Title deed in Turkey and its types 2021

15/07/2021 Tax & Legal 227 Title deed in Turkey and its types 2021

With the recovery of tourism activities in Turkey and with the rise in rents to hit a record in the recent months, there has been a great interest in purchasing apartments in Turkey. With the arrival of September, the sales intensity of real estate in Turkey will continue for some time. According to the data announced, last year, by the General Directorate of Land and Real estate Registry;18 billion, 150 million, and 286 thousand Turkish liras have been traded in the land and real estate registry directorates. The amount provided for properties sold last year in the title deed increased by 29% compared to 2019 and amounted to 501 billion, 975 million, 732 thousand, and 74 TL.

People who want to possess a property in Turkey must be fully aware of the process of transferring the title deed (known in Turkey as Tapu) when they go to the General Directorate of Land Registry.

The title deed in Turkey that is known as Tapu

It is an official document sealed with the state seal issued directly by the Title Deed Department in Turkey (Tapu Department) showing the ownership right of the person listed in the document of the building built on the land or part of it. There is a title deed for each property. All information about the property is included in this title deed document. There are different types of real estate title deeds, depending on the color of the bond and its contents.

Let's get acquainted with the types of title deeds in Turkey by color:

  • Blue title deed: which symbolizes that the property is a land, or that there is no building on it yet, or that the construction of the building has just begun. Below is the picture of the blue title deed in the new version.



  • Red title deed: It indicates that after the completion of the construction of the property, there are independent departments approved in the project. Title deeds in red are awarded to properties whose condominiums have been seized


Types of Title deeds by Contents:

In order to understand the types of title deeds according to the property information mentioned in the documents, we must acquaint this information.

Contents of the title deed (Tabu):

  • Information related to the address of property:

(İli) city or state.

(İlçesi) province or region.

(Mahallesi) neighborhood.

  • Information related to the type of property:

(Pafta no) Plot number inside a group of adjacent plots.

(Ada no) The block number (a group of adjacent plots surrounded by streets or the like on all sides.)

(Parsel no) The number of the building’s full record including the status of reconstruction in the municipality.

(Niteliği) The property description and characterization.

(Yüzölçümü) The total land area of ​​the real estate or project.

  • Information related to the nature of the property and its characteristics:

(Kat mülkiyeti) This indicates whether the project has a ready housing permit.

(Kat irtifakı) Possession of a separate unit such as an apartment, an office, and so on... (the project is under construction or does not have a housing permit yet).

(Devre mülk) Possession of a year-round temporary or joint venture.


In addition to a code placed in the lower-left corner of the title deed sheet that helps the owner to follow the property information on the link https://parselsorgu.tkgm.gov.tr/#ara/id/28521407/4221266/589008696


Documents required to complete the procedures for transferring the ownership in the Turkish Title Deed Department:

Since a home with missing documents cannot be bought or sold, documents must have been prepared in advance. Here is the list of documents required when transferring the ownership of a residential apartment:

The process of transferring the title deed takes place in the Turkish Title Deed Department or (Tapu Dairisi). Applications are accepted on weekdays until noon. The buyer does not have to be present at the title deed office while placing the order; Yet, He must be present when receiving his title deed.

The documents required to transfer the title deed are as follows:

  • Two recent photographs of the buyer.
  • The buyer's original passport and a translated copy (in the event that the buyer is not in Turkey, the agent will act on his behalf, and he must present original power of attorney document).
  • Tax number of the buyer.
  • The current title deed (that the seller has).
  • Identity statement.
  • Evaluation report (requested from foreigners and called Ekspertiz Raporu).
  • The ID of the seller.


Sources: sabah + emlaksat

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