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Real Estate Investment in Bursa

01/12/2023 Investment in Turkey 169 Real Estate Investment in Bursa

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Bursa is considered one of the most important Turkish cities economically and geographically, as it is located in the northwest of Turkey and is only about two hours away from Istanbul . It is known as one of the safest Turkish cities in addition to the ease and low cost of living there. It also has great importance in the history of Turkey and was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and has many historical monuments. It is also known as the Green City due to the abundance of forests, green spaces, parks and gardens in it.

The city of Bursa has occupied great importance in the Turkish real estate market and has become a fierce competitor to real estate in the rest of Turkish cities. Investors choose it for its tranquility, nature, economic importance, and the availability of other investment opportunities there, whether in industry, agriculture, or animal products. To learn more about the city’s components, it is important to look at all We have carefully explained these points to you in the following article so that you are aware and so that you can make the right decision about the city in which you intend to live or invest in Turkey  .

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The historical importance of Bursa

The city of Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1326 to 1365, and there are many Ottoman monuments that are today considered an important place for historical tourism. Among its most important features are:

- Great Mosque

The Great Mosque, or what is called “Ulu Mosque”, dates back to the period between 1396 and 1400 AD, and is considered one of the most wonderful historical monuments in the city of Bursa. Its construction was ordered by the Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Bayezid.

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- Perennial tree

It is a 610-year-old tree that is widely known in the city and tourists always come to visit it. Its height is estimated at about 38 meters, its diameter is approximately three meters, and its branches extend over an area of ​​920 square meters.

- Silk Market

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"Koza Han" Silk Market, or as it is called in Turkish (Koza Han). This market was established for the first time in 1941 AD by Sultan Bayezid II. It was the center of the gathering of silk merchants in that period. It has special historical importance, and is now considered a historical shrine and one of the most important places of trade. Silk scarves, silk fashions, accessories, gold, and women's clothing made of luxurious fabrics are sold.

In general, Bursa ranks first in the silk industry in Turkey, and produces about 2,000 tons of silk annually.

The tourist importance of Bursa

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The city of Bursa has many different landmarks, but in general it is considered one of the most beautiful and best tourist destinations in Turkey due to the diversity of its nature and the abundance of entertainment and recreation places, in addition to the charming historical and natural archaeological sites that caught the world’s attention and attracted it to buy apartments for sale in Turkey, and among the most important tourist attractions in the city of Bursa:

- Uludag Mountain

Uludag Mountain is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Western Anatolia region. Its height is 2,543 meters. It is a popular center for camping trips in the summer and a skiing center in the winter. It is internationally famous due to the sports competitions and events that are held on it, such as the Olympic skiing competitions.

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- Oylat Cave 

It is a cave that was formed 300 million years ago as a result of a very huge earthquake, and extends 655 meters deep into the mountain. It is also considered the third largest cave in Turkey and has 146 steps to make it easy for visitors to walk around inside it. This cave is one of the natural attractions popular with tourists, as it is surrounded by trees on all sides, and there are natural water springs, waterfalls, and other small caves.

- Hot springs

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Bursa is famous for its hot water springs spread across several places and has great popular appeal and sayings about recovery and recovery.

- Lakes and waterfalls

Bursa includes a number of famous waterfalls in Turkey, including Saeed Abad Waterfall, the Great Waterfall, Lake Aznik, and Lake Alabat. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the region.

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- Mudanya beaches

The beaches of Mudanya, which are located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, are among the best summer destinations for spending vacations, vacations, and engaging in recreational activities. Its coasts include cafes and restaurants serving delicious seafood.

There are also other famous beaches in Burga, including Burgaz Sahili Beach, Zeytin Bağı Sahili Beach, Eşkel Sahili Esenc Beach, and Yeniköy Boğa Beach.

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Medical tourism in Bursa

Bursa has become one of the leading Turkish cities in the field of medical tourism due to the quality of medical services provided there, with the cost of medical treatment falling by 50% compared to developed countries, in addition to the fact that it is distinguished from the rest of the Turkish cities by its hot springs and water resorts for recovery and treatment.

Living in Bursa

In order for any city to be suitable and suitable for living, it must have several components, and if we look at the city of Bursa, we find that it provides the components of a decent life such as moderate costs of living, security, infrastructure, and the availability of service facilities in addition to job opportunities and investment opportunities.

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As for education, the city of Bursa has all levels of education in abundance, and as is known, pre-university education is free throughout Turkey. There are also universities in various specializations from medicine and engineering to science and economics, such as Bursa University, Uludag University, and Bursa Technical University.

Clothing industry in Bursa

Bursa is famous for its clothing factories and textile factories, and there are many local clothing brands with high-quality fabrics. Its factories provide the service of buying clothes in bulk and shipping them to countries around the world, and the prices of clothes in Bursa are affordable for everyone and lower than in large Turkish cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

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Automotive industry in Bursa

The city of Bursa has become an important industrial center in central Turkey, as it has 21 organized industrial cities, in which agricultural machinery, cars, buses, and auto parts are produced. It also has two factories for manufacturing large and giant cars.

This city, which is the fourth largest city in Turkey, provides a foreign trade surplus of $6 billion annually, and industries in Bursa represent 10% of Turkey's exports.

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Real estate in Bursa

Real estate in Bursa is in great demand by foreigners, especially Arabs, because it is a conservative and quiet city suitable for families, and real estate prices there are very reasonable and appropriate compared to “ Istanbul Real Estate. ” You can get a modern and modern two-bedroom apartment in a strategic location in the city for prices in the range of 65 thousand. Dollars. Apartments suitable for large families are priced at around $300,000.

As for investors who would like to buy apartments for sale in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship,  they have many options in Bursa, and they can buy one or two properties and settle in one of them and invest in the other.

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There are countless investment opportunities in  the city of Bursa , and real estate investment is among the most important of these opportunities. It has many advantages that prompted the Turkish government and investment owners  to establish service projects there, such as roads, bridges, shopping centers, trade centers, and offices. If we ask about these advantages, we find It is the historical importance, the strategic location, the moderate climate, in addition to the vast green spaces and the large demand from foreigners, whether for the purpose of settling in and obtaining Turkish citizenship or tourism and recreation.

The growth in population density year after year in the region led to a direct increase in the proportion of investments . In addition to service projects, luxurious and modern residential projects arose, which in turn attracted real estate investors. Thus, Bursa real estate and apartments became a more likely option for anyone thinking about buying apartments for sale in Istanbul  .

In addition to investment in real estate, investment in land   has received great demand in agriculture and animal husbandry. As we mentioned, Bursa is rich in vast green spaces in addition to the moderate weather suitable for agriculture in summer and winter, when the heat and humidity are proportional to the crops. The area of ​​agricultural land in Bursa occupies 44%, and depends on 20% of its economy depends on agriculture.

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Land can also be invested in raising livestock and animals due to its compatibility with the climatic and environmental nature of the city, as the green lands, their fertility, and the water spaces give a great impetus to investment and livestock raising.

In general, Bursa is known as one of the cities suitable for industrial and agricultural investment, due to the appropriate environment for investments of this type.

And here, dear reader, we have provided you with important and detailed information about the green city of Bursa.   In general, we can only say that Bursa is a wonderful city in terms of its social fabric, importance, strategic location, proximity to the city of Istanbul , and its view of the Sea of ​​Marmara, in addition to its real estate prices , costs of living in it, and investment opportunities. It is unlimited, and many consultants in the field of real estate investment  in Bursa prefer it over the rest of the Turkish cities for living, investment, and stability for foreigners. If you have more questions about the city of Bursa , you can write to our consultants at any time to obtain more accurate information regarding real estate investment in Bursa.

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