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Offices - Commercial Property For Sale in Turkey 2022


Offices - Commercial Property For Sale in Turkey 2022


Turkey is one of the world's most developed countries, with the world's 20th largest economy in terms of gross domestic product, The economy keeps expanding day after day, and so do the chances to profit from the country's extensive commercial properties for sale in Turkey , regardless of whether it is a high-end restaurant for sale, a renowned retail store, a corner supermarket, or other growing top-notch enterprises in Turkey that you would want to invest in. Turkish commercial properties provide a chance to join the growing stream of investors and buyers searching for a secure and fiscally continuous developing market to invest their money in, along with entrepreneurs looking for existing firms and the ability to manage and conduct their own operations in the country. 

The majority of our commercial assets are in prominent Istanbul neighborhoods with a rich heritage. However, we also offer commercial companies for sale throughout Turkey and conduct extensive due research on each commercial property for sale in Turkey that we feature on our official site.

Is it good to invest in commercial properties in Turkey ?

Properties suited for transformation into flats or hotels, for example, have been demonstrated to be excellent investments for individuals seeking long-term and optimal returns on their initial investment. Maintaining and owning a boutique hotel in Turkey has grown to be a successful early retirement option for individuals who are not quite ready to retire. There are also a few exciting opportunities in the country that are in categories all of their own - for example, a gold mine in Turkey, and an inner-city renovation project. These unusual opportunities are ideal for anyone wanting an exciting investment opportunity with potentially stratospheric returns with the right strategy. 

Types of commercial offices available for investment in Turkey

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) divides office buildings into three categories:

  • Category A

Commercial offices of excellent grade fall under this category. High ceilings, opulent lobbies, high-quality managerial capability, and comprehensive facilities like a fitness center in the office or loft are also common features. The majority of these office buildings are in attractive metropolitan neighborhoods that are well-served in terms of transit, parking, and building security. The buildings of these offices are less than ten years old, have higher rental rates than the local norm, and are frequently hired by global corporations.

  • Category B

This category comprises medium-quality office buildings, and while they do not have as many service facilities as Category A, they nevertheless provide enough services to handle most firms and are the most in-demand. These office buildings are often located in the suburbs and are older than category A structures. These offices are rented at the area's typical rental rate. The buildings that house these offices, however, are not more than 15 years old.

  • Category C

In terms of infrastructure, this category of workplace has the lowest grade and quality. These structures are typically 20 years old. The majority of category C buildings are in unsuitable locations and may require considerable repair or remodeling.

Reasons to invest in Turkey 's commercial real estate

In Turkey, commercial real estate is considered as one of the most rewarding and favorable unmovable investments available in the property sector. Diners, coffee houses, hotels, stores, offices, businesses, and plants are examples of commercial real estate investments that create a profit at all times in terms of rental revenue and will increase in value month by month.

The commercial real estate site is the most important consideration when buying commercial real estate in Turkey. Buyers make significant profits by renting their commercial real estate in Turkey at a fair price or by reselling it when the value of the commercial real estate rises after a few years.

Investing in commercial real estate for sale in Turkey always yields excellent financial gains. Commercial investing in Turkey offers several benefits, which is why international investors from all over the world are interested in purchasing commercial real estate in Turkey .

Anyway, the following are a few of the most enticing reasons to invest in Turkish commercial immovables :

The rental revenue is quite high

In Turkey, rental revenue is relatively substantial. Many investors engage in residential real estate because the Turkish real estate market offers attractive returns. Investors initially acquire properties for sale in Turkey because taxes are low currently and asset values will rise in the next few years. This holds true for both residential and commercial properties, actually. If you are considering launching a business, you should look into commercial properties right away.

Commercial real estate for sale in Turkey has produced an annual return of 5–7% during the last ten years. That level of increase indicates that there is not a bubble here, but the rewards are tempting.

You can make a lot of money if you invest in commercial real estate. Turkey 's economy is one of the most rapidly rising economies in Europe. The economies of Turkey, Germany, France, and Italy are inextricably interconnected. Turkey's geographical position facilitates travel to a variety of countries. Not to mention the historical and natural wonders that draw a large number of tourists each year. As a result, the number of current consumers grows year after year. By investing in a good business, you can attract both domestic and foreign clients.

The demographic considerations are optimal

Turkey boasts the youngest and most energetic workforce in Europe, with more than half of its population under the age of 32. Given that the majority of Europe's population will be over 50 in a decade, this is a demographic advantage.

Turkey is poised to become an economic leader in the global as a result of its youth, making investment here a wise decision.

The business-oriented initiatives

Turkey's government has consistently adopted measures that are beneficial to industry. Thanks to its trading relationships with both the EU and Russia, foreign investors believe Turkey will continue to be an elevated sector. Turkey's investment regulations are loose, making it simple to acquire a home and do business. The country provides an easy-to-get business visa, making travel a breeze.

The most prominent office areas in Turkey 2022

Many people from all over the globe desire to buy a property in Turkey , and many multinational firms choose Turkey as a safe place to do business, thus offices are an important part of their operations in Turkey. Istanbul, which has over a hundred areas with offices for sale and rent, Ankara, which has 12 office zones, Izmir, which has 3 office areas, and Gaziantep, which has 3 office areas, in addition to Adana, Mersin, Denizli, Konya, Bursa, Kocaeli, and Kayseri, which each have one office area, are some of the most prominent Turkish cities, with some of the most well-known and vital business areas in the country. We will explore some of these areas in greater depth in each city.

First: The most prominent areas for offices in Istanbul

Office areas on the European side of Istanbul districts

Many areas on the European side are more significant than regions on the Asian side in terms of commercial unit investment, such as offices and shops, and this is due to the intensive market activity and high demand for leasing, which results in high rental returns. The following are the most important of these areas:

  • The Levent-Maslak line

MİA, or the central business square, is the most sought-after location for big international and Turkish corporations.

  • Şişli - Besiktas

It is regarded as one of the most desired areas due to its location in the city center.

  • Kağıthane - Seyrantepe line

This region accounts for roughly 5% of the office stock on the European side.

  • Basin Express line

Because of its closeness to the World Trade Center and essential vital routes in Istanbul, such as the E5 road and the TEM road, it has become one of Istanbul's most energetic and appealing areas for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors. The area is also known for its affordable rental rates.

  • On the European side

we also highlight Zeytinburnu, Bakırköy, Koçekmece, Avcilar, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, and Başakşehir, which are in high demand for investors for offices and shops.

Office areas on the Asian side of Istanbul districts

  • Umraniye area

This district became the greatest center of attraction for investors and important enterprises after housing the Istanbul Financial Center.

  • Ataşehir area

The area is defined by its placement on Istanbul's major thoroughfares, such as the E5 highway and the TEM highway, which serve as the city's main transportation artery. The Istanbul Financial Center also added high value to the area in terms of office and retail investment.

  • Kadıköy area

It is a major location for commercial offices and is one of Istanbul's most costly areas in terms of workspace value and one of the best in terms of construction.

  • Kartal region

It has lower pricing than other locations, thus some businesses prefer to locate their headquarters there. It is predicted to experience a significant increase in economic activity.

Second: The most prominent areas for offices in Antalya

In general, offices in Antalya are located in three main areas in the city center: Muratpaşa, Kepez, and Konyaalti.

Areas outside the city center:

When it comes to the importance of commercial real estate in the Antalya region, the Alanya area comes out on top due to the significant commercial and tourist activity it experiences in comparison to other places, particularly in the city center, where the majority of shops and offices are situated. In addition to Mahmutlar, which has risen to become Alanya's second most significant hub in terms of commercial real estate investment in recent years. Besides, Kemer and Manavgat are two more areas where investors are showing an interest in investing.

Third: The most important areas for offices in Ankara

Choosing to work in one of Ankara's business centers means putting yourself at the core of Turkey's political and economic life, as it is the capital, in addition to being the second-largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. With a population of over five million people, Ankara has seen a substantial improvement in social life and commercial growth.

As a center for significant financial, banking, insurance, and advisory firms, Turkey's capital offers you extra benefits. In terms of the economy and transportation, Ankara is also the country's hub.

The number of industrial enterprises in Ankara exceeds 50 thousand, while the total number of registered firms reaches 3 thousand. Because of the high demand, the municipality provides new investors and start-ups with preferential conditions and flexible tax arrangements.

Ankara's most prominent office areas include

1- Kızılay Square

It is located in the new city center, which provides a variety of alternatives to fulfill the needs of every tenant.

2- Söğütözü

It is regarded as Ankara's commercial district, with a plethora of contemporary corporate facilities and glass towers. The transportation infrastructure of the Söğütözü district is superb, and the best-serviced offices in Ankara are located there where you can find the best offices equipped with a variety of contemporary and pleasant amenities. Ankara Esenboga Airport is a 20-minute drive away, and the city's excellent transit network makes it simple to go around by bus or metro to any part of the city.

Fourth: The most important areas for offices in Izmir

Izmir, one of Turkey's most renowned cities, is moving away from being mainly a tourist destination to make a significant progress in trade thanks to the common spaces of work it gives to its employees through shared offices, which are low-cost but high-quality in terms of furniture and other fittings.

The first instances of contemporary office development in Izmir occurred in 2001. The development of new office buildings, particularly in the "Bayraklı District," began to mobilize Izmir's A-class office market, which had been relatively limited until 2008. In 2001, Izmir had a total supply of 15,800 square meters of A-class offices; by the first half of 2011, that number had climbed to 85,100 square meters. However, Salhane -Turan provides roughly 80% of the first-class office stock in Izmir, with an area of 67,800 square meters.

Izmir's most prominent office areas include

Mistral Office Tower in Konak-Izmir (Mistral Ofis Kulesi)

It is a skyscraper in the city of Izmir, Turkey. This tower's construction was finished in 2017. The 216-meter-tall, 48-story building is located in Izmir's Konak district, and it is the city's highest structure as well as Turkey's largest skyscraper, excepting Istanbul's skyscrapers. Mistral Residential Tower is part of the Mistral Izmir complex, which also includes Mistral Office Tower.

Folkart Towers in Bayraklı-Izmir

They are twin buildings that are the fifth and second highest in Europe and Turkey, respectively. The two towers are 200 meters high and contain 45 floors each, totaling 150,000 square meters of closed built-up area. Furthermore, many elegant offices of excellent quality and equipment are installed in the two towers.

The most important office areas in Mersin

According to 2020 statistics, Mersin is the country's eleventh most populated province, with 1868,757 residents. Mersin is a Turkish seaside city in the Mediterranean area, and its seaport is one of Turkey's biggest ports. It is particularly active in the sectors of tourism, industry, and marine transportation.

Mersin's most prominent office areas include
Global Business Center in Mersin (Global İş Merkezi)

It's in Mersin's Yenişehir suburb, about 425 meters from the bus station and 2327 meters from the city center. It has been in operation since 1928 and mixes business dynamics with civic serenity. It provides various workplaces for businesses of all sizes by providing serviced offices, virtual offices, and shared office services.

Sixth: The most important office areas in Konya

Konya is the biggest province in Turkey by land and the sixth most populous city by population. It is one of Turkey's most economically developed cities, with a significant effect on the country's commercial operations.

Konya's most prominent office areas include

Kule Plaza Konya Tower in Selçuklu

One of Konya's most innovative and cutting-edge shopping and leisure destinations. This tower, Konya's highest building, is situated in the Selçuklu district, which has banks, cafes, and retail streets. The T26 tram stop is only 1 minute away, Kent Plaza is 10 minutes away, and Konya Airport is 15 minutes away from this tower.

Seventh: The most important office areas in Denizli

Denizli is among Turkey's most advanced provinces in terms of industry, trade, agriculture, tourism, education, culture, and art. According to the 2020 statistics, the county has a population of 1,046,698 people. It is situated southwest of the Anatolian Peninsula and southeast of the Aegean Sea, forming a crossroads between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

Denizli's most prominent office areas include

Durmuş Çoban Business Center (Durmuş Çoban İş Merkezi)

It's a fantastic new business hub in the heart of the city. It has fully equipped offices and meeting rooms with furniture, telephone, internet, fax, television, projectors, etc.…  In addition to a huge waiting room and a lounge with a balcony.

The bus and rail terminals are only a 5-minute walk away, and the airport is a 45-minute cab ride.

Eighth: The most important office areas in Adana

It is Turkey's sixth biggest urban region and one of the country's most important agricultural, economic, and cultural hubs. It is also Turkey's fourth mineral-rich area.

Adana's most prominent office areas include

Ataturk Street (Ataturk Caddesi)

This street is polished and practical for your company. It has won awards for hosting significant banking, financial, and insurance firms. It is home to many businesses and facilities, ranging from restaurants to retailers, all of which are located around. It is also of excellent quality, whether in terms of internet access, parking, or views of the city center. The most significant feature is that the metro station is only 672 meters away

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship

Through a commercial real estate investment in Turkey worth at least 250.000 USD, you can apply for Turkish citizenship . Both you and your spouse, as well as your children under the age of 18, can apply for Turkish citizenship . It's important to keep in mind that you shouldn't sell your business property for at least three years. In recent years, investing in commercial real estate has been a popular choice. You may benefit from buying any sort of commercial property, whether it is ready to move into or in the planning stages. Shops, offices, infrastructural facilities, warehouses, hotels, and a variety of other commercial assets are examples of broad categories. The value of commercial properties should be greater than 250.000 USD, which is a must-have condition.

Advantages of investing in commercial offices in Turkey

  • When opposed to residential real estate, investing in business real estate, such as commercial offices, entails less risk. This form of property, also, gives a high monthly investment return, as well as long-term and guaranteed rent.
  • The contract duration in such real estate is frequently long, ranging from 5 to 10 years, but in residential real estate, the contract term is usually only one year.
  • Another benefit of commercial real estate, such as commercial offices, is that the owner is not responsible for all expenditures, including taxes, renovations, painting, and maintenance.

What is the price of commercial real estate in Turkey ?

In Turkey, there are a variety of existing commercial properties that are consistently generating a respectable income for their owners all year; such as, complete buildings that are for sale, including residential blocks and retail units such as shops and boutique stores. Depending on where you are in Turkey, these businesses can cost anywhere from EUR 300,000 to millions of EUR for premium commercial real estate in the most desirable districts and city centers.

How to buy commercial property Turkey

Contact us for detailed information, including geographical data, rental revenue, lease agreements, and other variables that will help you decide whether or not to buy. We offer a wide group of commercial real estate options in Turkey and existing businesses for sale in Turkey. Thanks to our extensive network and channel access, we are confident that we will be able to locate something suited for you and your budget. We take great delight in matchmaking the ideal opportunity with the ideal investor.

What makes damasturk one of the most reputable real estate agencies?

If you are trying to target properties for sale in Turkey, you will need an ideal partner. Thousands of international investors have benefited from damasturk's exceptional services over recent years.

damasturk provides a-to-z services, making it simple to choose the correct property and purchase it under favorable conditions at a good price.

Usually, clients do not encounter any difficulties if they have real estate knowledge. However, dealing with DAMAS TÜRK allows you to have access to real estate projects all throughout the country without having to deal with middlemen or sub-brokers.

damasturk offers a diverse range of real estate options, including hundreds of properties with unique features in Turkey. If you have any queries concerning commercial real estate for sale in Turkey , please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff. 

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Editing: damasturk

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