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Apartments for sale in Bursa 2022


Bursa, located in northwest Turkey, is bordered by Kütahya, Balıkesir, Sakarya, and Yalova. It is regarded as one of Turkey's most prominent tourist attractions due to its spectacular views of the Marmara Sea. In the winter, the weather in Bursa is moderate, and in the summer, the weather is nice. Bursa has been a major magnet for international investors interested in real estate investment in Turkey, thanks to its beautiful scenery and economic rebirth. Bursa is one of the most important real estate investment places in Turkey because of its well-planned urban expansion, which has made it a powerful rival to the rest of the regions of Turkey.

Investing in apartments for sale in Bursa

According to the census of 2022, Bursa is Turkey's fourth most populous province, with a population of 3,137,168 people.

Bursa is undeniably one of Turkey's most important cities, being the country's industrial hub. It's also one of Turkey's most important tourist attractions, with a well-developed infrastructure that makes it a potential investment alternative to Istanbul. The significant growth of the industrial, service and tourist sectors in Bursa has made it an attractive environment for real estate investment in Turkey, and has contributed to the rise of the residential sector and boosted the desire for it to become the focus of attention for investors wishing to live in Turkey.

Why has Bursa become a hotspot for apartment investors?

With the fast expansion of the industrial sector in Bursa and the enormous number of industrial units there, as well as the rapid growth of the tourist and service sectors, Bursa began to attract workers, investors, and manufacturers, resulting in a surge in demand for residential properties and a percentage of acquired apartments in Bursa that is 10 times higher than in other cities, according to figures from the city's Real Estate Association.

Bursa also drew attention as Istanbul's heir, with its industrial city, illustrious infrastructure, and massive transportation improvements, including the last stretch of the Bursa Istanbul expressway over the Gulf of Izmit, which reduced the distance between the two cities to 1:35 minutes. Bursa also features Turkey's longest metro line, which connects the city's beginning and end in addition to the internal airport and sea transit.

Bursa is also a major location for Turkey's most significant industries, including automobiles (Peugeot, Rio, Fiat, and others), textiles, clothes, food, preservatives, and a variety of other businesses.

Features of dwelling and living in Bursa

People prefer to buy and reside in Bursa because of its distinct benefits. It is regarded as an industrial, touristic, and historical city, making it an excellent choice for people seeking apartments for sale in Bursa.

Historically, Bursa was the Ottoman Empire's first city, and it has numerous major historical sites such as squares, alleyways, mosques, baths, palaces, and many Ottoman historical monuments, particularly in the Gazi Osman neighborhood. Furthermore, Bursa's rivers and natural woods, with their gorgeous scenery and pleasant air, pushed it to the top of the list of possible alternatives among other cities.

Bursa is made up of 17 districts, which are spread out between the city center and the suburbs, including Gazi Osman, Nilufer, Orhan, Yildirim, Yenişehir, Büyükorhan and İznik.

Taking into account the rapid expansion in the residential sector, contemporary housing complexes have lately spread to keep up with the urban revival observed by the world's developed cities, just like in America and Europe.  That was obviously demonstrated by the development of residential towers and complexes that fulfill international construction rules and standards, such as security and alarm systems, automatic-extinguishing systems, anti-seismic systems, safety systems, and remote home management by mobile phone applications, through which it is possible to operate all of the house's appliances and parts, including the balconies, doors, and windows. Complexes, in Bursa, also feature security guards and services available 24 hours a day in addition to other features like outdoor and indoor swimming pools, theaters, cinemas, gyms, libraries, entertainment halls, car garages, and a variety of extra amenities.

The variety of places concentrated in the city of Bursa, as well as its extension and distribution in a beautiful manner, all contribute in defining criteria for the pricing of apartments in Bursa to suit the wishes of all those wishing to live there.

Significant things to keep in mind when buying an apartment in Bursa

When it comes to buying an apartment, there are a number of private and general factors that might impact your decision, both positively and negatively.

One of the private factors that must be considered when buying an apartment is identifying the best spot for a person based on his purpose of living in the city. This means apartments are acquired in tourist cities for work purposes, and so on, depending on the circumstances and preferences of each individual.

The following are some general considerations that should not be overlooked when buying an apartment in Turkey

  • The neighborhood's proximity to public services and amenities: The more gardens, squares, parks, retail centers, malls, schools, mosques, clubs, cultural and youth centers, and other public services and amenities are there, the more attractive the neighborhood becomes, and prices vary accordingly.
  • The neighborhood's proximity to the city center and its essential areas plays an important influence in deciding on an apartment and determining its pricing.
  • The apartment's features and location: In addition to the apartment's age, its area, its cladding, which floor it is on, the type of building, its views and directions, the surrounding green spaces, its proximity to neighboring buildings, and housing services such as garages, warehouses, gardens, and the like, all of this and other information must be known when buying an apartment.

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Editing: damasturk


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