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Apartments for sale in Istanbul near the Metrobus (E5)


Apartments for sale in Istanbul near the Metrobus (E5) are in great demand due to their excellent investment value. Major Turkish construction companies have constructed projects along the E5 main route, as well as Metrobus stops on both sides of the road from Istanbul's European to Asian sides.

The E5 major highway connects most of Istanbul and links it to other Turkish cities. And the fastest means of transportation in Turkey, the so-called Metrobus, goes through it. The Metrobus was a revolutionary concept developed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure that revolutionized the transportation industry; we will tell you more about it later in this article.

Damasturk Real Estate has developed this article for you that discusses the benefits of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the metrobus (E5), in addition to an introduction to the Metrobus and its history, the significance of the E5 highway, and the investment potential of apartments located near the Metrobus stations. Read this article today to discover more about all of this and much more.

What is the Metrobus?

The metrobus is a kind of public transportation that evolved from the combination of the metro and public buses, where the terms METRO and OTOBUS were merged to produce the word METROBÜS, which means metro and bus together. So that vehicles assume the shape of both a bus and a metro at the same time.

The Metrobus project arose as an urgent solution to the problem of congestion that had suffocated Istanbul since 2007, the frequently traffic-stopped problem caused by frequent traffic accidents, so the idea of "Metrobus" was the best idea among all the alternatives and options offered at the time.

This is due to the fact that digging tunnels, which usually takes a long time, was not necessary as the asphalt line has been expanded and a closed path has been designated through iron fences on both sides of the E5 major road. It was also provided with fuel-powered vehicles and strategically located stations located along the route.

This implies that the Metrobus is a quick route that connects the two ends of Europe and Asia in Istanbul by crossing the city's most important main roadways. The Metrobus is currently being extended further; however, we could gather the following details and numbers for your information:

  • The Metrobus in Istanbul began operation in 2009.
  • There are 45 stations along the route, which begins in Europe and ends in Asia.
  • The line is 52 kilometers long.
  • The Metrobus operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There are currently 525 vehicles in operation, 120 of which have been added recently.
  • The old vehicles have a capacity of 190 passengers, while the new-added vehicles have a capacity of 280 passengers.
  • The entire journey takes around an hour and a half.
  • The Metrobus transports almost one million passengers every day.
  • The full trip now costs 11.38 Turkish lira.
  • Beylikdüzü is the first stop, while Söğütlüçeşme is the last stop.

What is the E5 Highway?

The E5 major road, a highway and main line in the center of Istanbul, links to other significant highways in the city's bordering cities of Tekirdağ and Sakarya. This highway connects the majority of Istanbul's neighborhoods, and it is through it that other roads heading to these neighborhoods branch out.

The major road has enormous relevance in Istanbul since it is the most used road to access all sections of the city; it is hard to get anywhere without passing through it. As a result, at its two edges, we always find the most significant centers, corporations, and worldwide brands.

The previously mentioned Metrobus is positioned directly on this highway, within a separate route, and is surrounded by iron fences to restrict access only for Metrobus vehicles and emergency circumstances. The intersection of the E5 main road and the Metrobus resulted in the perfect exploitation of the entire area on both sides for the creation of important residential and investment projects.

Advantages of investing in apartments for sale in Istanbul near the Metrobus (E5)

In addition to raising the value of many of the communities it travels through, the Metrobus and major roads have also raised the cost of real estate and projects that are situated on the outskirts of these regions. In fact, it is important to make clear that Istanbul's Metrobus is special in that it is never affected by traffic. Therefore, it caused the city's real estate investment potential along this route to expand.

There are several advantages and benefits to buying apartments for sale near the metrobus (E5) in Istanbul, including:

  • The prices rise periodically in the projects located on both sides of the E5 main road and the Metrobus

Almost all Turkish construction firms have created projects on the periphery of the E5 main road due to the ongoing need for individuals to own apartments close to Istanbul's major roads, which provide rapid access to their locations of business and other places, and that has all resulted in the increase in the value and prices of apartments on occasion. 

Furthermore, high costs are always connected with a privileged location, and there is no more privileged place than being on Istanbul's main line. Moreover, the existence of a Metrobus station adjacent to a project is a tremendous advantage that helps the apartments there by facilitating their resale at high rates.

  • The profitable investment returns of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the metrobus (E5)

There are several factors that contribute to the high monthly or yearly investment returns on apartments near the Metrobus and the E5 main road, but the following are the most significant ones:

Employees always seek renting real estate with a location that is conveniently accessible by public transit.

University students seek to rent apartments near their universities, which are mostly located on Istanbul's main roads.

Reselling these apartments raises profits and investment returns at rates that can exceed 15% per year.

The investment value of the apartments in these places is the most valuable return on investment.

  • The revival of the Turkish real estate market

The financial and commercial market in Istanbul is located on the edges of the E5 main road and the Metrobus, Istanbul's quickest transportation form. All regions on both sides are unquestionably valuable for real estate investment. Even before the functioning of the Metrobus on the E5 highway, all real estate projects were sold out throughout various phases of construction.

Furthermore, due to urban expansion and real estate investments on both sides of the metrobus and the demand for investors to buy a property in Istanbul next to the Metrobus, these areas have seen a noticeable increase in the prices of residential and investment apartments since everyone knows that the property's value after completion increases.

  • Easy access to anywhere in Istanbul

The most essential factors that may increase the value of real estate are, of course, strategic location and area, and the most sought-after apartments in Turkey today are those located near to Metro and Metrobus stations, or on main roads inside cities, because apartments on main roads allow you to travel anywhere simply and conveniently.

Because of the heavy congestion in Istanbul during official working hours, most government workers park their cars in garages placed near metrobus stations in order to take the metrobus and obtain quicker access to their work and jobs. Most inhabitants choose this strategy, which saves them time and money.

Damasturk’s most important projects and apartments for sale in Istanbul near the Metrobus (E5)

  1. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikdüzü with luxury finishes DS469

The project is located within the new residential center of the Beylikdüzü area, directly on the most important main street in Istanbul, E5. This route serves as the major artery for Istanbul's most significant mode of transportation, the metrobus. Our project is only a few minutes' walk from the well-known Güzel Yurt station.

The project consists of three major buildings, the first of which has 33 floors, the second of which has 37 floors, and the third of which is a commercial structure with 30 floors.

There are 850 total housing units and more than 100 stores to serve the project and the surrounding region. The project boasts spectacular coastal views. Apartment types range from a room and a salon to three rooms and a salon in this project. Click on this link for further information about the project: Luxury finished apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikdüzü DS469.

  1. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikdüzü with sea views DS295

This project is distinguished by its location on the metrobus line, Büyükçekmece Lake, and the Marmara Sea beach, where the vast and massive West Side Marina is located in the famed Marmara neighborhood inside the Beylikdüzü district.

The project was built on 36,600 square meters with 17 floors, 565 apartments and shops split over two blocks, containing 421 office apartments, 38 commercial offices, and 106 shops. Other details about the project are available at the following link: Apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikdüzü with sea views DS295.

  1. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Büyükçekmece with sea views DS389

This project is located in one of the most desirable sections of European Istanbul, Büyükçekmece, on the main road E5. It is surrounded by several international, Arab, and Turkish universities and shopping malls. The project is additionally noted for its accessibility to public transit. Furthermore, the project provides stunning views of the Marmara Sea and Küçükçekmece Lake.

The project was built on a total area of 22,000 m2 and a construction area of 6801 m2, with the remainder being substantial green areas and lawns to provide aesthetic value to the project. It comprises 10 residential buildings with a total of 110 apartments, the majority of which have views of the sea. Other exclusive information can be found in the following link. Apartments for sale In Istanbul's Büyükçekmece with sea views DS38.

To sum up everything that has been demonstrated so far, it is fair to say that these projects provide an exceptional investment opportunity for individuals looking to invest in Istanbul real estate. Because of the frenzy of real estate construction companies to establish new residential and investment projects beside or near the Metrobus and the E5 main road, the aforementioned districts are seeing a fairly quick urban revival.

We were able to include all the characteristics and in-depth information about apartments for sale near the Metrobus in Istanbul (E5). It is extremely easy to purchase a property with such characteristics, and if you want to, click here to speak with a qualified real estate consultant in order to get assistance and answers to all your questions. Communicate right away to seize the opportunity.

Damasturk Real Estate, which has experience in the Turkish real estate market for more than ten years, provides you with successful plans for investing in Turkey as well as the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate. We have Turkish consultants and lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge of legal affairs in Turkey. 

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