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Important Information you Must Know about the Real Estate Developer to Obtain a Successful Investment

01/12/2023 Investment in Turkey 744 Important Information you Must Know about the Real Estate Developer to Obtain a Successful Investment

Article content

The real estate developer is the top of the pyramid when the idea of ​​establishing any real estate project in Turkey appears, and its definition may be completely different in most international countries, but in Turkey in general, the real estate developer and the contractor or construction company are always in one hand, a “merged company,” so we will not talk about The real estate developer has terms, basics, and what it does, so what will we talk about?!

What matters to any real estate investor coming to Turkey is the main information about the construction company that is building the project (the real estate developer), and how it selects project sites and manages them completely, even its approved after-sales services. Don’t you agree?! Certainly this is important, so we have prepared an article for you entitled Important Information You Must Know About the Real Estate Developer to Have a Successful Investment.

Let us then agree on the content of the article together so that it is easy for you to understand. We will first begin by introducing the real estate developer in Turkey and what is different from real estate marketing companies , then we will proceed together to reveal to you the most important information that must be available in any real estate developer to ensure that your money is... Sustainable and a profitable and rewarding investment, do we agree?! So let's delve into that.

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What do we mean by real estate developer? How is it different from real estate marketing companies?

First: the real estate developer “construction company”

The construction company is the entity concerned with the construction of projects and residential complexes, i.e. a real estate developer as is common in Arab circles. This company selects the sites on which construction will be made, and then selects the engineers and supervisors for that, after which it prepares the machinery and materials designated for construction, After that, construction begins using labor, and finally the project is finished and the finishes, etc., are completed.

Construction companies are not responsible for the real estate marketing of the units they create in their projects. Rather, they place them in the hands of real estate marketing companies, which promote advertisements for them with offers and other things. “We will come to that later,” so the construction company is the company that creates complexes and projects of all kinds.

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Second: Real estate marketing companies “real estate consultant”

The real estate marketing company is the mediator between the construction company and the client or anyone who wants to buy the property in those projects and complexes created by the real estate developer. The function of these companies is to promote those properties belonging to the construction company, evaluate prices and put them on the real estate market, manage the legal papers and matters, and submit offers. A comprehensive explanation of these projects.

Real estate marketing companies are not obligated to any detail regarding construction at all, even finishes and other things are not concerned with that, but rather they are present when customers hand over the apartments with representatives of the real estate developer, in order to ensure that all details of the apartment are free of any damage, deficiency, or problems in construction, so companies Real estate marketing is the portal through which properties are purchased from the real estate developer.

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Note in the margin

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the definition of a real estate developer in most countries is somewhat separate from the contractor “construction company”, meaning that he only acquires the land allocated for the project, provides economic feasibility for it, and then chooses the appropriate contractor, after which he supervises On project completion, he supervises contracts and delivery to clients.

But in Turkey, through direct interaction a lot with construction companies, it became clear to us that, to a large extent, the construction company and the real estate developer are one entity, even if you look into their origins, it is also the same, but there is certainly a dedicated section that is concerned with matters that are the job of the real estate developer. As mentioned above, officials in the construction department are then authorized to build projects.

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Therefore, so that you do not get confused, dear customer, what we will mention here is the most important information regarding construction companies, which are themselves real estate developers based even on their names and terminology in the Turkish language. We have given you a long explanation, haven’t we, then let us take the initiative immediately and learn about the important information. Which will guarantee you a profitable and high-value investment.

Important information you must know about the real estate developer to obtain a successful investment

First: The successful real estate developer has a history full of achievements and gains

The authentic and established real estate developer is the one whose choice is always the best, just like any brand that has a history full of achievements and excellent customer service with a professional product that it provides to them, so before thinking about any detail of the property that you want to buy, search immediately for the name of the real estate development company.

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Then, simply open the web browser on your mobile phone, write the name of the company you know about it, and search its bio? In what year did you grow up? What have you accomplished over the past years? Research her current, past and future projects. Hire a Turkish translator or there is another option. What is it, I wonder?

Damas Turk Real Estate, represented by its consultants and sales staff, presents to you the CV of each construction company that has driven a nail into the foundation of its projects! Yes, but more than that.. We provide you with a summary of its history, its founder, how it has been able to continue in its field until now, what content it provides to its clients, and what projects it has achieved, along with the achievements and gains.

Leave us the task to make it easy for you to know the details of the details related to any construction company in Turkey. We even help you choose the ideal real estate developer that matches the goal and purpose of purchasing the property for you. This is our mission and our job. We present it to you with all love, hoping that it will be the best experiences for you in the world of real estate. .

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Second: The successful real estate developer is the one who has the outlook and vision for the successful investment site as well

The real estate developer always has a vision in choosing the locations for the projects he wants to create. This vision is the key that opens the door in his face, or closes it completely! Therefore, this is the pivotal point that either allows the real estate developer to succeed and continue creating projects, or may prevent him from proceeding due to poor choice based on the wrong vision.

Choosing the strategic and investment location by which we mean the areas that need these projects, and not just for just building and establishing projects, because the process of selling and recovering capital for the real estate developer is the secret of success. If these projects stagnate, he falls into the trap and is forced to borrow or lose in the sense. Literal.

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Therefore, choosing a location with a future outlook and an investment vision is an important matter when you want to buy a property in Turkey . Based on this vision, you will benefit from the increase in the value of these properties severalfold within a few years, and they will continue to increase as long as the location has a dimension and a future full of population expansion in a way. Bigger, meaning a real estate developer with insight, how do you know that?!

Damas Turk Real Estate  has an insightful future vision based on previous experiences and expertise with real clients, demonstrated with real partnerships with a number of real estate developers in cities such as Istanbul  and Antalya , so we are always happy to help you choose the best location when you intend to buy an apartment in Turkey , there Areas that will accommodate very large, vital projects, most notably the Istanbul Water Canal, which will be a substitute for the current Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

Third: A successful real estate developer has an integrated management that overcomes difficulties from the smallest detail to the largest

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Is there anything more difficult than the field of management in the world, and in all fields? So what if it is a huge project with a number of units that may exceed a thousand or two thousand units! You must be attentive to the smallest details at every stage, in addition to managing the workers in its construction and supervising the conduct of business in it. What else can we mention to you!

The real estate developer must have a disciplined management that can perform the task perfectly, otherwise the investment money and the money of those who previously purchased during the construction of the project will be wasted! There are companies that really suffered from this matter, especially in the Corona pandemic, because these departments failed to deal with crises, which are the basis of management science and how to respond to that!

Lack of discipline leads to major chaos in several areas during project construction, the most dangerous of which is the delay in delivering the project, and the second is the delay in even fulfilling the value of the loans that these companies may have borrowed to complete their projects. Therefore, the one who falls victim to all of this is the client who has purchased From a company that is incompetent and new to managing itself.

What can we offer you in this regard? Certainly, Damas Turk Real Estate  can highlight the most important problems that faced all projects, and then we shed light on how these companies managed these problems. Through this filtering, we can identify the company that was able to overcome these problems thanks to its decisive and solid management.

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Fourth: The successful real estate developer is the one who keeps promises and delivers them to perfection

One of the sensitive points that any buyer of under-construction properties fears is delivering the properties at the appropriate and agreed-upon time, which is something he certainly has the right to hesitate about, due to the bad reputation of some construction companies that do not respect themselves and break their promises to foreign customers and others.

Delay in delivering apartments is a scourge that we have seen in the Turkish real estate market from some real estate developers, but certainly not all of them. There are companies that delivered their projects even before the time specified for them. This delay results from several reasons, one of which may be the construction company itself, which procrastinates in delivering after It must have sold a large percentage of its units in the project.

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Therefore, researching the history of the real estate developer who I want to buy the property in one of his projects is important, and also urgent. How was the delivery in his previous projects?! Was he able to deliver on time? Or was he too late? Make sure to know the answers to these questions to ensure that your choice of property will result in a successful investment, otherwise it will be bad and unsuccessful!

Damas Turk Real Estate  puts in your hands all the projects previously established by the real estate developer, and examines the delivery date of each of them. Was the date consistent with the contracts signed with the clients? We put it up for you to see and ask some of our clients who we bought for in those projects, and based on that the decision is yours.

Fifth: The successful real estate developer is the one who ensures the integrity of the project’s legal documents in all their forms

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One of the most important basic points that must be taken into consideration is the integrity of the legal papers related to the project established by the real estate developer. There is nothing wrong with asking about the property and the project in the municipality or the land title directorate concerned with the place. Accompany the lawyer of the company that delivered you to the project and inquire about all the legal papers for the property. .

As for the deed designated for the property, it is sometimes a dilemma, because if the property is under construction, there may not be a deed ready immediately, and sometimes the deed is ready. Make sure as much as possible that there is a deed ready in the projects in which you want to buy, and in case... It does not exist. Be sure to check the contracts and know the time of receipt or issuance of the title deed in order to transfer ownership directly to your name.

A successful real estate developer can guarantee the integrity of all papers, even if the project is in its infancy and on the map, but there are those who want to rush and start immediately, and then the legal papers come in the second stage. They are certainly legal, but they are late and may worry some clients who want to finish this immediately.

Damas Turk Real Estate  guarantees you the real estate developer who can provide you with the title deed immediately when you choose an apartment in his project, and if the opposite is the case, we do not bear responsibility for that, because the delay is related to the real estate developer and not up to us, so the guarantee with us is your successful and safe investment.
Sixth, a successful real estate developer is one whose services do not end upon delivery, but rather begin after that

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Unfortunately, another scourge that some real estate developers suffer from in the Turkish real estate market is the lack of periodic visits to projects by them, supervision of them, or even access to them! This is an important detail, as it is during the sales process and before delivery, and this is what these companies ignore.

After-sales services are what win the customer's loyalty or bias towards another company! There are companies whose name has become famous thanks to the after-sales services they provide to customers, such as regular maintenance of projects, supervision of their management, and renewal of vital services and facilities. All of this has a great impact and these companies have been able to imprint their brand in the minds of customers!

There is no harm in visiting one of the previous projects of the real estate developer who wants to buy an apartment in one of his projects. Be sure to visit the services and ask a friend living in the project about the status of after-sales services, and how is the current management, facilities, etc.? Is it for the better or for the worse?

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Damas Turk Real Estate,  since it provides its dear customers with after-sales services, which we provide for free, is well aware of the size of the impact that these services leave on them, so we will certainly choose the real estate developer who provides this service because he knows very well how to maintain his client and certainly make him grateful to him.

In conclusion

  • There is a lot of important information that you must know about the real estate developer to obtain a successful investment, but what we have mentioned to you is the most prominent and important, and if you have any questions related to the real estate developer, all you have to do is contact us so that we can clarify that for you, and remove your questions about any topic. He was.
  • Damas Turk Real Estate  specializes in providing legal, real estate and engineering consultations within the city of Istanbul. We are agents for more than 300 points and projects in Turkey, specifically in the cities of Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa. We offer special services to you, starting with greeting you at the airport and ending with handing over the key to the property. Wait! The service is not finished yet, but we provide professional after-sales services. Contact us to learn about them.

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