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Apartments for sale in Antalya Turkey - complex DN035 || damasturk Real Estate Company 01
Apartments for sale in Antalya Turkey - complex DN035 || damasturk Real Estate Company 02
Apartments for sale in Antalya Turkey - complex DN035 || damasturk Real Estate Company 03
Apartments for sale in Antalya Turkey - complex DN035 || damasturk Real Estate Company 04
Apartments for sale in Antalya Turkey - complex DN035 || damasturk Real Estate Company 05

duplex For sale in Antalya Murat Paşa sea view DN035

  • Antalya

    Murat Paşa
  • 8 Block

    74 Flat
  • City Center

    15 km
  • Ready

  • 50%


    6 Months

Prices Start From

Rooms Area (m2) Observations
2+1 105 271.600 Last One, With Garden
3+1 130 392.400 Last One, With Garden

Overview ... Facilities and Services

  • Internal Gardens
  • Children's playground
  • Swimming Pools
  • Fitness Facility
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Earthquake Resistant Building
  • Indoor car Park

Service institutions

  • - Thanks to its central location, Muratpaşa is a host for many public and private educational institutions in the city, such as TED Schools, ICCA Schools, and Russian International Schools. This district also hosts Akdeniz State University in addition to many Turkish and Cypriot university representations, such as the representation of Istanbul Aydin University, Cyprus International University, Anadolu University, and others. The region also hosts many institutions that offer foreign language education and various training courses.
  • - On the health side, the region hosts a large number of public and private hospitals, in addition to various medical centers and clinics, such as Antalya Ataturk State Hospital, which includes 525 beds, 18 operating theaters, a maternity unit, and 25 intensive care rooms. All these sections are distributed over 5 complexes in the Muratpaşa area. The region also hosts Antalya University Hospital, which was founded in 1918 and has a capacity of 1270 beds at present. Furthermore, there is a large number of private hospitals that provide their medical services to the residents, like MedSu Hospital, MedStar Antalya Hospital, and Medical Park Anadolu Private Hospital, in addition to many other hospitals, medical centers and clinics.
  • - Moreover, Muratpaşa district has great tourism importance, as it annually receives thousands of Turkish and foreign tourists, and it hosts historical and recreational places and various social amenities. In Muratpaşa area, the ancient city is located, the famous historical “Aegean Castle”, which is a popular destination for tourists from everywhere. Aegean Castle is famous for its Hadrian Gate, which was established on the occasion of the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian to Antalya. There is also a yacht port in Aegean Castle, where recreational cruises are organized.
  • - Muratpaşa also hosts a group of beautiful public parks overlooking the sea, such as the Karaalioglu Park, which is a center for cultural and artistic activities, as well as the Yavuz Ozcan Art Park overlooking the sea and other parks.
  • - The region also offers a number of beaches, forests and waterfalls, such as the famous Lara Beach, Duden Falls and other natural places.
  • - Muratpaşa contains many shopping centers and various traditional and popular markets that meet the needs of the residents of the region and the city, such as the Antalya Brand Shopping Complex, which is bright interesting and hosts 101 different brands of Turkish and international brands, restaurants and cinemas. As well as the Terra City shopping complex, which includes 150 shops, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment areas. As well as many popular shopping centers and markets.
  • - The region hosts many cultural and artistic activities and events, as there are concert halls, theaters, art galleries, museums and various cultural centers.


  • - Muratpaşa is one of five districts that make up the city center of Antalya. And Muratpaşa is the most central of these five districts.
  • - Muratpaşa district forms the heart of Antalya, in which the historical Aegean Castle area is located, which is the center point of the city.
  • - Muratpaşa is connected with other regions of Antalya by a wide network of roads.


  • - Muratpaşa, by virtue of being the main center of Antalya, has a wide transportation network linking it to all the parts of the city of Antalya.
  • - In Muratpaşa, there is the old Nostalji tram line, which was established in 1999, with a length of 4.7 km and includes 10 stations. It connects the central areas in the city center together.
  • - The Fatih-Expo tram line also passes from Muratpaşa, and it connects the Antalya International Expo and Antalya International Airport with the city center, Autogar (bus terminal) station, and Kepez district. The length of this line is 30.1 km, and it offers 29 stations mostly are situated in the central Muratpaşa district.
  • - Muratpaşa also has a wide network of public bus lines, from which hundreds of daily trips start to reach different regions of Antalya and vice versa.
  • - Antalya International Airport is located in the Muratpaşa area, and it is linked to the city center via the tram line.

Future look

  • Muratpaşa is one of the most important areas in Antalya; It is located in the heart of the city, it has a wide transportation network linking it with all parts of the city, it hosts many institutions, social services, economic and entertainment activities, and finally it has a long coastline on the sea and many swimming beaches. This all increases the importance of this district and makes it a center to attract those wishing to live in the city of Antalya. Muratpaşa also offers its classy neighborhoods and modern real estate projects that have been increasing in the recent time, and that is especially in the Lara and Fanar areas with the amazing sea views. This also increases the real estate value of Muratpaşa and makes the real estate prices steadily rise. According to the real estate indicators, the district of Muratpaşa witnessed a rise in real estate values by 4.25% during the last month, by 48.7% during the last three years and 72.8% during the last five years.


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