartments of various types: duplexes, triplexes, penthouses, studio apartments, townhouses, twin villas, and standalone villas. This multiplicity of real estate opportunities in the region is regarded as one of the most important features of Başakşehir, in addition to the wonderful views and unique finishes.

Advantages of living in Başakşehir

Some of the advantages of living in Başakşehir are as follows:

  • High-end residential complexes
  • Charming green nature
  • Availability of vital facilities such as malls, shopping centers, and service institutions
  • Intense availability of health centers and hospitals
  • Intense transportation network
  • International and Arab schools
  • Calm and safe

Tourism in Başakşehir

Başakşehir is rich in tourist attractions, both archaeological and natural, and tourism can be experienced all year and in different seasons. Its recreational spaces are the talk of all visitors and inhabitants, and they are regarded as the best in many districts of Istanbul, and its tourism activities vary. While it is feasible to travel to natural, historic, or archaeological sites, we also need to keep in mind the importance of medical tourism in Başakşehir.

Natural and tourism attractions in Başakşehir

  • Water Valley: This is one of the most popular hiking and biking destinations for families in Başakşehir. Along with that, there are restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, and shopping centers.
  • Çamlar Reserve: It is one of the most significant natural parks in the European section of Istanbul. The reserve has several unique birds and wild animals that have grown popular with visitors and locals alike.
  • People's Park: As previously said, it is one of the most significant natural and tourism destinations in Başakşehir, and it is the largest garden of all. Visitors enjoy its gorgeous scenery and great sights.

Heritage and archaeological sites in Başakşehir

The Yarımburgaz Cave (Yarımburgaz Mağarası) is an archeological site in the Başakşehir area. Archaeological discoveries show that the cave is one of the first human settlements in Istanbul. Inside the cave, researchers discovered Roman-era rock graves and a Byzantine church. It is thought that the location was used prior to these times as well. It is located in Başakşehir’s Altınşehir neighborhood, 1.5 kilometers south of Küçükçekmece Lake. The cave is significant archaeologically because it was produced by an underground river that eroded and formed old limestone.

We have given you all the pertinent facts about the Başakşehir region right here, dear reader, in great detail. We have discussed many topics, including the significance of real estate investment and the benefits of housing there. We really hope you find it helpful and enjoyable to read.

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