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What are the Investment Certificates in Türkiye 2023?

01/12/2023 Investment in Turkey 1580 What are the Investment Certificates in Türkiye 2023?

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  • What are the investment certificates in Turkey 2023? What is investment in bank deposits in Türkiye? What profits can I get from this investment when we start in 2023? Is it limited to profits, or are there other things he obtained through these investments in Turkey? 
  • Investment in Turkey in general is successful and profitable and has proven itself in most local sectors. In the past ten years, investments have been attracted to Turkey beyond the capacity to calculate them, whether it is in real estate investment in Turkey , or industrial and commercial investment, and most importantly investment in military defense industries. 
  • We will not go into great detail and talk about investment in Turkey , which is why we have dedicated a detailed article to you that talks about investment certificates through bank deposits in Turkey. This is an investment that many Arabs and capitalists have accepted as well, and it is one of the safest investments in Turkey. Let’s find out. On it together.

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What are the investment certificates in Türkiye 2023?

Investment certificates, in other words, are equivalent to bank deposits. These certificates are based on certain numbers and analyzes provided to us by the bank we deal with, and through these certificates we can either deal with it and place capital, or switch to another bank in order to obtain additional profits. Does this mean Benefit? 

In fact, there are types that certainly involve interest, but there are types that have been issued a fatwa that they are not forbidden based on some Turkish or other official platforms. In general, this is not our discussion and topic, but rather we will talk about investment certificates with regard to the bank deposit that entitles one to obtain citizenship. Turkish.

Of course, before thinking about obtaining investment certificates in Turkey from the banks there, you must search for banks of an Islamic nature in Turkey and deal with them, and therefore our article had a share of talking about the best Islamic banks in Turkey, which most foreign people and citizens in Turkey deal with. .

So, before we move on to talking about these banks, let us agree on the meaning of investment certificates, which are the document that proves the right to the amount deposited with the bank, and which are subject to the loan system and its regulations and laws, and they differ into many types, but the most prominent of them are investment certificates in rent, which is It is very famous among international banks, but in Turkey there are other methods of speculation and Murabaha that are not included in the forbidden interest. Let us now get to know the best Islamic banks in Turkey.

First, Kuveyt Türk Bank

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This bank is considered an Islamic bank and does not deal with non-Islamic interest. It also has an Arabic language in the ATM machine and the Internet application, in addition to having employees who speak Arabic. To open an account, a valid passport, a tax number, and a valid residence permit are required, even if not. If tourist residency is not available, the residence address outside Turkey can be confirmed via an invoice showing the address or otherwise.

Most of those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit submitted their papers and deposited their money in this distinguished bank, which is considered one of the most famous banks among the Arabs by virtue of the fact that it relies on Islamic banking in all its transactions, and therefore it has a large share of foreign investments and offers incentives. Ideal services in several languages, the most prominent of which, as we mentioned, is Arabic.

Secondly, Albaraka Türk Bank

Al Baraka Bank was established in Turkey in 1985, and Al Baraka Bank is considered one of the Arab banks in Turkey because Al Baraka Banking Group is based in Bahrain. The bank operates the funds deposited in current accounts and participation accounts in financing trade and industry, and shares the profits it obtains with customers.

Another bank that most citizens of Arab countries come to. It is famous for its easy and smooth services, because it provides services in several languages, the most prominent of which is the Arabic language, which the Arabs in Turkey need. This bank received the award for the best participatory bank in 2018. It is one of the Islamic banks and uses all types of... Islamic banking in most of its transactions.

Third: Ziraat Bank 

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It is one of the largest government savings banks in Turkey. It dominates the market in Turkey by 15.4%. The bank has branches in all Turkish cities and in 18 countries such as Bahrain, England, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, Germany, and in many European countries, meaning it has a very wide reach in the world. This bank was established in 1888 AD. 

This bank falls under the deposit bank, other than those banks that we mentioned before, which are participatory banks. This bank also attracts many foreigners who want to obtain investment certificates via bank deposits, because it offers high profits, and it is one of the banks with the most assets in Turkey, and it has a big name. In Turkey and the world.

Fourth: Turkish Garanti Bank

It was founded in 1946 AD, and the bank provides individual customers, small, medium and large companies with all banking services. This bank has a wide network of branches, with 995 branches in Turkey and the world, and the number of its customers has reached about 16.7 million customers, which is a significant number. That is, a third of Turkish citizens! 

Garanti Bank is also considered a savings bank, as is the case with Ziraat Bank. The interest varies depending on the amount of the deposit, but in general it ranges from 9%-10%. It is possible to deposit money and obtain profits that are not related to interest, but in general this bank is one of the preferred banks according to its services. Featured.

After we got to know the most important banks in Turkey that are preferred by foreigners, let us now proceed to talk about the focus of our discussion in the article, which is the bank deposit in Turkey, and then we take a look at investment certificates in general, because each bank offers incentive certificates that differ from its competing banks. 

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship via bank deposit

Investment certificates, the best types of banks, and other sub-points that have been brought about by this title, which we will discuss in more detail. One of the best incentives that the Turkish President has launched since 2018 is obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit, and through it all of these matters that we talked about emerged. Let us first learn about the basis of this law, and then its conditions, features and steps in full. 

First, what is the law for obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit?

Recently, in 2018, the Presidency of the Turkish Republic issued a circular containing amendments to the naturalization law for foreigners in Turkey. This circular contains facilities and incentives, the most important of which is obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkish banks through deposits worth 500 thousand US dollars.

Of course, this investment in this law today is considered one of the important investments in Turkey, especially as it entitles its owner, along with his wife and children under 18 months, to obtain Turkish citizenship within a maximum period of 90 days! Of course, provided that the amount is not withdrawn before three years and can be used for bank investments. This brings us to the second part, which is learning about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit.

Secondly, what are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in a bank deposit?

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First, deposit an amount of 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish public or private bank

  • The value required in order to comply with the investment law through a bank deposit is at least $500,000, and it is either through direct deposit after opening a bank account in a Turkish bank, or through transferring funds from the country in which those funds are located to the bank located in Turkey, and we must We note that it must be in dollars exclusively! 
  • The money, let us assume, was in the hard currency Euros. It must be converted into dollars and deposited in the bank, or even exchanged in the bank, because the law approved this currency exclusively, and did not approve other hard currencies, because there is another condition that follows this point that we mention now, and to which we move, which is the exchange of Funds are transferred to the Turkish Lira via the Central Bank.

Secondly, transferring funds to the Turkish lira through the Central Bank

  • After the full value of the amount became $500,000 in a Turkish bank, we come to the second stage, which is to exchange this money into the Turkish lira. I would like it to remain in dollars, is that possible? Of course not, because marriage is a basic condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • The exchange must be through the Central Bank of Turkey, which disburses it according to the daily market price, and sometimes even better, and not at a reduced value as some people promote. It then submits a currency exchange certificate on the basis of that, submits it to the bank in which the amount was deposited, and presents it. It is for you in order to begin the procedure of acquiring Turkish citizenship.

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Third: Seizure of an amount of 500,000 thousand US dollars for three consecutive years

  • Reserving the amount of 500,000 thousand US dollars for three consecutive years is a basic condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship as well. The bank will reserve this value and provide you with a certificate and acknowledgment from you confirming this. Otherwise, the relevant authorities cannot provide citizenship to you based on Withdraw it after another while.
  • During this period, investment certificates begin their work, which were provided to you by Turkish banks, whether in terms of rental law certificates for value, interest or deposits, but there is an important point that must be noted, if you fear that the capital will become of a reduced value after That's years, let us mention it to you in the next paragraph.

Third, when the reservation period expires, will I get exactly $500,000? 

  • This is a sensitive point that worries most investors coming to obtain Turkish citizenship through bank deposits, and for this reason the Turkish government issued the Protected Deposits Law, through the Central Bank of Turkey, which is concerned with providing compensation in the event that the value decreases due to the rise in hard currencies against the Turkish lira. .
  • There is another point, which is that banks already provide most investors with a certificate acknowledging the protection of this amount, in addition to investment certificates related to monthly profits, and this is another advantage for preserving the value of the deposited capital, which is an incentive in order to attract capital to it, and here the benefit is shared between The investor and the Turkish bank, after we learned about the conditions, let us learn about the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit. 

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What are the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing $500,000 in Turkish banks? 

  • The steps are very simple and we will start after depositing the money in the Turkish bank, which as we mentioned at the beginning, we transferred or deposited the money in the bank in which we wish to deposit it, and then it was converted from the dollar to the Turkish lira via the Central Bank of Turkey, based on the daily exchange rate and now. We come to this stage.

First, obtain a currency exchange certificate and a reservation certificate   

  • Obtaining a currency exchange certificate is through transferring funds at the Central Bank of Turkey, which submits this document to the bank in which the funds are deposited, which in turn submits it to you directly, or to the lawyer authorized on your behalf, who will submit the full naturalization procedures. .
  • The document for seizing the funds is also done through the bank in which the amount was deposited, which carries out the procedures for your signature and acknowledgment of this, within a minimum period of three years as approved by the Turkish Naturalization Law, and it is delivered to you or the lawyer who is in the midst of this process with you. As a reminder, Damas Turk Real Estate has Turkish lawyers who will carry out these procedures over a period of five years and more after the passage of this law, in order to assist you in these procedures.

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Secondly, prepare all the documents required for naturalization

The first of which is the conformity certificate provided by the Turkish government, which states that the person applying to obtain Turkish citizenship has fulfilled all the conditions required of him, the most important of which is the exchange of currencies with a reservation for a period of three years, and these procedures are also carried out by the lawyer.

As for the other documents required by the applicant to obtain Turkish citizenship, they must be present and submitted as well, which are the following: 

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s personal proof from the country whose nationality he holds (the passport translated into the Turkish language).
  • 4 biometric personal photos.
  • Birth certificate document “translated and certified by a notary and translated into Turkish”

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  • Marriage certificate if the applicant is married.
  • Application form for Turkish citizenship. 
  • Application tax for Turkish citizenship.
  • A power of attorney to a lawyer in the event that the person concerned is not present “from the husband and wife”

Third, apply to obtain investment residency in Türkiye  

Investment residency is a short-term residency, as is the case with all Turkish residency. This residency is granted to people who have purchased real estate in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, or who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship on a bank deposit, which we are talking about. What is the point if they will Are they granted Turkish citizenship after that? The goal is to conduct their official work in Türkiye until Turkish citizenship is issued. 

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The purpose of obtaining this residence permit, as we mentioned, is to have proof of identity for the investor that authorizes him to conduct business and work in Turkey, for himself and for the family as well. Therefore, it is necessary to seek to obtain it even if the goal is not to obtain Turkish citizenship, because it is the official document that allows you Stay legally in Turkish territory. 

Application is done through the Turkish Civil Affairs Administration, and there are papers that must be added to what we mentioned previously, such as the date of application to the Immigration Administration and others, but in general the same papers are required for naturalization and there is not this big difference, but it is not possible to apply for Turkish citizenship without applying for investment residency first. 

Fourth, apply to obtain Turkish citizenship  

Applying to obtain Turkish citizenship is done either personally, with all the papers prepared, and this is one of the difficult things for you, going to the official departments, waiting, etc., and the best thing is to have a special power of attorney for the lawyer who will do his work and submit these papers and other matters related to you.

After preparing all the papers and obtaining a role in the Department of Public Affairs, the lawyer goes and submits all of these papers and presents them to them, and on the basis of that, all the data is matched and all of them are verified, and then we obtain a tracking number for the Turkish citizenship application . This application can be followed up at any time online via The official platform for soul management, but in general this process passes through stages that must be explained to you, which are in our following paragraph:

Fifth, the stages and duration of the evaluation 

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The stages of naturalization are seven stages, and we must get to know them in order to know which stage we are in. The period during which these stages pass is ninety days in normal times, if there are no pressures such as what happened in the middle of last year, during which there was a great demand in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the stages we list for you as shown below:

  • The first stage: “The file has been registered in the electronic system and the procedures will begin.”
  • The second stage: “The documents were sent to the General Directorate of Emiratisation”
  • The third stage: “The documents have reached the General Directorate, and the initial audit process is now underway.”
  • The fourth stage, first level: “The application has reached the General Directorate, and the documents are now being extensively audited.”
  • Fourth stage, second level: “The request has been sent for archival verification to the relevant authorities.”
  • The fourth stage, third level, “research and evaluation are still continuing on the file”
  • The fifth stage, first level, “the stage of issuing approval to add the file to the list that will be presented to decision-makers”
  • The fifth stage, a second level, “The file has been added to the list that will be presented to decision-makers and decide on it.”
  • Sixth stage, first level: “The file has been sent to the decision-makers to decide whether to accept or reject it.”
  • Sixth stage, second level: “The file is in the stage of waiting for the results”
  • The seventh and final stage: “You must review the result of the application evaluation.”

Sixth: Obtaining a letter of acceptance and the naturalization decision

The last time, a letter is sent stating that the naturalization decision has been issued and that it is in the Public Registry. This letter includes acceptance to obtain Turkish citizenship for you and for the children with the wife as well, and it contains national numbers for each family member. These national numbers are the official ones in Turkey. 

After obtaining the acceptance letter through the Civil Administration, the following procedures are completed, which are obtaining the Turkish identity and the Turkish passport , which are what most foreigners residing in Turkey seek, because Turkey and its passport have become among the most powerful passports in the world, and we will mention that.

Seventh: Obtaining a Turkish identity and a Turkish passport  

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One of the most special moments is obtaining the right to citizenship in a powerful country like Turkey. Obtaining a Turkish identity and a Turkish passport is done through the Department of Public Affairs in Turkey, or through consulates representing Turkey in all countries of the world, and this depends on the person concerned and his place of residence.

There are some required papers, such as the naturalization decision that was issued, personal photos, and taxes imposed upon obtaining the Turkish identity and the Turkish passport, all of which do not exceed approximately $100, and the Turkish passport for ten consecutive years! Here the steps for obtaining Turkish citizenship have ended. Let us give a simple overview of the advantages of obtaining it through a bank deposit.

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit in Türkiye?

The most important advantage of the Turkish passport currently is access to 134 countries around the world without a visa or a direct visa upon entry, which is something that most of Turkey's neighboring countries and their citizens who wish to obtain its citizenship lack, and this enhances the ease of movement between all global countries. 

Another valuable point that foreigners gain is that obtaining Turkish citizenship and not staying there never causes it to be withdrawn or removed, such as imposing house arrest for a limited period every period of time and another, like in some European countries, there are many investors who have taken citizenship and have not visited Turkey yet!

Foreigners share all the rights and duties enjoyed by a Turkish citizen. Let us learn about the most prominent of them: 

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  • Children and others have the right to receive free education in Turkish schools and universities.
  • Granting Turkish citizenship to the wife and all children under 18 
  • Obtaining the right to security and safety under the care of the Turkish state.
  • Access to free health care and education in Turkish schools and universities.
  • The right to vote and run also for those who have acquired Turkish citizenship, unlike some other countries that prohibit this.

In general, what is meant by the rights of a Turkish citizen is everything that a foreigner is entitled to after acquiring Turkish citizenship, so all rights and duties apply to everyone who has acquired Turkish citizenship and a Turkish citizen of Turkish origins.

Another of the most important features is the increase in capital on a monthly basis based on the investment certificates that we mentioned to you in an excerpt at the beginning of the article, which reaches 9 percent annually, regardless of its diversity and forms from one bank to another. There are other ways to protect capital by placing it under the heading Gold, for example, or the stock market and other global markets. 

Finally, living in Turkey in itself is a great advantage, especially in the style of living there in terms of sophistication, dealings, civilization and development, and this is what most of the countries neighboring Turkey lack, in addition to Turkey’s beautiful climate in summer and winter, and the green nature in Turkey increases people’s interest. To it and expand trade, relations, knowledge, etc. 

Here we have concluded our article by learning about the most important advantages that the customer gets when he accepts the purpose of a bank deposit in Turkey, the most important of which is Turkish citizenship as we mentioned, and with regard to investment certificates in 2023, we have made clear that they are variable from one bank to another, and are according to your needs and requests from Where capital is deposited, Murabaha and Mudaraba are in it.  

Investing in Turkey is certainly a successful, safe and profitable investment, which benefits the capital on the one hand and the investor on the other. Are you seeking that as well? Or rather, we will tell you what are you waiting for now? Most investors have already done this before you, and you are still watching and analyzing from afar. Take the initiative now to obtain real investment opportunities with rewarding investment returns.. 

Damas Turk Real Estate is proud to provide you with its advisory services in the field of real estate investment in Turkey and purchasing real estate there. It has long experience and is rich in advice that guarantees you a safe and successful investment. We place it in your hands with complete confidence. All you have to do is contact us through the links available on our website.


Edited by Damas Turk Real Estate

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