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Investing in Türkiye, the most important areas and benefits (comprehensive guide)

08/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 6174 Investing in Türkiye, the most important areas and benefits (comprehensive guide)

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Difficult circumstances and economic fluctuations caused by political events in different countries of the world. These circumstances prompted investors to think more before making any decision related to investing their money in any field, fearing the rapid changes and surprises to which the market is exposed.

We put in your hands a comprehensive guide to everything related to investment in Türkiye.

The most important and latest real estate projectsApartments for sale in Istanbul

Some investors accept a certain percentage of risk in their investments in the hope of obtaining a high return by developing the necessary plans, studying the market, and calculating the immediate and future costs of investment, but there remains a large percentage of investors who seek to reduce the percentage of risk in their investment projects while maintaining a reasonable return on profits. This category of investors usually tends to invest in low-risk projects and is not greatly affected by market fluctuations.

An example of projects that are considered low-risk investment projects, and the return from which may even reach double the capital, is the purchase of residential apartments. We all know that real estate investment is considered the safest investment, especially if this property is in an economically stable country.
When talking about real estate investment, the first thing that comes to our minds is Turkey, which is considered a leader in the field of the safest real estate in the world.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the types of investment in Turkey that you can go to, and why is Turkey considered the first and safest destination for investors?

Why invest in Turkey ?

The attention of investors around the world and the Arab world in particular is turning towards investment in Turkey . After real estate investment for foreigners in Turkey was the only field of investment, foreign investors began to enter other fields such as industrial, agricultural and technological investment because they found good investment opportunities that would generate high profits for them.

This development comes after the support provided by the Turkish government to investment projects in various fields by reducing the percentage of taxes imposed, which is gradually reduced annually, as taxes on limited joint-stock companies reach 20% and taxes on private companies range from 15% to 35%. But on the other hand, Turkey signed agreements that are in the interest of the investor, as these agreements stipulate that the foreign investor is protected from paying taxes in Turkey and in his home country at the same time.

The Turkish government's facilities did not stop there. Rather, the facilities in government transactions related to establishing an investment company are considered attractive to foreign investors.

Investment areas in Turkey are increasing day by day. Its strong infrastructure has made it the owner of a huge transportation network that has made it easier for investors to import and export their goods at a lower cost than the usual routes.

The most important and latest real estate projectsBuying an apartment in Türkiye

Perhaps the freedom that investors receive to transfer their profits from Turkey to all parts of the world without condition or restriction is considered one of the greatest assistance provided by the Turkish government to investors within the framework of encouraging foreign investment in Turkey.

Turkey is considered a fertile environment for investment of all kinds. The high population and the influx of tourists from all over the world have helped investors spread more and more in various Turkish cities.

Turkey's geographical location played a very influential role in attracting foreign investors, as it plays the role of a middle link between East and West, North and South, which facilitated investors' access to 1.7 billion customers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It is also considered an energy station and corridor for Europe, while 70% are located Of the world's total primary energy near Turkey, Europe, the world's largest energy consumer, is concentrated to its west, making Turkey an essential port for oil and other European countries.

The Turkish government facilitates foreign investors’ ability to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for specific conditions for investment, including:

  • Purchasing one or more properties with a total price of $400,000.
  • The investor deposits $500,000 with the investor’s pledge not to withdraw the amount for 3 years.
  • Invest at least $500,000 in fixed capital.
  • Establishing an investment project and employing 50 Turkish people.

How to invest in Türkiye

Whether you want to invest in real estate or any other field, there are some steps that must be followed before starting to invest.

The most important and latest real estate projectsBuying a property in Türkiye

  • Determining the acceptable level of risk determines in some way the possibility of making a profit.           
  • Study the situation of the investment market in which you want to invest by following the latest news related to it.
  • Conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for the project to determine whether or not there are sufficient profits.
  • Communicate with a trustworthy lawyer who undertakes legal tasks.
  • Communicate with a trustworthy accounting office that handles financial tasks.
  • You can contact a real estate company specialized in investment consulting.
  • Follow news related to the field of investment in Turkey periodically, such as new laws, taxes, and facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors .
  • After you have opened your own company, apply for investment residency, which gives you the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years.
  • If the type of investment is real estate investment , here you can wait until the value of the property increases or offer the property for rent.
  • It is preferable to learn the Turkish language if your investment is in a field other than real estate, or you can rely on a trustworthy translator in transactions.
  • Starting the procedures for opening an investment company is considered one of the simple steps that does not require time and effort.

We can summarize the steps for opening a commercial company in Türkiye as follows:

  • A copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.
  • Obtain the company's tax number by going to the nearest tax center in your area.
  • Open a Turkish Lira account and a dollar account in the bank bearing the company’s name.
  • Deposit 25% of the capital value in the bank.
  • Three personal photos.

Advantages of investing in Türkiye

There are many advantages to investing in Turkey, whether investing in real estate or any other field, and these advantages include:

  • Strong Economy:  The Turkish economy registered record growth between 2003 and 2020, rising from 18th in the world in 2003 to 11th in 2020. 
  • Large local and regional markets : Turkey is distinguished by its large local and regional markets as a result of its geographical location, which made it a link between the continents of Asia and Europe. Turkey’s economic development performance enabled the per capita income, which was 3,581 US dollars in 2002, to reach 8,599 US dollars in 2002. 2020.
  • Strategic Location:  Turkey is a cost-effective center for large markets, as its location provides access to global markets as it is considered to be the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • High youth and population ratio:  Investors consider Turkey's high population and high percentage of educated youth compared to European countries as one of Turkey's most important features. 
  • Continuous reform and development processes:  The Turkish government aims to continuously reform and improve various areas of investment with the aim of attracting foreign investors to the country.
  • Free investment environment:  Turkey's investment laws, in addition to their simplicity and compatibility with international standards, provide equal treatment for all investors.
  • Incentives and Facilities:  Turkey offers a comprehensive investment incentives program that supports reducing startup costs and accelerating investment returns for both expansion and scale-up investment projects.
  • Obtaining permanent residency:  The Turkish government allows investors to obtain residency, which is renewed annually throughout the investment period.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship : The Turkish government provides investors with the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship under certain conditions and procedures.

The best investment areas in Türkiye

The most important and latest real estate projectsApartments for sale in Türkiye

Investment areas are diverse in Turkey due to its large area, multiculturalism, and distinguished geographical location. These things have made Turkey a role model in the field of investment, becoming the first destination for investors from all over the world.

We can mention the most important areas of investment in Türkiye as follows:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Industrial investment
  • Agricultural investment
  • Animal investment
  • Investing in Turkish stocks

Real estate investment in Türkiye 

Real estate investment in Turkey is based on purchasing real estate of various types, whether this property is an apartment, a villa, a commercial store, a commercial office, or even a plot of land, with the aim of investing in these properties, whether by renting them and obtaining rental returns that vary according to the specifications of the property, or by Selling them and making profits as a result of the rise in real estate prices in Turkey in the long term. This sector in Turkey, especially in recent years, has received great attention from the Turkish government, which provided the appropriate foundation for it, which contributed to attracting a large number of foreign investors who found what they were looking for in Turkish real estate.

The foundations on which real estate investment in Turkey is built are strong. Despite all the crises that the world has gone through, such as the Corona crisis or the recent economic crisis in Turkey, it has not affected the interest of foreign investors and their desire to own real estate in Turkey. This was proven by the last quarter of 2021, which recorded the highest number of sales to foreigners, especially apartments in Istanbul and Antalya. The future is very promising for this sector, especially with the facilities and incentives that Turkey offers to those wishing to enter this field.

We can divide real estate investment into several sections, which are:

The most important and latest real estate projectsTurkish citizenship

  • Investment in commercial real estate:  These are properties that are suitable for commercial and economic investment. This type of investment is directed by people who aspire to a higher percentage of profits in their investments by opening a commercial project or offering the property for rent.
  • Investing in residential real estate:  It is the safest investment, as the residential property generates profits for its owner by offering it for rent or by waiting until its price rises. On the other hand, the risk in this type of investment is considered very small.
  • Real estate investment in Turkey through real estate development:  which is known as purchasing a property in a project under construction in a vital and strategic area, then selling the property after the project is completed at a higher price. This investment is the best in the real estate field, and what most attracts investors is searching for apartments, villas, or shops. Commercial for sale in projects under construction, improving it and then selling it at a higher price.

Advantages of real estate investment in Türkiye

  • Attractive financial returns : Real estate prices in Turkey are rising day after day, as a natural result of the increased demand for real estate by foreign investors with a decrease in supply, which created a large return for investors when selling the property.
  • Investment security : The residential property makes profits for its owner by offering it for rent or by waiting until its price rises. In return, the risk in this type of investment is considered very small.
  • Competitiveness:  The Turkish real estate market is considered a market with a wide choice of residential and commercial properties, which makes it a competitive market that meets the desires of all investors in proportion to their budgets and goals.
  • Turkish government facilities:  The Turkish government offers a series of incentives and temptations that draw attention to Turkey, including exemption from real estate taxes, as well as imposing the real estate appraisal law to guarantee the rights of investors.
  • Real estate residency:  The real estate investor has the right to obtain a real estate residency that is renewed annually throughout the period of ownership of the property.
  • Turkish Citizenship:  The Turkish government offers foreign investors the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property in Turkey or a group of properties worth US$400,000 within just 90 days. 

Industrial investment in Türkiye 

Industrial investment in Turkey has begun to play a significant role in Turkey, especially after the industrial development that Turkey is witnessing day after day.

Industrial investment in Turkey is one of the strongest and most successful  investments in Turkey  , especially for new investors, and perhaps this is what we see evident in the Turkish industrial cities, which are characterized by a strong infrastructure and a large workforce.

Turkey has become a target for many foreign investors, and industrial investment in Turkey has attracted many businessmen, whether to expand trade or start a small project.

The most important and latest real estate projectsVillas for sale in Türkiye

The industrial sector in Turkey is considered one of the most important investment sectors in Turkey, as industrial production contributes approximately 29% of Turkey's national income and employs 20% of the workforce nationwide.

There are more than 280 industrial zones in Turkey distributed throughout Turkey, and they are distinguished by the strong infrastructure and industrial development in Turkey, which has led to the country becoming a leader in several industrial fields, as the city of Kayseri is distinguished by the furniture industry, and the city of Izmir is distinguished by the manufacture of cars and car spare parts.

The Turkish government also offers investors in the industrial field the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing $500,000.

Turkey seeks to attract industrial investors by providing many facilities, such as tax exemption on land, with the aim of reducing the volume of imports and increasing the volume of exports.

The industrial regions in Türkiye are distributed among the industrial cities as follows:

  • Ostem Industrial City is one of the largest industrial areas in Ankara and contains factories in textiles, automobile parts, and sports equipment.
  • Susep Industrial City: This city is located in the state of Sakarya and its factories are famous for plastic products, technical factories, and electrical, medical and sports factories.
  • The industrial city of Etusp is the most famous factory area in Istanbul and has factories active in the furniture industry, medical industry, paper industries, and other various industries.
  • Tusap Industrial City: This city is located in the state of Bursa and its factories are famous for manufacturing fabrics and threads.
  • Organiza Industrial Zone is located in Kayseri Province, and most of the factories there are active in the field of furniture manufacturing.

Advantages of industrial investment in Türkiye

The Turkish government always seeks to impose laws and procedures that attract foreign investors, and these measures include:

The most important and latest real estate projectsReal estate for sale in Türkiye

  • Exemption from value added tax when purchasing land.
  • Exemption from real estate tax for a period of 5 years from the date of establishment of the industrial project.
  • Exemption of industrial establishment from municipal tax.
  • Tax deductions on export of industrial products.
  • Türkiye is distinguished by its land roads that facilitate the process of transporting goods to other countries.
  • Turkey's strong infrastructure has resulted in diverse means of transporting goods to and from Türkiye.
  • The industrial investor is entitled to obtain a long-term residence permit that is renewed annually throughout the investment period.
  • The Turkish government offers investors in the industrial field the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing $500,000.

Agricultural investment in Türkiye

Turkey is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world in the agricultural field. This was helped by its geographical location and moderate climate, which provided farmers with many steps that they had to take to ensure the safety of their products. Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that enjoys self-sufficiency, as it has many One of the natural factors supporting agricultural development.

The arable land area is 35.5% of the total Turkish land area, 18.4% of which is irrigated land, as Turkey ranks high in the world in the production of: wheat, cotton, tobacco, and tea.

 Turkey is among the largest producers of nuts (such as hazelnuts and pistachios) and dried fruits (such as figs, apricots, and raisins) in the world. Turkey is also one of the largest producers of high-quality honey in the world, in addition to being considered a leading country in the production of milk and dairy products in its region.

Investors in Türkiye seek to diversify their investments; By placing their capital in several areas, many of them take the initiative to invest in homes, offices, shops, and land that can be built upon, and the areas of agricultural investment are highlighted before them as well, by searching for farms for sale in Turkey prepared for agricultural investment, as agricultural investment in Turkey is considered one of the successful investments, as Turkey is one of the most successful investments in Turkey. Countries that support agricultural investment and its development and provide it with various facilities. Agriculture in Turkey is one of the most important economic resources that distinguishes it from many countries in the world, whether through local or foreign investors. Turkey has been distinguished by the success of agricultural investment factors in it, because of the There are many factors for the success of this type of investment, especially the presence of large arable areas, the diversity and abundance of its crops, and its location in a strategic area that facilitates export operations. In general, agricultural investment in Turkey is considered a guaranteed investment due to many factors.

Türkiye occupies a leading and decisive position in the production of fresh vegetables and fruits in its commercial area. As one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in Europe, Turkey can offer these products to the market not only fresh but also processed, dried and frozen.
While the size of the world's dried, frozen and processed fruits and vegetables market is approximately $25.4 billion, Turkey offers great opportunities for investors with its production capabilities and the development of the fruit and vegetable processing industry in this huge market. 

The most important and latest real estate projectsHouse prices in Türkiye

 Advantages of agricultural investment in Türkiye

  • Turkey is characterized by a distinctive geographical location that makes it a link between the countries of the world, and this reflects positively on agricultural investment, as the volume of trade in agricultural products reaches 1.9 trillion dollars.
  • The high proportion of youth in Turkish society is considered one of the advantages of agricultural investment.
  • Exempting the agricultural investor from some taxes.
  • Providing interest-free loans to investors in the agricultural field.
  • The agricultural investor is entitled to obtain a long-term residence permit that is renewed annually throughout the investment period.
  • The Turkish government offers investors in the agricultural field the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship when purchasing land for $400,000.

Animal investment in Türkiye

Turkey is characterized by its diversity of natural features and geographical disparity, which has naturally given it a fertile and strong animal environment.

The number of foreign investors who want to invest in the animal field related to agricultural investment has increased because they have found a large profit return. This is due to the low price of animals and their supplies in Turkey, with the possibility of selling them at an attractive price difference.

Istanbul has a very rich animal wealth, as its forests protect 18 species of mammals and more than 71 species of birds, and since hunting is prohibited, the number of animals is constant and there is no fear of their extinction.

 The most common animals in the forests are the European red, black and European deer, as well as the Eurasian squirrels that inhabit the European area of ​​the city and the Bosphorus Strait.

The most important and latest real estate projectsApartment prices in Istanbul

Turkey ranks ninth in the world in terms of meat production, and a support and incentive program has been launched to encourage investment in livestock.

Turkey is also considered one of the countries rich in various animals such as chickens, sheep, goats, honey bees, fish farms, etc. This makes these projects profitable for a variety of advantages such as the manufacture of white and red meat, milk and eggs and the use of skins and fur because they are among the economic pillars on which a large number of businesses are based on selling meat to various... the countries.

Turkey is characterized by sheep breeding and its rapid development, which helps to earn money in a limited period of time due to its high reproductive capacity as well as the ease of raising it.

Advantages of animal investment in Türkiye 

  • Turkey is characterized by a distinctive geographical location that makes it a link between countries of the world, and this reflects positively on animal investment.
  • Exemption from customs duties.
  • Tax deductions.
  • Exemption from value added taxes.
  • And support social security premiums for the employer and his workers
  • Providing interest-free loans to investors in the animal field.
  • The animal investor is entitled to a long-term residence permit that is renewed annually throughout the investment period.
  • The Turkish government offers investors in the animal field the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship upon investment of $400,000.

Investing in Turkish stocks

The activity of the Turkish Stock Exchange began in the Ottoman era in the year 1886 and was known at that time as the “Dar Al-Saadeh Remittance Stock Exchange.” In the era of the modern Turkish Republic, the stock exchange was established on December 26 of the year 1985 to provide barter services and financial statements to companies and capital owners in Turkey. In addition to facilitating financial intermediation for Turkish banks outside the country, it was then called “Istanbul for Transferable Values.”

The Istanbul Stock Exchange, which is considered the most important in the field of the Turkish stock exchange, was established in 1926, and in 2013, with the merger of the Gold Exchange and the Long-Term Trading and Futures Exchange.

The most important and latest real estate projectsApartment prices in Türkiye

What is a stock exchange?

A stock exchange is a general term for regular markets in which securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other commodities such as oil, gold, and coffee are traded.

While securities such as stocks, bonds, warrants, and mutual funds are traded on the exchange, precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, energy products including oil and natural gas are traded on the exchange, currencies and agricultural products such as coffee, cotton, and wheat are traded on the exchange.

Conditions for investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange:

All investors wishing to invest in a commodity exchange should find a broker and open an investment account in a bank licensed by the Turkish Stock Exchange Board.

How do I open an account to invest in the Turkish Stock Exchange?

Before opening an account, you can browse the official website of the Stock Exchange Board, and see the current list of brokers and banks that have a license and are allowed to trade on the commodity exchange.

It is recommended to choose the brokerage company that offers the most suitable conditions for you by comparing the conditions of brokerage services, transaction fees, commission rates, other costs and discounts of the brokerage houses in this list.

The most important and latest real estate projectsReal estate prices in Türkiye

It is very important that the broker you choose meets your expectations. Because you have to do all trading on the commodity exchange through the broker where you will open your investment account.

Your Investment Account will be activated when you personally visit one of your brokerage branches, read and sign the Brokerage Services Framework Agreement and Risk Notification Form for Capital Market Transactions.

After transferring the funds to your account, you can enter your orders on the investment platform of the mentioned brokerage company and trade on the commodity exchange.

Investment conditions in Türkiye

Turkey offers many facilities and things that will attract foreign investors, but this does not prevent the existence of some conditions and limitations that investors must know and take into account, and they can be summarized as follows:

  • The investor must abide by the laws and legislation enacted by the Turkish government regarding foreign investment in it, and he must know that violating the laws exposes him to legal accountability.
  • The presence of an investment broker or legal authority in the country through whom the investor can learn about the laws and subtleties that he may find unimportant.
  • The investor is required to deposit 25% of the value of the project capital in a Turkish bank.
  • The Turkish government sets 30 hectares as the maximum area of ​​property that a foreign investor can purchase.
  • The Turkish government requires investment companies to give priority to Turks in hiring, and if the employer needs foreign employees, the conditions imposed regarding the employment of foreign workers must be taken into account.
  • Pay taxes and government requirements on time.
  • Turkish law allows foreigners to own real estate within Turkish territory, with the exception of citizens of 4 countries: Syria, Cuba, North Korea, and Armenia, in accordance with the law of reciprocity.

Investment law in Türkiye

The most important and latest real estate projectsInvesting in Türkiye

Turkey's investment legislation, in addition to its simplicity and compatibility with international standards, offers equal treatment to all investors.
Law No. 5084, which concerns the promotion of investment and employment, and Law No. 4875, which concerns foreign direct investment, are the basis of investment legislation in Turkey.
In general, Turkey is characterized by being a flexible country in dealing with investors, whether they are citizens or foreigners. Its investment legislation is based on the principle of freedom of investment, and this is considered one of the biggest reasons why investors are attracted to Turkey.

Investment law in Türkiye for foreigners

Turkey seeks with all its energies to achieve rapid growth in all fields in line with the 2030 economic vision. Turkey places the real estate investment sector and other investments at the top of its priorities with the aim of supporting its economy and increasing its openness to the world more and more. In this context, Turkey has witnessed remarkable development in these areas through... Concluding bilateral agreements that would reduce the burden on foreign investors and facilitate initial investment transactions, not to mention raising some taxes that were a burden on investors.

We can summarize the most prominent agreements signed by Turkey within the framework of supporting foreign investors on their lands as follows:

  • Bilateral agreements on the encouragement and protection of investments : Bilateral agreements on the encouragement and protection of investments have been signed with countries that have the ability to develop mutual investment relations since 1962. The main purpose of the mutual investment agreements is to create a balanced environment for economic cooperation between the contracting parties by defining treatment standards. For investors and investments within the borders of the mentioned countries, Turkey has entered into force 80 bilateral agreements out of 105 agreements so far.
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties : Turkey has signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DDTA) with 83 countries, which allow tax paid in one country to be deducted from the tax payable in the other and thus avoid double taxation.
  • Social Security Agreements : Turkey has signed social security agreements with 28 countries. These agreements facilitate the movement of workers outside their countries between countries, and the number of these countries will increase due to the expansion of the scope of countries exporting foreign direct investment.
  • Customs Union and Free Trade Agreements (STA):  The Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the European Union has been in force since 1996.
    This agreement allows trade between Turkey and EU countries without any customs restrictions, and the Customs Union between the European Union and Turkey is considered a step on the right path towards membership. Turkey is fully in the European Union.

 Foreign investors' investment in Turkey is guaranteed by the Constitution, relevant laws and international agreements to which Turkey is a party.  

The most important and latest real estate projectsVillas for sale in Istanbul

The future of investment in Türkiye

All indications indicate that investment in Turkey will have a promising future, especially after the remarkable growth in all fields that Turkey achieves day after day.
Investors generally look for two basic things when investing: financial return and investment security, and this is what investors get in Turkey. The price of real estate in Turkey is increasing, as are rental prices, and this is what achieves an attractive financial return for the investor. On the other hand, Turkey is a safe and conservative country. Investor rights are through laws and legislation documented in the Turkish Constitution, and this is what prompted investors from all over the world to go to Turkey and expand their areas of investment.

The Turkish government is still working to encourage foreign investment by providing incentives and temptations that draw attention to Turkey, including exemption from real estate taxes, obtaining Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property or group of properties worth $400,000 within only 90 days, and imposing the real estate valuation law to guarantee investors’ rights. .

The investment movement in Turkey has been proceeding according to well-studied and specific steps for years, built on strong and solid foundations, with the availability of ideal natural, geographical and human components, and the success of investment in all its fields today is the best evidence, which foretells a promising future for real estate in Turkey.

The recent increase in demand and decreased supply for residential real estate is the best evidence of the success of real estate investment in Turkey. The Turkish government has promised to attract the largest possible number of foreign investors and has already begun implementing investment projects that attract investors.

The Turkish government will continue its measures to support foreign investors in every way. Just as investors gain many advantages when they invest in Turkey, such as the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and a large financial return resulting from the investment, the Turkish economy is achieving greater recovery day after day thanks to foreign investments in the country. 

The most important tips when investing in Türkiye

The most important things that an investor must take into consideration to achieve success for his investment project are:

  • Choosing the appropriate property and determining the purpose of purchasing it, whether it will be purchased for housing or investment.
  • Make sure to buy the property in a vital area where the main services are available, such as schools, universities, transportation, hospitals, and markets, because this constitutes an important factor, whether in terms of leasing or increasing the value of the property when resold.
  • Search and carefully investigate the desired property that suits your budget, take tours of the selected properties and inspect them closely.
  • Knowing the total area of ​​the property, its divisions, and the extent of benefit from it, as well as knowing the price per square meter.
  • Know the advantages of ready-to-move-in real estate and under-construction real estate before making a decision, as ready-to-move-in properties are characterized by being a safe investment for many, and properties that are not ready to move-in have a greater financial return.
  • It is necessary to verify the title deed of the property (Tabu), who is the real owner, and if there is more than one partner, what are the percentages of shares for each of them.
  • Verify whether the property is under mortgage or there is a legal order prohibiting its sale, or if the property is under construction whether there are restrictions on its construction, such as if the property’s location is in violation of construction.
  • Verify that there are no tax debts accumulated on the property.
  • Dealing with a reliable real estate company that has experience in the real estate and legal field.


Turkey is characterized by a distinguished geographical location and a strong economy, which made it the focus of attention of tourists and investors around the world. Perhaps the past years were the beginning of a new era in the investment field in Turkey. According to expectations, investment in Turkey has a bright future, and the attention of investors around the world and the Arab world has begun. In particular, it is moving towards investment in Turkey. After real estate investment for foreigners in Turkey was the only field of investment, foreign investors began to enter other fields such as industrial, agricultural and technological investment because they found good investment opportunities that would generate high profits for them.

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