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Offices - commercial property for sale in Istanbul 2022

28/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 367 Offices - commercial property for sale in Istanbul 2022

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Commercial property for sale in Turkey is among the most successful and favorable immoveable real estate investments available. Offices and workplaces, factories, diners, cafes, bars, vacation rentals, hotels, stores, and farms are examples of commercial real estate assets that generate money and grow in value every day. Similar commercial properties might be obtained at reasonable prices according to the property's square meters. However, the location of the commercial real estate is the most important factor in this case. Investors can earn large profits by leasing out commercial properties in Istanbul that they purchase at a low cost and then resell them once the value of the commercial property grows after a few years.

Buying and leasing commercial properties for sale in Turkey, such as offices, shops, food courts, hotels, restaurants, or coffee shops, with home loans offers several additional benefits. You can directly benefit from having a housing loan with a reasonable percentage of interest and flexible payment alternatives that suit your needs.

So, if you're seeking to buy commercial real estate in Istanbul, we've put together a list of commercial properties and offices for sale in Istanbul that are ideal for starting your own private business or earning a strong yield on investment by renting them out. Acquiring an office or commercial unit or in Istanbul has several perks. The most crucial is gaining Turkish citizenship if the commercial property worth is equal to or greater than $250,000 USD. What is more, if you rent out this property, you may expect at least a 5% annual profit on your investment. In addition, the property's value will increase by at least 10% each and every year.

To find your ideal commercial property, go through our website for property for sale Turkey or to our page that specializes in property for sale in Istanbul.

Reasons to invest in commercial real estate in Istanbul

Istanbul draws real estate investors because of the city's consistent rental returns and capital growth, which can be felt in every nook and alley. As Istanbul extends towards the outskirts, growing regions are also in the spotlight, with incredible prices, particularly when contrasted to core districts like Beyoğlu or Fatih. Furthermore, certain commercial properties for sale qualify the buyer for Turkish citizenship by investment program, about which we can provide further information to anybody interested in this option.

However, investing in commercial real estate in a city like Istanbul has a number of advantages, including:

Investing in a city that brings together Europe and Asia

Because of its key position at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Istanbul, Turkey's most important city, has long been an important economic centre, and that is definitely a privilege for investors in the city. We may infer that Istanbul has been a prominent commercial core from its beginnings, from the Silk Road to today's contemporary structures. Istanbul's location brings benefits to commercial trademarks by enabling worldwide transactions, thus allowing them to reach a wider audience. It is like owning a commercial property in Istanbul that attracts customers from all over the world.

Commercial properties in Istanbul come in a wide range of shapes and sizes

Investors and businesspeople can select from a bewildering assortment of commercial properties for sale in Bakırköy, Sancaktepe, Yenibosna, Avcilar, Beykoz, or Kartal due to Turkey's remarkable diversity of property kinds. damasturk’s selection of Istanbul projects for sale includes offices, home offices, restaurants, retail spaces, and buildings that can be transformed for both commercial and residential usage. The most common commercial real estate options in Istanbul are as follows:

Commercial offices and shops 

The consumer industry, following the lead of Turkey's hotel sector, is a big and strong value guarantee. You may buy a shop in one of Istanbul's commercial projects by choosing from the adverts on our website. The developers of these projects aspire to develop a green sector that will be respected by everyone on the planet. You have the option of running your business out of one of these developments or renting out your store.


Due to its oversight of saltwater on three sides, beautiful weather all year round, and many other factors, Turkey boasts one of the world's largest tourism businesses. Given Turkey's year-round popularity with both local and foreign tourists, investing in the tourism business would be a sound investment. When it comes to tourism on a city-by-city basis, Istanbul is now at the top of the list. Istanbul has an elevated and tremendous tourism scope due to its many historical landmarks, cultural norms, geographical magnificence, low-cost entertainment, and so on. This propensity keeps the tourism business viable by consistently attracting both domestic and foreign travelers. Currently, the hotel industry in Turkey has the highest share of tourism. You may be able to create a long-term career with a few profitable and effective successes in the field.

Lands and farms

If you want to make a long-term investment, it is best to buy land for commercial purposes. On such properties, businesses, office complexes, depots, factories, and profit-generating residential structures are all feasible. As a result of its location, the value of the commercial land may increase quickly.

Styles and classifications of commercial offices in istanbul:

  • Commercial offices styles

In Istanbul, office searchers encounter a variety of patterns, yet, the ideal office for them is determined by their type of activity, purchasing power, and investment target group. These patterns can be summarized as follows:

Normal offices

They are traditional offices with a variety of types and objects based on location, style, quality, services, and other factors.

Prefabricated offices

These are ready-to-work offices that do not require any further effort or expenditure to equip and lease.

Joint offices

Although the workplaces are shared here, each business owner has his or her own address.   This sort of workplace is typically favored by self-employed individuals who do not require huge workspaces for their job.

Virtual offices

There is no private office here, and the main objective is to get an official address for individuals who want to start a business without having to rent a space.

  • Commercial offices classifications

Bureaux are categorized by their age, location, transportation facility, building quality, design, and services as the following:

Class A+ offices

They are the most prominent and profitable, and they are situated in the central office zone. They are distinguished by their close accessibility to public transportation and social amenities, and they are less than 10 years old. They feature fantastic interior and exterior design concepts, smart building systems, and special social amenities such as eating spaces, conference rooms, gyms, barbershops, cafes, garages, and security 24 hours a day. They also adhere to occupational safety regulations and offer green spaces. They usually belong to one owner. Their rental costs are 15% more than the average rent in the area. They are usually rented by internationally known companies.

Class A offices

With the exception of a few social facilities, Class A offices have the same attributes as Class A+ offices. The maximum age restriction for this group is 15 years. The majority of these offices are owned by a number of different persons. This category has a higher rental cost than the average in the region, and they are commonly rented by well-known worldwide and local firms.

Class -A offices

They are not only located in the central business zone, but are also dispersed across all Istanbul office sites, with an upper age limit of 25 years. They lack a green building system and are frequently preferred by both domestic and foreign enterprises. Their rental rates are higher than the average rental rates in the nearby offices.

Class B and C offices

They are the most common and demanding, and they do not have an age restriction. They are not as well equipped as the preceding groups in terms of methods and technical equipment.

Commercial properties in Istanbul provide a significant yield on investment

If you are thinking about buying commercial real estate in Istanbul, you will need to decide what type of property you want to acquire. Whereas all properties give a good cash stream to investors, some provide a better return owing to their operational harmony with their surroundings. But then again, contrary to popular belief, there is no need to invest in a commercial property near Istanbul's key tourist destinations. Istanbul continues to expand towards the outskirts with government-backed high-end property investments. The continuous rise of residential districts, as well as the expansion of the population, provides buyers with a wide range of investment opportunities. With expanding demand, all neighborhoods of Istanbul provide a steady stream of business activity and strong rental yields.

The most prominent areas for investment of commercial offices in Istanbul

In several districts of Istanbul, offices and stores are developing as major investment tools. Its investment relevance varies according to the economic activity traded in each Istanbul region and the demand for renting offices and stores. Among the most prominent and profitable areas of commercial offices and shops investment in Istanbul are:

  • Office areas on the European side of Istanbul

Several regions on the European side are more important than areas on the Asian side in terms of investment in commercial properties such as offices and shops, which is due to excessive market movement, high demand for leasing, and, as a result, high rental gains in these regions. The most significant of which would be:

Lavanda – Maslak line

It is nicknamed as MIA, or Istanbul's central business square, and it is the most sought-after location for large international and Turkish corporations. It is also in the vanguard of the Istanbul area in terms of the importance of investing in the office and retail sectors.

Şişli – Besiktas line

They are regarded as one of the most attractive locations due to their central location and proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge, roads, public transportation lines, and the metro. In addition, their prices are slightly lower than those of the Lavanda-Maslak line.

Kağithane - Seyrantepe line

On the European side, this region accounts for around 5% of the office stock. The sector of real estate development in the area is booming, especially since the urban change. Because of its closeness to the Lavanda-Maslak line and its low rental costs, the Kağithane region looks to be a feasible alternative to the Lavanda-Maslak line in terms of commercial unit investment.

Basin Express line

This area has become one of the most lively and appealing areas of Istanbul for business people, firms, and investors due to its proximity to the World Trade Center and major vital highways in Istanbul, such as the E5 and TEM. The area is also known for its affordable rental rates. In the near future, many anticipate the region to become a new destination in terms of investment importance.

On the European side, Zeytinburnu, Bakırköy, Küçükçekmece, Avcilar, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, and Başakşehir are among the areas receiving high demand from investors for offices and shops. The demand for office rentals has risen exponentially in the last three regions, which have recently begun to transform into essential economic hubs capable of attracting investors.

  • Office areas on the Asian side of Istanbul

Many neighborhoods on Istanbul's Asian side are major economic hubs, attracting investors, firms, and businesspeople, particularly in the retail, financial, and banking sectors, where a considerable number of public banks can be found. The appeal of the regions around the Istanbul Financial Center rose following its development, particularly for investors in the domain of offices and commercial stores. The following are the most notable of these areas:

Umraniye area

The neighborhood is regarded as one of the most significant high-quality workplaces and contemporary shops in Istanbul due to its location and convenient transportation. Following the adoption of the Istanbul Financial Center project, the area has become the most popular destination for investors and major corporations, particularly international corporations that utilize the neighborhood as public hubs and headquarters for their commercial activities.

Ataşehir area

Ataşehir, which is densely packed with mixed-use developments (apartments, offices, and stores), is one of the most white-collar areas in Istanbul. The region is defined by its placement on Istanbul's key highways, such as the E5 expressway and the TEM road, the city's transit artery. The Istanbul Financial Center also placed a high value on it in terms of office and retail investment.

Kadıköy area

It is the core of Istanbul's Asian side, with a robust transportation network connecting it to the city's center. It is also a major commercial hub, and considered as one of Istanbul's most costly districts in terms of workplace value and one of the most beautiful in terms of structure.

Kartal area

Despite its distance from the city center, it is connected to a solid transportation network that connects it to the city's key amenities. There are several mixed-use projects in the neighborhood, including apartments, offices, and stores, all of which are reasonably priced in comparison to other locations, so companies choose to utilize the area as their headquarters. It is projected to experience a tremendous growth in economic activity.

Attainment of Turkish nationality through investment

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by investing at least $250,000 in commercial real estate in Istanbul or any other city in Turkey. Commercial real estate has become a popular investment strategy in recent years. An investor can acquire any type of commercial properties, whether it's finished or still being developed. Broad categories on our website are available, including offices, retail shops, infrastructure, warehouses, hotels, and a range of other commercial assets. However, the commercial real estate must be worth more than $250,000 USD as a minimum requirement.

What should you know about commercial real estate in Istanbul before you invest?

Purchasing commercial property is an excellent option for investors that place a high value on their return on investment over all other considerations. Commercial properties are well known for providing greater and more reliable revenue than residential ones. Companies and investors are the most common tenants of shops and offices. With long-term leasing agreements and a sizable budget to sustain their operations, the odds of them failing to fulfill their payments are exceedingly slim. However, it is critical for investors to understand that commercial properties are only intended for business reasons and cannot be utilized for personal purposes. Anyway, investors who purchase commercial properties have just two options: use the units themselves or rent them out.

Commercial assets, similar to residential properties, will not only generate money when rented out, but will also grow in value, especially if purchased in key locations.

What is the best way to invest in Turkey property highest-returning commercial properties?

Assuming that you are not purchasing commercial real estate for your own venture with your own specific requirements, please refer to the following six-stage guideline to purchasing the most successful commercial properties in Istanbul

Attempt to organize your budget and the best payment plan for yourself ahead of time. This will assist you in avoiding endless choices across the city and focusing on acceptable alternatives.

Even if you have the option of purchasing commercial properties in the city center, pick emerging districts since they will provide you with higher value growth in a shorter period of time.

Consider commercial properties within complexes since they have a competitive margin with current customers and can be leased out faster.

Seek properties that have local management associates or that have currently been occupied. This actually saves you considerable time and work in managing and renting business properties.

You should always investigate the construction company's records and history, image and reputation, as well as the quality of their work and implementation.

Always verify the fees related to the property, such as management, upkeep, and title deed fees. To prevent any unpleasant shocks or surprises in the future, you must factor in these kinds of expenses.

Offices for sale in Istanbul

Offices for sale in Istanbul may be headquartered in a variety of locations around the city. The city of Istanbul is split into various business hubs, some of which are located in the city's core neighborhoods, such as Şişli and Maslak. And, of course, the most extravagant offices in the city today are those located right in the city's core business hubs. Cheaper offices, on the other hand, can be frequently obtained in emerging districts that are deemed new business zones, such as the Basin Express area, which has been significantly enhanced by the presence of Istanbul's new airport, metro lines serving the neighborhood, and the Mall of Istanbul, the city's largest retail complex. Investing in this new commercial area would provide investors with not only a significant return but also a significant increase in value over a short period of time.

Discover the best commercial properties in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul has always strived to be one of the world's major business cities. And the expansion in commercial property deals in Istanbul is pure evidence that this desire is legitimately becoming a fact. This growth, nevertheless, can be attributed to a variety of factors.  Perhaps the most obvious ones are the government's strong incentives to stimulate investment, Istanbul's wide range of real estate options, and the sector's high revenue margins and future potential.

Best places to acquire and start a business in Istanbul

Every year, several new locations dominate the commercial market in Istanbul city, making real estate properties easy to find in any location you choose to invest in. With significant buildings being built to restore and expand its real estate industry, the European side is typically recognized as an area to watch for worldwide expansion. That is because this market area is still in its early phases, with plenty of possibilities for expansion. Among the most prosperous areas in Istanbul city at present are Arnavutköy, Mecidiyeköy, Bakir, Şişli, Avcilar, Kadıköy, Başakşehir, Maltepe, and Esenyurt. A large volume of business and residential activities contributes to the prosperity of these areas, increasing their appeal to possible tenants. Furthermore, many current ads for offices and shops for sale feature contracts ranging in duration from five to ten years. As a result, potential purchasers get rental revenue right away.

Average office prices in Istanbul

The cost of an office in Istanbul varies depending on where it is located and what category of office it is. Lavanda's central business area, which is sought after by multinational businesses, leads the way in terms of business office value, with the majority of offices classified A+.

The table below illustrates the average office rental prices in various districts of Istanbul:

Average monthly rent per square meter in TL

Istanbul Destricts


Lavanda area


Etiler area / Esentepe area


Beşiktaş area / Taksim area


Şişli area / Mecidiyeköy area


Kozyatağı area


Maslak area


Umraniye area


Altunizade area


Maltepe area


Kağithane area / Seyrantepe area


Western Istanbul areas (European side)


Easteren Istanbul areas (Asian side)

Investing in turkey real estate in Istanbul

Commercial real estate purchases are often more difficult than purchasing residential real estate, not only in Istanbul but around the world. This implies that productivity, return on capital, and the long-term viability of the investment case must all be seriously taken into account.

damasturk realty is one of the few real estate firms that will always be there for you. It is our long years of experience in Istanbul's and Turkey's real estate markets that enable us to predict future trends, huge capital growth possibilities, and strong rental returns. Our local expertise also keeps us up-to-date on new regions that have a bright future ahead of them.

Contact us now and let us know what you are looking for, and we will recommend several commercial properties in Istanbul that fit your needs.

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