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Properties for sale in Başakşehir

28/02/2024 Turkish Districts & Areas 1374 Properties for sale in Başakşehir

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1 In terms of location, what are Başakşehir's main advantages?

• Başakşehir, located 15 kilometers from Ataturk Airport, is the major transit hub between the East and the West. Apart from its advantageous geographic location as the nearest to Istanbul's new airport.
• Proximity to 2 major exposition centers, both of which are built according to international standards, which are just 15 and 20 kilometers away in opposite directions.
• Located near Başakşehir, one of Turkey's most significant and largest development projects, the New Istanbul Canal Project.

2 What are Başakşehir's most significant economic advantages?

As one of the world's top corporate hubs, Başakşehir has acquired the ability to quickly obtain economic value added from products and services. Başakşehir also is home to one of Turkey's biggest organized industrial zones, which employs 300,000 people. Başakşehir is a district near to the heart of Istanbul, and it is one of the world's most significant economic and commercial centers. Aside from its position close to the international route E80, also known as the Trans-European Motorway or TEM.

3 What are Başakşehir's most important construction advantages?

• The Başakşehir district is new, and all constructions and apartment complexes are designed to withstand earthquakes.
• Başakşehir also houses Istanbul's second-largest exhibition arena.
• Creative technology and innovation applications, with Başakşehir municipality being one of the municipalities that best uses information technologies today. It effectively offers numerous services to its inhabitants utilizing information technologies and executes initiatives to supply them, thanks to its technological infrastructure. An Internet infrastructure with a capacity of 100 Mbps has been installed.

4 What is the significance of investing in Başakşehir?

The region's extraordinary population growth during the last three years reflects the region's urban and economic expansion. Başakşehir is known for its diverse social environment, which includes numerous shopping malls, theaters, cinemas, conference and celebration auditoriums, as well as facilities for people with disabilities, and its massive sports stadium, which is located within the Olympic area and is Turkey's largest sports stadium. The region has a young demographic structure, with people under the age of twenty accounting for 40% of the overall population. We have noticed a significant increase in the price per square meter of real estate in the Başakşehir region over the last five years as a result of the numerous advantages of this area.

Başakşehir is located on the European side of Istanbul. In 2008, it was announced as an independent district of Istanbul's 39 districts. The population of Başakşehir is 469,924 people, a number that emerged from a noticeable boost in the population in the former three years. This increase reflects the urban and economic prosperity that the region is beholding. However, Başakşehir consists of three chief divisions and 10 neighborhoods:

1) Başak Residences - Ekiteli,

2) Altınşehir - Kayabaşı,

3) Bahçeşehir.

Bahçeşehir is the most populous borough of Başakşehir and it is an area that has been formed according to modern living models.

Başakşehir is an exemplary district for those who want to escape from the hectic weekdays, as it hosts Bahçeşehir   Lake, the first and largest artificial pond in Turkey with an area of 26.000 square meters, in addition to massive areas of gardens surrounding the lake; stretching over an area of 300 thousand square meters, plus restaurants, playgrounds, private clubs, and cafes. Those who want to stroll under the pine trees and be in direct contact with nature can experience tranquility in Şamlar Nature Park, the historic Azatlı Gunpowder House, and the Yarımburgaz Caves, which were declared a Grade 1 Natural Archaeological Site in 2001.

Social incubator in Başakşehir

Başakşehir embodies a wealthy social environment, holding many shopping complexes, theaters, cinemas, conference and celebration halls, as well as facilities for people with special needs. Not to mention the huge sports stadium in Başakşehir within the Olympiad area, which is considered as the biggest sports stadium in Turkey.

The region is characterized by its young population structure, where the age group under twenty constitutes 40% of the total population. The region has a very modern infrastructure, which ranks among the standards of solutions applied in smart cities globally.

Investment advantages in Başakşehir

Amongst the most important multiple investment advantages that made Başakşehir one of the most prominent real estate investment areas in Istanbul, we mention:

The advantages of the location of Başakşehir

  • It is 15 km away from Ataturk Airport. It is identified with a strategic location and considered the most area adjacent to Istanbul's new airport.
  • Situated close to two major exhibition centers and designed and built according to international standards. These two centers are only 15 and 20 km away in different directions.
  • Near Başakşehir district, one of the most influential major development projects in Turkey is taking place; the New Istanbul Canal Project.

Economic advantages of Başakşehir

With the region being one of the world's leading business cores, the opportunity to rapidly gain economic added value from products and services is substantial. Başakşehir is the host of one of the biggest organized industrial zones in Turkey; 300,000 persons work in this industrial area. Başakşehir, which is located near the international TEM highway, not far from the center of Istanbul, is one of the most important major cities in the world economically and commercially.

Construction advantages of Başakşehir

  • Başakşehir area is newly established and all projects and residential complexes are built according to anti-seismic factors.
  • The area also holds the second-largest arena for shows in Istanbul.
  • Pioneering technology and innovation applications: Başakşehir municipality practices information technologies in the best way today. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, it effectively provides many services to its citizens using information technologies and develops projects to provide services. In addition to an Internet infrastructure with a capacity of 100 Mbps.

All this and more made Başakşehir district in Istanbul one of the most profitable areas in the field of real estate investment in Turkey. The region is witnessing a high demand, by foreign and Arab investors, to buy and invest in apartments in Başakşehir. This has resulted in an increase in the prices of apartments in Başakşehir. Başakşehir is very popular, and the prices in it are higher than the prices of the other areas of Istanbul.

The graph reveals the obvious increase in the price of real estate per square meter in Başakşehir over the past five years as a result of the numerous advantages of this area.

All these advantages and features that we have reviewed and will talk about in detail in succeeding articles, have made Başakşehir district in Istanbul a trump card to be one of the best spots for housing and real estate investment in Istanbul.


Sources: nufusu + zingat

Editing: damasturk


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