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Ways to Obtain Real Estate Residency in Türkiye 2023

06/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 2619 Ways to Obtain Real Estate Residency in Türkiye 2023

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Real estate residency in Turkey is one of the facilities and incentives offered by the Turkish government to foreigners who want to own property and live in it. On the one hand, I own a property for living in Turkey, and on the other hand, I own a real estate residency with which I can leave and enter Turkey without the need to obtain a visa! 

The most important advantage of buying a property in Turkey is obtaining real estate residency in Turkey , which is granted by the Immigration Department to everyone who bought a property in Turkish territory. Its duration is at least one year and a maximum of two years, and it is renewed 60 days before the end of the granted period.

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Damas Turk Real Estate Company always keeps up with the updates and new laws issued by the Turkish government regarding foreigners, and today is our appointment with comprehensive and complete details that talk about the ways to obtain real estate residency in Turkey 2023, mentioning the conditions, procedures, and papers required for it, and it is necessary to know its most important features. And the benefits of obtaining it, and we will talk about some important details regarding the latest updates, so follow along with us...and learn about all that.

What does real estate residency in Türkiye mean? 

  • Real estate residency in Turkey, as is clear from its name, means residence in exchange for real estate, but is there any real estate in Turkey ? Is there a specific value for this property that corresponds to obtaining this residency? Questions are starting to come to your mind. Leave the solution to us and you will find them all in the comments.
  • This type of residency is one of the short-term types of residency, KISA DÖNEM, which is granted as being valid for a specific period determined by the Immigration Department in Turkey , which generally grants all types of residency in Turkey, from tourist, family, commercial, student residency, work residency, and even humanitarian residency. There are many types and still are. There are some shapes coming out these days.
  • So, real estate residency is a right granted to every foreigner who buys a property in Turkey. As for the conditions, they are in our next paragraph. This residency permits its holder to move around and conduct his business in Turkish territory legally, and it means a legal permit granted for its holder to reside in Turkey in a safe and sound manner.

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  • Real estate residency is one of the new types of residency offered in 2018, according to the regulations and laws that have been approved since then, but the updates related to it have become a worry for many who came to Turkey to obtain it, and the reason is that these updates are so numerous that they cannot be avoided these days. Therefore, you must have an expert with you who will provide you with correct advice in this regard, or a lawyer who will represent you in Turkish territory.

What are the conditions for real estate residency in Türkiye 2023?

First: The property purchased in exchange for residence is valid for residential purposes only!

  • What do we mean by that? The real estate that we purchased must be habitable and this is stipulated in the title deed document granted for it. The Immigration Department cannot provide a real estate residence permit in violation of this text. More simply put, there are only two types of title deed documents that can be obtained for real estate residency, which are the full ownership document. And the floor easement document.

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  • These two documents are intended only for residential properties, and sometimes they may be in some commercial stores, and here you must pay attention and focus, because the clarification in the title deed must be written that the property is designated for housing, and anything less than that is illegal for real estate residence.
  • In the title deed document there is a box that explains the type of use. It may be a commercial property, or it may be a property designated for land. All of this is unacceptable, but the valid one for this residence is only the one designated for housing. Therefore, care must be taken to fulfill this condition, which is considered essential and an unacceptable defect. with it.
  • Damas Turk Real Estate Company explains this to you through its consultants in the event that the information has not reached you in the desired manner, and you can contact us through the means of communication available on the website. Colleagues will guide you and introduce you to the types of title deeds, and elaborate on the types that are compatible with real estate residency. 

Second: The value of the property must be at least $200,000

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  • Before the beginning of 2022, the value was unconditional when purchasing the property in exchange for obtaining the real estate residency, but after months of that year and the noticeable increase in real estate prices, there became a number required to be achieved in order to obtain the real estate residency, and this value is 200 thousand dollars? But does it apply to all cities and regions? 
  • This value is only in the major cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Bursa , Ankara, Antalya , and others. As for the smaller cities, it is 50 thousand dollars. This law is in effect until the writing of this article, and the value may change at any time in light of the updates that occur regularly. My role in Turkey. 
  • There is a common mistake regarding this matter, which is buying a property worth $200,000 from the father and presenting it to him and his children along with the wife on a real estate residency, which is unacceptable, because the law says that for each person the value corresponding to the real estate residency must be $200,000, while the family may Real estate residency is not granted, but tourist residency is usually granted. 
  • So, $200,000 is the value of the property and in the name of the person requesting real estate residency. For example, the property cannot be in the name of two or more people, because the value of the property is distributed among them as if it were shares, and each person has an estimated share of the price of the property. For example, the value of the property is $100,000 in the name of the property. Two people, each person's share is only $50,000! 

Third: Is it possible to buy two properties worth $200,000 and obtain real estate residency?

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  • Of course not, and this is a matter in which there has been great confusion and ambiguity, and this is unacceptable to the Turkish Immigration Department, as the law requires that it be one property with the value required for real estate residency. However, if there are two properties with this value, the application is rejected and real estate residency is not granted on its basis. 
  • In general, given the current prices in Turkey, it is very difficult to find a property for less than this value in cities where foreigners are present. Prices even exceed this value if they are in or near city centers, and the average real estate prices in Turkey for 100 square meters are more than 180 thousand dollars. 

Fourth: The presence of a real estate evaluation proving that the value of the property matches the required value 

  • What do we mean by that? Two years ago and more, the term real estate appraisal appeared widely in foreign sales. The real estate appraisal report in Turkey was defined by real estate appraisal companies as follows: “It is a detailed report on the condition of the property to be sold, in which the market price of the property is also presented. It is prepared by private companies whose specialty is appraising real estate in Turkey holds a license to do so, and this report is also called the real estate appraisal report.

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  • Sometimes some people take advantage of foreigners' ignorance of real estate prices in the market, so they deliberately raise prices for the sake of deception and benefit. The real estate evaluation report in Turkey here gives us the real and logical price of the property, and on this basis the buyer applies in order to complete the process of purchasing the property and obtain real estate residency.
  • Therefore, before purchasing the property and in order to ensure that the true value of the property matches the required value, the presence of a real estate evaluation report has become a basic condition, and you can apply for it before purchasing the property if you want to ensure that it matches the true value, and to reduce falling victim to fraud and others, and we at Damas Turk provide you with the report. Before purchasing, to be 100% guaranteed.  

Fifth: Buying real estate in cities and available areas

  • What do we mean by that? After the increase in the number of foreigners in Turkey, there became areas and cities with a large density of these foreigners, due to their concentration in certain areas or places next to each other. This affected the increase in the population in those areas, affected the increase in traffic congestion in them, and finally affected the fabric. Turks in these areas. 

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  • The solution was that every area in which the number of foreigners increased by 20% was completely closed to the presence of any foreigner except in exceptional cases, and obtaining real estate residency in these areas became dependent on the fact that the value of the foreigners there must be less than the mentioned percentage. 
  • Therefore, a basic condition before purchasing the property and in order to obtain it is to search for the areas available for foreigners to reside there under real estate residency in Turkey, or to seek the assistance of a real estate expert and consultant, just as we at Damas Turk Real Estate provide legal consultations through Turkish lawyers specialized in foreigners’ affairs . 
  • After we learned about the detailed conditions for applying for real estate residency in Turkey by purchasing property, let us now take you to learn about the documents required in order to begin the procedures for obtaining them, and how to apply. Make sure to obtain these papers before you submit the papers to the Turkish Immigration Department. 

What are the documents required for real estate residency in Türkiye 2023? 

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  • First: A photocopy of the title deed (Tabu)
  • Second: A document related to the building number plate is issued by the municipality in which the property is located, NUMARATAJ. This is how it is called in the Turkish language.
  • Third: Obtaining a document related to the status of the property from the Land Registry Directorate in which the property is located, AKTİF TAPU, which is how it is called in the Turkish language.
  • Fourth: A photocopy of earthquake insurance, or as it is called “DASK.”
  • Fifth: The registration document, either from the electronic portal E-DEVLET or from the mayor of the area in which the property is located.
  • Sixth: Pay the dues resulting from the real estate residence permit through the Tax Department, and attach the receipts to the file upon submission to the Immigration Directorates.
  • Seventh: An original copy of the applicant’s health insurance.
  • Eighth: 4 personal photos with biometric standards
  • Ninth: For children under the legal age of 18, there must be a birth certificate or a family statement stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Consulate with authentication from the governor’s office in Istanbul.
  • Tenth: The real estate evaluation document allocated for the property that was purchased in exchange for real estate residency. 
  • Eleventh: Electronic application through the Immigration Department platform. 

How to apply for real estate residency in Türkiye 2023

  • Firstly, when arriving, you must know our specific goal for purchasing real estate in Turkey . If it is for real estate residency, we must make sure of every detail that we mentioned in the conditions required to apply for it. Any defect in these conditions will cause the purchase process to collapse into nothingness. Praise be to him. 
  • After we have fulfilled the conditions in the process of purchasing the property for real estate residency in Turkey, we are here in the process of preparing the required papers for the application, and a reliable legal consulting company is chosen and through a recommendation or confirmation of its readiness to bear the responsibility in applying for the real estate residency. 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate offers you all of this for free if the property is purchased through the company, because we are originally a real estate brokerage company and agents for many real estate projects in Turkey, and we have a large real estate portfolio so that we find the best option for you within just hours! 

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  • After that, all the required papers are submitted to the company’s law and consulting department, which works to submit the appointment to the Immigration Department, prepares the entire file for you from A to Z, and then takes you to the Immigration Department on the specified date, after which it checks every period to ensure the issuance of residency. And present it to you. 
  • Of course, the address of the property is specified as the place of receipt for the residence or the company headquarters of Damas Turk, and it is delivered to you so that you can remain in Turkey in a safe and legal manner and with an official permit called real estate residency, and it allows you the freedom to roam and go anywhere in Turkey, and to travel on it until, We will learn about all of this in the following paragraph of its features. 

What are the advantages of real estate residency in Türkiye 2023?

  • The holder of a real estate residence permit and the property owner are entitled to enjoy all residency rights while settling on Turkish lands. 
  • The holder of a real estate residence permit can enter and leave Turkey without the need to obtain a visa when entering Turkey. 
  • The holder of a real estate residence permit has the right to open a bank account in most banks in Turkey. 
  • Real estate residence is considered the best among most other types of residence, such as tourist residence and others. 
  • It is widely rumored that it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship after obtaining real estate residency and renewing it for five consecutive years. 
  • Also apply for a driving license in Türkiye. 

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Advantages of buying a property and obtaining real estate residency in Türkiye 

  • The advantages are not limited only to what the Turkish government offers to everyone who bought a property in Turkey, but rather the advantages of buying a property in Turkey are “Turkey” in itself and the most important factors that attract a foreigner to buy a property are:

First: Türkiye’s position in the world today 

Turkey's good and constantly growing economy and its political stability, in addition to huge projects in all sectors, seem to continue to create new opportunities for those coming to it to invest in Turkey, and today Turkey ranks eighteenth in terms of the most powerful economic countries in the world.

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Second: The distinctive climate and tourism in Türkiye 

Turkey is characterized by a relatively moderate climate compared to other countries in the world, and this climate attracts many foreigners who seek to reside in Turkey and conduct their business remotely in their country of origin. They then seek to study investment in Turkey by activating some of their businesses there, and some may wish to obtain its citizenship . Through real estate investment, for example, the Russians dominate the first place in buying real estate in the city of Antalya due to the moderate climate in summer and winter, and Arabs in general seek to reside in Turkey due to the extreme heat that exists in their country of origin, so that Turkey attracts tourists in the winter to enjoy the snow in the high mountains. Like Uludag in Bursa

Third: Turkey's advanced infrastructure

  • Turkey today has a very advanced infrastructure, as demonstrated by the projects it has established over the past few years. The building system today in Turkey is at the latest international standards, in addition to being resistant to earthquakes, especially since Turkey is within an earthquake line.
  • In addition, Turkey has a well-developed transportation infrastructure. Thanks to more than 50 airports across the country, travelers can travel to most destinations in a very short time. It is extremely easy to reach major cities via well-developed highways as well.

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  • Metro lines have also increased recently. For example, the city of Istanbul alone contains more than 10 existing metro lines, and about five metro lines are currently under construction.

Real estate residence in Türkiye with Damas Turk

  • Real estate residency in Turkey with Damas Turk. We begin it with you when we present to you distinctive options that include apartments for sale in Istanbul, or apartments for sale in Turkey. The most important thing is that these apartments are suitable and compatible with the conditions for obtaining real estate residency in all its forms. The search options are open and the offers are many in the real estate portfolio. . 
  • While searching for real estate for sale in Istanbul or real estate for sale in Turkey, we seek to have it within the available areas in the city of Istanbul . As we mentioned above, real estate residence cannot be available, for example, in all areas of Istanbul , currently, for example, Esenyurt , Fatih, and Kucukcekmece. , Bagcilar , Esenler, Avcilar , Basaksehir , most of these areas have become prohibited. 

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  • After we have chosen the property and begun the real estate evaluation process, we then move on to achieving the purchase process in a completely safe and legal manner through the company’s lawyer, and then all real estate residency procedures are also carried out through him, as the company is even concerned with providing Turkish citizenship through the purchase of a property or several properties .
  • This is through the law currently available to foreigners, which is obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for purchasing a property or several properties worth $400,000, without selling for three consecutive years. Of course, there are other conditions that we have included in previous articles, and you can learn about them by clicking at the top of the current page on the citizenship sentence. Turkish. 

In conclusion:

  • In this article, we learned together about the most important information related to real estate residency in Turkey at the beginning of 2023, along with the ways to obtain it, the conditions and required papers, and the advantages that we gain after obtaining it. If you are one of those interested in obtaining it, all you have to do is click here in order to receive it. Professional service that suits you. 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate Company offers you many projects suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residency. We take you through professional real estate tours to find your favorite property. We also guarantee you a safe sales process through lawyers specialized in this matter, and we will be with you in this matter until you obtain the identity and The Turkish passport is in addition to our distinguished after-sales services.

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