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Living and Real Estate Investment in Antalya

01/12/2023 Investment in Turkey 240 Living and Real Estate Investment in Antalya

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Antalya , or as it is known and called the capital of Turkish tourism, is a coastal city located in southwestern Turkey. Millions of tourists visit it throughout the seasons and months of the year to enjoy its beaches, waterfalls, ancient cities, historical caves and archaeological museums, in addition to benefiting from its services in the field of medical and sports tourism and hosting events, conferences and weddings.

Antalya has recently become attractive to countless foreigners, but not only for the purpose of tourism, as is usual, but also for living and stability, and they preferred it over many cities in Turkey, and its real estate and coastal views became the dream of everyone who visited it. In today's article, we will shed light on living and real estate investment in Antalya, covering real estate there in some detail.

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Tourism in Antalya 

Antalya is one of the most important centers for attracting tourists in the world. It is the only state that has the longest coastal strip in all of Turkey, reaching a length of 1,484 km. It attracts tourists to it thanks to the warmth of its sea water, its always bright sun, its golden sand, and the beauty of its charming nature, in addition to the number of its tourist destinations that are unparalleled. Counted.

Antalya has won many awards as a tourist city par excellence and ranked first in many classifications, including first place in the International Authority’s Blue Flag Beaches classification for the year 2020.

It also gained wide fame during the epidemic period after the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism started the “Safe Tourism Certification Programme,” which made it the title of a “healthy, safe and enjoyable” tourist holiday during the period of the spread of the epidemic, and in the year 2020 it was visited by nearly 10 million tourists, despite the fact that travel movement was suspected to be at a standstill. the world.

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Medical tourism in Antalya

Antalya has emerged as an important center for medical tourism in the recent period and has attracted thousands of medical tourism seekers due to the provision of high-quality medical services provided by qualified medical staff and reasonable prices.

Antalya offers its visitors many medical services, starting from plastic surgeries such as organ transplantation and beautification, through hair transplantation and orthodontics, and ending with rehabilitation treatment and fertility. All of these services are carried out in fully prepared hospitals accredited by international bodies, and thus Antalya is almost the only Turkish city that provides its visitors with relaxation. Calmness, recovery and tourism.

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Sports tourism in Antalya

Thanks to its advanced infrastructure and natural beauty, Antalya has occupied advanced positions in the ranking of cities preferred by athletes and tourists, especially in the summer and winter, where training camps for sports teams are held. It is also famous for diving, climbing and hiking. It has 16 golf courses, and it is suitable for all... Sports activities.

Education services in Antalya

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There are many universities in Antalya that offer all levels of higher education in various specializations and in English and Turkish, such as the famous Mediterranean University and Antalya International University. It also has recognized government and private schools and international schools such as the British ICCA School, which follows the famous British Cambridge curriculum. 

Agricultural production in Antalya

Antalya occupies a very important position in the field of agriculture in Turkey due to its fertile lands, which produce 200 types of vegetables and fruits over the course of 12 months that are sold inside and outside Turkey, and their prices in Antalya are considered cheaper than in the rest of the Turkish cities.

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Antalya includes 40% of the greenhouse agricultural areas in Turkey, and production takes place on 360,000 hectares of agricultural land, 320,000 dunums of which are greenhouses.

Antalya Airport and international flights

Antalya Airport annually receives millions of direct flights from many countries of the world, including Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Oman, and Qatar. It is considered among the largest airports in the Mediterranean region, and the fourth busiest airport in Turkey.

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Real estate in Antalya

The city of Antalya is considered one of the Turkish cities that supports the economy the most. Its attraction to tourists is unparalleled, in addition to its production in the field of light industry, agriculture, and real estate.

The city of Antalya follows Istanbul directly in terms of the importance of real estate investment , and it has advantages that may exceed Istanbul real estate as well, and the options are numerous, as there are residential and commercial properties, lands eligible for agricultural and commercial investment, and residential projects, which are completely suitable for obtaining real estate residency and Turkish citizenship .

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Antalya real estate is witnessing a continuous increase in its prices due to the increasing demand for it, just like Istanbul real estate . The number of people wishing to buy apartments for sale in Antalya increases year after year. It also has an international character, as it is visited by a large number of European tourists, especially Russians, British and Germans.

Real estate investment in Antalya is considered extremely successful in light of the tourist demand and the constant need to rent houses and apartments, which would generate a lucrative income for real estate owners on an ongoing basis.

The most important reasons for the success of real estate investment in Antalya

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There are many compelling reasons that push foreigners to invest in real estate in Antalya and ensure the chances of success of their investments, which are as follows:

  • Antalya has become the fastest growing city in the field of real estate investment in Turkey,  and the demand for it is increasing day after day.
  • The city of Antalya offers high rental returns with increasing demand with different seasons.
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in the city.
  • There are many investment options in Antalya, as there are commercial and residential lands and real estate, starting from studio apartments to luxury villas with different views, which provides the investor with many options.
  • The city of Antalya receives flights from many Arab countries and European Union countries, which facilitates travel and transportation directly from it to many cities around the world.
  • The city's advanced infrastructure, social facilities and interconnected transportation network are an essential advantage.
  • The economic importance of the city of Antalya and its ability to produce opens up opportunities for the most important investment projects in addition to government support.
  • It provides the necessities of a comfortable life, in addition to its geographical location, its view of the Mediterranean Sea, and the wonderful climate.

Living in Antalya

Antalya is a city in which all the elements of a comfortable life are available, as we mentioned above. From a real estate perspective, it has very luxurious residential options. Its residential complexes are characterized by modernity and provide luxury features. If you are alone, you will find studio apartments overlooking charming views away from the noise of the large cities in Turkey. It also has apartments. Villas suitable for large families.

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As for the most important aspect related to education, health, medication, job opportunities, and investment, we mentioned previously that the city of Antalya is reassured in this aspect as well.

We must not forget that it is one of the cities that supports the Turkish economy, which means that the government gives it special attention and allocates a budget for it that reflects positively on the citizens who live in it.

Reasons for the success of real estate investment in Türkiye in general 

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The advanced infrastructure that characterizes Turkey is considered one of the components of successful real estate investment.

Turkey's geographical location makes it a link between Europe and Asia and an important strategic crossing.

- Investment facilities established by the Turkish government for foreign investors, in addition to laws that protect the investor and preserve his rights.

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Buying apartments for sale in Turkey provides the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and enjoying the advantages and power of the Turkish passport .

- Turkish law does not differentiate between the foreign investor and the Turkish citizen in the taxes and fees imposed on the process of owning real estate. 

- Achieving lucrative financial returns and profits. As is known, investing in the real estate field is an extremely successful investment, especially if it is in a tourist country like Turkey.

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Real estate investment in Turkey remains an ideal option, whether by purchasing apartments for sale in Istanbul , Trabzon , Bursa , or any city, and in any form of investment, but the city of Antalya remains an impression and features that make it a tourist city and at the same time suitable for stability and building businesses.

The availability of medical and educational services and the ease of moving directly from it to countries around the world, the multiplicity of real estate investment options, its natural attractiveness, its tranquility, and its absence of crowding have made it a livable city par excellence. It overtook Istanbul during the month of July of this year in real estate sales to foreigners and is always competing with it despite its size not being large. Compare to Istanbul.

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On the other hand, data from the Turkish Statistical Authority indicate recovery and growth that the Turkish economy witnessed in the first half of this year and is still witnessing after the end of the Corona pandemic. It also indicated growth in the gross domestic product, and the Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency raised its expectations regarding the growth of the economy. The Turkish rate for 2022 is 5.2 percent, and 2.8 percent for 2023.

All of this and the ongoing recovery that is not hidden from anyone in the Turkish real estate market gives a promising and reassuring outlook for the success of real estate investments on the near and long term, and now that you can contact us at any time to learn about the details and investment opportunities available to buy apartments for sale in Turkey and in Antalya  in particular.


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