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Apartments for sale in Turkey near the new Istanbul Canal


Apartments for sale in Istanbul near the new Istanbul Canal are a long-term venture with a good return on investment, owing to the presence of this water canal, which will re-establish Istanbul as a city that writes history and reigns supreme among the world's greatest cities.

The Istanbul Water Canal project aims to create a 45-kilometer-long water channel in order to build a waterway connecting the Black Sea and the famed Sea of Marmara with a strait comparable to the historical Bosphorus.

Unquestionably, the real estate and land on the canal's fringes give a genuine possibility to earn up to double or more in investment returns. These apartments for sale in Istanbul along the Istanbul Water Canal represent a genuine possibility to earn gratifying investment profitability while also obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Istanbul Water Canal - what is it?

The canal's concept is based on starting a channel from Küçükçekmece Lake, "the endpoint of the Sea of Marmara," through the Sazlıdere Dam, then the Chamlar Gardens, the end of the Başakşehir region, and the beginning of Arnavutköy, until it reaches the Black Sea and merges with Terkos Lake.

Istanbul Water Canal's key features and details

  • Istanbul Water Canal dimensions

The Istanbul Water Canal, which will connect the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, will be roughly 45 kilometers long, 275 meters wide, and 20.75 meters deep.

  • Istanbul Water Canal cost

The overall cost of this venture, including all of the bridges and the projects that stem from them, was anticipated to be 15 billion USD. The cost is quite inexpensive in comparison to the enormous profits that the government would receive from this initiative.

  • Istanbul Water Canal construction period

The full project is expected to take seven years to complete. The experts and those in charge of its completion endorsed this time frame. However, the first two years are merely for preparation, and the following five years are for channel construction and project implementation.

  • Istanbul Water Canal operating principle

It will only be in one way, thus the journeys will rotate; ships traveling north towards the Black Sea for 12 hours, followed by ships heading south towards the Sea of Marmara for 12 hours, as is now the case in the Bosphorus Strait.

Istanbul Water Canal's most essential amenities

  • Six bridges to connect the canal's two ends.
  • Three ports, which are "Küçükçekmece seaport—a seaport in the Black Sea—a seaport in the Sea of Marmara."
  • Two logistics hubs to be situated at the canal's entrances on both sides.
  • Stations for ship repair.
  • Navigational aids and tools.
  • Recreational spots on the Istanbul Canal's edges.

Istanbul Water Canal's advantages

The advantages of such a magnificent project are numerous, with the following being the most important:

  • Decreasing the strain and pressure on the historic Bosphorus strait ensuring that the canal carries a substantial share of this pressure, and keeping the Bosphorus strait clean and safe.
  • Protecting the Bosphorus and conserving its historical character, particularly in the presence of oil tankers and harmful goods that travel through it on a regular basis.
  • One of the canal's benefits is compensation, as Turkey will profit from the financial return that the canal would bring, particularly as only symbolic tolls are presently levied on ships travelling through the Bosphorus Strait owing to "prior international agreements."
  • An unparalleled resurgence and growth in Istanbul's building and real estate markets, in addition to the developments formerly erected on the edges of the Istanbul Canal. Even before the construction beginning, Turkish construction corporations, such as the famous "Emlak Konut," focused on areas along the canal's margins and acquired them immediately in order to undertake projects.

Advantages of Istanbul apartments for sale near the new Istanbul Canal

There are several benefits to apartments on the edges of the Istanbul Canal. The following are the most essential advantages:

  • Investment returns that are both high and gratifying

The most significant feature that arose from the construction of the Istanbul Water Canal is the predicted investment returns after purchasing real estate adjacent to it, and this has actually occurred in projects where apartments were purchased for our clients, the majority of which had gained double the value that was purchased prior to the canal operations beginning.

The Istanbul Water Canal will result in new regions on its edges, enormous real estate developments on its outskirts, limitless facilities on its sides, and massive and large investments on its banks. At the moment, investment returns are generated in the following ways:

  • Investing in under-construction projects and receiving at least a 40 percent return on investment till delivery.
  • Purchasing flats, trading, and renting real estate at high prices due to tourist demand for canal banks.
  • Buying land beside the canal and expecting great financial returns in the near future.
  • Purchasing land, obtaining construction permission, and then constructing and selling apartments on it.

All of these routes lead to a successful and unquestionably profitable investment in some of the new real estate developments on the canal's banks. We advise everyone to look for properties for sale near the new Istanbul Canal and buy one before it's too late.

  • Picturesque views over the new canal that match those of the Bosphorus

Another distinguishing feature of Istanbul apartments for sale near the new Istanbul Canal is the extravagant views of a strait similar to the largest historical strait, "the Bosphorus." The new canal will go through the midst of the country's lush valleys before expanding into the gorgeous Sazlıdere Dam, which will connect Terkos Lake to the Black Sea.

The vistas, when combined with the gorgeous blue hue of the Istanbul Canal and the natural land on its sides, will undoubtedly be unlike any other worldwide perspective. If you visit Istanbul, you will recognize this sensation when you gaze out over the legendary Bosphorus Strait and consider the breathtaking scenery. This is exactly how you will feel if you buy an apartment along the new Istanbul Canal.

The existence of six suspension bridges that will span the new Istanbul Canal adds to the beauty of these panoramas. Consider the dazzling lights of them at night against the lovely blackness of the canal water, or a tour of this canal in the early morning while sitting on one of the ships that pass between its banks. You will undoubtedly concur with us that buying a property in such an excellent location was an excellent decision.

  • The moral and future value of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the new Istanbul Canal

Without a doubt, this channel will spark a worldwide surge in significant projects. The West, in general, with a fair segment of the local population, has opposed this project in order to restrict Turkey's huge and wonderful development, striving to discourage Turkey's commitment to this and other important projects.

However, Turkey has been and continues to be exceptional in terms of projects’ speed of completion and professionality in delivering, and the city of Istanbul will, for sure, gain significant value with the completion of this project, including but not limited to:

  • The growth in Istanbul's strategic worth as a result of the opening of a new water channel connecting the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.
  • The rise of international interest in investments in Istanbul, particularly in connection with the development of the new Istanbul Canal.

Impact and potential outcomes of investing in Istanbul apartments for sale near the new Istanbul Canal

It is difficult to argue that the Istanbul Water Canal project had no discernible influence on investment. This was demonstrated by prior and present investments made on the canal's fringes. In recent months, the value of some apartments in Bahçeşehir has increased by up to 150 percent.

The following are the most significant positive outcomes:

  • Substantial rise in the value of land on the Istanbul Canal's banks.
  • Considerable rise in the value of new and resale apartments along the canal.
  • Serious boost in economic value and investment in the canal's two sides.
  • Crazy rush of construction firms to the canal's banks to purchase land and construct the greatest projects.
  • Notable turnout of people to invest in the projects located around the canal.

Prominent districts in Istanbul with apartments for sale near the new Istanbul Canal

This area, which has the greatest share of projects, is currently adjacent to the Istanbul Water Canal. The value of apartments in this district has more than doubled and is constantly growing. This district is known as the "city of gardens" because of the existence of intensive green areas and gardens, the most notable of which is the renowned Gullet Garden.

This region has become much more open to investment, particularly with the completion of the new Istanbul airport in the north of it, which is part of the Istanbul Canal project.

It is known as the Arab city because it is the most cherished and appealing to Arabs in the midst of a typically elevated environment of Turks and Arabs. One of its neighborhoods is the well-known Kaya, which is located directly adjacent to the Istanbul Canal. There are just a few developments under construction in this region, and real estate values are skyrocketing!

This district is no longer the same as it once was, thanks to the urban rebirth that it is presently experiencing as a result of the restoration plans taking place in the area. The municipality of Avcilar encouraged inhabitants to rebuild in light of the presence of many old buildings that are no longer prepared for earthquakes and calamities.

The Istanbul Canal originates in this region, most notably from the magnificent lake called after it, "Küçükçekmece Lake." The famed Marmaray metro connects this region to the Asian side in about half an hour. Küçükçekmece is a modern and prosperous district with a sophisticated population, the majority of whom own businesses and industries in the area's industrial city.

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the apartments for sale in Istanbul along the new Istanbul Canal are a 100% beneficial investment opportunity, as evidenced by the figures, analyses, and facts discussed in our article today.

What is more, the Istanbul Canal's surrounding territories will soon be the scene of a grand event, a legendary enterprise in every sense of the word, through which Turkey hopes to spark a worldwide revolution and take the global lead in a variety of disciplines.

We, in damasturk Realty , are delighted to offer you free services based on our ten-year expertise in the Turkish real estate industry. We have effective ideas for investment in Turkey , and we can also help you gain Turkish citizenship through the acquisition of real estate in Turkey , with the help of our Turkish advisors and attorneys who are well-versed in Turkish legal matters.

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