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Commercial shops for sale in Turkey 2022


Commercial shops for sale in Turkey 2022


Turkey's shops are considered a thriving economic activity for all kinds of investors and traders. Istanbul, which is Turkey's financial and economic capital, provides a diverse selection of commercial real estate for sale. For sure, antique stores are the most prominent in Istanbul and have been a source of riches and a starting point for international commerce for many. Our portfolio includes restaurants, retail outlets, and stores in Istanbul, as well as properties that may be restored to serve both commercial and residential purposes. 

We, in DAMAS TÜRK, assist our valued clients not only in identifying commercial properties, but also in conducting the necessary due diligence and research before making any purchase decision.

Buy commercial property in Turkey

Even in Istanbul, it is a more complex process to buy a commercial property than a residential property. DAMAS TÜRK is one of those rare real estate companies that will stand by you and aid you in analyzing profitability, return on investment, and ensuring that the case for investment is realistic. Our years of expertise in the Turkish real estate market enable us to predict future trends, large capital appreciation potential, and strong rental yields. Our local expertise also keeps us up-to-date on new regions that have a bright future.

We have a wide portfolio of commercial shops and establishments for sale in Istanbul. Our commercial shops and stores in Istanbul are often rented by well-known commercial brands, providing a high return on investment. You'll take over the current agreements as the new owner and be able to start enjoying the rental income right away. These commercial properties are also eligible for Turkish citizenship, if that's something you're interested in.

Please contact us to discuss your budget and requirements, and we will provide you with recommendations for appropriate commercial property in Istanbul.

How much does commercial property for sale in Turkey cost?

In Turkey, there are a lot of proven commercial properties that are already putting in a respectable return for their owners throughout the year. The cost of shops ranges from 5000 to 10,000 USD/M2. The rationale for such a diverse selection is primarily due to the stores' initial location. As compared to those located on the outskirts, shops in the city center are more costly. The age of the shop and the quality of the structure are additional factors in determining costs, but the location is regarded as the most essential element among others.

Compound store prices in freshly growing regions like Basin Express are fairly affordable, and they have a very promising future in terms of value appreciation in the near future. However, the prices of stores in Istanbul's central neighborhoods are higher than those in the city's emerging suburbs. But compared to stores in the city center, shops in the suburbs have an advantage in terms of earning value appreciation in a short period of time. While central stores have a reduced possibility of increasing in value because they have already achieved their peak. 

Why invest in commercial properties in Turkey?

Istanbul is a popular destination for real estate investors since the possibility of solid rental yields and capital growth can be found on every corner and street. As the city expands into the outskirt districts, which offer great pricing, especially when compared to center neighborhoods like Beyoğlu and Fatih, emerging places are also in focus. Additionally, certain properties for sale meet the entrance requirements for Turkey's citizenship by investment program, about which we can supply further information to anyone who is interested.

What are the advantages of buying a shop in Turkey for investment?

  • Long-term lease agreements: stores are leased for an extended period of time. The minimum length of a store rental agreement is five years, with five-year extensions available.
  • Strong tenants: stores in the complexes, and advantageous sites are rented to Turkey's most well-known commercial companies, reducing all investment risks.
  • On-time payments: Because these stores are rented by well-known commercial companies, there is no chance that the renters would default on their payments.
  • High return on investment: despite the fact that the initial investment cost is somewhat more than that of residential flats, the return on investment when purchasing stores is considerably beyond that of renting an apartment with a shorter maturity term for the investment.
  • Stable investment: when renting a store, you will be dealing with corporations and company owners. This will provide greater security for your investment than when dealing with people when renting out a residential unit.
  • It will be easy to resell in the future because the demand for shops from both local and foreign investors is so strong. You can sell your store at any moment in the future and earn a profit.

Investment in Turkey - Commercial shops in Turkey

Turkey became an appealing business and investment destination as it became a gateway to the East and West, drawing clever investment and economic activity from the East and West. Turkish cities, particularly Istanbul, Antalya, and Yalova, as well as other central Turkish cities, compete for investors. These are the best choices for people wanting to buy a shop in Turkey.

Is commercial property in Turkey a good investment?

Properties, such as those that may be converted into flats or hotels, have proven to be wise investments for individuals seeking long-term returns on their initial investment. Operating and owning a boutique hotel in Turkey has proven to be a popular early retirement option for individuals who aren't quite ready to give up their jobs. 

There are also some fascinating chances in the country that are in their own category, such as a gold mine in Turkey and a project to renovate an inner-city. These unique options are suitable for anybody looking for an interesting investment opportunity with the potential for sky-high returns if approached correctly.

Tips for buying shops for sale in Turkey

When looking for stores or offices for sale in Turkey, we recommend that you evaluate the following quality factors:

  • The commercial store should be near the city's main roadways, especially in large cities like Istanbul.
  • The location of the office or commercial store should be close to the city center, with access to public transportation and metro lines.
  • The presence of a pedestrian-friendly central market in the commercial area is a bonus.
  • It is important to have parking lots available.
  • ATM machines should be located near the shop or office.
  • In shops and workplaces, heating and ventilation services are vital.
  • Always use new technology, such as surveillance cameras, to establish a security system to guard during the day.

What should you know before buying a shop in Turkey?

Shops in Istanbul are among the best options for investors looking for a high-yielding and long-term investment. Istanbul is a large city that is continually expanding, so investing in its commercial units can provide not only a high income but also a significant increase in value over a short period of time, especially if the business is purchased in a key position. Istanbul is Turkey's biggest metropolis and home to the country's greatest population. Due to the rapid expansion of residential buildings, the need for stores is expanding drastically all across the city.

Nowadays, brand new stores may also be located in recently developed attractive estates. The need for stores in compounds is growing, as compounds offer more social amenities, services, and security 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, stores located within the compounds have a reduced risk of renting and running because they already have assured consumers and are available to the public at the same time. Taking into account all of the previously mentioned factors, shops placed within the complexes proved to be a superior investment than regular stores.

How to buy commercial property in Turkey?

Attempt to explain why you purchased the store. If this is a purchase for a personal business, choose the appropriate store size. If it's purely an investment, try to be as specific as possible about the budget. This will assist you in avoiding the endless possibilities available around the city and concentrate on the best options. Even if you can purchase a store in the city center, try to acquire one in a fresh new project in a developing region, as they will provide you with a larger value appreciation in a shorter period of time than city center shops. Furthermore, the pricing of these stores is reasonable, and their payment options are accessible. Prioritize stores in complexes since they have a competitive edge and are easy to find.

Compound stores in emerging locations offer strong returns, have a significant potential for value increase, and are available at affordable prices. Look for stores that have local managing partners or that have previously been rented. You will save time and effort by not having to manage and rent these stores. Always do research on the developers, including their construction history, reputation, and the quality of their work. Always verify the fees associated with the property, such as management, maintenance, and title deed fees. To avoid any unpleasant shocks in the future, you must factor in these costs.

Contact Damasturk immediately to explore the vast selection of commercial property options in Turkey that we have. With our extensive networks and channel access, we are certain that we will discover something suitable for you and your budget. We take satisfaction in assisting in the matching of the ideal opportunity with the ideal investor.

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