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Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Basin Express Highway


Apartments for sale on the Basin Express Highway in Istanbul are unquestionably excellent future investment options that will provide profitable and secure long-term gains. This is because the Basin Express Highway is Istanbul's major spine, connecting Ataturk Airport and the New Istanbul International Airport in addition to intersecting with the E5 and TEM highways.

The area around the Basin Express Highway is a commercial and investment area that serves as the power center of Istanbul's European side. It has everything you can imagine in terms of worldwide trademarks, local and international brand centers, as well as the greatest international hotels, in addition to the extraordinary residential projects and towers that drew the majority of the world's investors to the area. The of Basin Express area contains everything you could want in terms of worldwide trademarks, local and international brand centers, and the best international hotels, as well as the unusual projects and towers that drew the attention of the majority of the world's investors. As a result, the apartments for sale in Istanbul on the area surrounding the Basin Express are unquestionably future investment prospects that will provide attractive and secure long-term profits.

It is fair to say that any property for sale on the Basin Express Highway in Istanbul is unquestionably a precious opportunity to generate a good investment return.

In this article, Damasturk Realty explores the most important qualities of apartments for sale in Istanbul arround the Basin Express Highway; the benefits of investing in this area; as well as the specifics and details of the iconic Basin Express Street.

Basin Express Highway: what is it?

The Basin Express is an investment and commercial road that serves as the nerve center of Istanbul's European side. It is an express highway that goes from Ataturk Airport, which will soon be known as the People's Park, to the new Istanbul Airport in the Arnavutköy district, intersecting with the city's most important main roads, namely the E5 main road and the TEM highway in its section E80, which serves as the artery that connects Istanbul to other cities.

The most important features of the Basin Express Highway

  • Connecting between Istanbul's two major airports

The Basin Express Highway runs from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport on the Black Sea, giving it tremendous value and making it a major thoroughfare on Istanbul's European side. However, Ataturk Airport will be transformed into a major national park in the near future, with some runways retained for emergency use.

  • Transportation in the Basin Express area

The Basin Express region is a unique and conveniently accessible location. Aside from the public bus transit services that are numerous on this investment road, it has many important metros that connect it to other areas in Istanbul.

  • Over thirty international hotels on the Basin Express Highway

Due to the exhibition city and the World Trade Center next to Ataturk Airport, as well as easy access to the airports in a maximum of twenty minutes from any hotel or place on it, the Basin Express Highway contains the most important major international hotels that attract most traders and investors.

  • More than twenty of the best universities in Basin Express

This significantly increases the region's investment attractiveness and raises the value of investment returns to record levels. The reason for this is that students rent apartments and real estate along this route in order to simply and comfortably commute to their institutions.

  • Schools and Education

Six of the most important international schools are located near Basin Express. These schools are administratively affiliated with Bağcılar and Esenler districts, including:

- Al-Yasmeen International School in Istanbul (Palestinian-British Curriculum).

- Al-Fayez International School in Istanbul (Jordanian-British Curriculum).

- Al-Safer International Schools in Istanbul (American Curriculum).

- The Syrian Canadian School in Istanbul (Canadian Curriculum).

- The Arab International School in Istanbul (Libyan Curriculum).

- The Libyan Model School in Istanbul (Libyan Curriculum).

  • The most important commercial and marketing offices for local and international brands are located in Basin Express area

- LC Waikiki clothing brand: It is one of the most well-known clothing brands that Turkey has been able to sell globally.

- Fakir Electronics brand: It is one of the most well-known in the local and worldwide market.

- Defacto clothing brand: It is also one of Turkey's and the world's most well-known apparel brands.

- Bahariye carpet brand: It is a well-known brand in the export of carpets to the rest of the globe as well as to all of Turkey's regions.

- Flo shoe brand: This is a brand that has managed to etch its name in the minds of every Turkish citizen as well as a good portion of the global market.

- İstoç: It is one of the commercial hubs, with materials and products from both Turkey and the rest of the world.

- The World Trade Center: The towers of the World Trade Center house the majority of large corporations' headquarters, including DAMAS TÜRK's.

- The headquarters of several important construction companies: There are, for example, Al-Ikhlas Company, Mar Yapı, and others.

- Major automotive distribution facilities: They include Renault, Honda, and others.

Benefits of Investing in apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Basin Express Highway

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Basin Express route provide numerous and significant advantages. We will cover the most essential ones in today's article:

  • Profitable and consistent investment returns

The most crucial element of apartments for sale on the Basin Express Highway in Istanbul is the lucrative investment returns after purchasing real estate on the region's outskirts. In fact, we have already witnessed in projects where apartments were acquired for our clients that the majority of them gained double the value they were purchased for, with others earning percentages of not less than 50%.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the guarantees that construction companies provide to investors for up to three years, and in some cases, up to five years, at rates that typically reach 10% annually, are paid directly or on a monthly basis within official contracts at the notary. This is a great chance for people who want to get Turkish citizenship and subsequently sell or regain the value of their property soon.

  • The luxury real estate projects in Basin Express area

Every luxury construction company has a presence on the Basin Express area through an investment project. The rivalry among projects is fierce, and each one aims to attract customers through investment strategies and means that generate direct profits. The consumer, as is well known, is the biggest winner in this case as competition became more intense.

However, it is clear that the real estate projects in Basin Express area are not in the traditional Turkish style. In light of the high demand for foreign corporations to create branches in Istanbul, the majority of them provide investment material in the form of hotel flats or commercial offices. The majority of the initiatives are based on specified investments that will be realized within a set number of years by providing actual economic feasibility to their clients.

  • The strategic location of the Basin Express Highway

As previously stated, the Basin Express highway is strategically located in the heart of Istanbul's European side. All real estate advisors agreed that this strategic position is a real and profitable investment, and most significantly, their consensus is based on the figures produced by the flats that were previously acquired and are now being sold again. The relevance of the Basin Express's location is explained by the following points:

- It offers quick access to the airport, which is a benefit that investors like everywhere they go for their frequent international travel.

- There are many elegant hotels that enhance the investors' welcome of their visitors and make it easier for them to meet their guests.

- It is close to both the World Trade Center and the fairgrounds.

- The majority of the company's main offices and headquarters are located in the area.

- There are retail malls along the journey to make it easier for investors to go shopping or buy gifts for their relatives and loved ones.

- The Basin Express Highway, Istanbul's main thoroughfare, allows investors to reach most parts of the city quickly and easily.

The most important shopping centers on Basin Express Highway

  • Mall of Istanbul

The Mall of Istanbul is one of the most prominent modern Istanbul malls, and it is distinguished by its vast area. It may take more than a day to explore it and discover all of its mysteries. The Mall of Istanbul's architectural characteristics were inspired by the Sultan Ahmed Mosque's meticulous engineering style, the ancient Taksim Square, and the Palace of the famed Ottoman Yıldız.

The mall has over 350 stores and thousands of luxury commercial brands from across the world. The Mall of Istanbul brings together commerce, culture, and art, as well as entertainment, all under one roof. It has added value to the idea of Turkish shopping by including historical locations into its designs, as we discussed before.

  • 212 Istanbul Power Outlet

The mall is widely regarded as one of Istanbul's cheapest and most diverse shopping destinations. It has 175 stores that meet the needs of all of a family's clothing, accessories, sporting goods, household items, cosmetics, and leather goods from the best Turkish and international brands at discounted prices throughout the year, making it easier for investors to obtain their products quickly and easily.

Damasturk's most important projects of apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Basin Express Highway

  • DS603; Apartment project for sale in Istanbul, Bağcılar with luxury finishes

A one-of-a-kind project with high-end finishes in the Bağcılar neighborhood. It is at a strategic location between private and public universities such as Mustafa Tahsin, Yıldız Technic University, Altinbash University, Ariel University, and Sabah Al-Din Zaim University, as well as the Basin Express.

The project is divided into two blocks, each with up to 369 investment units. Apartments range in size from one room to four rooms plus a salon. The project is currently under construction and it is planned to be delivered on June 20, 2025. The project offers numerous payment options, including a 50% down payment and the remainder spread out over 24 months. Click on Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bağcılar with luxury finishes DS603 to learn more about the project.

  • DS269; A complex of apartments and investment offices under construction

Situated in the Basin Express area, which is administratively associated with the Bağcılar neighborhood that has been a focus for real estate investment on Istanbul's European side, this project offers a significant investment opportunity.

In a single tower, the project houses 350 premium hotel flats. The apartments are ready to move into right now, or they may be purchased and rented for a good profit. There are just room-salon style apartments available right now. To learn more about the project, click on the link here for this apartment complex and investment offices under construction DS269.

To wrap this up, it is fair to say that when compared to other locations in Istanbul, apartments for sale on the Basin Express Highway are a profitable and high-investment alternative, as evidenced by the figures, analyses, and facts described above in this article, which also explored the advantages of the Basin Express Highway in depth.

Damasturk Realty Company provides you with free services and more than 10 years of expertise in the Turkish real estate industry. We have a strong with a strategyin the investment in Turkey to offer, including the service of gaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate under the supervision of our Turkish advisors and attorneys, who are well-versed in the legal issues in Turkey.

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