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Commercial Shops For Sale in Istanbul Turkey 2022


Istanbul aspires to be one of the world's major business hubs. The surge in commercial Turkey real estate ; transactions in Istanbul, Turkey, is evidence of the progressive fulfillment of this objective. This growth can be attributed to a variety of factors. The government's encouragement for investment in Istanbul's vast real estate diversity, and the sector's strong return opportunity are, nevertheless, the most notable of these factors.

Istanbul, representing Turkey's fiscal and operational capital, provides a diverse selection of commercial shops for sale in Başakşehir, just the way it is in Ispartakule, Bahçeşehir, Beylikdüzü, and Zeytinburnu. damasturk's portfolio includes restaurants, retail shops, and stores in Istanbul , as well as structures that may be employed to serve both commercial and residential uses. We, in damasturk, assist our clients with not just locating commercial properties, but also with the essential due research and analysis prior to making a purchase choice for any property for sale in istanbul , as we do with any business opportunity.

Why should you invest in commercial real estate in Istanbul?

Because of the affluence and commercial liveliness of Istanbul's markets, as well as the city's ongoing development, commercial investment in Istanbul is in great demand, making shop investments a feasible option. Real estate investors in Istanbul are drawn to the prospect of consistent rental income and capital development. As the city extends into the outskirt districts, new communities are also at the forefront, and these offer incredible affordability, particularly when compared to key areas in the city. Furthermore, several shops for sale in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul meet the criteria for applying for Turkish citizenship through investment.

What are the advantages of investing in Istanbul's commercial properties?

Simply said, there are several advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul , including:

  • Long-term leasing agreements

stores are rented for a long time. The store's leasing contract is for a minimum of five years and is renewed every five years. The top commercial brands in Turkey rent shops within complexes and strategically positioned stores. 

  • Payment on time

when these stores are rented by well-known commercial brands, there is no danger of the tenants falling to fulfill their payments. Generally, given the great demand for commercial properties, all renters prefer to pay their monthly bills on time.

  • Heavy investment gain

despite the fact that the investment cost, in the beginning, is slightly more than for residential properties, the return on investment when owning stores is significantly better than buy apartment in Istanbul with a shorter investment maturity date.

  • Stable investment

renting a shop is a secure investment because you will be interacting with firms and company owners, in comparison to dealing with individuals when renting a residential flat. This will provide more consistency for your investment.

  • Easy to resell in the future

there is a great demand for shops for sale in Gaziosmanpaşa, and many other areas of Istanbul, including Büyükçekmece, Esenyurt, Umraniye, Mahmutbey, and Kağıthane from both domestic and foreign investors. You can sell your store at any moment in the future and earn handsomely.

Criteria for shop investment in Turkey

Investing in shops in Istanbul is a profitable venture that continues to expand due to the city's economic strength. This illustrates why the value of stores has risen over time in comparison to residential real estate, prompting many investors to invest in shops. Real estate development companies have responded by building so-called mixed residential and commercial complexes, which include apartments, offices, and stores, in order to meet the rising demand. These complexes have helped to boost economic activity in the areas where they are situated.

However, in order for his investment to be successful, the investor intending to invest in the shops should perform a comprehensive study on the viability of the venture. There are also defined criteria, among which the most significant are the following:

  • Location, view, and storefront

The location is the most essential factor that affects the value of the store, as it plays a significant influence on the speed at which the shop is rented and does not remain vacant for lengthy periods of time. As a result, it is critical to investigate the significance of the site of the commercial store to be owned as well as the supply and demand in the store's vicinity. It is ideal that the business shop be placed in the city center and adjacent to key amenities, with convenient access to transportation, such as main highways or public transportation lines. It's also best if the shop is in a densely populated region with room for expansion and development, and if it's in a complex or center with other active businesses. It is also ideal for the store's view to be on the front or a busy street, and for the store's front to be broad, as the view and the wide front enhance demand for it.

  • Amenities, services and infrastructure

It is desirable if there is a dedicated parking lot beside the business shop or office, as well as the presence of bank branches or ATMs. In addition, a heating and cooling infrastructure is required. Elevators and occupational safety conditions such as fire stairs, earthquake-resistant construction, and the availability of guards, security, and cameras should be supplied when investing in stores inside multi-story complexes.

  • Description of the commercial store in the title deed

Because this may generate problems and difficulties for the investor, it is recommended to ensure that the business shop or office to be acquired is registered in the title deed as a commercial shop and not as a residential property. Additionally, this shop must be suitable for the project that is intended to be started, or else acquiring the required permissions will be difficult, and it must be guaranteed that the shop or office desired to be acquired has no prior taxes or obligations.

Types of shops in istanbul

A researcher wanting to invest in shops in Istanbul may encounter a variety of sorts of shops based on their location and the quality of services they provide, and he must choose the one that best matches his project.

The following are examples of these types:

Single shops

They are separate stores placed within alleyways that cater to a certain demographic of consumers who are local inhabitants. When compared to other types of stores, their rates for renting and owning are lower, and these shops are utilized to satisfy the residents' everyday needs.

Market shops

They have the largest variety of stores and are spread out along key highways and commercial marketplaces. The shop gains market importance due to the expansion of other shops surrounding it. When compared to single stores, the lease and ownership costs are higher.

Modern shops

They can be found at Istanbul's major shopping malls, and this sort of store has grown in popularity in recent years as the consumer sector has grown. The costs of these kinds of businesses are normally the highest owing to the services offered through advertising and technical services by the shopping center management.

Europe and Asia meet in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city, has long been a vital commercial hub due to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. From the Silk Road to today's towers, we can conclude that Istanbul has been a major business destination since its founding. Its position adds value to commercial brands by allowing for global commerce, which allows them to broaden their consumer base. It's the equivalent of having a commercial property in Istanbul that draws visitors from all over the globe.

Commercial properties in a variety of forms

Due to the obvious multiplicity of property types in Turkey, investors and entrepreneurs may choose from a dizzying array of shops for sale in Bakırköy, Istanbul, or in Sancaktepe, Yenibosna, Avcilar, Beykoz, or Kartal. damasturks' collection of Istanbul projects for sale features a restaurant, stores, home offices, and properties that may be converted for joint commercial and residential use. The following are the most popular commercial property alternatives in Istanbul:

If you are looking for a prime offices and commercial  Properties for sale In Istanbul are located in and various  locations in Istanbul , commercial shop for sale in Istanbul

  • Shop for sale in Istanbul

Following in the footsteps of Turkey's hotel sector, the retail market is likewise a major and long-term benefit guarantee. By selecting from the posted ads on our website, you may purchase a store in one of Istanbul's largest commercial developments. The architects of these initiatives hope to create a renewable industry that will be valued by all segments of society. You may either conduct your business in one of these developments or rent out your shop.

  • Hotel for sale in Istanbul

Turkey has one of the major tourist industries in the world due to its proximity to seawater on three sides, pleasant weather throughout the year, and so on. Given that Turkey draws both domestic and international travelers throughout the year, investment in the tourism industry would be a consistently successful choice. When mentioning tourism on a city-by-city basis, Istanbul currently comes to the fore. For many years, Istanbul has had significant tourist potential due to its wide range of historical sites, cultural mores, geographical splendors, low-cost activities, and so on. This tendency keeps the tourism industry afloat by drawing both domestic and international tourists on a consistent basis. At present, the hotel business in Turkey has the biggest proportion of tourism. With a few successful and effective achievements in the sector, you may be able to develop a long-term business.

Investment areas for shops in Istanbul

Shops are a key investment instrument in many districts of Istanbul, and their value fluctuates depending on the economic activities conducted in them and the demand for renting shops by organizations, corporations, and professionals. The districts of Istanbul may be split into two segments in terms of the value of stores as an investment:

Completed areas in terms of investment value

These host well-known marketplaces that are important attractions, such as Fatih's covered market, which houses the most costly stores in Turkey, with rent per square meter reaching $3,500 per month. Then there's Taksim's Istiklal Street and Kadköy's Baghdad Street. On a regional basis, the most expensive regions in Istanbul are Beyoğlu, Şişli, Beşiktaş and Bakırköy on the European side, and Kadıköy, Ataşehir, and Umraniye, on the Asian side.

Promising areas in terms of investment value

These are potential new regions where retail investment is increasing and developing as a result of the huge number of modern real estate developments these regions house. The busy Basin Express Street, as well as districts such as Başakşehir, Beylikdüzü, and Esenyurt, are among the most significant of these areas, which have managed to attract investors seeking to own shops in Istanbul last year.

Prices of shops in the areas of Istanbul

Because of the high demand for them and the high money they generate for investors, the average price of stores in Istanbul exceeds that of their counterparts in other Turkish cities. The average cost per square meter for workplaces in the first 10 regions of Istanbul, according to current statistics, was as follows:

Average price per square meter in Turkish lira






















 While the areas with the highest value of shops in Istanbul were as follows:

Şile district 27%, Sarıyer district 20.8%, Çatalca district 19.5%, Zeytinburnu district 18.8%, Silivri district 16.1%, Ataşehir district 14.4%, Küçükçekmece district 13.4%, Beyoğlu district 12.7%, Bağcılar district 12.4%, Kartal district 8.6%.

Istanbul commercial real estate with a high growth potential

If you're considering investing in Istanbul real estate , you'll need to figure out what kind of commercial real estate you would like to acquire. While all properties provide a revenue stream to investors, some offer a higher return due to their functional compatibility with their surroundings. However, contrary to common assumption, there is no necessity to invest in a business property near major tourist attractions in Istanbul. The city keeps stretching out into outskirt regions, including government-supported high-budget property deals. The constant growth of residential neighborhoods, as well as the increase in their population, present purchasers with a variety of investment alternatives. With the rising demands, all areas of Istanbul offer continued commercial activity and solid rental returns.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul worth at least $250,000 USD. In recent years, investing in commercial real estate has been a popular choice. You may buy any sort of commercial property, whether it's ready to move into or still under construction. Shops, offices, infrastructural facilities, warehouses, hotels, and a variety of other commercial assets are examples of broad categories. The value of commercial real estate should be more than 250.000 USD, which is a must-have feature.

What are the average shop prices in Istanbul?

The cost of a shop might range from $5,000 to $10,000 per square meter. The reason for this large variety is primarily due to the shops' initial location. As compared to those located on the outskirts, shops in the city center are more costly. The age of the shop and the quality of the structure also have a part in determining costs, but the most essential aspect, along with the size and the visibility of the shops themselves, is the location. Complex shop prices in freshly growing regions like Basin Express are fairly affordable, and they have a very promising future in terms of value appreciation in the near future. The prices of shops in Istanbul's central neighborhoods are higher than those in the city's emerging suburbs. In comparison with shops in the city center, those in the suburbs have an advantage in terms of earning value appreciation in a short period of time. Central shops have a reduced possibility of increasing in value because they have already hit their peak.

Investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul

Usually, buying commercial property is typically more difficult than purchasing a residential home, and Istanbul is no different. Profitability, revenue on investment, and the viability of the investment case must all be considered. damasturk is one of the few real estate firms that will support and help you in this regard with its extended years of expertise in the Istanbul real estate market, as well as throughout Turkey. Assist us in spotting emerging trends, large capital appreciation possibilities, and strong rental returns. Our local expertise also keeps us up-to-date on new regions that have a bright future ahead of them. Please contact us to discuss your budget and requirements, and we would be happy to provide you with recommendations for appropriate commercial properties in Istanbul.

Discover Istanbul's best commercial shops

In Istanbul's prominent avenues like Bagdad, Nişantaşi, and Taksim, it's difficult to locate a shop for sale, and the same can be said for the malls that are already open. These shops are prohibitively expensive and scarcely available for purchase. Even if you rent a business in a fully functional location, you must pay a fee to the present tenant to vacate the premises. In the new developments that are under construction, there are shops for sale at moderate costs. The greatest options are still accessible for purchase, especially when purchasing stores at an early stage. Furthermore, when compared to an already operational shop, the requested prices in the early phases of opening are very affordable and attractive. The Basin Express region is one of Istanbul's major development districts. It is situated between the centre of the city and Istanbul's new airport in a favorable location. It is rapidly developing as a result of the metro lines that will connect to the new airport and pass through this rapidly growing neighborhood.

Offers of shops for sale in Istanbul

  • Shops for sale in Taksim, Istanbul

Taksim is well-known for its vibrancy and abundance of commercial activity, making investing in Taksim stores a prudent and profitable decision.

  • Shops for sale in Fatih, Istanbul

Considering Fatih is a favorable place for commercial operations and is easy to travel to and access, the stores in Fatih are defined by the economic advancement of their enterprises. The area is supplied by mass transit and metro lines, resulting in numerous crowds of visitors.

  • Leased shops for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul has a history of selling rented stores to multinational restaurants, banks, and trademarks, and is recognized for securing its monetary inflow through protracted agreements.

What services does DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate provide in terms of retail investment?

damasturk Real Estate provides a complete package of services for retail investment, beginning with a feasibility assessment for any investment proposal that the client wishes to pursue, bringing the client from the airport to the hotel, assisting him in selecting a neighborhood to live in, offering professional real estate consulting, and taking him on field tours across Istanbul.

We already have a sales force dedicated to executing the practices outlined by the relevant government offices, such as transferring ownership of the shop, confirming its compliance with the terms of the contract, obtaining a residence permit, opening a bank account, gearing up the shop for use, and handling the shop's proceedings, such as renting and reselling it, as well as following up on tax and bill payments, surcharges, and other payments.

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